Sunday Movie – “Trek Through Time”

Our friends at have put together a fun a special Christmas present for fans of Star Trek, as well as fans of the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. "Trek Through Time" is an excellent and cleverly edited video ‘mashup’ episode that brings the good Doctor and his trusty TARDIS face to face with Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Check it out below.


"Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 – Trek Through Time"

(YouTube Link)

"Trek Through Time" is a labor of love for Rick Kelvington and Paul ‘Spockboy’ Sibbald who spent several weeks putting this little opus together, and making sure it stayed faithful to both genres. This is just part 1, we will have to wait for Easter 2009 to see how it all ends, something else to look forward to next year.


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Finally, the franchises meet!
Merry Christmas, everywhen!

Good video! But I’ll never understand what’s so great about Doctor Who.


Wow! I’m hooked!

what chance would the enterprise have against the tardis, cool vid tho


hahahaha! I love this mashup! Well done.

hehe… Captain Davros Pike ;)


Great stuff.

Always felt these franchises should meet. :-D

Dr Who is a near-contemporary of Trek after all….(pre-dating TOS by about 2-3 years)

Not bad at all.

Ive often wondered what Americans think of Dr Who?

Great Britain

Very impressive “mashup.”

Now eat your bangers too, lads.

Excellent work, Mr. Kelvington. I look forward to part 2.


OK seriously though I am really looking forward to it, I’ve read all of Paul Gadzikowski’s fanfics (Google it Trekwhovians, you wont be disappointed), and dream of reading this in a comic, but this is a wonderful well done surprise!!

Cant wait for more!! :-D! !

“Captain, your not really gonna’ bring that thing in here!!??”

“What do we now, go up and knock?”


Darn, they beat me to it!! I’ve been working on the same project…except I was using clips from “Assignment: Earth” and I was using an original Doctor instead of the non-canon Tenth one.

Yeah, I’m a TOS Purist about Doctor Who, too. XD

Awesome! This made my night! Part two looks amazing as well, I can’t wait!

Dif-tor heh smusma.


What? Non Canon Tenth Doctor!? Then again, I’m biased. Did’nt start watching til early series 3, watch the lot now, from An Unearthly Child up to The Next Doctor on Thursday.

Except Timelash. Yuck. LOL.

My top two sci-fi fandoms combined! This is awesome.

Unbelievable work! I totally bought it. A work of true love and talent.

Our only hope is that the Sonic Screwdriver works in the Jeffries Tube!

Next up, Daleks vs. Tribbles.

Nicely played, Mr. Kelvington. Nicely played.

I particularly liked the music.

Please sir, I’d like some more. :)


Yeah I gotta say that Doctor Who-style music sounds surprisingly good over the TOS footage!

And the ship effects were pretty damn good too.

My only real quibble is with the fat, shrunken Tardis on the transporter pad. LOL


Killer work. Just wonderful.

Very cool. Nice work!

“Non-canon Tenth Doctor,” indeed! I’ll put David Tennant up against any of the Original Seven any day and watch him wipe the floor with ’em. :-)

William Hartnell is still the ONLY Doctor. :-)

Yeah, the transporter room wasn’t tall enough for the Tardis.

OMG this thing is brilliant!!! LOL btw did anyone get a sorta Doctor Who vibe from Daniels on ST: Enterprise? LOL

OK, I’m in a holiday mood. That was pretty damned clever. LOL :-)


Wow!!!.. that is impressive. Makes me want to put my Trek- Doctor Who fanfilm into production.

The narration over the end credits was perfect!

Bloody lovely!

I thought Tom Baker was the “good” Doctor. Hmph.

I still haven’t forgiven them for humanizing the Daleks in the new series. Ugh.

Well, as someone from the US, I love Doctor Who. I’ve been a big fan for over 20 years. Tom Baker is my favorite by far, though I like most of them. I’m also a big fan of ST:TOS, so this is great stuff for me!!!


Just brilliant.

I am a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO and that film I just watched was brilliant. Can’t wait to see how it ends in Easter 2009.

That is the geekiest, most wonderful t thing I’ve see all week. Well done.

Very funny. Kirk & Co., the Doctor and Davros too.

Very cool clip :)

Wow. The new visuals are more interesting than in the New Voyages stuff. I really like how there was Classic/New Classic footage. Nice job!

It’s like having a new Trek episode for Christmas – thankyou, thankyou! Fantastic stuff! When’s Easter? :-)


Yeah, I’m sure many can say the same for Trek too! Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. Trek owes much to WHO…Well, Dr. Who and other sci-fi like Forbidden Planet. For anyone out there whom believes that Trek is totally original, think again. You obviously haven’t seen or read enough science fiction to actually formulate a viable opinion on the matter.


Actually they started “humanizing” them in Destiny of the Daleks, when Davros had to be apart of every Classic Series episode after that. The new series brought them back to their Classic status- the Cult of Skaro storyline not withstanding.


hahahahahaha priceless!

Impressive. Almost seamless. Except for Captain Kirk’s protestation about being on a peaceful mission after shooting first and asking questions after. So a little discontinuity there, but otherwise an amazing meld.

Though I agree with #2 I’ve never quite “got” Doctor Who as much as I’ve tried and after many sessions with a friend who is a Whovian (though I don’t think I ever really aired my true opinion with him, so I kept getting treated to more).

This was excellent, though I would’ve enjoyed a Borg/Cybermen story.

Oh, the 10th Doctor is canon. It’s just ridiculous to say otherwise. You may not like him, but you’re stuck with him. Just as we’re stuck with that GOD AWFUL Patrick Troughton.

well, Jim is from Iowa, after all…