Star Trek The Exhibition Headed To Detroit

Star Trek The Exhibition, the traveling 9,000 square foot museum exhibit of Star Trek history, continues its eastward march across the USA. Tonight, The Detroit Free Press reports the next stop for STTE will be at the Detroit Science Center in February. This Exhibit will also coincide with a Star Trek themed planetarium show.


First mid west stop
Premier Exhibitions, who runs Star Trek The Exhibition, has not yet made an announcement, but The Detroit Free Press reports that the stop in Detroit will be announced by the Detroit Science center later on Wednesday, with tickets going on sale on Friday. This will be the third stop for The Exhibit and the first in the Midwest. It opens on February 14th and will remain in Detroit until September 7th. According to the report, the Science Center will offer a companion planetarium show which will feature famous Star Trek locations "such as the Andromeda galaxy; the Deneb star; the red dwarf star, Wolf 359, and the Orion nebula."

The article also quotes Mike Okuda who has been working on STTE, who said of the set recreations:

…in some ways, it’s even a little bit better than being on the set. On the set, there are usually pieces of wall missing and in the space where they aren’t filming is full of lights and equipment and stuff. Here, it’s dressed and lit in its entirety.

Second Stop for Engagement One
Just last month TrekMovie reported on the opening of the second  engagement of Star Trek The Exhibit in Phoenix, while the first remains open in San Diego, CA. It is that first engagement that is headed to Detroit after it closes in San Diego in January. Both exhibits contain original props, models and wardrobe spanning all five Star Trek series and films, and both feature motion simulators. The biggest distinction between the two is the first engagement (now in San Diego, headed to Detroit) has a recreation of the TOS bridge, while the second one (now in Phoenix) has a recreation of the TNG bridge.

Pictures from first engagement
The following pictures are from the first engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition, currently in San Diego. This engagement is headed to Detroit.

(click to enlarge)

Klingon Attack Cruiser and the Starship Excelsior, just two of the many original filming models you can get up close and personal with

Re-creation of the original Enterprise bridge (chair and console from “In A Mirror Darkly”), where you can sit and have your picture taken

Uniforms worn by Kate Mulgrew (Capt. Janeway) and Avery Brooks (Capt. Sisko.), just a sample of the original costumes on display

‘Timeline of the Future’, also shows some of the many display cases for original props and models

Step through the Guardian of Forever for a great photo op


Where next?
Many Trek fans want to know where ST: The Exhibition is going next. The answer is that nobody knows. Premier Exhibitions is doing this one city at a time and so there is not a master list at this point. Generally the new cities are announced a few months ahead of time. The second engagement, which is currently in Phoenix, will likely move on to a new city sometime in mid 2009, but we will probably not know where until a couple of months prior to the opening of the new city. TrekMovie will report any new information about plans for ST: The Exhibition as it becomes available.


UPDATE: Official Press release

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. announced today that STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION will make its Midwest debut at the Detroit Science Center on February 14, 2009 for a limited engagement. This multi-city touring exhibition contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of authentic Star Trek ships, set re-creations, costumes and props from 5 television series and 10 films over the last 40+ years.

This unparalleled experience, which recently made its nation tour debut at the San Diego Air and Space Museum, enables the public to step inside the Star Trek universe and become active participants in the legacy that has captivated our imagination for generations. Whether it is sitting on a recreation of the original U.S.S. Enterprise bridge or traveling through space on motion simulators, STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION fully immerses visitors in the legendary television adventure that has become synonymous with scientific innovation and ingenuity.

“STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION is an incredible journey through space and time, and will give our visitors a close encounter with the science and exploration of the universe, as seen through the unique perspective of the Star Trek experience,” said Todd Slisher, Detroit Science Center Vice President of Science Programs. “The Star Trek franchise has inspired people for generations, and we feel that this exhibit will similarly inspire our visitors to seek out the real-life science, engineering, technology principles that lie behind the stories and destinations of the Enterprise.”

“Science meets science fiction in STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION,” states Arnie Geller, Chairman and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. “Visitors to the Detroit Science Center will not only explore modern day technology and advancements that were inspired by this groundbreaking series but view one-of-a-kind costumes, props and filming models from this remarkable series. This exhibition will ultimately allow individuals to connect the dreams of the big screen with the reality of actual space exploration.”

