The Collective: DST Star Trek Exclusives Arriving At Toys R Us

2009 is already shaping up to be Star Trek’s return to big retailers, including exclusives. Diamond Select Star Trek toys are now starting to show up at Toys ‘R Us stores across the United States, including a number of new exclusives (in addition to the very cool Khaaaannnn! Admiral Kirk). We have details, images (and new info on an exclusive as well) below.

Newly available DST figures and exclusives
Starting to ship to the fans this week from retailers (such as Entertainment Earth) is the long awaited Kirk and Spock action figure two pack from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This set includes Kirk in his white two tone Admiral’s outfit and Spock in his gray Starfleet uniform.

New DST Kirk and Spock TMP figures (available widely)

And now Toys ‘R Us has an exclusive variant of this set. Instead of his admiral’s outfit, the TRU set features Kirk in his gray fatigues. 

TRU exclusive TMP Kirk and Spock variant
(click to see larger version at PlayTrek)

And the previously announced Star Trek II Admiral Kirk  "Khaaan" figure is also now available at TRU stores. Here it is with packaging

TRU exclusive ‘Khan scream’ Star Trek II Kirk
(click to see larger version at PlayTrek)

And it isn’t just exclusive figures, Toys R Us also now has an exclusive grey handled version of the DST Original Series phaser toy.

TRU exclusive grey handled TOS phaser toy
(click to see larger version at PlayTrek)

In addition to exclusives, Toys R Us is also carrying previously released Trek items from Diamond Select, but now available in the new unified packaging. So far they have previously released TOS figures of Kirk and Spock.

TOS Kirk and Spock figures with new packaging available at TRU

None of the TRU exclusives are available online (or at least not yet). The plan is to have the Trek DST exclusive at all Toys R Us stores, but they are just arriving over the next few weeks. Use the Store Locator at to get local.

Packaging note: In the last ‘Collective’ Trekmovie suggested that CBS adapt the new unified packaging to have the ‘corner photo’ be reflective of specific item. Now we can see that this is being done to some extent (with the TMP exclusive), but not consistently (the STII figure uses a TOS image). Hopefully the approach used for the TMP figures becomes the norm, especially for the non-TOS items. Also of note is that TRU exclusive items are easily identifiable as they feature a sticker with the TRU logo.

Amazon Sits in the Exclusive Chair
Toys R Us isn’t getting all the exclusive action. has an another interesting exclusive item from DST, the James T. Kirk and Electronic Captain’s Chair (Trouble With Tribbles Edition). Over the last couple of years DST has put out a number of ‘character in chair’ sets including Captains Pike, Picard, Kirk and Commander Riker. The Amazon exclusive edition will feature an electronic captain’s chair with phrases and sound effects from the "Trouble With Tribbles" episode. The chair will also feature lighted display panels. While no picture is yet available, the item is available for preorder at for $29.99 for February. A new regular electronic Kirk in chair set arrives this month at various retailers (and can be pre-ordered at Electronic Earth for $29.99.

Electronic Kirk in chair (standard version pictured) will have exclusive ‘Trouble With Tribbles’ version

There will be more DST exclusive items available at retailers such as TRU and Amazon during the next year. Trekmovie previously reported on a Where No Man Has Gone Before version of Sulu that will be a retailer exclusive during the year.

Borg Update – available for pre order
For fans of Star Trek Voyager or the Borg, Entertainment Earth now has the new DST Borg line available for preorder for $64.99. The set of four, including two versions of Seven of Nine, a Borg Drone and ‘1/2 Borg Crewman,’ will  be shipping in May.

DST’s upcoming Borg set

Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Playtrek and

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Blake Powers

Those borg look awesome.


Now I have to go back to Toys R Us….I’m getting to old for this!

I’m feeling the grey handled phaser. That is so win! I’m going to drop hints to everyone I know to get me that for my birthday.


Dude! Turn off the flash!

THE REAL kobayashi_maru

wow…Lets see some more “movie uniform” figures. Maybe a Star Trek VI set.

Stuff is lookin’ good…now…


Duncan MacLeod

In a Star Trek VI set wouldnt Kirk be a little portly? Hehe. I think he lost a little weight before Generations.

Denise de Arman

Kirk sitting in his chair… must have Kirk sitting in his chair. And all the Borg. And a couple Spocks…


7 of 9 looks pretty……slick.


