Abrams, Saldana and Quinto Talk Trek On TVGuide Channel

This week the TV Guide Channel’s "Hollywood 411" show did a brief segment on the new Star Trek movie, including some comments from director JJ Abrams, Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and Zachary Quinto (Spock). Not much is new, but the segment shows how the film is being positioned in the mainstream media. video below plus more photos from a recent event with Abrams and his stars.


VIDEO: Abrams, Quinto & Saldana pitch Trek


Much of the above video was shot at the recent Children’s Defense Fund "Beat the Odds" Awards in Los Angeles attended by Abrams, Saldana, Quinto as well as the new Kirk, Chris Pine (who is not in the video). Here are more pics of JJ and his crew from the event.

NOTE: Some fans have wondered where Karl Urban is in these shots, however this is not an official Paramount publicity shoot, just a charity event attended by Abrams and some available cast members. Bear in mind that not all cast members even live in the Los Angeles area, Karl Urban (McCoy) lives in New Zealand and Simon Pegg (Scotty) lives in the UK…so chill.



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ugh. Enough about courting audiences that aren’t fans, already.

here we go with the new fan/old fan line of gripes and bickering again.



Too Cool!

So Zoe makes it a trio?

Not your father’s triumphrat. But I like.

Urban was probably in New Zealand or something… what does it matter?

The last photo in the group is a very odd looking picture. it looks like the 3 heads were badly pasted on 3 bodies- just a trick of the light, I’m sure.

Guys don’t get hung up about the ‘trio’…bear in mind that Karl Urban lives in New Zealand

That’s awesome. I hope they understand that them getting along is part of what makes a good cast. On a side note star trek is now streaming instantly on netflix and it plays on Xbox. P.s. It’s the remastered ones. Just first season though.

“ugh. Enough about courting audiences that aren’t fans, already.”

Seriously. It just makes it sound like Trek fans aren’t gonna like it, and I’m really trying to be optimistic here.

I’ll be waiting outside the movie with warp nacelles mounted to my tent. Seriously I’ll call the local news and get this on tv. I’m stoked about this movie. Anyone else going to be in little rock for the opening?

10: the canonites are the ones who aren’t gonna like it, a small annoying minority…;)

Look where Pine has his hand. hink he’s been tappin’ that? I WOULD!!!

If your interested,,,

Karl Urban is from ,,(and is),,,in Wellington, New Zealand, and was recently on a channel 3 morning show to promote a Christmas chairty.

Re this link,,


From SirMartman

Another proud Kiwi !!!!

Jeez Zoe Saldana is hot. Worth a post just to say it.

#12: aren’t there canonites or fans of that ilk in every fan-base? The purists, so to speak? I’m totally optimistic about the new fan and have nothing but faith in JJ Abrams obviously great work with the franchise, I just get sick of hearing the PR line about the film appealing to the non-fan (we’ve heard that line many times before.) But, arguably, this film will truly live up to that kind of talk and indeed win over previously skeptical “non-fans,” and that’s a great thing. It ensures Trek’s survival in the generation to come. But even if it doesn’t, pop culture has a way of recycling itself… sooner or later.

I meant to type: “I’m totally optimistic about the new film.”

Agree. Enough with the wait. Enough with the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ build to the excitement. I want my TREK!

Did I mention that I’m willing to see it multiple times?



Can’t I be both a new and old audiance?

Yea!! Zoe.

“It’s really made for future fans of Star Trek, not existing ones.”
That pretty much says it all. >|>{

Well, this existing fan is ready for a new interpretation of Trek. Bring it on!

Whatever… I am still excited for this movie no matter what. I have complete faith in the cast, crew, and the supreme court.

One thing that has been bugging me is this. If this movie does take off, then I hope these actors and actresses don’t flush their lives down the tube, as many have in the past. Please, I love Quinto on Heroes, I liked Zoe in the terminal and hope to see what she does in Avatar.

Don’t let Star Trek ruin these talents! :( Be kind :)

10 Xai “here we go with the new fan/old fan line of gripes and bickering again.”

It’s a discussion thread…discussions will be threaded. The direction JJ’s team went film and they way they continue to sell it, is divisive.

12 “the canonites are the ones who aren’t gonna like it, a small annoying minority…;)”

Well, I’m not a canonite…more of a moderate continuitist and I’m not liking what I hear either. From JJ’s mouth once again, that this movie is not for the existing fans.

So once again, JJ gives the verbal half-a-peace-sign to the “existing fans” who have made Star Trek the cultural phenomenon and success story that it has been since 1966.

Of course this film is not made for fans, it’s made for every member of the general public to see, if Batman was made only for the “Fans” who read the comic books each month you’d be lucky to get 200,000 people into the cinema!