Highlights of STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION include:

  • Re-creations of original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including Captain Picard’s quarters and command chair.
  • A chance to ride through a Star Trek adventure in two full-motion flight simulators.
  • A full-scale recreation of the Transporter Room from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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First! when is this coming to Oregon???

Second! When is this coming to Duesseldorf?

Oh, for the two or three of you who actually don’t know where Duesseldorf is. It’s in Germany, near Cologne. :)

I really would like to step through the Guardian of Forever…sigh

Third, when is this coming to Philadelphia?

Detroit? Seriously?

Hope it doesn’t burn down there.

There will be a Star Trek exhibition in germany, too, opening next may with the new movie and last until september… I read it somewhere, will look it up.

Sigh… The Tour was going to come to Charlotte, so I hope this one comes near wherever I’m living after I graduate.

Oh well–I’ll be in the Southwest in March for an archaeology class, so if we have free time, maybe I can check it out. : \

At any rate, it looks great and I can’t wait to see it at some point!

Oh sure skip over St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis. Might be worth the drive.

Ninth! lol

I hope it comes to the Tampas soon…

I also I have more money by then. lol

@2 Düsseldorf? Nah! Let it come to Berlin instead ;)

!! TWO traveling ST shows and no new TV show in the mix??? Hmmmm? Could this be a left wing whacko’s way of asslimalating us? Anyway, if anyone of them came to any large city by me every year, I would be going. Maybe Starship Exeter could use the TOS bridge at night and FINNISH ACT IV sometime this decade!

Come to New Orleans Chere’!

No offense but why Detroit of all places. Will it boost the auto industry or something?

THIS is the one I want coming to my town. ..TOS classic bridge…get your pic in THE captain’s chair…..get a pic hopping through the guardian of forever…

Although the way my luck runs, the closest one to me will probably end up being the other touring version with the Hampton bridge from Melrose Space.

Sweet. Two and a half hour drive as I live on the other side of the state.

Can’t wait to take the 4 year old. Oh, who am I kidding, I can’t wait to go myself. My wife will have to put up with it, since I give her the goods.


@ I’m dead Jim

Maybe because we like our Star Trek here in Detroit.

Also, we have a world class museum system here.

@ 2/10:

The german exhibition is titled “Fascinating! 45 years of Star Trek” and will be near Berlin, actually, in Eberswalde. It’s supposed to open on May 7 2009.

Sounds good; hope it’ll be genuine TOS..:)

Alright alright – I rest my case. Berlin’s fine with me – and it’s a wee bit more international…;)

Just saw your post, Exocomp. Thanks alot for that info.

You were right, Lt. Barclay, Berlin will be the place to be! ;)

13. I’m dead Jim – December 10, 2008
No offense but why Detroit of all places. Will it boost the auto industry or something?

Forget San Fran or Iowa.

Everyone knows that starship building in the future will reallt take place in Detroit. In a couple hundred years the town will change from Motor City to Warp City. That’s how long it’ll take for Michigan’s economy to turn around.
We’ll leave the tricorder production to California.

#4, #5

No love for Detroit? Some of the best conventions were held right outside of Detroit in Dearborn, MI! I saw most of the original cast at those conventions; they were very, very cool. I will definitely be travelling to MI to see this exhibit. My 7yo son has been asking to go to a plantetarium too. This will be a great way to introduce him to Star Trek!

Cleveland, dammit! Bring it!!
No more cons here at all! (thanks to Vulkon.)

Wonder how JJ’s movie is going to fit into that timeline, heh heh…..

*crosses fingers* Boston, please.

Uk..anyone? :-S

Saw it opening day this past summer in San Diego. Well worth it! I might do a road trip to Detroit with my sons rather than wait till it comes to Chicago. If you have the opportunity, see it!

I hope this comes to Minneapolis (I’m sure it will) but I hope we get the first Engagement. I just want to sit in the “original” chair. I’ve done the TNG bridge in Vegas.

Can’t believe no dates have been set for the 3 most populated states outside of California – New York, Texas, and Florida.
Unless they plan to add items from the new movie to the collection first. . . . . ?

Would love one to come to Scotland!
I recall going to an exibition in Edinburgh once, was just after Generations came out.
It was sweet!

Time to make a trip back to my home state to see this!!! Errr ummm I mean visit family… of course… ;-)

when is it closing in san diego?

Man, I hope it comes to Toronto!

I won’t go near the “Guardian of Forever” without a letter from Harlan Ellison saying it’s OK.

