Chris Pine Named Top 10 Hunk

With all the attention on the original Kirk, William Shatner, we haven’t forgotten the new one, and neither has Entertainment Tonight, who has named Chris Pine as one of their Top 10 Hunks of 2008. See the video below.


VIDEO: Pine officially a ‘hunk’

But it isn’t all glitz for the new Kirk, last week for Thanksgiving, Chris Pine volunteered at the Los Angeles Mission. Pics at JustJared.

Pine gives back

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Go Chris good job!! You will definately fit the role of Kirk.

His doing charity work is very Shatner like. And like Shatner back on TOS he isn’t hard on the eyes.

yeah, that sure does help. Kirk has to be at least somewhat of a pimp to get as much space ass as he does.

I think they should keep that Rock soundtrack behind Pine for the real movie.

I wonder if Pine’s looks will draw any more women than would normally go to a Star Trek movie — i.e. non-‘geek’ women (please note the quotes). Something tells me the answer is “No”. On the other hand, this isn’t a typical Star Trek movie, and that may be more significant than any one actor’s looks or buzz. It can’t hurt, however, if Pine is officially a ‘hunk’ — any more than Zoe Saldana being considered a ‘hottie’ (though she doesn’t do anything for me personally).

Zoë Saldana is stunning! She probably just hasn’t had as much media exposure as Chris Pine has the past while, that’s all. Give it time!

Actually, marketing Trek based on the guys is a pretty good idea. If they try to sell the movie based on Ms. Saldana’s looks, it may come off like they are trying to sell another Seven of Nine or T’pol to the fanboys and seriously turn people off.
On the other hand, you tell girls around the world that Kirk is being played by the next Brad Pitt…

ET is produced by Paramount..otherwise this would be a suprise..Good luck Chris!

Chris Pine seems to have a rapidly building and ardent fan base and I think this movie will propel him over the top in popularity. It is nice to see he takes the time to help others, as this is not the first time i have seen his name associated with charity events.
With his looks and the characteristics he hopefully will bring out as JTK…. well imo it has the potential to create a real draw for this movie…. Just as JJ and team intended.

Pine looks kinda like Shatner by way of Brad Pitt and James Marsden (cyclops)

plus a little matt damon too

I can say that Pine is MOST DEFINITELY a hunk. If his acting is as suburb as he looks, he’ll have earned himself a place on my Top 10. Maybe even Top 5?

Denise, where are you?!

Detroit Tigers fan. Good man.



#12 – I actually think his acting is a bit urban. LOL

Forget Pine

I think Pine is seriously hot-fit and cute. I’m keen to see if he’s a decent actor; I’ve not seen him in anything else, but the reports on his Trek performance are all pretty positive.

Pine can potentially bring in a lot of women and gay men, which is good thing. As a gay man, I did find T’Pol and 7-of-9 a bit off-putting (albeit inan ‘oh my god, those boobs are hilarious’ kind of way) – Trip Tucker was a really nice looking guy, but a bit of boy-crumpet in the form of Pine is welcome.
Now an actual gay character….. come on JJ, put one in the next film please rather than some dumb TNG metaphor involving aliens and acceptance and so on.


THANK YOU! Trek needs a gay character. And, as a qualifier, a gay character that is not wearing red. I would like one that lives longer than 5 minutes, only to be dispatched as another “Ensign Ricky.”

14. Dammit Jim! He’s a Pine not an Urban!

Meh. Quinto is way, way, way, astronomically hotter.


Howzabout we throw Quinto and Pine into a room and see what happens?

Hopefully, fanfictions.

Wow in this video Pine kinda came off a bit like Matt Damon looks-wise. Maybe Damon’s casting wasn’t too far off?

Yeah, it’d be nice if JJ were the one to put an out gay character in Trek, if only because we’ve been waiting so freaking long for it. There was Tom in Lost, but, like poor Ensign Ricky, he’s dead now. So who knows?

Haha, totally. I can’t wait.

I am pleased by the fact that even if this movie is a total flop, Quinto and Pine will (hopefully) be eye-candy enough to keep me watching. Gah, they are both so darn cute.

re: 16. ucdom

“I think Pine is seriously hot-fit and cute” — Amen to that brother!

