See Pine and Quinto Present At Golden Globes

Tonight Star Trek’s new Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto) had their first joint TV appearance as presenters at the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards airing tonight at 8PM on NBC. We have video from the show and pictures from the red carpet and the back stage press room.



Quinto and Pine at Golden Globes


Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) on red carpet

Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) in press room with Anna Paquin after presenting her with the Best Actress in a TV Drama

Chris Pine (Kirk) on red carpet and in press room

Zachary Quinto (Spock)

Only one other Trek celeb spotted from the red carpet:

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk in ‘Star Trek’)


(Thanks to Kelvington for the video capture, all images from Wire Images)

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The hype is starting in NZ

I cant wait for this,,,


Looks like Quinto’s eyebrows grew back alright.

Pine has such a Kirk look and posture.

Did the announcer say “Star TRACK”?

Did the announcer say Star TRACK?!

And there’s Quinto bringing back the skinny tie!

Pine sounded very Kirkish when he said “Spock”.

Ah, there we go.

God they look good together! :)


That closeup of Zach doesn’t give me hope that he will hold up as long as Nimoy did in the role!

Is it wrong to have a man crush on Chris Pine. :-P



Yeah, it’s not a flattering picture. Actually, it kind of looks like he wants to kill me….

I’m sure he’ll be good. It’s Spock.

I’m just glad that Heath Ledger got the Best Supporting Actor Award. It was well-deserved.
2009 Golden Globes / Emmy’s/ Oscars:
And the Best Movie of 2009 goes to….


11, again,
Also, still photos can look god-awful. It’s called Roflrazzi. It’s absolutely full of crappy celeb pictures.

No. No it is not.

Meh, I say “melk” for “milk.” Probably just a different accent from somewhere in the country. Don’t think too much into it.

Aw they had to explain why they where invited. :D


I noticed when Pine said “Mr. Spock”. Sounded very Kirk-like.

Anna Paquin’s adorable.

I think that was the intention. :D

#2 – Thanks for the link. As Ms. Gray wrote in her column: “… here’s hoping that it’s not another case of too much hype and nothing much else on release day.”

I’ll second that.

19 – I’ll second that, too. :-)

Well I guess it won’t be long before people think of Pine and Quinto whenever anybody says Kirk and Spock. At least Bill and Leonard still have all us TOS Star Trek fans.


I agree. At 25 seconds when Pine says “Mr. Spock”, the likeness of his voice puts a chill down my spine.

23 – Oh, I don’t know about that. Sean Connery is still the first actor who flashes into my mind whenever anyone mentions James Bond.

Messrs. Shatner and Nimoy have associations with these roles for over four decades.

These two young actors — best of luck to them, of course — have yet to hit the screen in these roles. And even when they do, I don’t think it will make most people forget the originals’ associations with these roles anytime soon.

Hopefully this new film will make new fans curious about investigating and exploring the original series and films, to find out what all the fuss was about and why the franchise became what it was in the first place.

Whoa Anna Paquin is hot!

What were we talking about?

“…sounded Kirk like”? I agree.

But aren’t we really thinking he sounded Shatner-as-Kirk like?

I think so but he laughed as he was finishing like it was a joke. He knows that’s how people think of Kirk, with the dramatic pauses.

Hey, that’s all I want. Just enough where we think, this guy could turn into the Kirk we know.

His oratory style is a tool that gets people’s attention. Shatner even smiled at the end of some of his speeches, like he knew it was a little over the top. But he was like, “It got you to listen, didn’t it. You’re on board now, aren’t you?”

Pine kissed Anna Paquin, while Quinto just said “Congratulations” from afar.

Seems they’ve settled into their respective characters pretty well! j/k ;)

Thanks for the clip!

Just like Kirk! “Mr.Spock”

ZQ is the sexiest man on the planet.

Chris Pine IS Kirk. I can’t believe how much he sounds like Shatner when he says “Mr. Spock”. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!

i’m beginning to like pine as kirk more, after this.

the delivery of “Mr. Spock” in the clip was a very naturally delivered and clearly shatneresque, and yet Pine has said repeatedly that he won’t being copying shatner’s speech patterns in the role.

so the delivery here is surprising, and almost like pine is saying “oh, i *could* do a perfectly natural shatner-kirk delivery if i wanted. but i don’t. so i won’t.”

which is awesome, since that expression of skill, charisma and arrogance is more “james t. kirk” than pausing between some words.

Geez you guys are fast with this stuff. Like warp speed fast!

Freaked out when I saw them together. Wife thinks Pine’s quite hunky.

damn, them guys got eyebrowz-ah!

Damn, Chris Pine has that leading man swagger down cold. That’s all he needs to play Kirk.

Cannot wait.

good god… Pine’s delivery mr spock” linecwas. And people are using tha an obvious joke! Don’t expect to see that in his performance. It was just the right amount of inside humor to the HW audience he was presenting to.

Anyone notice in the pics how Chris Pine seems to have a commanding presence? Im guessing hes trying TOO hard to become Kirk.

7: It’s been back for a while, but I’m not a fan of Quinto’s tiny monstrosity. Both of them could have done far better for a black tie occasion, IMO…

Very the skinny tie! It’s so in right now.

see, as opposed as i am to some of the design work on the new movie Im really liking what Im seeing with Pine and Quinto. Pine has the Kirk ‘feel’.
I am looking forward to actually seeing how they play off of each other especially when you throw Urban in the mix.

they do look like they will make a good Kirk and Spack.

i meant Spock

thumbs up! :) the more i see these two, the more i like them!!!!

My god, Chris Pine IS Captain Kirk.

Along with pretty much everyone else I’ve always bought Quinto as Spock but Pine has got Kirk nailed!! When he said Mr Spock – WOW!

Did you notice that the little Shatner joke did not get any response from the audience? Maybe next year they will get a joke like that.

39: In does not always coincide with “good looking.” ;) Just saying…

Pine is even getting the same hairline as season 1 Kirk!! how in canon is that!!

Ok nit pick time…I’m not sure that I’m going to like Kirk taller than Spock…

and #33 since when has “hunky” come to mean skinny, pretty and to young to shave??

Pine sure looks like a young Shatner, uncannily!

Pine sure can do ShatKirk…. and damn fine. Maybe his dad gave him pointers, too?

Saw a $1 DVD at the Dollar Tree this weekend that is the failed TV pilot “Incident on a Dark Street” that has both Pine’s father Robert Pine in one of the lead roles, with Shatner playing the heavy. Fascinating… didn’t think anyone’s mentioned that Shatner has acted that closely in a show with Pine.

#48 Look at the shoes in the long shot. Quinto’s wearing normal men’s shoes, Pine’s got a bit of a lift. Of course Kirk would carry a roll of latinum in his pocket, too.