Shatner Calls Abrams Feud ‘A Game’ – Claims He Was Shown ‘Fake Script’

Did you think the William Shatner v JJ Abrams thing was over? Think again! In a new interview, The Shat is now claiming that it was all ‘a game,’ but he then says that Abrams and his team actually showed him a ‘fake script’ when they came to talk to him about the new Star Trek movie. And so here we go again!


Excerpts from AMC SciFi Scanner:

AMC: So what’s this feud with J.J. Abrams really all about?

Shatner: There’s more of a game going on than most people realize. The game reached its apex when J.J. said somewhere on-camera "When did my life become William Shatner talking to me on YouTube?"

AMC: That one was kind of my fault — you were responding to my interview with J.J.

Shatner: Really? [Laughs]. That made the whole thing worthwhile to me. I laughed out loud because that was the whole idea, to goad him into some kind of reaction — to manipulate the airwaves to get to him. It was really just for fun, and he obviously got it: It’s a public love letter to J.J., and I hope he’s laughing as much as I am because I’m having a delightful time.

AMC: Have you seen the new trailer?

Shatner: I haven’t. Does it look good?

AMC: There are actually two Kirks in it. An 8-year-old and Chris Pine.

Shatner: Oh, hysterical. What’s funny is that when they were talking to me before the movie started filming, they showed me a script. They said, "Now don’t tell anybody about the script." I read it and thought it wasn’t very good, but it turned out it wasn’t the script at all. I think it was a fake script they were giving to people!

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Fake script?
According to TrekMovie sources the big meeting with Shatner and the Abrams team happened in the Fall of 2006, which is before the script was even written (the script was handed in to Paramount in early 2007). So it is unclear what (if anything) they could have shown Shatner.


Shatner ‘playing tag’ with Abrams
If you missed it, we posted this video yesterday. Shatner talks to Access Hollywood about the Abrams Feud, and he watches the trailer (so apparently this video was shot after the AMC interview).


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Oh Brother!!!

Shat… Get a life!

I cannot fully express just how little I care about the “feud” at this point.

I think shatner died years ago – but secretly he’s playing tricks with us by pretending to be alive!!!!

I know your game shatner!!!!!!!

Oh, bother.

I think Shat knows he’s too old and too puffy to make any sort of a Kirk comeback.

this iks just his usual PR bullpuckey. The man is a master!

Oh brother is right.

The Shat’s just having a laugh over all this. Good for him!

Shatner’s probably just having fun with the press. The media is SO predictable wanting to start and fan the flames with so-called feuds all the time.

TheTakei thing probably falls in this category. Juice ratings and get him on his talk show.

Lol, Shat knows how to get into the press.

i think thes still a chance he’ll be in the movie as Kirk prime

Mr. Orci, could you shed some light on this?

Shat needs to take chill pill and jst watch the movie an see how it turns out.
Im a trek fan of the original series but I am interesting in J.J. movie i want to see how it turns out

“So it is unclear what (if anything) they could have shown Shatner.”

It might have been the script for White Comanche II.

9 – Hi Krikzil!

Is it May yet?

Just think, the movie could have been out by now if they’d stuck to the original plan of release dates.

It had better be pretty damned awesome for the wait until next spring.

Thank goodness for the Shat entertaining us in the meantime. :)

Shatner and T.O. must have the same publicist this week.

whats wrong with you people?

he’s having a good time. laughing.

needs to take a pill?


Of course he’s seen the trailer! I bet he was one of the first.

Anyway, yes, I’m sure he’ll have JJ on his new chat show as a guest (eventually). THAT will be worth seeing…

I wonder if it was my treatment. Good to know Bill still reads though.

I honestly dont know what to make of it all. I love the shat and wish he was in this movie but i dont know why they would bother to show him a fake script! why would they want/need to do that?

I had hoped that Bill would have seen the excellent new trailer too and had commented on it. Im starting to wonder if he”s going to avoid the whole thing. it would be sad if he does.

Greg UK

“Fake script?
According to TrekMovie sources the big meeting with Shatner and the Abrams team happened in the Fall of 2006, which is before the script was even written (the script was handed in to Paramount in early 2007). So it is unclear what (if anything) they could have shown Shatner.”