The TMP Spock is a little buff. Nimoy was thin in that movie!

Planet Pandro

I just got my “Khaaan! Kirk” figure at Toys R Us last night. I fancy myself a collector of these things and I have to say that “Khaaan…” is the most unintentionally hilarious item of my Star Trek collection! I had no idea they were out yet, my wife and I went in purely as a lark. Imagine my surprise! They had TOS Kirk and Spock, plus the exclusive Adm. Kirk. I can’t wait for the TMP 2 pack!!!

I want more TMP stuff.


“but not consistently (the STII figure uses a TOS image)”

Well, in a weird sort of way, Wrath of Khan was really just Space Seed, Part Deux. ;) The story does start in TOS to be well understood…


I’m with Ralph. More TMP. No apologies I love that film.

RE 12
well it oculd be argued that way, however DST has been using that TOS image on figures from TNG and DS9 (as noted John’s last column). There is a way to do unified packaging, while still having some individualizing. John and I agree that they have taken a big step in the right direction. The color, logos, etc are all great and helps identify Star Trek products on the shelves, however that one element ‘the kirk spock tos corner image’ would be best to be a ‘variable’ and not the same on all products (which is how they do it with Star Wars products, which everyone would agree is ‘best in class’ when it comes to franchise merchandising)

Jefferies Tuber

Still no TMP: Ilia Sonic Shower playset?


Does 7 of 9 come life size? and can’t help it but, I really, really hate the Motion Picture pajama uniforms.

Guess I’m going to TRU on the way home. Woohoo!

I like the unified packaging but what are they going to do when we get the NEW Kirk and Spock later in the year? It’s gonna confuse the general public.

Jefferies Tuber

Kirk in Chair reminds me of what I miss the most in the new uniforms: the sleek, mod calf-high boots. The ‘moon boots’ on the new uniforms are kind fo boring.

[I’m wearing TOS-style black boots as write this.]

750 Mang

Super cool!


Lt. Bailey

Toys R Us…. I get to be a kid again or just never grow up.

Xplodin' Nacelle

Wow, their faces have a really good likeness to Nimoy, & The Shat.

montreal paul

does anyone know if these will be offered at Toys R Us in Canada as well? Or just in the U.S.?


Wanted: ST: TMP Kirk and Spock Spacesuit 2 for 1 pack

(Spock will have a thruster pack, of course…and no handles)

That would be shiny…


Didn’t TRU close?


24, no…I have 2 TRU stores each within 15 miles of my house in opposite directions.

Cripes, now I have to prowl the TRU aisles for “Khaaan!!”


I wish the flash didn’t overpower the KAHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN! No matter; I will see it when I buy it ;)


I got my TMP 2 pack (w. Adm. Kirk in the 2 tone uniform). A couple things to note: The head sculpts for both are from the TWOK figures, but Kirk’s face looks better and the pants are reused TNG legs. They don’t have that pinched look or whatever you call it on the bottom parts of the pantleg. Now I may have to get the stanard uniform Kirk 2 pack. I would’ve prefer to have him in that short sleeved shirt though…


It would have been sweet if, for the TRU exclusive set, they could have slapped that snazzy black “rendezvousing with a starship” travelling-slash-burial robe on Spock so that there was something unique about both figures.
Still, its fun either way. I love uniform variants.

Scott B. here.

I was at TRU this afternoon, and I didn’t see any of this stuff. Crud.

Ah well.

I guess Diamond Select is trying to make as much money off their license on the “old” Trek before “new” Trek comes along and consigns it to the dustbin of toy history!


Scott B. out.


I wonder if those figures’d fit in my Fortress of Fangs?


That phaser shall be mine.

Oh, yes…it shall be mine.

[off-topic: the spell-check just underlined “phaser” as mispelled. LOL]


And I misspelled misspelled. *sigh*


#15 LOL


I want a full set of TMP crew so badly! I have no problems if they re-use TWOK heads and TNG legs to make that happen. I ordered my figures from Forbodden planet about 9 months ago but the website says they aren’t expecting to get them in until February? I’m getting a little panicky that everybody else seems to be getting them now.

Jim Smith

I honestly think there’s never been a truly decent ‘iconic’ Kirk figure. I only want one ‘Star Trek’ figure and it’s a recognisable Jim Kirk, I don’t even mind which uniform he’s in. The TMP one comes the closest since (ironically) the original TMP one.

