Chris Pine: No Crazy Sex In Star Trek

In November the Star Trek theatrical trailer raised some eyebrows with a couple of brief shots of the new crew in some sexy situations. However, somewhat contradictory to a previous comment of his, the new Kirk now says that Star Trek does not cross the line. Details below, plus Chris reveals who he has a man crush on.


Star Trek does not go crazy
Back in November Chris Pine (the new James Kirk) told E! the new film was sexier than past Trek:

It’s trying to be sexed up for a new generation that really isn’t used to seeing Star Trek. It’s a whole new beast.

But now in a new comment to E! at the Golden Globes over the weekend, Chris has dialed that back a bit, saying:

It is a different Star Trek, but there’s no crazy sex scene. There may be some bare midriffs, but you know it’s been a long time since the bikini was invented, so I don’t think we’re going to ruffle any feathers.

Of course sexy scenes are nothing new to Star Trek, especially on Star Trek Enterprise. The new Star Trek film is likely to get a PG-13 rating, but that is not a Trek first. Two out of the last three Trek films had PG-13 ratings (First Contact and Nemesis), and some of us are still trying to forget the love scene in that last movie.

Pine’s man crush
Speaking of possible crazy scenes, Chris has a few quotes in this Golden Globes after party video from, including his confession that he has a “man crush” on Alec Baldwin.

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No crazy sex? I’m not watching the movie then!!!

Young Kirk grew up to be strong and healthy because he always ate all his greens!

Harry # 2,
Ooooohhhhh…. that’s BAAAAD.

Okay, so I just snorted I was laughing so hard.

I’m sure he has left more of a carbon footprint than just David Marcus.


No, seriously. I’m relieved. Let’s get our PG-13 for violence! Keep it a family show!

2. BA-ZING!!!!


Great one! LMAO

“That last movie” featured a digitally-shaved back as well. Sigh.

is it just me or does anyone think the smartass guy from NCIS would have made a great Kirk?

He does the hands very well.

Having sex with Rachel Nichols, Zoe Saldana, Winona Ryder or Jennifer Morrison…would be the sanest thing a man could do

No crazy sex? NOT CANON! (those are NOT his knees)!

I have to believe that in the future (even this parallel universe) bras would be more…futuristic. Spandex; metallic fabric; zero-G; something…

…Nah,, no crazy sex at all. It’s all perfectly 100% psychiatrist-approved, totally rational, absolutely sane sex.

[shakes head in mild amusement]

#2 ROFL!!!! That was simply a perfect line! Kudos!


Winona Ryder…I don’t know…

Might not be any “crazy sex scenes”, but it’s sure come a long way from the pan-up-to-the-ceiling-to-indicate-a-romantic-interlude of TOS regardless. ;D

#9. Brady

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly)? Absolutely!! Good one.

Also — since we’re talking about ‘could’ve beens’…

…in the TNG ep “Yesterday’s Enterprise” where the Enterprise C slips through a rift in time and we see Tasha again and she meets Enterprise C’s Lt. Richard Castillo (played by Chris McDonald)… he would have made a great Captain Archer. IMO


13 – How would a woman see to drive if she were wearing a Zero-G bra? ;-D

Set Phasers to hard.

>> 19. Brett Campbell – January 13, 2009

13 – How would a woman see to drive if she were wearing a Zero-G bra? ;-D<<

Women can drive?

: p

21 – Oooo … Mickey! You might get a comment or two about that one! LMAO!

2 – Harcourt! Harcourt Fenton Ballz! Have you been drinking again?! ;-)

Though i sense that your comment was made with some tongue in cheek intention when you “praise” the inclusive of violence and rejoice at the exclusion of sex…it reminds me of an argument that i’ve made with my friends for a while. (not concerning trek…just pop culture in general)

why is “violence” more acceptable than “sex”?

my hope for my future children is that they experience some beautifully passionate love (and whatever personal details may come with that) in their lifetime. And i hope that they NEVER experience any violent crimes around them or especially towards them.

its a strange double standard we carry in life that is reflected in our “rating system.” guns=good(or at least, OK). sex=bad.

i dont get it..

16. What the hell is wrong with Winona? She’s still gorgeous.

#24 – Just don’t leave your clothes unguarded on the bedroom floor…

Notice the re-use of sets in both those scenes? Also, Uhura looks to thin, remember you look 30 pds. heavier on screen then in person. And, since there are not any ‘wild’ sex scenes look at where Pine’s mouth is! And notice how far apart they are? does he have a secret anti-grav toy? LOL!

So ya think maybe Uhura and the Orion are roommates? And Uhura comes home early or whatever, while Kirk and She-Hulk are getting it on .Causing for some reason, Kirk to hide from Uhura under the bed? Leading to his accidental (I hope) peeping.


I think they will release a toned down version for the cinema and an uncut version for the dvd release.

No sex please, we’re Britsh!


