Quinto and Pine On Fan Reactions, Nimoy/Shatner Reactions & Sequels

Another Golden Globes red carpet interview with Star Trek’s new Kirk and Spock has emerged. MTV talked to Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine about fan reaction, Nimoy, Shatner and possible sequels. See the video below.




MTV chats with Zach and Chris about Star Trek.

Some key quotes:

Pine on if he is concerned over what William Shatner might think of his portrayal of Kirk:

No, I feel really comfortable and good with what I did. It’s not going to be quite Mr. Shatner’s interpretation. But I’m definitely looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it.

Quinto on a sequel to Star Trek:

I can’t wait to shave my eyebrows again


Zap2it also chatted to Zach at the NBC after party about presenting at the Golden Globes and Heroes.


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I’m sure Mr. Pine will be just fine as a young James Kirk!

Excellent, can’t wait to see more of their performances.

I hope quinto shaves his eyebrows again too.

Wait – Shatner is not playing Kirk in this film?

Sequels? Good grief! I just wanna see the FIRST movie!

(actually, I think it’s great. The more Trek the better!)

Does Pine resemble a young John Slattery?

I agree, Harry. Utterly.

The closer the movie gets the more excited I get. I’m sure they will do a great job.

Is it just me, or does Quinto sound like Bill Murrary’s Groundskeeper from Caddyshack in the above MTV video?
“He’s a Cinderella Boy and it looks like he may use a 5 iron…”

The biggest acting challenge for these guys right now has got to be coming across as interested in answering the same set of questions from now till May.

I… I… Did ZQ just drop his voice down as low as LN??? I mean, sometimes Spock just *purred* when he spoke, and I melted every time he did.

I just got that same reaction with ZQ.

Okay, where’s my time machine? I need it to be May 9 NOW!

I love that Pine isn’t a dead ringer for Shatner, but undeniably resembles and exudes Kirk.

Quinto will be great, amazing I’m sure, but I feel like (from the very little I’ve seen) he will take a bit more getting used to. Which is fine! I love the new Enterprise, even though it caught me off guard at first. I think Quinto’s Spock might be a similar experience.

A sequel?
Make it so…

Why the heck SHOULDN’T They build the enterprise on EARTH?! I like Mr.Orci’s reminder that the Enterprise has the ability to warp space yet (according to the canonista’s) cant take off thru earths atmostphere LMAO good point! IM excited to see it blast off into space!

#4…Where have you been for the last year or so?…under a rock? Shatner isn’t a part of this movie. That’s been one of the big controversies since production of new Trek movie started. FYI…you may want to look through all the articles posted here on trekmovie.com to catch up to what’s been going on.

In regards to Pine’s comment about Shatner’s approval on the intrepretation of Kirk…each actor who is involved in a remake of some sort no matter what will always have their own take on an already established character. With the trailers and short clips that have been made available to the public thus far as my basis for this assumption…I think Shatner will approve of Pine’s take on the character.

Sequel(s)?…I hope this first movie goes over really well with fans and critics so that there are more Trek movies out there as long as they are all done properly with respect to the franchise and canon.

I’d love to hear Mr. Nimoy’s advice to Mr. Quinto on the eyebrow shaving.

I bet they talked about it. ; )

Spoilers in the second vid about Heroes

13. Roddenberry Worshiper –
“#4…Where have you been for the last year or so?…”

I think that was a joke. I hope it was. Then again who knows?

Zach’s eyebrows probably grow back in a couple of hours from shaving time, so it’s probably not too big a deal for him.


#18—But does he smell like Camels and gin?


I love those guys, I’ll walk down a red carpet with them any day!

In the above picture, doesn’t Pine look almost exactly like the young Shatner?

This Movie will be TERRIBLE!!

Just kidding, I’m sure it’ll be brilliant.

Just wanted to be the first one in with a negative comment;)

but there is no suspense. we know nothing will ever happen to the characters so its just like watching reruns. b-o-r-i-n-g.

Industrial Light and Magic returns to Star Trek. That’s all I needed to hear.

Four months and counting…

Anthony, can you put up a countdown on the page?

“I can’t wait to shave my eyebrows again.”

I don’t suppose I can do it for you?

24. Jeyl

Please Jeyl…

They have alot to earn back for thier work on “Wrath,” in my book.


we don’t necessarily know nothing will ever happen to the characters, as this is an alternate timeline, right?

But, didn’t we always know it while watching any of the previous movies too? We were always confident that nothing was going to happen to a main character.

Well, they did pull that Spock thing….and Data…

Well, that;s just the thing about prequels… you know the characters that are in it, that were in the later movies, will be okay. But “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

I really like Pine.


“I can’t wait to shave my eyebrows again.”

Chris Pine’s 1-second reaction before the video cut out was priceless!


Sequel? They need to put Harry Mudd in it!!! He doesn’t have to be the main focus of the movie, but would be great to see a modern interpretation of the ‘ol Mudd man… and I doubt anyone’s even though of this one… but how about (since we’re already in a different timeline, presumably) bringing in Q???