And still I wait..


I’m more interested in a Janice Rand/amorphous blobby transporter accident crew two-pack from TMP. It was the only time she ever got to kill anything. Go Girl!

But yeah, the TMP Kirk is my favourite so far.

The Wild Man of Borneo

Got to Toys R’ Us by my house. These toys are actually selling. I got the last two Kirk and Spock individual figures and I got TMP TRU exclusive Kirk and Spock set. There were approximately 5 left.

They had a couple more of the Amok Time Kirk and Spock sets there too.

The figures look great. No complaints here. Unlike my *cough* complaints of the Abrams movie *cough.*

Sadly my TRU didn’t have anything but the phaser and ship in stock yet.


OK… I did not get any of this stuff when I was young enough to legitimately enjoy it. AdmrR had better damn well be a Trekkie, or he’ll have a really warped life.

bill hiro

“I guess Diamond Select is trying to make as much money off their license on the “old” Trek before “new” Trek comes along and consigns it to the dustbin of toy history!”

I’m sure “old Trek” and its commercial viability will survive the rise and fall of “new Trek”, just as it survived the rise and fall of TNG and DS9, and the commercial and creative flatlines that were Voyager and Enterprise. Forty-three years on, no Nu-Trek project has eclipsed the original series and there’s no reason to think the reboot movie will either. Ten years from now “Star Trek” is still going to be first and foremost about Shatner’s Kirk and Nimoy’s Spock.

I know I am in a minority here, but my favorite of the TREK uniforms is from ST: TMP. The uniforms from II-VI just look too Gestapo to me.

That said, I never really got into the action figures craze, but am glad some folks like them…

I am more into the hardware and spacecraft side of collecting (of course, my friends would say “Doug! when are you going to put ALL those models together???… uh, guilty as charged).

#15: LOL!!! you bad boy!


We’ve never had a proper full TMP crew before though. The originals (Mego?) only had Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Decker, Scotty, & Ilia. Playmates brought out a few more Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Decker, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov (plus the Ilia-bot which I don’t count).

An Ilia/Decker two-pack would be cool – especially if Ilia is in her duty uniform. A McCoy/Chapel two-pack would be cool too – it’s about time Majel’s contribution was recognised again, bless her.

I shall be buying spare bodies just in case we only get a few but can’t do much if they don’t bring out a female duty uniform. I’d be happy to swap some Twok heads myself to complete the team. Plus if I feel like it I can swap a few other heads to make up crew from the Rec Deck scene – got a few-hundred to choose from, including andorians, vulcans, tellarites, saurians, rhaandarites, arcturians, and betegeusians.

I’m really keeping fingers crossed that they keep going for a bit with this line.


I was at our local TRU and they didn’t have anything. The guy there said they got a couple and they were gone immediately. I hate when collectors go in and take everything off the shelf so they can go and sell it for more.


The stock at my store was wiped out. They said a couple of people came in and hauled off the entire lot. Looks like it’s secondary market price markups for me.

Scott B. here.

Re: #41 – Bill, you and I are pretty simpatico, judging by most of your posts. I agree that classic Trek won’t be killed by Nu-Trek. I was just having a laugh at the expense of the licensees, whom I’m imagining are fearing that once this new, improved Trek hits the theaters, the classic stuff will no longer be in demand.

Scott B. out.


Let’s have some Original series or TMP Klingon ship toys!!!

Sorry, but to me the Borg were always just cenobites. Someone watched Hellraiser too many times ad wanted to put them in Star Trek. :(

Jim Smith

42 – Dude, I like the TMP uniforms too but… the Gestapo was a plain clothes, civilian dress organization, except in occupied territory, when its members were encouraged to wear their standard wehrmacht greys. Which look absolutely nothing what-so-ever like the II – VI uniforms. Not in shape, cut, colour or arrangement.

Planet Pandro

I got the last admrl. Kirk and TOS Spock at my TRU. They had 2 TOS Kirks left. Hopefully there was enough local interest besides myself (I’m not in a big city) to support my store keeping up with these. Ahh, to rewind things about 15 years…I remember a ton of shelf space w/ all the playmates TNG figures and ships and role-playing and sets…Ahh, sweet nostalgia. Not that things have changed much, excpet back then I was buying toys and now I’m a “collector”.

Some of the figures are now avaible on TRU’s online site, although Khaaaan Kirk already sold out.