Come to NYC!


I concur. Boston would be awesome. I live down in RI, so it would then be doable for me!

Sweet! I’ll make the trip to Detroit if it’s the TOS themed one!

Wow, I wanna visit the Guardian of Forever!

Saw it in San Diego, which was a fraction of what was on display in Long Beach (according to friends who saw both.) But it was totally cool to sit on the bridge and get my photo snapped in the captain’s chair (even if the bridge is just slightly smaller than the “real thing”)

When is it coming to _______________________????

I am moving to Arizona in June- after it’s gone. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
(Cry of anguish).

The Tour could go to Latinamerica Also. There are many fans there.

Yes come to Portland Oregon. I’ll vote for that.

New York or Phila would both be close enough for me to drive.

I doubt Scranton would be on their “Secret List”. Dwight Shrute from Dunder Mifflin must travel if he wants to sit on the bridge.

Sorry folks, now we in Michigan get to have some Star Trek fun. I’m only 15 miles away from Detroit and I plan to go several times. What a lot of folks don’t know is that the Detroit Metro area has a huge Star Trek following. Several Star Trek fan clubs have memberships in Michigan with over 100 members in their local chapters. The Detroit Science Center is relatively new and a great place to have the exhibit. I was plannign to go where ever it was going to land next after the west coast…how cool that it’s coming to Detroit.

I REALLY wish it would go international. Being from Ireland sucks, NOTHING EVER comes here.

Oh meep!! I wish it’d come to Nebraska (or at least Iowa or Missouri). But no, we’re just “a bunch of farmers”. Chyeah, right. xP Omaha FTW.

Looks amazing! D:

Hm… drive to Detroit over the summer, or wait and see if it comes to Indianapolis? Great plan, Premier.

I second the vote for Philadelphia, PA.

@17 Exocomp

Thanks for the info! I’ll be looking forward to visiting it here. Do you know how and when we will we get any information about the exact location as well as more details about it?

The San Diego exhibit closes down Jan 9 2009 or so they told us when we were there 2 weeks ago.

This display in San Diego was much smaller than what we saw back in Janurary when it opened at the Long Beach Dome. This is why it is or can be in two places at once as they split up the props. The better display was at the dome when all the items were together I have to say. Having both bridges in one place was fantastic along with other costumes and props you have seen in TV & Films.

If they offer it in other cities, they have an admission called STAR TREK MEMBER at $100.00 a person. This lets you in as many time as you want to see all the stuff on display. I would only buy this if they had all the items in one place. Since it is split up, you don’t get as much as what we saw in Long Beach. This is only based on my feelings as we did get the big show here in California, other fans in the up coming cities may feel better about seeing a smaller display at that price of $100 or I would suggest you spend the regular admission of $28.00 to get in.

One thing that did come up in San Diego and I hope it does not affect the other cities. They have a strict rule forbidding you taking any photographs now. We asked them about as we took a bunch of photos at Long Beach. It seems that some nefarious person took photos of the props, displays, and costumes and was selling them on the internet. Premier says this stuff is all licenced so they stopped allowing you to take photos. That would not be so bad if they had a decent photo book for sale but they don’t.

While I am glad this exhibit is making the rounds again, I only wish all the fans could have seen the entire display at one time rather than pieced out as it is now. The original organizer, SEE Entertainment had a plan for 40 cities over 5 years time. After Long Beach ended in Feb and then pushed back to March, it was supposed to head to San Francisco. As we all know, that did not happen.

Why the heck would you have it in Detroit? Nobody lives there! I mean seriously guys! C’mon! Chicago is the place to be!

I see there are people still buying all the negative press about Detroit or have misconceptions about Michigan. Those who are actually “in-the-know” (i.e., natives) are aware Detroit does indeed have first-class museums, and it’s always had a huge fan contingent. I remember as a kid when WKBD supported TREK by not only showing the re-runs but also helping to produce LEONARD NIMOY’S STAR TREK SPECIAL back in the 80’s. Currently, the first-ever Detroit-based STAR TREK fan film is being made, OSIRIS (with talented local actors, many of whom I’ve worked with). And of course, the likes of Clint Eastwood and Sigourney Weaver have taken an interest in the Detroit area for their movies (I’m even hoping to film a feature in Detroit with some notable TREK names). So, Detroit and the state as a whole IS going through something of a renaissance (which I feel will involve film), a promising thing that isn’t really being reported in the wider media.