January 2009

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers, GI Joe, The Thing, Green Hornet, V, Heroes, Caprica, Stargate + more

There is a ton of news in our weekly wrap up of genre entertainment. We have the latest (including some video) on Up, Land of the Lost, GI Joe and Tranformers Super Bowl spots, plus news on remakes and reboots of The Thing, Predator, Tomb Raider as much more movie news and and previews. In TV news V is coming back, plus there is news and previews from Caprica, Heroes, Doctor Who and much more. 

STO Update: New Ship Screenshots + Info On Game Economy + New Beta Contest

This week Cryptic have released three new images from their upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG, including the a good look at a Klingon ship and another Federation ship. Plus Cryptic has answered some questions, including how money will work in the ‘moneyless future’ of Trek. And coming up this week there is a new trivia contest where you can win a beta slot.

JJ Abrams: Star Trek must escape the shadow of Star Wars

Yesterday in his interview with the LA Times Star Trek director JJ Abrams got people buzzing about humor, trek purists and of course…nacelles. Tonight the LA Timeshas posted the second part of their interview with Trek’s new helmer, and this time he talks about Trek’s optimism, the story, a sequel, and most interestingly – how the new film relates to that other big ‘Star’ franchise, excerpt below.

BSG Preview: “The Oath”

Tonight the "The Oath," the third of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica airs and the tensions are rising. In our weekly BSG Preview we have clips, details, interview links and videos, plus all the latest news on what is up with that frakin’ fleet of colonials.

Science Friday: Alaskan Volcano, Titan Gas, Jurrasic Copter, Air Power + more

Brace yourself for this week’s super exciting edition of Science Friday! Learn how to prepare for impending volcanic eruptions, protect yourself from methane rain on Titan, harvest power out of thin air, take a look at MS Surface in action, pilot a triceracopter, and bring the moon home — literally. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The Amazing Water Jet Pack!

ShatWatch: Bill Remembers Montalban, Toasts SAG, Saves Travel Biz, Goes Mosaic + more

This is William Shatner’s world, we are just visiting. Today Bill dominates the web with a new Shatner Project YouTube vid about Ricardo Montalban (w/ re-enactment of "Khaaaan" scream). Last weekend the SAG Awards looked to Shatner to kick off the show with a special toast. Plus the travel biz is looking to Shatner to save them. We have video of all that below, plus Bill on canvas and more.

Great Lists: UGO Ranks Trek Babes + More New Trekified Lists

Who are the ultimate Star Trek babes? This deep and profound question has been debated from basements, to dorm rooms to couches across the world for decades. Today friend-of-the-site Jordan Hoffman of UGO has taken up the challenge with their list of Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women. So in a ‘Great Lists’ edition of our Great Links column, we look at that and other new Trekified lists.

CBS Announces New Star Trek Licenses – Including Monopoly, Uno, Apparel, Fragrances + more [UPDATED]

Star Trek’s return to big-time merchandising continues with the announcement today of a number of new licensees and expanded licenses for Star Trek related merchandise. The CBS Products announcement includes a new Star Trek versions of many games (like Monopoly, UNO and more), plus apparel, fragrances, jewelry, gift items and more. Details below. [UPDATED w/ game images].

TNG Headed Back To Broadcast Syndication

Star Trek The Next Generation is heading back to where it all began. Today CBS announced they have sold reruns of Next Generation for broadcast syndication in most of the country for the Fall 2009 season. Although TNG is currently in reruns on cable, it has not been available for broadcast syndication in eight years.

More Retro Star Trek Model Kits For 2009

Last Summer TrekMovie reported that Round 2 was bringing back classic Star Trek model kits, with a number of 2008 releases under the AMT and the Polar Lights brands. Today we have news of Round 2’s retro kits for 2009, including the Enterprise E, a big Enterprise A and the ‘Legendary Mr Spock’ diorama. See below for images and details on these new exciting model kits. 

Nana Visitor and Robert Hewitt Wolfe Talk DS9 and Mirror Universe In Latest Star Trek Magazine

The latest issue of the official Star Trek Magazine (#15), has a focus on the Mirror Universe. The series that spent the most time in the MU is Star Trek Deep Space Nine so the issue (on newsstands now) has two DS9 interviews to dive into the other side of the Mirror. STM has provided TrekMovie with excerpts from their interviews with show star Nana Visitor (Kira) and writer/producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, see below.