They could’ve shown him an early draft. As a writer, i think that by Fall 2006 they would have been at the second draft. At least I would have used that dynamic. :)

Shatner finally spills the beans on the quality of the script. Nice one.

I believe any and all stories about “fakes” when it comes to this ill-advised production. :)

” – Hi Krikzil! Is it May yet?”

Hi Brett! I wish it were May. I wish they’d released it in December more!

maybe hes getting mixed up and it was the ‘chef’ Enterprise script :)

cant have been worse than ‘these are the voyages…’

“So it is unclear what (if anything) they could have shown Shatner.”

Well, since he isn’t in the new movie, it clearly wasn’t a check.

Shat should have been the voice of the Enterprise. That would have been sweet.

Come on, this is becoming really childish and annoying !!! Give it a rest Shat. So what, you’ve not been cast for this film. Big deal, you’ll always be the first and original Kirk. Every fan will know.

So, please, stop it, this is ridiculous.

I am sure that there is a quantum mechanical way to explain how there really is not feud…

Bill, get over it, you aren’t Kirk anymore, just exit the stage as gracefully as you can without knocking over the furniture.

shatner will be in the movie at the end

think the end of 1987s masters of the universe…

When the cameras roll, Shatner says whatever will get a laugh and confuse people. LOL

The Shat is making war with JJ and Sulu!

Uhhhh Shatner shut up. You just make things worse.

William Shatner is a weirdo.

That is all.

Could it possibly be….. Shatner IS in the new movie???

i am starting to think so. cross fingers



Shatner is the master of sarcasm. Of course he’s having whatever fun he can of it. I laugh at his statements, and really LOL at the fans who are steamed by any thing he says.

Fake scrips aren’t canon.

Shat, please stop!!! We love you but, really, let it go!

I don’t know when this interview was… but Shatner DID see the trailer!
Look at yesterday’s “Shatcember Update” page and go down to the acces hollywood clip. He watched it right on television… unles this interview was before that show taped.

Bill, stop moaning please!

p.s. Why does everybody tell Shatner to “Let it go” and “Give it up” ??? He’s not the one asking the questions. -And if you know you’re going to get asked the same question 97 million times… why not make a game out of it and have some fun with it …. rather than the other 2 choices which are to dodge it or get pissed everytime you get asked.

Lighten up TRUE BELIeVERS!

If this is a game to Shatner, he probably just made up the “fake script.”

Either The Shat is milking the PR angle of it for the sake of career embellishment, or he’s tamping down any remaining expactations of his appearance, so he can pop up at the end of the movie like a stripper out of a birthday cake and yell, “SURPRISE!” (I’m cool with that, as long as he’s not in a thong and pasties.)

I’d like to think the latter, by my life ain’t gonna go in the tank if it’s the former. Just show me the damn movie already!!!!!!! :-)

y’aw doe no shi’
shat, ee di man!
y’aw gaw say, “ye a noo ee was ini’, a sed ee ‘s ini’
bu’ y’aw doe no shi’
c’s shat ee di man!

Hi Krikzil!

“I wish they’d released it in December more!”

It would have been a nice Christmas present, but at least it will be something to look forward to this spring — to help me get through another long Vermont winter.

Best to you!

Can’t deny that the Shat is looking good…

I think he’s playing a very clever selfless game to promote the new movie. By creating a negative buzz around himself with these so called ‘fueds’ and making himself look bitter he is gaining alot of press coverage, which is all good for promoting this movie in some way.

Remember a few months ago when it was reported that the shat had a cameo in the movie? I think this is true, the media is always more acurate than people think and i believe this to be the big secret.

Frakes will also appear as Riker in TNG post nem part of this movie.

Take a look at the Shat before u comment…

I look forward to May 8th, 2009.

Not for the movie, but for the long awaited end to all this Bullshat.

All Hail Shatner!

Hail Shat! Hail Shat!

The guy is a peach :-)

I’d rather see T.J. Hooker: The Movie anyway

#28, #38

Why blame Mr. Shatner for interviewers asking the questions? Mr. Shatner had high praise for the movie and Mr. Abrams and obviously has a great sense of humor.


Biil, will you do a Boston Legal spinoff show? Maybe be a night time court room judge in New York?