The Collective: New 3-D Star Trek Collectors Cards Set Released Today – More Coming in 2009

One of the more fun and affordable collectibles are cards and today Rittenhouse releases a brand new set of innovative 3D ‘Movies in Motion’ cards which also includes bonus cards, including Autograph cards actually signed by Star Trek luminaries. Details on the new set and more from Rittenhouse below. 


Movies in Motion set available today
Today, December 10, Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. has released a new lenticular card set entitled "Star Trek Movies in Motion" with 3-D images from all previous Star Trek movies. The base set is 60 cards, recreating favorite scenes such as Martia morphing back and forth as Kirk from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. There are also the bonus subsets of "Star Trek Stars" (12 card subset), Portrait Cards" (16 card subset) and "Quotable Star Trek Movie Cards" (10 card subset).

‘Lenticular’ Movies in Motion card

Example of ‘Lenticular’ effect on new Star Trek cards

The best feature of Rittenhouse produced card sets is their autograph guarantees. Each box of "Star Trek Movies in Motion" is guaranteed to include two three autographed cards. Unlike other trading card companies such as Topps which sends foil stickers to the celebrities that are stuck on the cards later, Rittenhouse has the actors sign the actual card you get. Signers for this set include James Cromwell, Patrick Stewart, Kirstie Alley, Christopher Plummer, and writer Ron Moore among many others. Retailers ordering a case get two special movie poster cards from the 2009 Star Trek feature film.

UPDATE: Rittenhouse has improved the set at the last minute and each box now comes with three autograph cards instead of two.

Autograph cards available for new sets – 2 in each box

Also worth considering is the available binder which houses the cards. The quality binder features great art from the set and is a handsome way to display the cards. Those ordering the binder from Rittenhouse or their local comic stores get an exclusive autographed card of James B. Sikking as Captain Styles.

A box of Movies in Motion costs $84 and will include the 60 base lenticular cards, 2 autograph cards (randomly selected), and a selection of the subset ‘chase’ cards. Rittenhouse card sets often sell out quickly, so be sure to order from your local comic store or directly from Rittenhouse’s website.

Full sales sheets for Movies in Motion sets
(click to enlarge)

New Legends sets
Rittenhouse also makes limited edition mircosets called "Legends of Star Trek" which are 9 card sets featuring famous Star Trek characters. The newest sets feature T’Pol and Seven of Nine. Each set retails for $17.01. Order micro sets at

One of the new 7of9 cards in the Legends of Star Trek set

More sets coming 2009 – including the new movie
In 2009, Rittenhouse is preparing "The Women of Star Trek Trading Cards" set which will feature two autograph and three costume cards guaranteed per box ordered. There will also be a set of cards based on JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, with autographs and bonus cards. In microset news, there will also be more "Legends of Star Trek" sets of Captains Sisko, Janeway, and Archer available this December or early 2009.

More info on Rittenhouse Cards at the official site,


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Interesting lenticular effects!

There’s got to be an Odo. That’s a no-brainer.

I do a lot of work for Rittenhouse.. they always put out an excellent project. Now if we could just get Paramount to do a Sketchcard set!!

LOL – I read over this quickly and thought it said “testicular effect”.

Looks great but I stopped collecting cards long ago because I got sick of subset after subset designed to get you to buy more packs. Grrrr!

“Each set retails for $17.01.”

Clever! :-)

I am beginning to think the franchise views me as an open wallet.

Like my ex wife.

Anybody ever wonder why Khan’s calls photon torpedos “after beetles”….I think Uncle Jessie from Full House was his second in command and told him to call them that.

Do Shatner or Nimoy autograph their cards? That would be collectible… well, to me anyway.

7 of 9……3D…….’nuff said.

Dr. Image. #2

This set is from the Star Trek Movies. Since the character Odo was never in a movie; the character Odo won’t be in this set.

Also some of the information in the article is incorrect. There will be 3 Autograph Cards per box. (I was sent an email from Rittenhouse stating the change in the number of autographs per box). The per box price (SRP) is $84.00. There will only be 5000 boxes produced for this set.

Rittenhouse does excellent work on all their card products. Your get good value for your dollar. I would strongly recommend checking out Rittenhouse’s web site and buying a box of this set.

#8-Seriously? “Aft torpedos, fire!” LOL

#7-I wonder if you married my ex after she spent all of my money and fled?

I would be so mad if I purchased a box of cards for $84.00, and my autograph cards were Sybok, and the trash man from Star Trek IV.

That’s usually what happens. Sometimes you get lucky, like when I bought a pack of LOTR cards and got an Orlando Bloom autograph card. But, I bought a box of ST movie cards and got the dude who played Klaa.

Patrick Stewart of course only signed one!

Heh, I got a Patrick Stewart auto card from the TNG set. I paid like 2 bucks for it. It was in one of the packs.

I used to be die-hard into collecting the cards, but I was spending just way too much money. I kind of miss it, but oh well.

These look pretty cool….

I’m surprised that Kirstie Alley wants anything to do w/ Star Trek, let alone it’s fans.

#14: I would be so mad if I purchased a box of cards for $84.00, and my autograph cards were Sybok, and the trash man from Star Trek IV.

Ahaha!!!! That would be hysterical. xDDD
But hey, I loved that trash guy. If I went to San Fran and saw him, I’d be like, “OO: AUTOGRAPH. NAO.”

Maybe I’ve seen Star Trek: IV too many times… Hehe. Whales FTW.

It’d be interesting to get these. Too bad I’m BROKE! xP