Pegg Honored By Hometown University – Says Working On Trek ‘Nuts’

Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, received an Honorary Fellowship today at the University of Gloucestershire. Born in Gloucester in 1970, Pegg was honored for his "significant contribution to the arts as an actor, writer comedian, producer and director." At the event Pegg also commented a tiny bit on the new Star Trek .


Trek was nuts
At the event held at the Cheltenham Racecourse, Pegg talked to the press about working with Leonard Nimoy in the new Star Trek movie saying:

To work alongside someone like Leonard Nimoy was completely nuts

Regarding the honor he was receiving, Pegg stated he was ‘chuffed to bits’ and that it was ‘nice to be recognized’ by his home town, also noting:

I’m honoured to be receiving this fellowship, not least because it comes from an area very special to my heart. No matter where I go, Gloucester will always be my home and I can’t wait to come back for this special visit.

More via Press Association , ThisIsGloucesershire, Univ. of Gloucestershire


Simon tries to look serious

Pegg looking more like we are used to him

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Him trying to look serious is more funny than anything else!!!

I’m sure it was “exciting’!

He looks like a liqourice allsort.
Well done Pegg.
Knighthood next I hope!

Your accent better be good!

(proper Scot)

Wtg pegg. james Doohan would be proud of you and i for one and glad to see you are doing well. Exciting!!!!!

That first image of pegg in his robes is priceless. He’s going to be a great Scotty. Congrats on the honourary fellowship, Simon. I recently graduated from university. Sadly no Trek actors were awarded by our establishment, but Jeremy Irons was!

An honorary doctorate in dilithium exotic matter gravitational quantification theory one would hope!

I say, make that hat part of Chief Scott’s uniform. Every good engineer needs a good hat!

#7 Make that a Tam!

4. You’re right about that. I’m proud of him too.

Congrats to you, Simon!! You deserve all the accolades you get.


You know, I’ll feel just a tiny bit bad for poor Simon if his role in this movie gets “sound bited” down to just, “It’s exciting!” when all is said and done.

If I had some guarantee that the new movie contained a minimum of 50% Simon Pegg content, I’d be there on opening night :)

Congrats to Mr. Pegg! I can’t wait to see him as Scotty. I think he’ll be great.

10. D – December 4, 2008
You know, I’ll feel just a tiny bit bad for poor Simon if his role in this movie gets “sound bited” down to just, “It’s exciting!” when all is said and done.

In THIS case, I don’t believe for one second that JJ & Co. will allow that to happen to ANYONE’S scenes in this particular movie. Even if it makes the film run “over time” as compared with previous ‘Trek films. The most important thing will most likely be “Does it work for our interpretation of the script, and does it propel the story forward in a logical (pun intended) way? Is it FUN? Is it consistant with great story-telling? Etc. Etc. If anything, the character of Montgomery Scott in STAR TREK XI will steal scenes that he’s in …. which is just fine with most of us! I have a sneaky suspicion that Simon’s interpretation of the role will win over everyone completely – including the director and the editor. Beam ’em over, Simon!

Way off subject but when is ‘The Cage’ review coming????

I’m sure that mean a heck of a lot, coming from you, Mr. Doohan!

The calibre of the clientelle at this site never ceases to amaze me!

# 9 Chris. Thats says a lot that you agree with my statement about james doohan being proud of him. You are the one who would know and im gladyou agree. Simon was just the right man to Suceed your Dad in the role of Scotty.But one thing Im hopeing to hear ij the New movie. Beam me up Scotty. I hope that Actualy gets said.

#9. Chris Doohan

Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to seeing you in the movie! Are you a red shirt? You’re always welcome here.
Your dad, as Scotty made (and makes) me proud to be Scottish before Connery, Connolly and Burns. Scotty was greater than em all.
And he still is!
Glad you found a friend in Pegg too. Brilliant guy.

Congratulations Simon ! A Good Comedian ! I am seeing Scotty getting his fellowship ! Cheers in your Endeavours !!

I have been a huge Simon Pegg fan since before it was announced he was appearing in the new Trek film. In fact, his name being added to the cast list (as well as Karl Urban’s, but to a lesser extent) was one of my reasons for maintaining the level of interest I have in watching this site, which I may not have done otherwise (until I saw the triailer, at least).

Simon Pegg has managed to make being a science fiction fan cool in his own little way. I watched Shaun of the Dead recently (albeit late to the point where it was early in the morning, and drunk to the point I was nearly sober again), and the laughs were even more belly-aching than the first time I saw it. I watched the first series of Spaced recently too (which you should all buy in America now that it’s available on DVD – it’s extremely funny and will surely ease any worries of how committed a sci-fi fan Pegg is for the unbelievers out there), and I found it most entertaining. He had great supporting casts in both of his roles in these projects, but they would have been nothing without him. And I think he deserves every recognition for this contribution, and I’m sure he’ll go on to do better and will go further into mainstream public consciousness, without forgetting his background.

On a more geeky note, and no disrespect to James Doohan (who did invent the Klingon language, after all), but Simon Pegg’s Scottish accent, from the tiny snippet heard in the trailer, is infinitely better than the original Scotty’s. Probably because Pegg is from that much closer to the real Scotland and was more exposed to the Scottish accent. But I have heard James Doohan’s accent and often cringed at how poor it was (being a Celt myself, I suppose). This didn’t diminish my enjoyment of his character. It’s just an observation.

And to Chris Doohan, in reference to his above post: fair play for the comment, and also please post more often! We love to hear from those close to the current Star Trek movie, and those close to the people involved in the original series. It doesn’t need to be said that you’re welcome here, obviously. And the above comment was indeed most honourable and nice to see directed toward a fellow cast member. I look forward to seeing you in the new movie, too.

Well judjing by thist thread and previous ones “it’s exciting” is the first phrase from the new film to have entered popular trek culture speak.

So “Buckle Up” people, it’s onward to May, wapr factor 8

Congratulations, a real beauty ladee. Tis exciting!!

He looks even more Scottish with his ginger-ish beard.

Poor Pegg, though. For him, the whole of 2009 will just be a torrent of people telling him how “it’s exciting” to meet him, and if they’re fellow celebrities he’ll have to pretend to laugh.

Wonder if he’ll go down The Shat route to solve the hairline problem in future Trek movies…………???

Simon’s what, barely 30? He has got an incredible future ahead of him with his character and talents.

He’s a great actor
Unfortunately his character doesn’t remind me of Scotty at all. Scotty has a funny bone, no doubting that. But aside from that he’s an old-world gentleman, a fighter, a drinker, liar, womanizer and a capable captain if need be

Simon’s character feels like a geek. Scotty never felt like a geek to me. But that’s hardly Simon’s fault, he’s only doing what he was cast to do. I think the producers / writers got that wrong.

It won’t hurt my adoration of neither Scotty nor Simon as an actor. But I don’t think I want to spend money on this movie.

I have a feeling Scotty will end up as a bit part again. That’s a shame and it already ruined the movie for me. Thank you very much JJ. Simon Pegg has great potential and you make him say this ridiculous shitty:
“I love this ship. It’s exciting!” line. How disappointing.

I agree with Sir John Ross here. Guarantee me it’s 50 % Simon Pegg in this movie and I’ll be there at the opening night. Otherwise count me out.

Over and Out

Very nice photos!

Congrats Simon!