STO Update: Check Out The Federation’s Next Big Ship

Cryptic Studios has a Christmas presents today for fans of the upcoming Star Trek Online massive multiplayer game. They have a new feature on their official site, introducing us to the first of the new ships for the game. The breakdown of the Federation Starship NX-91001, a successor to the Sovereign class (the USS Enterprise E type) is just full of fun Treknobabble. Full details below.


NX-91001 – Exploration vessel – Commissioned: 2409

A starship designed to carry Federation influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant and beyond, the NX-91001 is one of the first multi-role starship designs since the Sovereign class was commissioned in the early 2370s. Able to function as a deep-space explorer with extensive sensors and laboratory facilities for scientific research, the NX-91001 also is outfitted as a heavy cruiser armed with some of the latest in Starfleet weapons technology for deployment in hostile areas.

The NX-91001 contains the best of the new technologies developed in the past 40 years. Bioneural circuitry mimics organic neurons, speeding data functions and improving computer performance. An advanced sensor pod can be operated from the bridge or manned directly for intense sweeps, and includes telemetric observation VISOR technology to allow a science officer to interface directly with data transmitted by a robotic exo-probe.

A holoemitter array system allows Emergency Medical and Emergency Command Holograms to operate throughout the ship when needed, and the ship is equipped with a Class 10 warp drive for normal operation and an advanced hyper impulse drive for sublight operation. The Class 10 warp drive is equipped with an advanced quantum sublimating theta-matrix compositor which recrystalizes the ship’s dilithium into a much more stable form than earlier models. This allows the NX-91001 to go much longer distances at high warp velocities before needing to replace the crystals.

Defensive systems of this starship are based on significant advances in Federation technology. The starship features an ablative tetraburnium alloy hull, which allows it to withstand greater amounts of heat and pressure than any previous design, and regenerative shields on the NX-91001 can adapt to enemy weapons fire during a battle. The ship also carries a full suite of offensive weapons, including 16 Type XIV phaser arrays, eight torpedo launchers and several other weapons. Note: Because of the recent conflicts, the complete weapons configuration of the NX-91001 is classified.

Previously released STO screenshot, appears to be the NX-91001

NX-91001 Specifications


  • Overall Length: 692 meters
  • Overall Draft: 92 meters
  • Overall Beam: 253 meters
  • Displacement: 3,200,000 metric tons

Propulsion System:

  • Class 10 Warp Drive
  • Hyper Impulse Drive

Defensive Systems:

  • Ablative Tetraburnium Alloy Hull
  • Regenerative Shielding

Embarked Craft (Typical):

  • 3 Shuttle Bays
  • 10 Shuttlecraft (various classes)
  • 10 Shuttlepods (various classes)


  • Cruising: Warp Factor 8
  • Maximum: Warp Factor 9.985

Computer Systems:

  • Holoemitter Trans-Deck Array System
  • Holographic Consoles and Astrometric Laboratories
  • Bioneural Circuitry

Offensive Systems:

  • 16 Type XIV Phaser Arrays
  • 4 Forward and 4 Aft Torpedo Launchers (Payloads Classified)
  • Additional Weapons Classified

The USS Enterprise E, a Sovereign Class ship, is the clear precursor to the NX-91001

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Wow, so after 30 years of progress and development, the best Starfleet can come up with is a pimped Sovereign. Please…

Nice if Cyptic Studios put in even an ounce of creativity into ship design

I’m not entirely sure that I am a fun of such drastically curved nacelle pylons, but I do like the ship overall. I am very much looking forward to this new game. Oh, and by the way, as of right now, the first picture you have of the ship actually links to that behind the scenes picture of Leonard Nimoy.

Looks awesome– love the touch of the connection between the nacelles.



Regenerative shielding. I like it.

Awful. Bloody awful.

C’mon… let’s bring back the refitted Enterprise D from All Good Things… now that ship was bad ass and would whip the Enterprise E in a seconds!

The ship looks nice, but I agree with Tanky, In 30 years, (more time that since the begining of TNG to Nemesis (2364-2379)) Starfleet’s more advanced ship is just a refit Sovereign, they shoud have a more advanced ship design by now.

On a diferent coment, I think Cryptic is making the game more comercial than Perpetual, and in some things they seemed lost, like, for example, in ship design, Perpetual’s new Federation ships definitevely look post-nemesis, I can’t say the same about Cryptic’s designs.

Sorry for the bad english.


Completely agreed. For what this this, this is totally lame.

Why don’t they refit an Enterprise-A while they are at it. I’ll say it again… lame.

Are you kiddin’ me. We’ve got J.J. trying to bring trek back, and then these guys come up with this. THIS kind of stuff makes people hate Star Trek. All of this treknobabble and crap. It looks so stupid. I could have come up with something better during French class!

