Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Biggest ‘Star Trek’ Movie Stories Of The Year

The third of our ‘Best of Trek 2008’ is devoted entirely to the new Star Trek movie. It is such a big deal for Trek it deserves its own list so we picked to top Star Trek movie stories from 2008, and there were quite a few to choose from, see below.


By far the biggest thing happening in the world of Star Trek is the JJ Abrams big-budget summer 2009 movie with the simple title, Star Trek. Instead of picking one big story, the editors felt it deserved eleven (we are called TrekMovie after all). So here are the top eleven stories for the eleventh Star Trek feature film. [note: article doesn’t contain spoilers, but many of the links do, so clicker beware]


11. Production wraps
Principal photography for the Star Trek movie wrapped up on March 27th, ending a 20 week production (second longest in the franchise behind TMP). Star Trek was one of the more secret sets in Hollywood history, requiring cast members to wear hooded cloaks and drive around shrouded golf carts, even when on the Paramount lot. The majority of the production (until February 12th) was also done during the WGA strike which often had Star Trek’s director JJ Abrams picketing Paramount studios in the morning before he went in to work on the film for the rest of the day. Since April, the film has been in post-production with the first cut completed at the end of July and just last week Abrams told fans that the film would soon be totally complete and ready for the ‘flash-freeze,’ awaiting the May 2009 release.

10. Shatner/Abrams saga
The ‘Should Shatner be in the movie’ saga of 2007 morphed into the ‘why isn’t Shatner in the movie’ saga in 2008, starting as early as January and running throughout the year with various interviews and comments from both The Shat and Abrams. Things heated up in September when director JJ Abrams revealed there was a scene in the movie written for Shatner, followed soon by Shatner letting the world know he never saw the scene, prompting Abrams to ask the question ‘when did [seeing William Shatner talk about me on YouTube] become my life?’ After that the whole thing seemed to be clarified and Bill even said nice things about the Enterprise, but controversy struck again later in December when Bill claimed JJ gave him a ‘fake script.’ Like the Shatner/Takei feud, there is a level of amusement with this back and forth, but hopefully this can all be worked out by May. Paramount probably don’t want Bill vblogging about how he isn’t in the movie and making more accusations around the time of maximum press coverage.

9. Teaser Trailer Released
It seems so long ago, but 2008 started off a bang with the release of the first Star Trek teaser trailer, featuring audio from the real world space program along with a ‘Space the Final Frontier’ from Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, and the first glimpse of the USS Enterprise ‘under construction.’ The trailer coincided with the theatrical premiere of the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield on January 18th, and at premiere event the night before JJ Abrams trotted out his Trek cast who were still in production at the time, giving fans a good look at the new crew. The trailer was soon followed with the launching of the official movie site (and viral site), The trailer even introduced fans to a new Trek celeb: ‘the welder guy’ Anthony Vitale.


8. Movie Delay / No Comic-Con Panel (aka ‘excitus interptus’)
On February 13th, the day after the WGA strike ended , Paramount moved the release date of the Star Trek movie from Christmas 2008 to May 8th, 2009. The move had everything to do with Paramount filling out their thin 2009 schedule following the strike, but coming just weeks after the release of the teaser trailer, it put the promotional plans for the film into hiatus. Although JJ Abrams kept with his schedule to deliver the film in by the end of the year (which now looks like early January), other marketing plans all moved forward. The original plan to have a trailer run with the Indiana Jones movie in May 2008 was held back and (to the shock of many) there was no Star Trek panel at Comic Con in July. With the year kicking off with the teaser and associated promotion, this delay ended up creating a kind of excitement void in the middle of the year with regards to the film.

7. Rumors, spoilers, and spies…oh my
The combination of the ultra secrecy of the Star Trek movie, combined with the promotional hiatus after the delay, created a content void. But the internet abhors a vacuum and so the year has been rife with rumors (both real and fake), spoilers (mostly coming from TrekMovie and AICN) and spy reports (coming from paparazzi, passers by, news crews and even Kevin Smith). And even though most of the casting rumors were in 2007, some continued in 2008, including one we had to debunk about George Takei (oh my). There was even a hoax which prompted TrekMovie and i09 to sponsor a ‘make a fake‘ contest (yes, we were hard up for content).

Bakersfield news crew spied Kid Kirk’s Corvette in April

6. Abrams scrutiny
Throughout the year one of the hottest topics has been around the various utterances of Star Trek director JJ Abrams. For most of the year he didn’t say much about the movie, so every missive went under the Trekkie microscope. Many fans understood and even welcomed his comments about how the movie had a new approach, about bringing some Star Wars into Trek, keeping the film from being parody, and bringing in mainstream fans as well as Trek fans. However, some fans would to offense that Abrams was ‘dissing’ Trek or its fans, and when Abrams would seemingly imply the film was ‘not for Trek fans,’ he didn’t help his case. Abrams is in a tough spot. His job is to create (and promote) a film for a wider audience, but also bring the traditional Trek fans. This all inspired Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci to implore his fellow Trek fans to "give JJ a little bit of leeway" as he goes around to the mainstream media so he can "get people onto our side."