I getting so tired of the childish moaning on this site, It seems pretty obvious from the amount of time that Bob Orci spends on this site that he is a huge Star Trek fan and from his point of view he’s tried his best to write a film that will appeal (and unfortunately, appease) to the “hardcore” fan, but JJ and the studio are in the business of making money too, and seeing as the budget for this film is as much as the most successful Star trek movie has made($150million – First contact) there is also a massive amount of pressure to make this movie a Blockbuster.
So yes, this movie is not made for fans, but please read through the lines people, the movie was ALSO made with the fans right at the front of the writers minds too.

Stop being so black and white about every little comment that’s made, think about it a bit.


As this debate once again gets under way, let’s do an analogy.

IJ4/Crystal Skull: Fans got pre-production info, set photos, and to see Karen Allen via satellie at a con, It was a wonderful moment. And then they shat out a dumbed-down clunker (which still made a billion). The “fans” got shafted in the end.

STXI: We had a webchat with Abrams & Co. from the set, we get visits here from the screenwriter Bob Orci constantly.We have a teaser and a trailer, and some press interest picking-up.

If Abrams had said “this film is for the fans,” would that have made it a better film? No. Is Nimoy flying back in time after a Romulan, who sprung himself from Rura Penthe to kill Kirk’s dad and/or destroy Vulcan, and which has Captain Pike, Sarek and Amanda, a middle-finger to the fans? Definitely not. Do those plot points make it a good film?

Who knows?

“It’s really made for future fans of Star Trek, not existing ones.”

As a 30 + year Trek fan, I’m confident that I’ll enjoy the movie (to some extent) no matter what and I hope it’s a big success, but that comment sounds pretty much like an overall mission statement from JJ. I’m glad he’s being honest and upfront on that, but it comes across as being a bit callous, or like a disclaimer intended for the “existing fans.” I suppose if I leave the theater feeling as if I’d just watched some sort of TOS parody with awesome FX, at least I’ll know I was forewarned that it was made to appeal primarily to a different fan-base.

I want to tlike this film. The alternate timeline idea seems to be a cop out to explain canon inconsistencies.

Star Trek did need a kick to get it back oon track but I don’t thick redoing the origianl Star Trek is the answer.

To me JJ lost my faith when he said he was not making this for the fans, now I know we need new fans to get Star Trek popular again, but I don’t think the ones who supported Trek in its time of need deserve to be shafted. Being shafted is how I feel here.

Besides everything JJ Abrams does is mediocre, it is never exciting to me. Then again I hate the direction of TV and cinema these days. Our favs are being ruined

Yes we fans are being shafted by JJ Abrams

Those future not getting proper Star Trek, he is making sure they dont watch TOS .

I hate todays generation. I still feel this is a travisty to the hardcore fans,

I am getting sick of reboots and reimaginings, The Day the Earth Stood Still is oone remake I wish Holly wood did not do.

spread that hate for todays generation go on we need more hate around the place

If Nimoy believes in it…

then so should…

This is a summary of what ‘true’ hardcore fans want at this point.

They want exclusive access to the sets , with the ability to glue pieces of 60’s tat to them at will. They want the script to be replaced with their fan script, they want the original cast used but made young through the TOS art of slightly out of focus plus smear the camera lens with lots o goop. They want The fx and enterprise to look like they were done for some guys youtube video. They want to avoid all attempts at publicity or bringing the movie into the public eye and condemn the cast when they do. And of course it has to have values from 40 years ago, because afterall when TOS came out it didn’t embrace the current 60’s social ideas at all?? right right? It was made to appeal to the 1920’s demographic. Thats why everyone in startrek had beards of some kind.

#29 – “but I don’t think the ones who supported Trek in its time of need deserve to be shafted. Being shafted is how I feel here.”

That’s something you came up with on your own. He has also been on record saying that this movie is both for fans of Star Trek and new Star Trek fans…. don’t let your head explode taking this all in now. How about YOU decide who this is made for.

#30 – “Yes we fans are being shafted by JJ Abrams”

That’s a very selfish thing to say.

“Those future not getting proper Star Trek, he is making sure they dont watch TOS .”

That’s a very idiotic thing to say. What is your reasoning behind this? Has he given interviews in which he says “I really hope no one watches the old stuff, in fact i am ordering that the DVDs be recalled and CBS pull the remastered stuff off the air?” As I mention in my post above, it seems your misgivings are coming from your own mind and nothing else.

“I hate todays generation. I still feel this is a travisty to the hardcore fans,”

That’s a very ignorant thing to say.

Zoe’s hotttttttttt

Star Trek has had a good many variations to it with multiples series some more successful than others. But it it got to a point where even fans started not watching the series or films enough for them to keep it going. But it’s great the fans kept it alive as long as they did. The direction had to be changed offcourse, there is no getting away from that, even to spike the interest of old fans and get new fans on board. I’m an old fan, but that won’t mean I have to adore everything Hollywood throws my way regardind Star Trek, but my interest is spiked and will hope the film will be a great to watch experience. If this direction does not work for Paramount then we still have decades of material that can never be taken away.