Most of all of my non-trek fan girl buddies are planning on seeing this movie because of Quinto and Pine.

re: 21. The A-Man – December 3, 2008
Wow in this video Pine kinda came off a bit like Matt Damon looks-wise. Maybe Damon’s casting wasn’t too far off?

Yeah, def… Makes me wonder what the hype would be like right now if Damon really was cast as Kirk (as rumored back in ’07)

#16 ucdom-
Term of the day: “boy-crumpet.”
Now I’ll never be able to think of him as Kirk!!

This is a good thing for Star Trek, since it’ll boost attendance for the movie. Maybe even bring in the coveted younger demographic to fandom.

Bodes well for the future. Now the sales pitch is working, lets see if the product can deliver well enough for sequels.

I am afraid I have never heard the term “boy-crumpet”. Is this merely because I live in a hollow log?

I appreciate the gay audience wanting their ‘time in the sun’, so to speak, and I have nothing against gay people, but why, in fact, does Trek need a gay character? It’s been doing pretty well for 42 years, hasn’t it? How is a gay character going to make it better?

OK, I guess this isn’t the place for this type of conversation…

Let’s hope that Pine doesn’t “Twilight”-ify Star Trek.

# 28 because of IDIC
That’s why. =)


I actually showed the trailer to a couple of female friends, 1 who has no knowledge of Trek, and 1 who finds it actively nerdy. They are both counting down the days to the movie now, and I keep hearing things like “Captain Kirk is sexy!”

Chris Pine in underpants in the trailer = instant female fans.

How is he a Hunk ? No one has seen his performance yet.
But for the Record I think the new movie is going to be good.

you’re darn right. glad to know Captain Kirk is a TIger fan!! Go TIgers, Go Trek!

Does anyone remember Chris Pine in that Lindsay Lohan bomb? The movie where she has really bad luck because Pine inherited all of her former good luck. Terrible. But Pine still looks like a solid actor in the new movie…

31. The Man from Saskatoon

Female fans aren’t the only ones who appreciate seeing Pine in his underpants, lol…

28. richpit

In keeping up with the diversity rhetoric, I think it would just be another step in accurately portraying the diversity that exists in life. Obviously, we don’t expect every variation of IDIC to be portrayed, but I think it’s fair to say that gay people have become and are becoming increasingly visible in social life and are one of those groups that are beginning to seem, I guess, missing. My two cents.

28 — I completely agree with you.

29 — No way! I can’t stand Robert Pattinson! On the other hand, Chris Pine is really hott.

I agree Pine is a hottie and to answer the question someone asked about a gay character is the fact that Gene was going to put a gay character in one of the treke serieses but it never happened do to the pressure of hollywood sort of speaking! I think if they did i hope it would be tastefully done .

#5…to answer ur question…actress megan fox is a trek fan, and moreover i know a very sexy non-geek woman in the mtv demographic who said she’ll definitely be going lol trust me this film is gonna bring all the closet trekkers outta the woodwork and you’ll be surprised who they’ll be

There’s a definite absence of gay characters in sci-fi. That’s why it was pretty bold for the Battlestar Galactica writing team to make Admiral Cain’s character (Michelle Forbes) a lesbian. It wasn’t explicitly stated and there were no love scenes. But it was obvious, it was organic and natural — it was appropriate for Michelle’s character. I suspect that most people involved in Trek, either in front of or behind the camera, have been pushing for a gay character for years. But it shouldn’t be a “token” gay character, there shouldn’t be a gay character just for the sake of having a gay character. That would be condescending to the gay community.
But to be realistic, I think Paramount has always viewed Trek as being something “family-friendly.” Let’s face it, most of us life-long Trekkies grew up watching it. I know I did. Maybe that’s why certain kinds of characters haven’t cropped up.

Just watched that video up there from ET. There are so many reasons to despise Entertainment Tonight. Uuuuugggghhhh.

26. OneBuckFilms

I really believe that JJ’s Star Trek will be very popular among all the non-fans/general audiences….

A few instances lead me to believe:

1. my 17yo brother (non-trek fan) was showing the preview to 6 of his friends over the weekend on the XBox… They were swearing up and down on how good it looks and that they’ll definitily be going to the movies to see it.