5. Fan outreach
Even though this project has been under a cone of silence, there has been a surprising amount of fan outreach. A big moment of that was in January with the live chat from the set of Star Trek here at, which included JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jeffrey Chernov, Bob Orci, Roger Guyett, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban. Although the delay of the film quieted things a bit Quinto went on to appear at three conventions in 2009 (two of which with Leonard Nimoy). Orci also attended a con along with TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale, and has been a regular interviewee, TrekMovie comment section denizen, as well as a constant evangelist for the film granting many interviews in both the geek press and mainstream press. Fans have not had this kind of access to the people behind Trek since those AOL chats with Ron Moore in the 90s and it very much appreciated (even by the cynics).

Abrams and Burk chat with fans at

4. Canon
If there were one word that showed up more in terms of fan commentary, it would be ‘canon’ or the fictional history of ‘continuity’ of the Star Trek franchise, and how it relates to this movie. Since the beginning of the process, and into this year, the film makers have constantly said that the new Star Trek movie would ‘honor’ Star Trek’s canon. This issue came up in dozens of interviews and comments throughout the year, which culminated with Bob Orci’s recent TrekMovie interview where he finally revealed exactly how the movie fits within the canon of Star Trek, and that conversation is still going on (and we expect is not over yet).   

3. The USS Enterprise (and the USS Kelvin)
Since TrekMovie first revealed the USS Enterprise would be in the Star Trek movie (last year) it has been one of the hottest topics, and in 2008 it got even hotter (prompting possibly more comments than any other subject). Things started really cooking with the first image of the Enterprise under construction released in January, which was soon revealed in the teaser trailer to be being constructed on the ground, which set off a firestorm and reply from (of course) Orci. Besides a few hoaxes and periodic confusion of the Koernerprise, things were quiet on the Enterprise front until November when the first full image was released. The reactions were decidedly mixed, but things got better after the fans saw the Enterprise in the trailer. Fans still haven’t seen much, although most reviewers who saw the 20 minute previews felt the ship looks much better when seen in motion. Another ship that seems to have much more consensus is the USS Kelvin, which comes from a ‘generation before’ the Enterprise and appears to be designed to more match what fans are used to (borrowing heavily from ENT, TOS and especially TMP designs). We also know much more about this ship, with its own promotional site and it has even inspired some fantastic fan art.  

The new USS Enterprise

2. Mainstreaming and Globalizing of Trek
One of the big new pushes for this new Star Trek movie is for it to hit a mainstream movie audience that are not regular Trek film goers and to also hit it big around the world. To that end Paramount has set the first ever truly global premiere for a Trek film, opening in 46 countries simultaneously. And director JJ Abrams took the extra step to go on a multi-city tour around Europe to promote the film to an often skeptical press. Paramount also made big cover-story splashes in EW and Empire and elsewhere in the mainstream media (around the world) this Fall, which even got the notice of the Drudge Report. After a bit of a dormant period, the film is moving up to a fever pitch of buzz and appearing on most ‘films to watch in 2009’ lists. Paramount and CBS also lined up a number of new retail merchandise licensees, new partners like Burger King and Intel, and has even arranged to get Star Trek as the only May movie to get the IMAX treatment. The success of this effort could mean the life or death for the franchise going forward and for now it appears that they have got the world’s attention…next step is to deliver the goods.   

1. Theatrical Trailer Released (and re-released)
There can be no doubt that the biggest thing to happen with regards to the new Star Trek movie, was the release of the full theatrical trailer on November 18th, along with the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace.  The trailer was also a big media event showing up on entertainment TV shows as well as being reformatted into a TV spot. It was also a global event, with foreign language versions in many markets and even some special online exclusives around the world introduced by JJ Abrams. Paramount soon followed up with a complete update of the official site and a version of the trailer just for the fans, that included Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. The trailer answered many questions about the movie, and raised some new ones (some of which are answered in our shot by shot breakdown). After a long dry spell, publicity blitz that started in late October culminating with the release of the trailer in November have been great cap for the year and came not a moment too soon.      

Four Spock Version of the ‘Star Trek’ Trailer

What we are looking forward to in 2009 for the Star Trek movie
Well the obvious thing will be the premiere of the movie in May, but there is much more to look forward to, such as:

  • More images (especially of the Enterprise)
  • Another Trailer?
  • Full posters
  • TV Spots
  • Merchandise and tie-ins
  • Press junket
  • DVD release
  • More spoilers!
  • Possible announcement of a sequel


More 2008 Lists to come
Still to come in the coming days are our lists for best official productions (episode, book, etc), best fan productions, and Trekkies of the year…so stay tuned. 