Trek Stars Talk (and Rock) At Phoenix Comic Con

The annual Phoenix ComiCon was held last weekend at the Mesa Convention Center in Arizona, and along with other genre, comic and anime luminaries, were four Trek alums — Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, and Chase Masterson — holding a number of panels and events. TrekMovie was there to get the scoop on the event and the stars. Check out some pics, video, and con highlights!

Details On Gene & Majel Roddenberry Memorial Spaceflight + Send A Tribute With Them

At the Memorial for Majel Barrett Roddenberry earlier this month it was first announced that portions of the ashes of both Gene and Majel Roddenberry would be sent into deep space. Today Celestis, the memorial spaceflight company, has provided TrekMovie with more details on their final voyage, along with information on how fans can send a message along with them. We also have the video shown at the memorial.

Esurance Launches Star Trek Promo Site w/ Behind The Scenes Shots + Contest

Today Esurance, a new Paramount promotional partner for the new Star Trek feature film, has launched a special Star Trek website that has a new video with the first behind the scenes footage for the movie. The new promotional site also has a contest to win tickets to the premiere of the movie and some other goodies, details below.

Watch ‘Wrath Of Khan – The Opera’ (via Robot Chicken)

Did you ever think Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan would make a good opera? Well the folks behind the action-figure stop-motion animation comedy show Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network have us convinced. On the episode "Two Weeks Without Food" airing this weekend, they showed us just how awesome Khan Opera could be. See video of that, plus past Robot Treks, below.

STO Update: First Cyrptic/IDW Synergy + New ‘Kobayashi Challenge’ + more

This week there has been an interesting development regarding Cryptic Studio’s upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG. We can now see the first connection between IDW Comics and the Cryptic game. Plus Cryptic has started a new ‘Kobayashi Maru’ challenge on their forums and there are also a couple of new interviews to check out…see below for more details.

Exclusive Details On Playmates Full Line Of Star Trek Movie Toys + Hi Res Images

Over the last week there has been a lot of news and images floating around for Playmates Toys line of toys and figures for the new Star Trek movie. Today, with the help of Playmates, TrekMovie puts it all together, presenting the full line with exclusive details, analysis and high resolution images. See below for everything you could want to know about Playmates and Trek.

BSG Preview: “A Disquiet Follows My Soul”

Last week Battlestar Galactica came back with a big bang (literally) and also had a major reveal, but there are still nine episodes to go with much more to find out. The ragtag fleet is back tonight with a brand new episode, and as we do every week with new episodes we have previews below, plus all the fallout from last week’s episode and more.

Big Bang Theory ‘Nimoy Napkin’ Being Auctioned Off This Weekend

Last month we reported that the Trek-crazy CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory incorporated the gift of a Leonard Nimoy autographed napkin into their Christmas episode. As it turns out, there really is a genuine Big Bang napkin signed by Nimoy, and it is being auctioned off for charity this weekend. See below for details and an exclusive picture of the napkin in question.

Science Friday: Electric Supercars, Bionic Limbs, Super Solar Cells + NASAs New Moon Rover

Welcome back to another terrific week of science! In this edition, you can drive the world’s fastest electric car, replace your limbs with their bionic counterparts, save the Earth with more efficient solar cells, and get an exclusive presidential look at NASA’s LER. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The Inflatable Gladiator Combat Set!

Blu-ray Update: TOS Season 1 + TOS Movies Coming May 2009

[This article cross-posted here and at Digital Bits] As reported on Thursday at Digital Bits, select release details and cover art images of Star Trek sets on Blu-ray have leaked from European studio sources, but there’s been conflicting information as to what exactly the release will entail here in the USA. We’ve checked in repeatedly with Digital Bits and TrekMovie industry sources and we’re now able to bring you accurate, updated details.

CelebWatch: Stardate 01.22.09

This year’s Academy Award nominees were announced this morning, and we’ll let you know the Trek veterans who made the cut. Also, we have William Shatner opening a red carpet (and opening up on Ricardo Montalban), Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes reuniting for television, LeVar Burton singing and giving love advice, and more. Read on!

Exclusive Interview: Wil Wheaton Talks Trek Past, Present and Future

In the first part of our exclusive interview with TNG star Wil Wheaton, we talked about his appearance at multiple events at this weekend’s Phoenix Comic Con, geeking out, voice acting and more. Now in Part 2 see what Wil had to say about his future writing plans, the early seasons of Next Generation, the changing of the guard from Gene Roddenberry to Michael Piller, and JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie .