Messenger Bag Contest Winners Announcement + Reminder Of Laptop Contest Deadline

Last week we kicked off a TrekMovie contest to win a couple of Star Trek messenger bags, courtesy of Intel and Lenovo, and there were quite a few entries. Find out who won below.  Also, we want to remind you all that the deadline to enter the Lenovo laptop contest ends tonight at midnight (Pacific).


Hundreds entered – only two can win
The response to the TrekMovie contest giving away two Lenovo/Intel Star Trek messenger bags was greater than expected. We have sifted through the hundreds of reaons why people felt they should get the new bag, and selected two.

Winner #1:

Because Captian Robau wills it! Plus we use Lenovo systems at my office.

Dan (post 41)

Winner #2:

Trekdom is at risk of extinction, and my students don’t know the Star Trek legacy. It is my duty to show them to go where no one has gone before. These days, kids are in danger of the collective thought perpetuated by people like Britney and Paris. They are at risk of assimilation; is resistance futile?

Who will help them overcome the temporal and spatial anomalies of life and demonstrate the mantra “live long and prosper?” I can be the Guinan, of their generation.

This is my continuing mission; I am the messenger. I need that bag!

Rachel Chapman (post 415)

So congrats to Dan and Rachel. It was a difficult decision, but Dan’s was pithy and tied to the new movie, and Rachel’s story of bringing Trek to her students was inspirational. We wish we had hundreds of bags to give out to all those who entered, and thanks to all who participated. Remember if you enter the enter the Lenovo laptop contest you could also win their second prize of this messenger bag (and you don’t even need to give them a reason). 

Congrats to Dan and Rachel – each of you is getting one of these

Last chance to enter to win a laptop (deadline midnight Thursday)
If you go to you can enter for you chance to win one of 5 customized Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 laptops. As is the site for all things Kelvin, the laptops have a nice USS Kelvin skin. Just click on the ‘sweepstakes’ button to enter the contest. Entries must be made by tonight (Thursday January 15th) at midnight Pacific time.

Win one of these Star Trek IdeaPad laptops at


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Congrats to Dan & Rachel!

Woot! Go Dan and Rachel!

Live long and prosper!

Its a shame Star Trek fans like myself in New Zealand dont have a chance to enter things like this.


Plus, Dan misspelled “captain” so that had to add to his chances for winning.

We all know the value of spelling around here.

(Ooooh! Snarky!)

I’m GREEN with ENVY!!!


Congratulations guys !!!

Congrats on the bags.

Rachel was spot on and deserved that prize. Thanks for caring enough about our young people to teach them the virtues and values of the Federation. I have confidence with you at the helm, the Federation will defeat the evill Britney/Paris empire.

Hey, it’s in the bag! Good job Rachel and Dan.

#3 Same thing here in Argentina :(

Is it wrong of me to want the bag, but use it to carry an Apple computer? Would all matter in space implode? Wouldn’t having a PC be more Borgish? I always thought of Apples as being THE Trek computer of choice and having been responsible for hundreds of Lenovos at work I felt they were very poorly designed and the hardware support NOTHING compared to the greatness that was once IBM. I sure hope the new Enterprise runs on Mac OX version 47. code name, Rigilian Slime Tiger. hehe

Thanks guys! This is too cool, I never win anything 8). I will take very good care of it and carry it proudly.

My spelling is horrible, years of spellcheck have ruined me, lol.

I’m bumbed. Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners.

I am just going to get some construction paper, glue and glitter and make my own!!!!

Oh, congrats to the winners.

Congradulations to the Winners. Anthony. Your Agoniser please!!!

lol congrats to Dan and Rachael.

18 – I couldn’t agree more! :)

As a teacher who actually runs the Science Fiction and Fantasy club at my middle school and watches Trek with my kids I wonder how exactly she brings it to her students???

Just wondering because she didn’t actually give specifics.

Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy!

Woo Hoo! I can’t wait! Thanks for the congrats, and congratulations to you as well Dan!

Winner #2:

I teach too…and junior high to boot. That should warrant something. I just wasn’t as verbose in my entry. Sometimes less is more.

Yeah its kinda sad when you say that she won because shes a teacher. Several of the entrants including myself are teachers so how can you just say that that is the big reason…

I guess you will always have some people who are not happy of course but really now. Give us other teachers more than “She is a teacher…”


A whole week off for Thanksgiving like every other district in the Metroplex would be a start. It’s such a beating in such a short amount of time. I could forego a bag for that.

Congrats you guys!

And Rachel: Wow, that was great. I had something extremely similar for my reason, but that was really cool. I wish some of MY teachers would be into Star Trek, and not afraid to admit it!! You definitely earned that nifty bag.

Congratulations to the winners!

Ok, can we _buy_ one now?

Does it come with a thermos?

So, who is Captian Robau?

Anyways, congrats to both of you! :)

Sill these be purchasable in the future?

20- Want some cheese with that whine? Sour grapes. :(

…Bah. Both reasons were lame. At least mine had a rational, logical necessity to it.

[shakes head in dismay]

“Because Captian Robau wills it! Plus we use Lenovo systems at my office.”

…This should have disqualified him right off the bat. Any other giveaway contest would have stated that employees of both Lenovo and Intel would have been ineligible. Besides, all he’d have to do is call up some Lenovo marketing goon and they’ll probably have them in stock.

Nicely done. Robau Has Spoken.

Congratulations, Dan and Rachel!

It is as Robau wishes.

There are bags just like this for sale on Ebay. just search for “Star Trek Bag”.

This prize should be given to those who are either poor or have become poor right now due to a natural disaster like me.Please give this prize to me.

There is only 1 seller who has these bags currently listed for sale on Ebay- Oct 2010.

The price is quite high-$200! – Is it really worth that price for a simple messenger bag??