Golden Globes Red Carpet Video Interviews With Pine and Quinto + More Pics

As reported last night, the new Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto), presented at the Golden Globe Awards. Before going on stage TV Guide talked to the pair about the new Star Trek movie and what it is like to be waiting until May. See video below, plus more Golden Globes pictures (including a couple of the ladies of Star Trek).



Chris Pine
The new Kirk that he is impatient for the Star Trek movie to come out but understands the business reason for moving to the summmer. He also confirms the corvette scene is in the film. Pine also speaks glowingly about Ben Cross and Bruce Greenwood and the other actors as well as the ‘youth and energy’ that director JJ Abrams brought to the project.


Zachary Quinto
Zach hasn’t seen the film and says he is actually enjoying this period before the film is released, having the experience still be something personal. He notes he was a ‘minimal’ fan before doing the movie, but was "always a fan of Spock." Quinto also talks about the future of Heroes.

GG appearance
Here is a higher resolution version of their appearance last night at the Golden Globes.

Chris Pine is also quoted in a new article at AP previewing 2009 movies. Pine explains the setting of the film and discusses the relationship with Spock and Kirk.

For Kirk and Spock, it’s charting their lives to a small extent from boyhood and their first encounter, which is a bit contentious, to kind of the beginning of the relationship we all know…They are at odds at first. The conflict of the relationship actually gives Zachary a couple moments where he’s not as controlled and rational as Mr. Nimoy’s character was. He has a couple of outbursts that aren’t exactly the classic Spock.


MORE PICTURES – Kirk and Spock hit the town
Looks like the new Kirk and Spock hit the parties after the Golden Globes, here they are at three big after parties.

At the HBO after party

At the NBCUni/Focus Features after party

At the InStyle/Warner Bros. after party

A couple of ladies of the new Star Trek, also did some Golden Globes partying.

Zoe Saldna (Uhura) at the InStyle/Warner Bros. after party

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk) at the InStyle/Warner Bros. after party


(video TV Guide, photos WireImage)


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Pine holds a communicator… Cool!

Nice to hear that Pine is as impatient as we are for it to come out! And they sure look handsome.


Good interviews

Faith in this film restored

*Swoon* Those guys look so good!

Thanks so much for bringing over these clips!

Finally seeing and hearing more of Pine, it’s helped a lot in persuading this original series-loving nervous skeptic of the movie that he could really pull off Jim Kirk. And together with Quinto at the Globes, now I can see them having that great Kirk and Spock rapport.

Wow … wow … this is registering with me even as I write … I so much want to believe that this isn’t going to be some ripoff retread, that the essence of Star Trek is being recaptured, and just seeing these guys interact for the first time has me more jazzed than anything I’ve seen or read to date.

Very sharp!

I like how Pine did a little “Shatner” in the awards presentation.

just a thought on the new poll to the right.

There should be a choice in between “perfect” and “growing on me”.

ya know, something like. “good” “just fine” “i feel very comfortable”

“growing on me” is just a slightly positive way of saying “unsure”

Chris… man… spit out the gum!

I can see the proliferation of slash stories now like never before.

But they do make a cute couple! :) Kidding!

I think Pine will bring a lot of Shatner to the role simply by playing Kirk as he is written.

Ha in all three of the after party pics they look conjoined

Kirk and Spock are undercover on another time travel mission.

Two very hot guys who will in four months grace the bridge of the starship Enterprise on the big screen – YES!

It seems to me that the relationship between Kirk and Spock rubbed off on Shatner and Nimoy. I wonder if it will rub off on Pine and Quinto…

Pine really seems to have a shatneresque bravado/surity that comes through this interview.

lets just hope the relationship between takei and shatner doesn’t rub off…although it would be kind of funny if John Cho started a faux feud with Pine


#15: That’s an interesting question … Other Star Trek “crewmembers” have formed pretty strong families behind the scenes, but they also spent a lot more hours on set together shooting episode after episode for television, which makes a _lot_ more time for bonding. Of course, the other source of bonding is seeing each other time and again at Star Trek conventions and other events, so maybe in time … :)

Pine will be on some Lawyer show in the future.

17 – LOL !!!

Can you hear John Cho saying “Oh My …” ?

Hopefully Simon Pegg won’t resort to taking a p*ss in Chris Pine’s Wheaties!

#19:”Other Star Trek “crewmembers” have formed pretty strong families behind the scenes, but they also spent a lot more hours on set together shooting episode after episode for television, which makes a _lot_ more time for bonding.”