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Live Long And Prosper in 2009, Everybody!

Well, 2009 is shaping up to be a much bigger year for Star Trek. Let’s hope the good news greatly outweighs any bad news.

Happy 2009!

Hey Anthony,

thanks for your work at TREKMOVIE.COM. We have really enjoyed all the news about STAR TREK in this year.

Happy new year!

Greetings from Germany


I’m rather surprised that outreach was as long ago as January. Time flies.

Looking forward to FINALLY seeing the film in May :-)

Happy New Year every one.

I hope this Film will be good.

I know we haven’t even seen the first movie yet, but I’d love it if there were a sequel.

Besides, I’ve been “Trekking” on the web since the first movie was announced. If there’s not a sequel and nothing to report when the movie is released, well I’ll just be bored to tears.

“What we are looking forward to in 2009 for the Star Trek movie”

dont forget the Box Office figures – specifically the opening wkend

oh and actually SEEING the film!

So close… Can’t wait! :D

I’m looking forward to all the cameos and everyone who contributed their small, but thankful parts to the movie.

Randy Pausch, RIP
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, RIP
James Cawley
Tyler Perry
Chris Doohan
Paul McGillion
Greg Grunberg, count on it
William Shatner, just kidding

and of course, Leonard Nimoy, but we know his part is more than a cameo.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Long Live and Prosper!

….and the adventure continues…

Do you really think they’ll announce a sequel before seeing how this does on its opening weekend? Certainly, I hope so… but, there can always be the ‘Speed Racer’ insti-bomb factor.
Anyway — it’s been a great year in Trek.

One of the Trek-related things I am most looking forward to, is this here comments board AFTER the Movie’s been released! ;)

Happy New Year to one and all.

I’ll be sad when the anticipation is over in a way. I must check this site 30 to 40 times a day. It’s given me so much entertainment over the last 2 years. Thanks so much Anthony! I really admire the success of this site.

Loved the ‘make a fake’ contest. if and when another movie comes out, I hope there will be another contest like this. Maybe by then my amateur CGI skills will have improve somewhat by then, lol!

#13. – Sad in a way, yes… but when that ends, it will (hopefully) give birth to a new anticipation for ST XII. And I anticipate that will be quite a ride, indeed…

We ought to have a “Best of Fan Films” 2008 list, ya think?

I think deserves to be on this list (or perhaps in a category by itself) for Best Trek Site of 2008…and earlier. Anthony and his exceptional crew have continuously provided us fans with accurate and fun information concerning the new movie as well as informative and entertaining stories concerning other sci-fi shows, movies, books, fans,etc. And Sci-Friday continues to be a FANTASTIC segment.

Anthony and crew constantly bring us ACCURATE reporting…often debunking fraudulent or inaccurate stories found on other sites. And the forum he provides for us fans is usually friendly and always entertaining.

So to Anthony and all the other fine people at…thank you for making each day of 2008 a bit more enjoyable for me. And understand that is no small feat for what has been an extremely tough year. All my gratitude and respect.

I’ve been seeing the buzz steadily climb for the movie, and I think we may actually be able to have a Star Trek movie become a blockbuster. It’s been over twenty years since Trek was a mainstream success. Can’t wait to experience it this time!


Here here, its not often I visit a website daily and never forget! :) Great work folks!

I’d like to nominate myself for Trekkie of the year thank you very much.

#17 — Well said. I’d pretty much given up on fan sites until that fateful day I found this one. Now I’m like a junkie needing a fix multiple times a day.

Great site. Great work Anthony & Co! Thanks so much.


Quoted for truth right there. This is the first site I stop by in the morning, and there’s always something fun and entertaining to read!

I mostly lurk, but I do check this site every day, and want to thank and congratulate the entire staff of for an exciting year full of news, speculation, and very lively discussion.

In no small way, has contributed to the media coverage surrounding the new movie and is certainly a well drawn-upon source of news for the mainstream outlets.

All my best for continued success in 2009.

An 11 part nightmare revisited :)

What a year! My thanks and gratitude to the Trekmovie staff, this has easily been my favorite site for the past couple years and I look forward to all the wonderful news still on its way. I get a little ‘twitter’ whenever a new photo or news item pops up! Let’s go ’09! Engage!


What will happen to this site, once the movie is released and all the reviews and other post movie hupla are reported on. I really enjoy all the non-movie stuff you report on, such as the star trek internet game, star trek science, real science, and other sci-fi movies. You are very thurough in whatever topic you tackle and, you deffinatly update more often then other sites do, and with better information. I wonder were the heck you are getting it from

Thanks for your kind comments about this site. and yes it will continue after the movie comes out (likely with the url This site was launched about the movie in the summer of 2006, but after we broke the Trek remastered story in the fall we became about more than just the movie to how now we are all about all trek, and the highest ranked trek news site (according to Alexa). This site will continue providing all the news about non-movie related Trek stuff until there aren’t Trek fans who care.

