Star Trek’s 12 Best Giving Moments

There are many great things about the holidays, from time with family to the food, from charity to traditions. Of course, the holiday season is a great time to give to others, and many Star Trek episodes and feature films reveal the importance of giving to others. In honor of the "12 Days of Christmas" Trekmovie presents this list of the 12 of the best gift giving moments in Star Trek. 


12 days of Trek giving
Here are our 12 favorite ‘giving’ moments in Trek (in order of airing), along with a discussion of some of the lessons the episode might be teaching. 

Chapel makes Spock some soup
(TOS "Amok Time")

Sometimes the best gifts are simple and homemade, including food. While Spock’s condition initially prevents him from enjoying the gift of Plomeek soup made by Christine Chapel, he is recovered sufficiently later in the episode to realize the value of such a gesture. Christine’s reaction also shows how much joy there is helping a friend with these kinds of gifts.

Scotty gives the Klingons a special present
(TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles")
Joke gifts can sometimes be very funny. In this episode, Scotty transports the tribbles to the Klingon ship and hilarity ensues. Scotty not only gives the Klingons a joke gift, he provides his friends with the gift of laughter (a theme that is resonated in TNG’s "Deja Q" when Q gives Data the gift of laughter literally).

Spock and Bones remember Kirk’s birthday
(Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
Admiral Kirk’s birthday is a maudlin time for him, yet his friends provide him with gifts that show he is loved. Spock’s A Tale of Two Cities and McCoy’s eyeglasses are perfect presents because they are not only functional, they are personal. These are gifts that show that Kirk’s friends really know him and what he likes. The best gifts do not have to be expensive, they really just need to be personal. Of course, the presents are also great because they are symbolic of many of the themes of the movie. When Kirk sits to read the book at the end of the movie, yet discovers his glasses are broken, it shows that Kirk needs both McCoy and Spock to function. He cannot read the information (Spock’s gift) without the ability to understand (McCoy’s gift) the material. With Spock gone, Kirk is diminished. Friends are gifts, too.

Enterprise kids honor Picard
(TNG "Disaster")
Captain Picard forms a bond with children from the Enterprise, saving them from the disaster that has occurred on the ship, and them saving him from his lifelong avoidance of children. Their homemade plaque is a great reminder that the best gifts sometimes are those that cost almost nothing.

Data paints Worf a painting
(TNG: "Parallels")
Again, the theme of homemade presents is in this alternative universe episode. Data gives Worf an expressionist painting of the Battle of HarOs, which is not only a nice gesture, yet also continues the interesting bond the two characters have on the show. In episodes such as Data’s Day and Birthright, Worf and Data often show they have more in common than might be thought, and Data’s gestures shows that even if friends seem different, they can celebrate what is unique about the other.

Dax brings Worf music
(DS9 "Bar Association")
In juxtaposition to Quark’s greed in this episode, Dax gives Worf a collection of her favorite Klingon operas. The episode is showing that sometimes kindnesses can lead to more meaningful relationships, as witnessed by Dax and Worf’s subsequent marriage.

Jake goes out of his way to get his dad a card
(DS9 "In the Cards")
Fifteen years after its premiere episode, one of the best things about DS9 continues to be the amazing father and son relationship between Jake and Benjamin Sisko. In this episode, the bond is expressed with Jake wanted to get his father a Willie Mays baseball card. His look of appreciation at the end of the episode makes all the challenges worth it for Jake. The episode also reminds us to appreciate not only our parents, yet also our mentors. Nog recognizes (with some help from Jake) that Ben is his mentor and deserves someone doing something nice for him.

Kes moves Voyager
(VOY: "The Gift")
Each person possesses special gifts, and they are best utilized to help the community. As Kes begins to realize her special nature, she leaves her friends with truly appreciated gift. She uses her Ocampan abilities to help Voyager out of Borg space and 10 years closer to home.

