Watch The Simon Pegg Christmas Special

On Sunday night Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg was the guest host on the Christmas edition of Sunday Night Project, a comedy show airing on the UK’s Channel 4. Pegg talked (and joked) about the new Trek a bit with the show’s regular hosts Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr, and generally had a good time. The whole show is on YouTube now and a fun watch for Pegg fans, check it out below.  


Sunday Night Xmas Project with Simon Pegg
YouTube video (in 5 parts). Pegg talks about Trek towards the end of Part 1 and beginning of part 2, but there are a few Trek jokes and refs throughout the show (no big news, just fun Pegg stuff).

(YouTube Link)

More about the Sunday Night Project at the official site.

Thanks to Nic at and Paul for alerting us to the show.


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Funny. I like Simon Pegg

Yes. It’s 3:10 in the morning here and I’m working 24 hours straight tonight.

My goodness, what for?

Simon Pegg watches Mythbusters on Christmas. I think I’ll pick up that tradition.

It’s 11.16 in the am here and im at my very last day at work so probably should be getting things done…or carol singing…..

Anyway, fair play to Simon Pegg

Hey wait a minute! Simon Pegg isn’t British — he said “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Christmas.”

Genuinely Thrilling!

To heck with the Merry Christmas thing, did one of the hosts drop the F-bomb at 5:08 into the vid?

What’s wrong with Brits saying Merry Christmas?

Or using the F-word?

Imagine being a star trek geek like anyone posting here and actually getting cast in a $150 million new star trek movie starring along Leonard Nimoy as Spock…

It must be crazy..youd be pinching yourself every 5 minutes…

Imagine Pegg at home for Xmas still thinking..’F**k me..Im in star trek!!…Im Scotty in star trek!!’

Bet he didn’t think anything like that would happen 10 years ago while slumming it in Spaced etc…

itd be like Michell or Webb being cast in Star Wars Episode VII in 5 or 10 years time – starring alongside Harrison Ford as General Solo

I like Pegg, but judging from his tiny bit in the trailer and his scene that has been screened, I fear his Scotty is being used solely for comic relief.

Watched it on sunday, great laugh. Comedy character or not I always love any film he stars in.

12 – Well, Scotty was also used for comic relief quite a bit in TOS and the films, but he certainly had some very dramatic moments as well.

With all we have heard from Chris Doohan’s comments on these threads, he feels that his father would be proud of Simon Pegg’s performance. I am sure the filmmakers will trust him with his share of dramatic moments as well.

So, the haggis isn’t in the fire yet, laddie. Keep the faith, now.

Hey when is ‘The Cage’ going to be reviewed??

You have a review of a Fan film but no ‘Cage’ remaster, what gives??

LMAO!!! That was classic!

Oh it’s merry christmas is it?

Not ‘happy’ christmas?

Not very British eh?

Britain has been saying Merry Christmas long before USA was a twinkle in George Washington’s eye ;)

What’s wrong with us brits saying Merry, it’s a perfectly cromulent word. Like imbiggen


Unlike in the USA here in the UK all five of the mainstream terrestial channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five) allow the use of the “F” word after 9pm (they can even use the “C” word if its use is justified).

Full frontal male and female nudity is also allowed after 9pm.

In fact I think the only things not allowed on UK terrestial telly are male erections and female parts fully exposed.

I think that still puts us years ahead of the USA though.

Can you imagine 24 being made using the UK rules… :D


“I would not presume to debate you.”

21 – It wouldn’t be a presumption; it would be a conversation.

I think we have to remember that in a film trailer we are going to get only bits and pieces of anything — especially character attributes — to entice people to plop down their hard-earned coin to see the flick.

I’m sure they cast Mr. Pegg as Scotty for his comedic talents and the comic relief he will bring to the film at certain points. I have also heard that the gentleman can hold his own as a dramatic actor as well. So, just as with James Doohan’s classic portrayal, I believe we will have some comic relief from Mr. Pegg as our beloved Scottish engineer, but we will also see him as the miracle worker and man of extreme honor and integrity that he is as well.

Merry Christmas to you, 750 Mang.