To some extent that’s true. However, as Shatner noted recently with reference to the ongoing friction with Takei, the experience of working on the series was very different than people assume. Shatner and Nimoy worked together every day, for example, whereas during most of a given week Takei and Nichol and Koenig were not on set – depending on their roles in a given episode, they might work for as little as one day out of the shoot – and sometimes not at all.

17 – You, good sir, owe me one keyboard.

@11: You don’t have to be kidding ;p

Gotta say I’m really looking forward to Pine as Kirk. He seems to have the character down pat, right down to some of Shatner’s mannerisms, without going way over the top with it. Quinto I’m not as sure of – the struggle with emotions that he could not share was a hallmark of Spock’s character, and I’m afraid his “outbursts” are going to be wildly out of character. Also, while I heartily agree with all the comments above about how good they look, Quinto’s Spock will never, ever, be as handsome (I could use several other words…) as Nimoy’s. Imho, that is.

Who will be the first to write a Trek bio?

#23: I know all that, but I’m not sure how it puts Quinto and Pine together for as many hours as Shatner and Nimoy (which was the point of my response to post 15).

LOL After the 3rd pic, Spock looks like he’s been enjoying these after parties!

Looks like Spock’s the party animal and Kirks the boring bookworm :P

17. Anthony Pascale – January 12, 2009
“lets just hope the relationship between takei and shatner doesn’t rub off…although it would be kind of funny if John Cho started a faux feud with Pine”

I could see Cho doing it just because it would be hilarious! Although he wouldn’t be serious.

Enterprise, your consistent one-line posts are more powerful than Trelane’s mirror and Apollo’s temple combined. Very entertaining.

Thanks man. Keep on Trekking!

Anyone else notice the announcer for the GGs said Star Track?

ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! Pine comes off with all of Shatner’s ‘swagger of a champion’ but with none of his stratospheric egotrips and as much as a human can be, in real life Quinto IS Spock…he even in real life has that serenity and calm-and-collected wisdom that Nimoy portrayed as Spock!!! to paraphrase Simon Pegg’s Scotty, ‘I like this shit…it’s exciting!!!’ :D…ten to one the new mirror spock would be sylar, though….;)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, photographed with a distorted lens.

I thought Pegg said,” I like this SHIP not… SHIT ” (lol)
Anyway, good article Anthony.

; )

Is it just the optics or are those suits super skinny, especially the pants?

Award shows! Award shows are our business!

I was wondering how long it was gonna take for the “Quinto IS Spock!!!!” “Pine IS Kirk!!!” stuff.

they should be good but they will never be as good as the originals

Pine and Quinto are playing Kirk and Spock and they will be great, but Shatner and Nimoy will ALWAYS BE Kirk and Spock. Lets not forgot that if it were not for Shatner and Nimoy that Pine and Quinto would not have this gig.

Hey Pine….you seem like a nice guy….my mother always told me not to chew gum on stage, or during an interview. Where are his handlers on a night like this?

Okay…..I guess I should have watched the Quinto one first. He was hungry….if it was good I can understand that.

sorry f this is spamming but i want to let you know that despite my concerns I am looking forward more to this film.

I will still enjoy but I think it is better to treat this as separate entity from the past Star Trek shows and films

A friendly reminder:

Do not openly debate spoilers in non spoiler articles

sorry I had to remove a couple of posts

#40, 41

Don’t forget, you also shouldn’t chew gum while playing an instrument! I must admit that Pine’s “cud” distracted me as well. And I immediately felt – and appreciated – his channeling of Kirk/Shatner when he paused before saying “Mr. Spock” at the presentation. Delicious!

I’m sorry, but those first pictures, with their giant heads and those ultra-tailored suits, it looks like we’re re-making “Thunderbirds.”


I thought Star Trek was more of a triumverate of characters. Why is Bones being stiffed?


That’s a thought that’s been crossing my mind a lot lately, too :(

My hope is that we’re really not … that it’s more about the marketing campaign than the actual movie.

I mean, tons of Star Trek paperbacks back in the “heads and spaceships make a cover” days limited themselves to Kirk and Spock on the cover, but inside the book the triumverate were whole.

So here’s hopin’.

@ 47: Karl Urban is from New Zealand.
Of course, this is just my guess but it seems like a good explanation why he isn’t seen with the rest of the cast or with J.J. Abrams too often.
I’m sure they will get him for the main promo tour that’s gonna come closer to the release.
As for the size of his part in the movie: I guess we’ll have to wait till May to find out.

Some MAJOR eyebrows on those handsome dudes!