Tuvok dances for Neelix
(VOY: "Homestead")
It is merely the movement of a foot in dance, yet Tuvok’s action is very emotional. For seven years, Neelix and Tuvok have had a strained relationship, beginning with Neelix embracing Tuvok in the premiere episode. While the emotional Neelix and logical Tuvok often seemed in conflict with each other, a mutual respect had grown. Neelix always wanted to see Tuvok dance, and when Tuvok does so, it is an appreciated gift by Neelix and the audience.

Hoshi researches Malcolm’s favorite
(ENT "Silent Enemy")
Amidst the dangers of facing unknown aliens, the crew of the NX01 and especially Hoshi Sato tries to discover Malcolm’s favorite food. Continuing the Trek tradition of food being a gift (mostly because humans in the future are not materialistic), this episode shows that it is often the thought that is important. It isn’t so much the pineapple that makes Malcolm happy as it is realizing the effort his friends must have went through to find out his favorite food.

T’Mir makes an anonymous donation
(ENT "Carbon Creek")
T’Pol’s relative T’Mir develops an affinity for a resident of Carbon Creek named Jack who wishes to go to college yet cannot afford the tuition. T’Mir sells the patent for Velcro to help get the money and leaves the tuition anonymously for Jack in the bar. The Vulcan T’Mire reminds us that sometimes the most pure human kindnesses are those for which we get no credit.

Data gives the gift of song
(Star Trek Nemesis)

At the wedding of Cmdr. Riker and Deanna Troi, Data announces that after studying Betazoid and Terran marriage giving traditions he decided to sing them Irving Berlin’s ‘Blue Skies’ which he says is “in honor of their conjugation." Data shows again that not all gifts have to be material things and can just be a nice gesture, especially when it is something that shows it comes ‘from the heart’…as only an android can show.


To fellow fans everywhere, happy holidays from the staff at Trekmovie.


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Merry Christmas to everyone here!

And Goodwill towards men…and women.

A very fitting subject for today :)

“The Trouble With Tribbles” is one of the great ST eps of all time, but one minor quibble (pun intended!) is that it was quite cruel of Scotty to beam the Tribbles to the Klingons; not because of the irritation visited upon the Klingons, but because he doomed the Tribbles to a very nasty death….. probably fried by disrupter blasts and/or beamed alive into the vaccum of space. Not very nice treatment!

Happy Holidays to all!

See, even the Vulcans give to bring joy to their fellow beings!
Merry Christmas to everyone.

The Tuvok and Neelix one brakes me to tears when I see it. A very sad episode.

Merry Christmas,
Merry Trekmas,
and a Happy New Year

Sorry, but this is another one of’s lame and forced “news items.”


Born again Christianity, Amway,

thanks to the TrekMovie gang and merry christmas to all my fellow Trekkies…except for ‘tom’ #5 who deserves only a lump of coal.

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To everyone else, have a Merry Christmas!

To those of you that celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! To all others HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I’m very thankful for this website. And on a selfish note its my Birthday!

“Thank you for the dolly, papa. She’s very beautiful.”

Merry Christmas to all! Lighten up and enjoy! Live is to short to forget to enjoy the little things. Star Trek is and always has been a message for universal hope for all. Enjoy it do not question it.

I think also that Anthony and co. at this site also have given us, and are still giving us, a fantastic gift.

Merry Christmas, and thank you guys !!!

#5: Christmas is a Pagan holiday that christianity adopted, so anyone can celebrate it really, you don’t have to do it the christianity way.

Great choices on the gifts in trek, especially the tribbles xD. Merry christmas everyone here, and I hope you have a good one =]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at trekmovie: staff, and all fans of any form of Star Trek, anywhere.

Peace on Earth and throughout the galaxy — and especially in these forums. : )

Merry christmas everyone, hope none of ya got coal this year, hehehe!

What Christmas should be a reminder of is …..wait for it…..


Requiem for Methuselah, Spock’s forget meld. easy winner.