Chris MacDonald did have a definite Kirk-vibe going on in that episode. When he sits in the command chair, he pulls a Kirk-like pose, and a couple of other times.

“I have to believe that in the future (even this parallel universe) bras would be more…futuristic. Spandex; metallic fabric; zero-G; something…”

LOL. You are so right. Zero-G. MIght that require constant attenuation for stablization and leveling??

There is a difference between something being sexed up, and containing sex.

I put go faster stripes on my car, it’s sexed up. Don’t mean it will contain more sex ( infact, probably reduces that chance )

regarding ratings – TWOK was a ’15’ (R) for ages on vhs in the UK…the dvd is now 12 (PG 13)…However i think it was PG everywhere when it came out in 1982

I’m betting Kirk went into the wrong dorm room. The rooms are similar but they are different. There is a different kind of light behind Uhura and there are different items in each room.

We’ll have this movie figured out before May!

lol, trust the Trekkies to be in an uproar about sex in their science fiction!

nobody was expecting Last Tango in Starbase 1.

the mention of Spock’s outbursts makes me wonder if the image[s] of Spock with his delta shield in reverse are actually dream/fantasy sequences.

Man Crush. Fun!

well, when we talk about movie ratings, TMP was rated G, of all things, in order to bring in the kiddies. There were only five “damn”s in the entire movie, so I guess that rates a G.

And as to who would have made a better young Kirk, I think Weatherly (DiNozzo) is too old. But perhaps, if in the next movie there’s a scene in which Kirk (Pine) takes a peek into his future…how would DiNozzo look in a TMP-era Starfleet uniform?

I’m just sayin’….

#34 – please don’t generalize ;) The trekkies that are upset about the sex are the ones Shat was talking about years ago when he said, “get a life!”

Good; I’m glad they’re not buying into the gratitutious way to sell movie tickets. Though I’m certainly a fan of sex scenes, I’ve never missed them in Trek.

What the hell is this “man crush” crap? Maybe I’m showing my age (42), but that just ain’t right.

38 – Actually — and remembering that it was a line scripted line for him from SNL writers in a sketch satirizing Trekkies and conventions — the barb was aimed at all who make Trek the ONLY thing in their lives.

How you reached the conclusion you did about such a select group is, as our friend Spock would say, highly illogical.

And even he got laid every seven years! ;-D

24 – Good one! LOL!

I’m definitely developing a huge WOMAN crush on Chris Pine!

You meant this won’t be called Star Sex. Oh Ok ill go and see Star Trek. But maybe next Time right. Star Sex 2 the Wrath of Kirks Women.On the Next Star Trek.(Sex)

Star Trek: The Next Penetration.

There. Because it had to be said.

fine fine….now can we see some new pics of the Enterprise PLEASE?

“Nothing ‘crazy’ about jumping into bed with a green Rachel Nichols”

Or a blue one, red one, purple one, yellow one, orange one…



To #23…

I understand your comment, but I think the motivation behind the two actions is what is makes it praiseworthy or not.

Is irresponsible sex praiseworthy? Love and sex are not the same thing (though some have confused the two). Finding committed love is something to be praised and relished. I think what is trying to be shown about Kirk when he was younger and unfocused is he was irresponsible– hence this sex scene. And, I would rather not see it. Imply it, but don’t glorify it. Of course, I have no control over the movie, so my opinion is moot.

Certainly violence for violence sake is not praiseworthy. It is deplorable. However, all violence is not the same. Sometimes non-violent people must do violent things to stop violent people. Hence, the actions of the Allies to stop Hitler. That was not “violence”– it was courage. The “action movies” I like don’t glorify violence, they glorify courage. Standing up for what is right regardless of the odds. Stopping people who act violently. Ironically, it is the whole “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.” It is when one man– or crew– who would rather be exploring determine to fight someone or something that seeks to hurt others. Such actions are praiseworthy and to be encouraged. It is a value needed in a society.

So, yes, I see a huge difference between a movie being rated R for gratuitous and dangerous sexual behavior which people don’t need to be encouraged in and a movie being rated PG-13 for acts of courage and selflessness, which is a trait to be encouraged. JMHO.

On the lighter side, to #38… On the contrary; some of us fans aren’t clamoring to see sex scenes on the screen because we have it in our lives already ;-). To engage in is better than to watch.

Nice to see celebs interviewed when they’re piss-drunk and hungry.

Now, there’s a good poll question. What is the greatest love scene in Star Trek?

Beyond “Plato’s Stepchildren,” and “Courtmartial’s” kiss on the Bridge, I can’t think of anything.

There’s certainly lots of innuendo around. And lots of talking. And I don’t know DS9 well enough to know if Worf and Dax ever had any public displays of affection.

Anthony, that’s a poll question worth considering, but it requires some research (a mission for Mr. Trotter?). Criteria: Locked lips or more shown on camera.