A Behind-the-scenes Christmas Treat From The ‘Star Trek’ Team

It is December 25th, 2008, the original release date for the Star Trek movie. We have to wait until next May to see the film, but continuing a TrekMovie tradition started last year, we have a special exclusive movie Christmas treat for the fans. This year we have a behind the scenes shot of a certain pointy-eared fellow (but not an elf).


Mr. Spock gets ready for his close-up
According to Star Trek co-writer and exec Producer Bob Orci, one of the more common questions he and co-writer Alex Kurtzman get from their friends is "what was it like for all of you to actually be in the presence of Leonard Nimoy?" This is something that Bob has difficulty putting into words, but on behalf of the whole ‘Supreme Court’ (Bob, Alex, Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk), he sent in one of his personal behind-the-scenes images of Nimoy (taken with his iPhone) as a Christmas present for the fans.

Nimoy gets a make-up touch up on the set of "Star Trek" (click to enlarge)
[NOTE: ‘Corporate Headquarters’ as seen on the chair, was the film’s code name]

Regarding the image, Bob writes:

It still gives me the chills when I see it — It’s Mr. Nimoy (SPOCK! Right there in front of us!) on set in his chair, preparing to shoot one of his final scenes.

Bob also wanted us to convey a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the fans from the whole ‘Court’ and team behind the new movie.


More Orci iPhone snaps
Bob has sent in some of his iPhone collection before (in January during our live chat from the set and in April for his Grand Slam appearance). Click here to see them all.

The other side of Nimoy’s chair, one of the previously sent in set of photos


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Hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Just say Happy Holidays for those who don’t do Xmas.



Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and thanks for everything!

Rats its not snowing! Roll on May!

I do Christmas, not Xmas, etc.

Merry Christmas to all! Especially Gorn. :)

have a safe and joyous christmas and a happy 2009 everyone.

Nice one. But what will I have for christmas? Mine is two weeks away. :P


#5 –

Your’e expecting snow in May ?!?! :-D – though saying that…

I was really looking forward to seeing this today.

Merry Christmas………

Season’s Greetings. May everyone live long and prosper.

Merry Christmas Bob, and a big thanks for all the effort you’ve taken to interact with us fans here, including this photo as well as much, much more…
And Merry Christmas as well to all the rest of the Trek crew; JJ, Damon, Alex, et al.

Looking forward to seeing your film, and I really do hope it’s every bit as good, exciting, and Star-Trekkian as you’ve made it out to be.


Cool pic.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to all, and a big thank you to the team behind the new Trek!

Thanks for the picture!! Although you have to wonder why the pictures are always so washed out…

Happy Jesus’ Birthday!! ;)

That was it? A fuzzy photo….


Happy Hanucca !!!

How about a copy of the script, Bob? I know you’ve got one laying around somewhere.. ;-)



I wasn’t going to say it. I was trying to be all full of the goodwill of the day and stuff.

But ya, that’s it? The movie was supposed to come out today and so we get a fuzzy pic of Nimoy’s back.


Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, One and All!


‘Corporate Headquarters’

I can vouch for that
When we were given a tour of the facility
Corporate Headquarters took care of it

Thanks JJ


Awesome stuff !

I know this has nothing to do with the main topic, but I think all trek fans here on this site should go to the imdb website and vote star trek 2 : the wrath of khan a 10 on 10. Its stuck at 7.7 and i’ve seen such terrible movies with a better score. Coman guys ! All the star wars fans have voted all their movies high. Lets get wrath of khan a HIGH SCORE !

Merry Christmas…I got a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player!!!!

17. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator – December 25, 2008
“Thanks for the picture!! Although you have to wonder why the pictures are always so washed out…”

I take them with an iphone

Merry Christmas to all!

Thanks to all involved. Can’t wait till May!

In an alternate universe mr. Orci would know if we all thought his script sucked or not… And in another universe I would be a woman…. And in another universe basset hounds would rule the world… Ugh, headaches back.


Can you take a picture of the script? Ha ha ha

Feliz Navidad

What a nice surprise! Sure, it’s just a fuzzy picture, but it’s a fuzzy picture of SPOCK! I for one, am appreciative. Thanks Supreme Court! And Anthony, of course! :)

Happy Newton’s Birthday, Trekland.

I think we should buy Bob Orci a real camera.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

If anyone from the film is reading this, or anyone, for that matter, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

DO i see shatner hiding behind one of the camaras – looking as if hes just ducked out the way of the camara?

This takes the prize as the longest it’s ever taken me to unwrap a Christmas present… 5 months! Sheeesh.

Merry Chrismas to the whole crew.

Happy Kwanzaa to Andy and all the gang at Gary Six or Seven. Good luck with that mole in the New Year!

What a terrible christmas surprise!! You call a crappy picture of some guy you can’t even see a surprise? Do we even know that’s really Nimoy and not a stunt double??? Come on JJ!! Give is something that is at least somewhat cool!! Maybe a new beauty shot of the Enterprise perhaps??? Nooooo, that would be too nice of you.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all the athiests and satan worshippers, oh and to everyone else too!! I hope you all have a great Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Meery Christmas from your Lord. Especially to anyone who insists on saying happy holidays instead. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !!!!!!!

Here’s to a wonderful 2009

King to Queens Level Three….

Merry Christmas to all. Queen to King’s level one.

18 & 38 – Concur. A nice thought, but… REALLY? The back of someone in a chair? Not saying it’s not cool but seems like an awful lot of buildup for that – no reason to present it as a ‘Christmas Treat.’

If it wasn’t my birthday today it’d just be ‘Thursday’ (and okay, one of the days of Chanukah.) So I wish everyone a happy Thursday, whatever it might be to you personally!

Now, how about a New Year’s treat of the FRONT VIEW of that photo?

But, Spock IS an elf; Kirk called him an elf. I think it was in This Side of Paradise. I’m pretty sure he’s magic anyway.

WAHHHH STAR TRK WAS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT TODAY WAHHHHH!!! Lol Joking aside, Merry Christmas Everyone and thanks for the Present Bob!

Thanks for a Literally BEHIND the SCENES Photo Bob! hahahah…..Now this is a clever Holiday Present…..Darned writers always taking themselves so literally! HAHAAHH

Happy Holidays to all….and to Orci and crew! Thanks! I agree that taking five months to unwrap your awesome trek present is the longest I have ever taken in opening a gift….Hope we keep getting pretty outside decorations every once in a while over the months to make the unwrapping more fun!

Lastly Peace, RIP and Love to Rod and the Roddenberry family in these sad times for all of us who loved Majel as much as she loved us.

“Hailing Frequencies closed sir…” (Skin of Evil was just on SCFIS Star Trek TNG marathon….made me think a lot of Majel again….sigh…..sniff….cry…..

It’s great to see Nimoy, even though we only see his back and ears! Merry Trekmas one and all!

And that is why I’ll never buy an iPhone unless they improve their camera.

Otherwise, I appreciate the sentiment bob and trekmovie.

Merry x-mas all.

Here have a copy of a picture I drew for the holiday season


i think its shatner in that chair

OMG! A Key grip! Awesome!

Merry Christmas everyone.