Star Trek Movie Getting Super Bowl Commercial

If you were looking for proof that Paramount is serious about promoting the new Star Trek movie, look no further. In another franchise first, Paramount has purchased time to run a Star Trek commercial during this year’s Super Bowl airing February 1st on NBC. Trek will be joined by a number of other movie spots from Paramount and other studios, details below.


News of Trek’s big play at Super Bowl XLIII came tonight in Variety. According to the report many summer tent poles are getting commercials including the films opening in the weeks after Star Trek. Paramount’s new Star Trek opens May 8th, and Variety confirms commercials will also air for Sony’s Angels and Demons (opening May 15th) and Disney’s Up (opening May 29th). According to the article Fox has not purchased any spots, but they are ‘likely’ get one for Wolverine opening May 1st, but Warner Brother’s is not planning on buying a spot for any films, including Terminator Salvation (opening May 21st). Paramount is also buying spots for GI Joe and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opening later in the summer.

The Super Bowl is the single largest Television event in the USA each year. Each 30 second ad is estimated to cost $3 Million with an expected audience of nearly 100 million viewers. With the economy being the way it is, many companies are staying away this year, including FedEx who has had special ads in every Super Bowl for the last twelve years. But apparently Hollywood is betting that, like in the past, hard times will actually boost ticket sales.

What will they show?
Due to the cost and competition of Super Bowl ads, companies often create special ads just for the day. DreamWorks Animation will be airing a special (first ever) 3-D preview for their animated comedy Monsters vs. Aliens coming out in March (see the promo below for the promo to come). Paramount is also using the Super Bowl to be the first showing of any footage from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which does not even have a trailer yet.

Monsters and Aliens pre-Superbowl Promo

The mostly likely thing for Star Trek will be to get a 30 seconds spot. Paramount aired a 60-second commercial (edited down from the theatrical trailer) during Fringe and some other shows in November. It is possible the Super Bowl commercial will be a further edit of this one, but hopefully it will show something new.   

Star Trek TV Spot #1

Nimoy’s Super Bowl ad
Although the ad for the new Star Trek movie will be the first time Paramount has officially brought Trek to the Super Bowl, it is not the first time Trek has shown up in a Super Bowl ad. Leonard Nimoy starred in a 2006 Aleve Super Bowl ad, featuring a Star Trek convention.


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