First Look At Star Trek Movie Props

Thanks to Paramount’s promotional partner Lenovo, we now have the first detailed look at new props from the Star Trek movie. Starting tonight, Lenovo is displaying three genuine props from the new Star Trek movie at the CES Show in Las Vegas, and TrekMovie was there at the unveiling.


The newest Treknology
We have caught glimpses of the props in the trailer, but it was hard to get a good look, until now. The new Star Trek props on display at CES are Kirk’s Communicator, Uhura’s Communications Unit and Bones’ Medical Tricorder. And is the first site with images of these props.

The set display (front)
(click images to enlarge)

The set display (side)
 (click images to enlarge)


Kirk’s communicator
(click images to enlarge)


Dr. McCoy’s Medical Tricorder
(click images to enlarge)

Uhura’s communication unit
(click images to enlarge)

Prop toys available for pre-order & is that really the Tricorder?
Of the three items above, the one that is raising questions is the one labeled as Bones’ tricorder. One would expect a Tricorder to have a display, and so what is above could just be part of it (possibly a scanner). Playmates has a full line of toys lined up for the Star Trek movie and the first wave should be out in April (see TrekMovie story). There are no images of the toys available, but the description for the Playmates Tricorder [available for pre-order for $17.95] states it "lights up and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds and spring-loaded top and front door covers." The above prop does not appear to have any ‘door cover’ although the original TOS tricorder did, so that makes more sense. TrekMovie will see if clarification on this is available. Also available for pre-order for the first wave of toys is: Star Trek Movie Electronic Communicator for $17.59 and Star Trek Movie Electronic Phaser for $17.59.

See the props yourself at CES
View these props in front of the AquaKnox restaurant at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, starting tonight at 6pm (Wednesday, January 7th) through midnight (12am) on Friday, January 9th. The props are on display thanks to Lenovo during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Lenovo Star Trek display at Venetian Hotel for CES (photo: Darren Benjamin)
(click images to enlarge)

And don’t forget to go to to enter the Lenovo Star Trek Sweepstakes for your chance to win one of five laptops. And also TrekMovie is running its own Lenovo contest giving away messenger bags. Both contests end next week, but Lenovo is planning more contest giveaways, including tickets to the premiere of Star Trek in May. 

Star Trek prizes from Lenovo

All images (unless otherwise noted) are by Mike Cornwell, special correspondent for and XO of the USS Las Vegas fan club ( Thanks also to Paul Walker (Captain of the USS Las Vegas).



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Is that middle one supposed to be a communicator?

That first prop looks nothing like a communicator . . .

Are you sure that’s not supposed to be McCoy’s lightsaber?

That’s what I want to see, how the translated the props form the 60’s show to today..

im sorry
bones’ medical what?
God I hate these people.

and am i to accept the equipment ie communicator carrys the individual insignia of the ship to which it is used on. i hope thats KIRKS communicator and we dont see it in use on the kelvin etc.

Bones’ Tricorder is clearly not a modified salt shaker. DISASTER!

nice lightsaber

#1 & 2 – If you guys click on the photos, you will see the props listed with their labels on them from the display case.

Only 6 posts and the complaining and whining is in full swing. Please stop. I am embarrassed for you.

I wonder if that is a video screen on the communicator?

yeah, that’s tricorder, not communicator. you know, the salt shaker, from tos. it looks neat, i can’t wait to see a detailed phaser though

Dudes. Seriously. The props aren’t going to spoil the movie. Get over it.


i agree with the lightsaber comment :D
it looks more like the handheld scanner that comes w/ the actual medical tricorder. And then they made that piece larger (longer).

and the round shape looks more like a half spere rather then the flat shape we had in the show. nowmost of us wouild think that they would use it as a mini-viewscreen. But a half sphere? what are they gonna do w/ that? And dont say holo-communicator.

I like the ear piece.

I can se the hinge on the Communicator (On the top end), so it looks like it has the classic “Flip Action”.

I suspect McCoy’s medical Tricorder may be mislabeled. It looks more like a Hypospray, or a handheld medical scanner.

Uhura’s earpiece is spot on.

I am actually really surprised by how “retro” these look. Given that we’re in the iPhone generation, they could’ve easily gone too “futuristic” with Kirk’s communicator, but it looks like it’ll be very similar in function to the original series, which is cool.

I think that may not actually be all of Bones’ med. tricorder, but rather just the little whirring cylindrical probe thingy that he waves over people, or at least, I hope so. Also, ‘Kirk’s Communicator’ looks much more like an updated version of the classic tricorder than communicator.

does each ship get a communicator set with it’s own mission badge embossed on its cover?

tell me thats a speaker we see on the device, and not a holo-projector…

the comm station receiver earpiece looks pretty faithful, but couldnt anything really be described as a communications ‘unit’?

tricorder? maybe thats just the scanning wand…

well, at least we have new pictures, finally… more please!

yes but they’re tryin to keep it real.
why would the handheld get larger.?
also i noticed it has a ring on one end that might be used for a belt clip.

great that would make it look more like a lightsaber.

Why does the communicator look so much like a cell phone?

Who’s to say what the future will bring? So why not do a slightly updated version of the original tricorder and communicator? The earpiece is basically the same, so why change these props so very much? The believability of these objects wouldn’t be harmed by using the same basic shapes with some upteched details. These objects look like props from some other sci-fi project.