And of course there can always be a sequel, Paramount are already thinking about it and I would not be surprised if it went into ‘development’ before the first film came out, however they would never ‘greenlight’ a sequel until the returns are in for the first one.

RE: best fan film
As stated above, we have a whole ‘best of 2008’ for fan productions coming up later. Last year we did one ‘best of’ article, this year we decided to do a ‘series’ during the last week of the year instead…each area will get its due respect.

a) The ship is ugly. I can´t help :-)
b) Happy 2009 to Everybody.
c) This is a wonderful site. Really great work Anthony & Co! Every day I can find here something interesting to read about.
Nice to read, that you will continue with this site after the movie.
Greetings from the Czech Republic

Why does Mr. Nimoy (Spock) have puppy dog eyes?

It’s great to hear that this site will stay. I really think it’s more than cool that it’s given us the opportunity to talk to the people involved in the new movie. I mean, to see Bob Orci reads and responds to the questions and comments is really something that…well, I dare say if you told me something like that would be possible ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have never guessed that I would keep coming back, but this site has so much news about Star Trek and Sci-fi movies and shows in general….it’s honestly great. It’s brought out some of the old sci-fi geek in me. I check out three sites all the time. This is one of ’em.

Great work on this site, for sure. Better than anything the owners of the franchise has offered up (on the news front).

yes indeed the site is BY FAR the3 best Trek site ive ever frequented..many thanks to Anthony for creating it…

after the demise of the of Enterprise and the movie series i figured that was it for Trek for the time being.. then the rumours of Bermans Prequel trilogy set around or just after the ‘Enterprise’ era – ‘meh’…then the Abrams announcment…then found this place…never looked back since and check it daily…

Love Live Trek


Thank you so much for this site. As one of the ‘old fart’ fans, I’m not as internet savvy as most posters here, and it’s nice to have found somewhere that provides pertinent, accurate information accompanied with links to other sites. I typically start here when looking for news, and reading the threads is always enjoyable and yet baffling at the same time (so much negativity – I wouldn’t have believed it of Trek fans). I am also usually a ‘lurker’ but some of the comments I’ve read just warranted a response, and I have found the courage to make my voice heard. Glad to hear you’ll be continuing this site after the movie comes out – I love the non-Trek science and tech stories as well, and it’s nice to know they’ll still be here for us to enjoy.

One grateful old – and no, it doesn’t mean I hate everything about *new* Trek – Trekkie

I’d like to add my two cents on Anthony & Co.’s work here at TrekMovie. Very impressive performance. Being in television, I’m slightly aware of the effort it takes to track down stories, confirm with multiple sources, etc. Not an easy row to hoe.

Kudos to the TrekMovie crew!

Now, if I can just figure out a way to promote my non-Trek stuff without getting in trouble…


Wow, I can’t believe how sparse news on the movie was this past year. Though I have to say that seeing the Enterprise and the trailer really pulled me into the movie. Yes I love the Enterprise. It LOOKS like the Enterprise. It has a saucer, a cylindrical under-slung engineering hull, two cylindrical warp nacelles attached to pylons. It doesn’t look like the Enterprise-D. And while different…it still has the same look and feel of the original. When people who don’t watch the show can see it and say, “Hey, that’s the Enterprise, isn’t it?”…they’ve done their job. Now, if only Playmates will do theirs and NOT screw this movie’s Enterprise up like they did with the E…TWICE. And hopefully they’ve also learned from Art Asylum and will dispose of the “sticker” treatment for actually painting the name and registry number, etc. on the toy.


I’m with you. It took me a few double takes and some disbelief (I honestly thought they were going to surprise everyone with a relatively unchanged design), but I LOVE this new ship. It’s slick yet massive, and the proportions feel so much more balanced. It feels more like one solid thing as opposed to several connected parts. After staring at this new E for a while, I begain to think, “well that, that, and that are different, but at least they kept the overall silhouette…”—wrong! Comparison to the other two Es reveals that this is a completely different silhouette. Somehow, it feels the same, but better.

I was going to buy one of the newer Enterprise toys to play with in my office (I open and play with all of my collectibles, thank you very much), but then I thought “nah.” “Nah, I’ll wait for that new ship. I’ll wait for the cool one.”

It’s been a big 2008 alright and it’s going to be an even bigger 2009, bring it on I say! :)

It’s about time that someone has some original ideas to get Star Trek back to its glory days! I just wish they would come up with some more 24th century story lines or even further into the future rather than going to the past all the time! Today is a good day to be a Treker! Glory to the empire!