Great Links: Brown Bag Edition

It’s quiet out there…too quiet, but Star Trek is still showing up around the nets and The Great Links catches it all up. We have Trek getting respect at EW, another Trek riff at Big Bang Theory, a mashup of TAS and Star Trek 09, the Lego front of the Trek v Wars war, and Khan on a lunch bag, how cool is that?


EW gets it
Last week The Links called out AOL’s MovieFone for not giving Trek the proper respect in their Top 25 SciFi movies list. But this week Entertainment Weekly shows they understand the Trek. In their "Sci-Fi 25: The Genre’s Best Since 1982" Star Trek The Next Generation is ranked 8th, and Wrath of Khan comes in at 5th…that is more like it (although TNG being beat out by Ron Moore’s BSG?…we may still have some words with EW). And with an eye for the future, EW picks Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk,as one of nine ‘Rising Stars To Watch in 2009

Top 10 sci-fi of last 25 years…worth celebrating

Sheldon Gets A Big Bang Surprise
The gang at the CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory have dipped into Trek again with a tribute to the original Mr. Spock. (by the way, note the CBS synergy with the onscreen promo for [Thanks to all those who sent in this tip]

Star Trek Gets Re-animated
In the last ‘Great Links’ there were a couple of new animated mashups of the new Star Trek movie trailer, and I noted that no one had yet done a version using Star Trek The Animated Series. Sure enough, I got an email the next day from Michael Struck of NEOfx, the guys working on the new animated version of "Starship Farragut", telling me the NEOfx guys whipped up a pretty cool TAS version of the trailer.

Fan art of the week: Lunch with Khan is a site made by a dad who draws new cartoons on his kids lunchbags every day (and posts them online). And here is what he had for December 11, with the note ‘for Grandpa Dave.’ [Thanks to Arnaldo for the tip]

Yours is a superior sandwich

Video of the week Classic: Star Trek v Star Wars…The Lego Front
The never ending war between the franchises has opened a new front, thanks to Dan Miga and the fine folks at Half Star Films.


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The word “franchise” really needs to go.


I have to disagree with you about Ron Moore’s BSG. I think that the new BSG is much better than TNG. Don’t get me wrong I love TNG, but BSG makes it look like a cartoon.

In my humble opinion Ron Moore’s BSG is one of the greatest programs of any genre ever made.

The Trek vs. Wars thing is stupid! The E-D would kick those x-wing’s @$$!
BTW LOVE that Animated XI trailer and can’t wait for animated Farragut!

God, CBS or Paramount or whoever REALLY needs to get someone to reanimate the animated series. In this day and age, how hard would it be to make serious-looking CGI video to replace the horrible Filmation drawings? As still caricatures they are pretty good, but they are lifeless and flat as cartoons. The animation practically destroys any watchability. Throw it all out, I say, and lay new video on top. Keep the stories and voice work, except re-record Doohan’s and Nichols’ attempts to do other characters besides Scotty and Uhura. That was just to save money, and they generally sound bad because they are trying to disguise their voices.

On the other hand, the chubby vulcan kid in the trailer mashup is pretty amusing to look at. But not enough to make TAS watchable.

The Trek vs. Wars thing is awesome! The X-Wings would (and did) kick the E-D’s @$$!

“Yours is a superior sandwich.” Good one! Got a good laugh.

To: Number 1 (The poster not Riker)

Yeah, “Franchise” needs to go. Star Trek is not McDonald’s.

Big Bang Theory, ugggghhhh!

First reason I don’t watch sitcoms anymore and second watching that makes it harder to admit to being a Star Trek fan, it just makes us look stupid and dufy……

Darth “Big Kiss my Ass Theory” Ballz

The Big Bang Theory is great! Awesome cool!

Must buy EnsignR more blocks for Christmas so he can build me some of those ships.


Wow, if the Trek Trailer had the same production design as the animated series, instead of filming their engineering section in a brewery, I might be more interested.

And…doesn’t the Enterprise look GREAT?!?

Robert April to boot!

That whole thing is CANON!

Love the TAS trailer.

that TAS trailer was perfect

You young whipper snappers might not like the look of TAS, but when you were 12 or 13 when TAS came out and starving for anything Trek other than reruns,the cartoon was a Godsend. And quite frankly, some of the stories were on par with TOS.

“I posess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?!”

I love that show. :)

It’s a good thing that some peoples parents have cable in there basements……….

Darth “Parents ‘R’ up” Ballz

The lunch bag art is great. Did you catch November 27? Go look if you didn’t.

That TAS trailer is fantastic! Major kudos to whoever put that together!

Love the TAS trailer. Some of the TAS episodes are hard to sit and watch narratively, but I’ve always loved the look of them.

I am glad folks are enjoying the TAS trailer. Anthony is really the one to thank for motivating me to create one.

I am also encouraged by number of you that enjoy the Filmation style of animation. This is exactly how the animated Farragut episodes will look. And, they will have guest voices such as Chris Doohan, Tim Russ, and Chase Masterson. We are on track to release them before the JJ movie is released in May.

Stay tuned…

Loved the TAS trailer.

20 – Michael, it was the best mock-up trailer I’ve seen yet.

Look forward to your future work.

This is going to sound SOOO Simpson’s Comic-Book Guy…

But the Lego film (cute as the little Lego Scotty is) does blow… The Enterprise could squish most of the Star Wars Fleet. Phasers, as Worf told us, outgun Lasers any day. The Enterprise could level a planet… had to build a Death Star for that purpose!

but then, I am a biased fan ;)

There’s also a “No Kill I” reference on another lunch bag… though, I did go to prom…

LOL! I really let out a laugh at while viewing TAS “mashup”

Very creative guys!!

I’ve seen the lunchbags before, that guy does some really nice work!