2. A few of my best girl pals (also die-hard non-trekers…to the point of revulsion of the thought of star trek) saw the trailer at the movie theatres and are talking about it. comments like: “it’s about time” and “If ST looked like this in the past, I would be a fan”

People are really digging the new look and feel of Star Trek…. This may very well be its revival to mainstream.

Just my thoughts of course…. :)

Re: A gay character in Trek

The only way to identify a gay character would be to show him actively being gay.

If you take all of televised Trek since TNG came on, there is almost no evidence of sex at all beyond couples who had babies, and Trip Tucker and T’Pol.

So take your pick: Hoshi is gay. Or Seven. Harry. Jonathan Archer (for sure). Janeway is bi.

Showing gay characters was the rage in the ’90s. Sex and the the City, Will and Grace, etc. have done it. Hell. “Soap” did it with Billy Crystal decades earlier. Trek would hardly be controversial doing it now.

Oh, if I were 20 years younger….sigh.

Man, he’s easy on the eyes.

#43: Tasha Yarr and Data had sex! In season one the Enterprise visited that planet where all the people had sex all day long (“Justice”), Riker and Ro hooked up in the ep “Conundrum,” Troi hooked up with that diplomat in the third season where they negotiate for the rights to that stable wormhole and they’re in bed massaging each other and stuff — and that’s just the stuff off the top of my head. So sex wasn’t just for procreation on TNG.

AJ, your comments are quite broad and generalized and I’m almost sure every single one of those characters had a heterosexual sexual relationship of some kind even if they only commented on it. Other than your own humorous inferences, there is no on-screen evidence for your judgments.

But your point is well taken. Sexuality is the only defining difference between gay and straight. It’s not like you can just have a character who loves 20th century musical theatre and goes around singing songs from them to suggest he’s gay. Therefore an on-screen depiction of a character’s relationship would be a requirement to define that character as gay. In order to meaningfully include such a character exposition, the character would have to be featured in such a way the relationship was important. Since these movies tend to be jam-packed with primary character stories, it is highly unlikely we’ll ever see it. Remember Scotty’s nephew’s death being cut from STII? I remember seeing this in the director’s cut thinking, what a shame it had been cut from the commercial release. It’s one thing to have a gay character on a TV series where you have ample time to explore it, but another to fit it into a major film and not have it be some kind of social stereotype shoe-horned in on principle. Ensign Hawk was such a rumored character from First Contact. To this day I have a very hard time trying to figure out how they would have shown him to be gay. As far as I’ concerned he could still be as there is no evidence to the contrary.

I wonder if he met Edith Keeler at that LA Mission? Seeing the new Captain in the plaid shirt reminded me of “City on the Edge of Forever”.

If you want gay Trek characters, check out Hidden Frontier. They’re all over the place.


You got the point of my post entirely.

If a character is gay, we need not know he/she is gay unless it’s relevant to the plot. In Star Trek, a character cannot act like Liberace to imply he/she is gay. The character’s sexuality is thus up for grabs.

What irks me is that, since TNG, Trek always throws a group of remarkable characters onto ships or space stations, but they have to leave their genitals at the door. The characters then become “wooden” and unrealistic. Asexual.

What a story it would have been if 7 of 9 got laid instead of hearing the endless ministrations of the holographic doctor. What if Janeway had had a secret affair with a young Ensign? Maybe Sisko picked up a girl at Quark’s, or Picard actually screwed Dr. Crusher. If Trek were real, we’d expect it to happen. It didn’t.

Your references to Peter Preston and Ensign Hawk are spot-on. Trek would be hard-pressed to throw in a gay character unless his orientation were key to the story. “New Voyages” is about to do a fanfic attempt based on an old David Gerrold script. But unless he has an arrow with the word “gay” next to it pointing at the gay characters, I don’t see how it will be relevant.

How is a gay character going to make it better?

Well not to stray from topic, but i could have really done with a gay role model in TNG when i was growing up, it was quite hushed up about quite often i felt isolated seeing the norm of straight couples on screen.

Despite Trek being diverse and pushing boundaries they rarely touched on this demographic.