P.S. (IMHOP) Whoever designed this needs to find a different profession. I’m sorry if it sounds rude, but come on. LAME.

This is the kind of stuff that makes the Star Trek universe so detached from our own. I’m mean really, can anyone see this as being our future? Maybe a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

On another note, the numbering system for starships is getting a bit ridiculous!
91001? How about starting over at some point, sheesh!

Uggh, what an ugly kitbash, is this thing meant to be a joke??

Putting the concerns over the ship’s design aside for a while, what kind of role is this ship going to serve in game? If it’s supposed to be a prototype, then there should only be a couple of them in the whole universe. But then there’s the issue of what kind of craft players are supposed to aspire to command when they accumulate enough, well, Perpetual called it “Prestige”, I’m not sure if Cryptic’s going to follow through with that concept.

I think its cool. All you noisy negativists are just that. Negative.
Holographic consoles and astrometrics. Holo-Crewmembers on every deck.
Regenerative shielding.
How cool is this?
And the Sovereign-Class is my favorite ship, It’s awesome I will be able to play something similar to it in STO.

Is it me…
…or are the overly nit-picky comments getting a bit old ?

Not just on this post, but others as well.

A message ot the compulsive cannonistas, and obsessive technophiles:

Relax your sphincters and exhale, already !

Take things for what they are and enjoy the ride.


It’s not just you…
I find if I skip the longest messages, it’s less negative.
Canonistas seem to have the most to say.

A message to the critics of compulsive cannonistas and obsessive technophiles:

Being a fan does not mean jumping on the bandwagon and praising everything that gets the Star Trek label slapped on it. Being a fan doesn’t mean turning off your brain and lapping up whatever is put in front of you.

I couldn’t care less about this game as I have no intention of ever playing it, but its obvious to anybody that the Federation’s Next Big Ship is just a barely futzed with Enterprise-E. There’s no crime in saying that here, there, or anywhere.


To quote Luke Skywalker: “What a piece of junk!”

If the ships lack creativity, what can we expect from the game?

A new millenium deserves a new nomenclature… an NX designation for the prototype, okay… but when this thing goes online, perhaps a 25th century change to something like NCC-C101?

Not awful, just unimaginative. I suppose the constraints of making it look like a Federation Starship are well in place, but it seems so very Sovereign…

I’m holding out for a TOS or even TOS Movie MMORPG. Even something TNG or DS9 oriented- I want to play in the Trek universe, not an interpretation of a possible future. JMHO… If people enjoy it, I mean them no ill will.

love it

bashers stop crying and do better yourself if you think you have the know how to design a great mmorpg do it!!! I will give it a shot but you wnt be designing one anytime soon will you because you cant

It’s really good. Overcritcism never gets you anywhere.

Looks great! I hope the game has good “shoot ’em up” potential.

Warcrap is sadly lacking in this area. That reminds me, I gotta go cancel that membership.

I like this ship! I’m so glad that all of the naysayers won’t be online to enjoy it!


Sorry you got coal in your stocking.
Say hi to Scrooge

#19: It isn’t just you…

anybody want some swiss cheese and crackers with all this whine?

Not a good ship. I’m going to try and forget I ever saw it.

Movie looking good.

Game looking bad.

They need an Xbox 360\PS3 game based on the movie.

One that doesn’t suck.

Actually, I’m considered quite an optimist. Every single thing about the new movie looks incredibly awesome and I don’t give a damn about whether it violates canon. But when something is ugly, its ugly. Whether it has super-duper ultra enhanced multi-layered regenerative shielding or not and whether it has quasi superlative inter-galactic transporter units and a poly-numerical number of holo emitters doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. If this were Star Wars, that would be one thing, but this is Star Trek. You know, that sci-fi cowboy space opera created by Gene Rodenberry. The one where relationships and moral significance matters more than how many weapon systems and shield generators there are on a ship. And to those people that obsess over this stuff: shut off your computer, put on a tie, and go out of the house and get a life and rethink what, in the end, actually matters in life. When it comes to movies and television, I like getting a good story, a good laugh, some touching character moments, and some good action every now and then. Granted, this is all just my opinion, so take it as you will.

And I Think I’ve about exhausted this. I’ve made my point. I’m done. You can disagree with me if you want. Hell, if everyone thought the same way, the world would be a pretty boring place.

Totally uninspired

I hate the thingy across the two nacelles. Its not really cannon so its nothing to get stemmed up about.

34 – I agree with you!

It’s a sloppy design, right down to the fact that the image they’ve given us was flipped over in Photoshop and they never bothered covering their tracks. That’s just me being an obsessive graphic designer type though.