Don’t forget Kirk giving his career to find Spock on Genesis! And a very merry christmas to everyone!!

16 – Boy, I could use one of those!

17 – Excellent point!

Merry Christmas, everyone…

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To No. 8 – Blake – Happy Birthday.

Merry Christmas and Love Always to you, my Son.
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#8 – Happy Birthday, Blake! And happy holidays to you, your mom, and all your loved ones!

Live long and prosper!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone !

What about when LT Jenna D’Sora gives Data a gift in “In Theory”?

I was thinking about the time piece that Chakotay gave Janeway for her birthday after he was told not to replicate anything…

Merry Christmas from Tampa, Florida!

A Merry Christmas too all and to all a good night.

To One And All…Merry Christmas…Merry Magic…Merry Love
Wishing You Peace And Laughter Always…

27 – And to you also, Mr. Doohan.

Always wanted to try some Vulcan Plomeek soup. I’ve always thought of it as being akin to hot and sour. Or at least I think of that every time I order it at a Chinese place.

I always thought of the jam session on “The way to Eden” as a gift.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Dublin , Ireland

Q’s Gift of Laughter to Data, maybe?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Xmas

and a happy new May 2009 to all ;)

Kirk gave the gift of hot love to all his babes.

Worf to Data ” I will feed him” … pause… wachooo

Got nothin

Hi gang great article. Thanks for all you do for us!
Happy Ho Ho to all!

Amok Time is such a great episode not only because we learn a lot about the Vulcan way, but also, and maybe primarily, because we learn so much about friendship. Some very moving “giving” moments in that episode. The Plomeek Soup, of course. Kirk, who is willing to risk his career for Spock when taking him back to Vulcan; McCoy, who proves his friendship with both men by saving Kirk’s life with an ingenious move. And in the end, Spock receives his most precious gift by getting Kirk back – alive.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Even to Scrooge, up there.

(You know who you are.)

Merry christmas to all the trek fans from Turkey.

Merry Christmas everyone from Kabul, Afghanistan.

I covered (photographed) our candlelit Christmas Eve services last night; it was quite moving.

Even our Afghan colleagues here gave us Christmas cards honoring our friendship (Islam does not celebrate Christmas).

Peace and joy, everyone!

Excellent Selections!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all!


Words by Edmund Hamilton Sears; Music by Richard Storrs Wills, second verse

“Still through the cloven skies they come
With peaceful wings unfurl’d;
And still their heav’nly music floats
O’er all the weary world.
Above its sad and howly plains,
They bend on hov’ring wing;
And ever o’er its Babel sounds
The blessed angels sing.”

Look to the stars….. blessed Christmas to all here and all you know.


This is wonderful. Needed to be reminded of this in the midst of the inevitable drama where families are involved. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

And of course there has to be someone like #5 to go poop on things just to do so. And yes, Christmas was a pagan holiday as jesus was actually born in the middle of the summer. Sadly on this, they left out my favorite (except in mention) which was Q’s gift of laughter to Data for saving his life.

Haha! I’ve seen almost all of those! :D

The most priceless, and the one I remember most, though, is the “Trouble With Tribbles”… “gift”. Hehe, I remember that episode like I saw it.. yesterday! x3 On a more sentimental note, I also recall the scene from “TWOK”. One of those moments that makes you go, “Aww…” At least on the inside, anyways!

Wonderful collective here. Nicely done as usual, admins!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my fellow Trek fans! :-)

May we all Live Long & Prosper in 2009!

#2 – That always kind of spoiled the humor of the moment for me, too, Cugel!

#8 – Most people who celebrate Christmas also celebrate the New Year, so the plural “Happy Holidays” is still appropriate for all.

In an advanced society where people have everything beyond our wildest dreams, simple homemade gifts would naturally be the most valued.

Like Troi’s gift of cellular peptide cake with mint frosting to Data in “Phantasms!”