The ST:TAS version was excellently done! Such great mouth synching!

Kudos from Kang and Kodos!

I posted an old Starlog article on TAS recently on my blog, I have a real affection for that show.

Ron Moore’s BSG placed second? Sorry, but that show is absolutely horrible… nothing more than an overrated self-indulgent sex-crazed emo soap opera in space. As for the ‘writing’, I’ve heard better dialogue in a George Lucas love scene. People tell me the special effects are decent, but I can never get a good look at them because the DAMN CAMERA WON’T STOP SHAKING! To summarize, Ron Moore’s BSG is utter crap. Any incarnation of Star Trek easily blows BSG away.

Has anyone else noticed this?

The line “I like this ship” from the trailer is NOT Simon Pegg as Scotty!! It’s another voice!

Of course, “This is exciting” is spoken by Scotty, but someone else entirely says the “I like this ship” line! I can’t identify the voice, though.

Listen to it and you’ll hear it!!

Big Bang Theory is great! As a Trek and sci-fi geek in general I’ve never felt slighted or insulted by the writing on this show. The segment above was especially well done.

Oh, and Penny’s hot.

I’m so confused. The Lego video has both TOS and TNG characters together. What?? and their phasers miss? I want a Lego Enterprise

29. Jon S. –

While I don’t necessarily agree on the special effects points you made re: BSG, I completely agree that it is mopey, self-indulgent and repetitive. Not to mention it is completely laced with dumb-chief storytelling (Homer Simpson can tell you all about that) and some of the most cliched characters I’ve ever seen (Adama, Tigh, Michelle Forbes character, Starbuck, etc.). I find it unwatchable.

Yeah, that Lego thing was odd. It looked like a Voyager ship with weird characters on it, and it didn’t look like the Enterprise D at all. And why would X Wings attack anyway? Aren’t the Rebels good guys?

I used to be one of those Trek fans who spit at the new BSG…but then I watched a the mini series and I can honestly say that after being a Trekkie for 16 years the new BSG blows Trek out of the water.

The TAS mashup made me LOL. Have to FWD that to a few people. Great work!! :-)

The new BSG is everything Trek said it was and wasn’t.

It is the commentary on humanity that Trek was missing for 15+ years. It reflected the times in which we live like unlike Trek since 1996.

BSG is everything Trek should have been and wasn’t.

While BSG was busy making good television…Trek was writing stories around Seven of Nine and T’Pol’s cat suits.

14 – Richard Daystrom

Whee, I’m a 47-year old whippersnapper! Actually, I’m a fan of classic animation, so even back in the 70’s as a teen, it hurt to look at Filmation and HB product. It was cheap schlock, and the people that worked on it are the first to admit it.

I do appreciate the recent adaptations of the general style for nostalgic purposes, just as people are amused by custom Mego’s. But that’s just because they’re fun, not that they are high quality depictions. I’m looking forward to animated Farragut. The TAS stories were good, and they could even be resyndicated to modern audiences, and more widely appreciated by fandom, with replaced, quality, modern animation. It just feels like a shame to waste those good stories and original cast performances behind Harlem Globetrotters-level animation.

all I want to say is that I don’t find it hard at all to enjoy BSG and Star Trek at the same as I find they have different but equaly valid takes of the future. Am I totaly lame?

BTW I know that BSG isnt supposed to represent our future. Or is it? As a Sci-Fi fan having two different flavors of sci-fi is just a bonus.

Yeah, 24 is right, there seems to be another reference on what appears to be a Thanksgiving bag, with the phrase “No kill I.” May not actually be from Trek, but it seems likely given the other sorts of things the fellow has drawn on the bags.

24 and 41, that’s what I was referencing in 17, but wanted it to be a surprise. I guess the cat’s out of the bag, if you’ll forgive the pun. And 41, it WAS a Trek reference – look at the note and link underneath the pic.


TNG beat out by BSG? Rightly so!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE TNG. I believe it has produced some of the best Trek episodes ever, and while nostalgia keeps me pining for my childhood days watching TOS, I believe TNG was far ahead of the original series in terms of character development and creativity, not to mention believable settings and special effects.

And yet, the truth must be told – new BSG is to TNG wgat Art Asylum’s line of Trek ship toys/models is to Playmates Playskool offerings of the 90’s. It’s more mature, realistic and creatively daring in every respect.

Too sex-intensive? Too dark and brooding? Might I suggest that TNG, much as I loved it, was just too dang happy-doody (Borg episodes excluded) and sexually sterile?

Just my 2 cents’ worth.

re: Big Bang Theory

“I possess the _DNA_ of Leonard Nimoy?”


re: TAS

haha. nice.

re: KHAN

“Yours is a superior sandwich”

Montalban is still the man.

I luv that Big Bang Theory clip. Classic reaction for any Star Trek fan in that situation!

Cool TAS version of the trailer for the new movie as well!

Gotta love the genetically engineered lunch bag there. And sorry, no form of BSG should go above TNG, which to many, including me, is the top of Trek. As for the lego bit, its…i dont know, cute, but if you put some real science into play the D would win. X wings have lasers, just intense light beams, against…phasers, actual energy, and shields that are meant to deflect similar weapons. Some trek website did some in depth cross over and went into the scientific detail of it which put the technology of Star Wars way behind that of star trek, even 23rd century stuff. Then again, not much of star wars is based in any real science.


Amen to that brother. It’s the same reason that it’s impossible for anyone who did not live through those years to understand why the advent of ST:TMP was such an incredibly moving moment.

That TAS trailer is probably the best parody I’ve ever seen on YouTube, sheer genius!

CBS remastered TOS, why not “remaster” TAS with computer animation? I think it would be great and to some fans it would be all new episodes since some have never seen the original TAS episodes.