However, they won’t ruin the movie and are part and parcel of the new approach to this movie.

17: Is it possible they’ve made the communicators function like tricorders in the new film? Given what phones are capable of in the 21st century, it’s not hard to believe that 23rd century communicators could also handle the work of a tricorder, while Bones’ hypospray/cylindrical probe thingy has been given the “tricorder” title.

Wow, that’s a whole lot of canon-flamebait right there…


Yeah, I’d buy the “Medical Tricorder” as a handheld scanner that works with a bigger unit like the familiar TOS unit with the shoulder strap. No problem with the earpiece; nice homage. The communicator looks like it would come from the same stylistic playbook as the Enterprise bridge, with a nod to the basic setup of the TOS unit.


Bones: “What is it?”

Marcus Welby M.D.: “It’s your father’s Lightsaber! This is the weapon of the Starfleet doctor. Not as clumbsy or random as a scalpel… “

Are you sure it’s a tricorder and not one of those “shake em” flashlights??


Bones: “What is it?”

Marcus Welby M.D. : “It’s your father’s Slidewhistle!

#10 pacimage: ‘I wonder if that is a video screen on the communicator?’

Whatcha wanna bet it’s a holographic and/or 3D interface of some sort?

then why the belt clip loop?
a double ended scanner?
i hold one on a belt clip and the rest in a bag slung over the sholder?
why not pull the scanner out of the bag?



the fleet issue communicator of kirks era was a subspace transceiver, which had amazing range, faster than light reception and transmission (no distance lag) a locator beacon for transporter targeting and all without the support of a satellite network.

far more advanced than any iphone.

i like the new design, why couldnt they have had it flipped open?

i hope they let us see the fleet sidearms…

My big question is: When you open the lid on Kirk’s Magnifier, does the map light come on automatically?

I agree I think the tricorder is mislabled, the communicator who knows, but it could be a small view screen for two way visual communication instead of audio only. I guess we will see in May.

At least Uhura’s Bluetooth isn’t make a cheap ass Motorola!

If everything’s size is in relation to the earpiece, then they are probably the right size. They just look so HUGE in the case without something to reference the size with. If the communicator is as big as it looks, it will take two hands to operate. If on the other hand everything is pretty small, like the earpiece, then they should be just fine. I too thought of a light saber when I first saw the med tricorder. It all depends on their actual size.

#32: All that and more, judging by the Xbox 360 Guide Button.

Well, they got the earpiece right. Communicator looks a bit feeble, and the Bones’ endoscope is just plain odd. But at least Urban has McCoy’s medical pouch.

Hope these look better in context. Was hoping for a shot of the new phaser, but maybe next time.

But a lot of phones today are over-engineered, offering a bunch of features that many users never even bother with. Perhaps the rule of the day for 23rd century Starfleet is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and so the communicator ends up being a simple, rugged piece of hardware.

oh great…mccoys tricorder looks like a freaking sex toy and kirks communicator looks like a weird webcam

#39: Could be. I’m not saying *I* think it’s oversized. I’m glad they’ve kept it so close to the original design (especially the flip-open design), and prefer its more dramatic, hands-on flair to TNG’s badge-style communicators.

It’s nice to see that Kirk will be schlepping around his own little mini-HAL from 2001.

I won’t comment on this right now.

I don’t know where to begin.


LOL at people complaining about the “Enterprise” chevron on the communicator. Yet another TOS silliness gone — the arrowhead is obviously a Starfleet-wide emblem, as it has been since TMP.

If you’re getting upset about *that* I can’t imagine the conniptions that will be happening in the movie theaters…

at the begining

McCoy’s “tricorder” is definitely smaller than first glance would suggest.

It may look like a light sabre at a distance, but judging from the communicator, it’s probably not much longer than a pen.

Bone’s thingy looks like an homage to the humble otoscope and the original universal translator … But whattup with the wire inside the clear part … maybe connected to that presumably removable remote whirligig that pops off the bottom? Odd. I figured by the 23rd century, everything would be wireless!

Communicator has a wide lens so big crowds or giant space anomalies can all fit in your web pix.

Uhura’s earpiece is virtually unchanged from the classic. Did they run out of the steam of change?

Scott B. out

isnt this generaly a pre-TOS story. before the fleet-wide TMP.
they’re even using it at the acedmey.
thats why people thought it was a gathering are for Enterprise crew.

Ok, so these are just sad. First the ear piece, theyre trying to give things a new look, a modern look, and they go all retro with that, in an age where we already have small bluetooth headsets, FAIL. Gonna say that the other two look like they’ve been designed so that they can be thrown into a McDonald’s happymeal. Really, if youre going to try and re imagine this movie, it seems kind of stupid to throw in little bits like this to be cute or something. Though yeah, the whole lets bitch about the starfleet delta being on the communicator, get over it. After all of the cannon that’s been walked over already, that’s nothing. Hell, even Enterprise pretty much forgot about that, and Im glad. With as many ships as you’d have in a fleet, giving each a different symbol is just a waste.


if they cannot even take simple, established aspects of star trek with seriousness, what hope is there for the big things?

next thing you know, they’ll be building the 1701 somewhere other than san francisco and placing starfleet academy in iowa…

and then, why not have james kirk decide to join starfleet on a whim and become a captain right out of the academy?

whew, i hope they dont take it that far… that would be a shame.