Grab The New Official Star Trek Movie Widget

The boys in the Paramount interactive department have followed up last month’s update to the official Star Trek movie site with a brand new Star Trek widget which you can add to your website, homepage or social networking site. The widget allows you to get the latest content from the movie and can be customized, see below for more.


Bring Trek to your site or page
This widget can be embedded on your personal blog, website or social networking page or added as a bookmark to your homepage (at Google, Yahoo and other sites). It is essentially a mini version of the official Star Trek website and includes Videos, a Gallery, the Synopsis, Downloads (all accessed via the ‘NAV’ button, just like the official site). It also features customization with the ability to choose from 6 different skins as well as multiple languages. All in all a pretty cool addition to your page or site.

And here it is.

NOTE: it may take time for the widget to load

The widget can be access from the ‘NAV’ panel on the official site or by clicking on ‘GRAB THIS’ on the widget above. Or via a direct link to the official site widget page.


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Nice…got a couple of places I can put this…yet another great step in the marketing of “Star Trek”

Gosh. I was just about to let you guys know. You guys sure post things pretty quickly.

I’ll just keep the old one, I like it.

very nice…

Looks great! Thanks!

Very nice.

I only do websites for other people though, so I doubt they’ll let me put this on it… :-)


Oh good, another way to access the “Kreepy Kirk” image…



Scotty, we need more power?

They considerably sped up the second trailer… the audio pitch distortion is really noticeable.

Still wish that young ‘un just replied ‘James Tiberius Kirk ‘ back, without the unnecessary, and annoying ‘ My name is… ‘ part.

The widget itself is a good thing though.

Nice, but too large for my blog.

True. Too large.

Sweet! Now they should make an app for the iPhone.

Nice… but I think the best marketing of Star Trek: XI so far may be the Shatner/JJ feud. ;-)

What’s a widget?

When I click on that link nothing appears other then a black screen and says the page is done loading, so I guess I best stick with my old one for now. Besides myspace page has enough on it.

14. I agree an app for the iPhone would be great. Make it happen Paramount!

I was hoping this was a Mac OS X dashboard widget. :(

actually you can shrink it, Starman…
just change the values in the sourcecode…

to whatever suits you

hah, lost the brackets of course…

[object width=”336″ height=”280″]

this source code ;))


you can create one yourself in Safari…

just select “File”-> “Open in Dashboard”, select the widget and click “add”

Yup way too large to load on a MySpace page……people aren’t usually on your profile for 2 minutes waiting for a widget to load.

Wow, as if people’s My Space pages weren’t cluttered enough before.

I wanna be able to put this on a forum. How do I do that?

So, for those of who aren’t tech-savvy — what is a widget?

A wedgie for a midget?

That oughta make some poster fidget.

So why does AICN only place to get the old spock trailer?

Has anyone checked out ‘TV Spot 1’ at the official movie website? Towards the end of the video there is some extra footage not shown in the trailers.

There’s a blonde woman who appeared to be screaming or in agony. Also some additional footage of the orbital dives.

Cool… I’ll use this in my Live Journal blog. It’ll sure fit very nicely with the TOS themed layout! :)

I wish I knew how to put it on my myspace page. I certainly would!