I like to see the gang hanging around together! Neat!


Jesus, this movie is for all fans.

If the movie required 40+ years of indepth technical knowledge (as well as an encylopedic recollection of all episodes) the movie wouldn’t make a penny.

Mas as well release the thing on DVD and get it over with.

There will be enough bones thrown for the fans, i’m sure of that.

This spoilt “waaaaa, this isn’t for the fans” attitude needs to stop. He’s trying to toe a very difficult line here, and for me, he’s doing a good job.

A very good job.

Y’know.. It’s not cool or fair to cast all of us who express some doubts in this movie as “Whiners” and “Canonistas.” I can’t speak for other people but I really want this film to be a success. I’m damn grateful that a talented Trek fan (Bob Orci) was hired to write the story and I’m sure he put his heart & soul into the writing. However, I’m getting tired of the “Apologistas” who are comparing Star Trek to Batman. Last time I checked, Batman originated from the pages of a DC comic book. Re-casting the characters of TOS,with the iBridge and all of that is bound to to bring out some skepticism among us fans; those of which JJ regularly admits he isn’t catering to.

The insulting way jj refers to existing fans is one the reason I wouldn’t spend one cent on this movie. Wake up folks, he doesn’t care about Trek fans or the way we see things. If you need proof just watch EACH and EVERY interview the man does. Yeah I know…. who’s gonna miss my one ticket sale? But you know what? NOT paying to support this movie, is the only vote I have, and I plan to use it.

If this debate keeps raging, it’s not because of the fans. JJ never had to say “it’s not for the existing fans”. They’re his words and he’s said something along those lines more than once.

The Trek fans are in the clear here. All of them. 40 years of Trek. There is naturally going to be many who think the story, the bridge and the big E should have been much closer to the original.

It’s really hard to compare this to Indy IV. Just because Speilberg said it was “for the fans” doesn’t automatically mean that making Star Trek for “non-fans” will be an awesome experience. They are clearly not related. But one thing that does concern me about Trek, that Indy also suffered from, is the appearance that they are trying to make two or more opposing forces happy. In the end, things begin to look like they don’t go together. Design by committee. For Indy, it was Speilberg vs Lucas (archeology vs aliens). For Trek, the uniforms seem out of place on that bridge (classic vs new) and the saucer seems out of place on the primary hull (although there may be script reasons for that, the fact remains).

They may try and also blame the mish-mash on trying to appease fans, but we are not hearing that they went down that road. There are two other directions they could have gone: everything new or everything the same.

I could swear I heard someone say “Reboot”

There were only two options after the failure of EnterpriseNemesis…
The end of Trek, or a serious restart.
What we get is a go for option two,
made by folks who know how to create success on TV and the box office.

I like it.

Can’t we all just get along?

Do we actually have the original triumvirate in this film? Or is that being rewritten too? The original triumvirate was at the heart of TOS. I suppose, in this alternative timeline, for all we know, Uhura could be Captain of the Enterprise. After all, these characters are not ‘our’ beloved characters, despite the same genetics and names. None of what we know about our beloved characters necessarily applies to these characters in their timeline.

PS. May we please have a ‘JJ warning’ put on certain articles, like the spoiler warning, because I’m getting really sick of hearing him say his Star Trek is not for the existing fans. For I hope to enjoy it, even though I am a fan; and I am over the age of 14.

Did they wake Quinto up from a nap before taking his photo, or is he just back from the “bog”?

For crying out loud, man, buckle up!

And can’t these rich celebrities afford razors? ;)


“They may try and also blame the mish-mash on trying to appease fans, but we are not hearing that they went down that road. There are two other directions they could have gone: everything new or everything the same.”

I think what could be lacking here is Option C. It’s perplexing when the “Apologistas” (not meaning you) keep saying this is going to be great simply because it’s new. (I withhold ultimate judgment until I’ve seen the entire film) but why wasn’t the script written to appeal to *both* fan-bases, old and new? Every time I read: “It’s really made for future fans of Star Trek, not existing ones.” I feel excluded. Gods bless those who feel inlcuded. Again, I hope this movie is a hit but JJ has already prepared me to feel like an outsider. I was 16 when MTV made its debut and I thought it sucked even back then. One good thing is if nu Trek makes the bucks, maybe it will breath new life into the “franchise.”

I want to love this film but just hate it when he says this is not for the fans.

Its not a prequel as its ana alternate timeline, Kirk is different than in original timeline due to change in timeline so not a prequel to our Trek.

Its a imagining to fit their idea

I hope to love this film when it comes out, because of the alternate timeline I don’t think I will be accepting it as canon. Things will prob change when the film hits but truth is he has changed too much with the bridge and the eneterprise.