This ship manages to be derivative of the newest AND the oldest of designs that we’ve seen on the screens in the Star Trek universe – the catwalk between the nacelles? What possible point is in that? If it’s supposed to be manned, and the warp drive is as powerful as is always alluded to in the series, then you’re going to be space-dust by the time you get onto the thing. And it looks like it was lifted straight from the NX-01. It’s the only major discernible difference from this design and the Sovereign class apart from a speed-hole here and a slight curve there. They’ve even put WINGS at the rear tip of the nacelles! And have simultaneously managed to take away the elegance of the Sovereign-class which is clear when you scroll down and see the image on this article.

I’ve seen worse efforts. But it gets a D from me. And whoever talked about designing their own MMPORG – why? We’re the end-user of THIS particular product. We’re the target audience. It’s within our rights to be critical so we can get the very best game our money’s going to be pumped into. If you’re happy to spend your dollars/pounds/euro/whatever on a steaming pile of goat-excrement, then feel free. I’m not going to chastise YOU for it! Or what you do with it.

19, 20, 30, 31 … Agreed. The insipid whining is definitely getting old.

It’s just symptomatic of the flaw behind this whole MMO project. Placing it beyond any known Trek time period, introducing entire new ship classes, new worlds, new everything, is just fundamentally dumb.

Is the hundred or so years spanning the known Trek universe, and all the worlds and races it includes, not a big enough sandbox? They have to invent their own future universe and bring all the controversy and nitpicking and criticism that comes with making stuff up and pretending it’s Trek?

I personally think that moving beyond the TOS timeline was even a mistake. It’s a big galaxy with a lot of ships. Why waste time making stuff up from scratch instead of just learning the known rules?

I think these people are stuck in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position when it comes to hardcores and canonistas. If they stick to variations on established designs, they’ll get slammed for “no creativity.” If they venture out and really try to define a new visual era for their period, they’ll get slammed for making something unfamiliar and out-there that doesn’t feel like established Star Trek.

In fact, given the nature of some segments of fandom, I think they’re really doomed to a mix of both responses no matter where they go; all they can do is shift the ratio a bit :)

Oh, and this is the first thing involved with Star Trek that I have ever complained about, so no one can tell me that I complain and whine too much.

Hate to be another nitpicker, but yeah, really? This is the desing they come up with? It’s just a slighly suped up Enterprise E. Which, the E is a beautiful ship, don’t get me wrong, but seems like they could have done without this. I do like some of the other ones they have. The one’s with part of the hull missing in the saucer is kinda weird looking, but I like them.

Wow, it’s a kitbash. Oh well, it’s also a GAME.

I’ll live. And so will you!


Are we Trekkies ever happy? (Looking up at above posts) I guess not.

Both sides make good points

On one hand it is likely that Starfleet would have a different flagship class than the Sovereign class. The Sovereign class would probably still be around but it wouldn’t be the flagship class anymore. Modified of otherwise.

On the other hand it is a game, meant to be fun. It is not a movie or show and YOU are the character, the moments are your moments. The ship is obviously designed similarly to the Sovereign so fans have a familiar feeling ship. It is a game.

As for the “technobabble,” have you ever been around real scientists? I have and that’s how they talk. Science is what has brought us all the technology we have and it will bring us all the technology we will have. In short, science will shape the future. So yes, I can see Star Trek as our future. There is a lot more to Star Trek than “technobabble” and that is not the primary reason people give for not liking Star Trek. Further, the popular game “Mass Effect” has a lot of technobabble in it on how ships and other things work in that universe and it is, as I said above, a popular video game. However, the technobabble is in short doses and the story does not rely it. I’m sure STO won’t either.

One final note: let’s all remember that we are all Star Trek fans and that we can have different points of view without name-calling or insults. Enough is enough.

It’s not designing, it’s kitbashing :(


They must not value good design at the Paramount lot anymore. And/or not willing to pay for it.

Man, you guys hate everything these days.

I love the Sovereign class — it’s my favorite, actually — but that ship is really ugly. The Sovereign class is streamlined, this is janky.

Always love the ships. But, I never quite got the differentiation. Even the dinky ones seem to have all the same armaments and scientific gadgets. Hell, in Voyage, Chakotay uses a shuttle’s phasers to knock out Voyager’s main power.

No matter… I would be happy with just about any Federation ship in Trek (or a cool cool Rommie Warbird if they reprogram the food dispensors to include Italian.)

To all who say: “it’s only a kitbashed Sovereign”, I think I might have found a logical reason why this Sovereign-class look-a-like is in here. Ofcourse Cryptic wants the same kind of layout and interface for each Starfleet ship. So there won’t be any ships of a previous era (for example an Excelsior with those old LCARS “okudagrams”). But they want the Sovereign in. So this could be a Sovereign II, just like the updated Excelsiors seen in DS9, etc.
So this will probably not be the finest thing Starfleet has to offer. Just a bad choice of Cryptic to show us a kitbash/old ship instead of one of the new ships. There a much better ones in some of their screenshots.