#33…What about Finnegan (Kirk’s bully at the Academy)? All we know about that character is what was mentioned in TOS. Would love to see Kirk vs. Finnegan at some point in the movie.

Sequel? It needs to be about “The Mirror Universe”. An alternate timeline mirror universe…..er….well….maybe.

“I can’t wait to shave my eyebrows again”

Damned Quinto…I just coughed up orange juice all over my keyboard, LOL

“.. 26. That One Guy – January 15, 2009
“I can’t wait to shave my eyebrows again.”

I don’t suppose I can do it for you? …”

Ahaha! That made me laugh. xD TWICE.
First Quinto’s comment.
And then yours.
‘Cause you know there’s so many people (me included) who’d pro’lly kill to merely be in the PRESENCE of Zachary Quinto… x3

Sequel? Shouldn’t they maybe demonstrate they warrant one with the merits of this movie first?

Burton’s reboot of “Planet of the Apes” comes to mind. Eight years have passed and — thank goodness! — no sequel to that pile of chimp poo.

Don’t get me wrong. I hope the new “Trek” film is great. But IMHO it is hubris to talk of a sequel four months before the film is released and the public has a chance to react to it.

38. Brett Campbell


” #38. Sequel? Shouldn’t they maybe demonstrate they warrant one with the merits of this movie first?
Don’t get me wrong. I hope the new “Trek” film is great. But IMHO it is hubris to talk of a sequel four months before the film is released and the public has a chance to react to it. ”

I don’t think they were seriously considering a SEQUEL… I’m sure they’ll see how the audiences react to it before they start writing a script, filming, etc. etc. etc… The press just loves to hear that kinda stuff. That’s my guess, anyways.

40 – You are probably right — and certainly right about the press loving hype.

I sure hope this film will live up to it. I remember quite a bit of hype around Burton’s “Apes” and Lucas’s “Phantom Menace.” Media hype certainly never guarantees a film’s success and can often severely damage it.

Please play your cards right, Paramount.

39 – Trek is making “MeWonder” a lot these days, too. ; ) Cheers.

#33- I thought of it. I thought please, no Borg and no Q. Harry Mudd? Absolutley. How about the Talosians, the First Federation, the Capellans, the Gorn, Drill Thralls, K-7, Tholians, Kang, Kor, Koloth, Organians, and on and on? TOS has enough rich history. Q? We don’t need no stinking Q.

33 & 42 Put in Trelane! Trelane was Q before there was a Q. Thank Q very much. And if anyone doesn’t believe me on that, fuh Q. ;-D

(Not you in particular, 33 or 42 — I’m just havin’ some late-night, punch-drunk, mess-around “funnin'”). Cheers!

Award ceremony’s- yuk. Can’t watch ’em.

why would someone shave their eyebrows? I guess if the money was right anybody would shave.

What about the movie Caesar. Isn’t that another Planet of the Apes remake/sequal? It may not have anything to do with Burton’s….but another one is apparently in the works. The new take sounds interesting too.

As for sequels, Pirate Of the Caribbean got two made back to back based off of one film. Sure the first one did great; but they had no idea how well the second one would do, let alone a third one. The next Terminator film is gettin’ three without a first one released. They refer to it as the Terminator trilogy. Sure there were three other films, but this has none of the same actors, directors…and writers are different too, if I’m not mistaken. Spider-Man has reportedly two movies being made back to back and that comes after there were a lot of gripes about the third movie (I honestly think people were being hard on the third movie because the first two were so good).

It may seem silly and a bit premature to talk sequel, but when they figure that the trekkies and trekkers will come and see this movie, and fans of sci-fi action will come, and fans of J.J. Abrams, and people who just see summer blockbusters….odds are that this film will make quite a bit of money. Which is the ultimate indicator for whether or not a sequel is made. That’s why a sequel was made to The Grudge….a film only one person liked. It made money thus it get’s a sequel. X-files, it has been said, may not get another film….because it didn’t bring in the cash. It’s a shame. I hope another one is made; but cash is king and apparently they didn’t make enough. It still might get another film because it made money in the past. Much like Planet of the Apes.

I think there’ll be a sequel to this prequel, telling the continuing story of their original origin story, or maybe an alternative version of a parallel origin story of the original origin story that had never been shown before and which we never wanted to know about. I hope I’ll also miss the triquel in which the preliminary events leading up to the history of origins, the pre-origin story, will be told.

Did anyone notice the red shirt in the background when Quinto is being interviewed by the woman?

No MTV video playing for me….

Sequel: howz about the new v2 crew slingshot forward to their v2 multiverse 24th century and stop Nero before the series of events that alter prime time to multiverse v2, creating new multiverse v3 where Nero doesn’t go back in time to create multiverse v2.1. A remake of a re-universed version of Trek original. Makes perfect sense to me.