Great Links: List Dis, Victorian Trek, Klingon Duet, Odo Art? + more

This week for the Great Links we have the Trek not getting the due respect on a top movies list, more Big Bang Trek, more Trek trailer remixes, art (questionably) named for a DS9 character, a Klingon duet, and a look back at classic Trek from a 19th Century point of view.


Hey MovieFone…resistance is futile
AOL’s MovieFone has decided to declare the Top 25 Best SciFi movies of all time, and Star Trek barely even makes their cut. The only Trek film to make the list was Star Trek II: The Wrath and it came in at 24th, which was two spots below, ironically, the Trek parody Galaxy Quest. Even though The Alien, Star Wars and Terminator series all have fewer films, they got two films each on MovieFone’s list. MovieFone even take a swipe at the rest of the Trek film series in their summary of STII, noting  " Too bad the rest of the film series never came close to being as good" Trek is being treated worse that Rodney Dangerfield here.

Mine is the superior movie

Big Bang V
No Star Trek ref in this week’s episode, but here is another Trek ref filled clip from the "Lizard Spock" episode.

Trek trailer gets animated
The remixes for the new Star Trek trailer continue. This week we have versions vis a vis The Lion King and Halo. Surprisingly no one has whipped a version using  Star Trek The Animated Series.

Link of the week that makes no sense
This week the Ratio3 Gallery in San Franciso ends a six week run of the an installation by artist Lutz Bacher titled ‘Odo’, which according to the Bay Guardian, the artist named for the character on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. However, there is no indication whatsoever as to why it is named for Odo, as it is just a random set of images set in a line around the gallery. Also don’t expect the official press release for the installation to be any help, as it is just a recipe for butterscotch pudding (which Odo kind of looks like at certain times).

Um, uh, yah, OK, sure

Art of the Week: Steam Trek
How about some art that makes some sense? This week we have found some very cool photo manipulations of The Original Series, re-imagined in the Victorian Era. has a whole set of wallpapers, one for each member of the TOS crew.

Electricity…the miracle of the future!

Video of the week Classic: Steam Trek
In honor the cool Steam Trek desktops, here is a classic fan made Trek movie (featured over a year back on TrekMovie), called "Steam Trek" which re-imagines Star Trek in a very interesting way. More info on the SteamTrek blog.

Song of the week
Humorist and singer-songwriter Carla Ulbrich has uploaded a new song to her YouTube page titled "Duet with a Klingon" which she promises contains "Authentic Klingon.". 


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That steam trek realy looks good. I’m curious what software was used to do this.

I agree, incredible work!

Yay, steam trek rules (: – I think THAT’s what the new movie should look like – TRULY pre-TOS…

Did someone already link to this: ?

Thanks guys – I only wish I’d had the same budget as the new movie-!
Great to see our humble effort appearing here on my favourite site! :-)
-Dennis Sisterson, director “Steam Trek”

I wonder how many steam engines it would take to power a starship the size of the Enterprise?

Now we know what it would’ve looked like if our heroes had done some time travellin’ back to the Victorians. Cool stuff – We are very amused! :)

tricorder 1.0 = divining rod!

steam trek rules.

Gene Roddenberry meets George Melies!

On the Steam Trek page, make sure you click on the link to see his other Star Trek photomanipulations!! Some of them are REALLY cool!!

Oh wow…. that Steam Trek really makes you appreciate the tech we have now.

Star Wars is not Sci-Fi. Lucas said so himself!

Let us not foget the Bajoran (or was it Cardassian?) meaning of the name “Odo:” “nothing.” A perfectly apt name for the, ahem, “exhibit.”

6, “I wonder….”


Give or take a few.

I think Steam Trek is probably one of the most inventive fan films I’ve ever seen.

Fantastic stuff !!!

Odd that the Article about Obama starts with Star Trek references and then they completely vanish so she can push her right wing agenda. Kinda sick when you think of it because (in my opinion) Star Trek and it’s utopian views is very liberal.

Meh… The steam pics are cool…

Steampunk rocks! I liked the pic of McCoy on that site– he looks very Southern Gentleman-ly.

I remember there was this really cool set of artwork that re-imagined Star Wars as steampunk, and Trek getting the same treatment is awesome.

Next thing I’m lobbying for is Art Deco Trek. :)

Oh, yeah — Khan under Tron?!

Oh no they di’n’t! *finger snap*

Those idiot art people think they’re so clever when really they’re just idiots.

And by art people I mean like the pretentious snots who did the Odo thing.

“Tron”, the 1982 “The Thing”, and “Robocop” are ahead of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?

That list of Top 25 Sci-Fi Films is ridiculous.

Did anyone else catch the “Klingon” reference in the premiere of “Leverage” on TNT? Secretary tells guy posing as an IT tech that he’s pretty buff for an IT guy, and he tells her its because he likes to dress up as a Klingon for conventions.

That is a horrible “Top 25.”

I don’t froth at the mouth every time they milk Blade Runner with new scenes, or no narration, etc. I think it’s a bore.

Also, ET is a children’s film which is annoyingly more and more cloying as time goes by.

Unfortunately, I don’t think any Trek films but TWOK deserve to be on the list.

What’s also strange is that superhero films are excluded. I guess radioactive spiders and exploding planets with red suns don’t count as sci-fi.

Great links this week! The Steam Trek had me in stitches, I loved the target painted on the back of the “redshirt”! The victorian Trek pictures are priceless too.

Exactly. You can’t take a list seriously that says that Star Wars is Sci-Fi. That shows a basic misunderstanding of the meaning of the word. Also, they have The Thing far ahead of 2001. I don’t think this could really be considered a valid list. ;-)

17 says: “Next thing I’m lobbying for is Art Deco Trek. :)”

There is Art Deco Trek… it’s now called “The Original Series!”

That “top 25” list is good for a brief chuckle. Nothing more.

Can’t take any list seriously that put “Terminator II” that highly, but nice to see Forbidden Planet and Planet of the Apes there.
Not surprised at the poor showing of Star Trek films… great as they are in other areas, they’re a bit lacking in any real science-fiction ideas, which to me was the main appeal of the original series.
None of them presented a fresh science-fiction idea that expanded the horizons of the imagination in the way that the original series, and the great science fiction literature and films of the 50s and 60s, often did. The Genesis Device had the potential but the films didn’t really explore it except as a rough canvas for the stories of the second and third films.

I like the Steam Trek , it reminded me of Jim , Spock and McCoy in THe City on the Edge of Forever , and also was reminiscent of Star Trek Enterprise . I must admit , I was amused that it is a British Team effort !!

Done with a genuine British budget too! ;-)

Dennis , all you need to do is get Joan Collins involved for a fan movie , and then mix your Scifi with a little Conan Doyle , Shelley and Stoker , a twist of Edgar Allan Poe , and Aaagh !! A dark twisted version of Star Trek !! And of course , you must have Lutz Bacher as designer , for that touch of the unpredictable !!!

“Um, uh, yah, OK, sure”

Well, I kind of get the Odo thing. Shapeshifting into anything. Infinite diversity of possible permutations. Shifting images, each different the the one before. I think the artist kind of failed in the analogy, but I think that’s what the artist might have been going after.

I love the Victorian manips.

The victorian era is the most fun