Jolene Blalock Appears Tonight In Trek Parody on TBS Comedy “10 Items Or Less”

Star Trek Enterprise’s Jolene Blalock will appear in a Star Trek parody on the TBS show 10 Items or Less, airing tonight. Blalock will be playing herself, having been lured to a "Star Trok" convention held in a grocery store, which is the main setting for the semi-improvisational comedy show.


Here is the official description of tonight’s show:

Season 3: Episode 16: Star Trok
Leslie’s holds a Star Trok convention when Jolene Blalock of “Star Trek: Enterprise” shows up for a celebrity appearance. During the event an exploding refrigerator compressor leaves her trapped in close quarters with Leslie and Ingrid.

Blalock on 10 Items or Less

The idea for the episode came from show creator and star John Lehr, who is also a Trek fan. In an interview with SciFi Wire Lehr explains that the episode, and the ‘convention’ within the episode are called "Star Trok," because the character Leslie was sent a letter from Paramount saying he couldn’t use the name "Star Trek." In the interview Lehr also explains how his Trek parody compares to past Trek parodies:

Saturday Night Live, when they spoofed Star Trek, they were really making fun of Star Trek, of the Trekkies. Our show is populated by a lot of nerds already, so I think we’re not really spoofing them. We’re wanting to be a part of them, in a way. Jolene shows up, and we’re really excited that she’s there, and I think that’s the reason Jolene was willing to do it. These other characters are running around like, "Oh, my God, it’s Jolene Blalock!", and they truly are thrilled. So I think it’s done with a lot of love. I don’t think Trekkies will be upset. The people who are creating the comedy are Trekkies themselves.

The "Star Trok" episode of 10 Items or Less airs on TBS tonight (Tuesday Jan 20th) at 11:00 PM and repeats Wed. at 2:00 AM and Friday 10:55 PM. More info at the official site.

Here is the promo for the episode (shows the "Trok" element, but Blalock is not in the promo):

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Never seen the show.

She was the sexiest vulcan ever, wow

Looks more like a Galaxy Quest con than a Trek…. but I’ll have to watch!


This looks amazingly unfunny.

Sorry but Saavik was the sexiest Vulcan ever! I guess she was half-Romulan so maybe we are both right! =)

The show? I give it 10 days or less.

TBS is about as funny as Holmes and Yoyo.

Saavik was half Romulan?


I wonder if the guy with the fake shoulder pads and bad sideburns is supposed to be a Trelane impression



EVER… <3

Second sexiest Vulcan, in my book. Sorry T’Pol, but I’ll award the number one spot to Dr. Selar.

Saavik is certainly the sexiest Vulcan-Romulan (it wasn’t in the movie, but it was in the screenplay for TWOK, if memory serves.)

Wasn’t Valeris supposed to be Romulan-Vulcan, too?

Daoud reminds me of Debbie Downer on SNL… whau-whau…

9: I guess he’s a Centauri Elvis impersonator.

only seen one episode of the show. didn’t care too much for it. but i will watch tonight. hopefully she reenacts her maxim shoot. mmmmmm.

Man, did I wish I was Trip when he got to slather her with KY in the isolation chamber!! SCHWINGGG!!!

#11—“Saavik is certainly the sexiest Vulcan-Romulan (it wasn’t in the movie, but it was in the screenplay for TWOK, if memory serves.)”

And in the novelization. While it is not canon, it certainly puts Kirstie alley’s performance as that character in better perspective. Being a big fan of the Vonda McIntyre novelizations of ST II, III, and IV, I have just always viewed the character that way.

“Wasn’t Valeris supposed to be Romulan-Vulcan, too?”

I’m not sure about that, but the character was initially supposed to be Saavik. Of that, I am sure. I was always glad they didn’t go that route. I have always felt that Saavik was Spock’s best opportunity to produce an offspring, and that ignoring that possibility was a mistake.

After all, Spock would presumably still experience the mating cycle every 7 years of his adult life, assuming that his human blood does not limit him to the one experience with it.

Wow. I just went way off-topic!

Damn, someone leaked the fourth act of “Starship Exeter” onto the Internet!

It depends really, cos i prefer the actress who plays Saavik in Star Trek 3, rather than Kirsty Alley’s Saavik. She has nicer eyes, and hair…..

More Jolene!

This is news?

this makes Trek fans look like developmentally impaired people. This isn’t funny.

16: And it would have been a real zinger, dramatically speaking, if Saavik had participated in the conspiracy. But I’m glad she was allowed to stay honest.

“After all, Spock would presumably still experience the mating cycle every 7 years of his adult life, assuming that his human blood does not limit him to the one experience with it.”

I’d assume the human blood would rather make him, well, more prone to sexual activity, not less. Saavik’s Romulan blood may have similar effects :-)

Jolene Blalock continues to fill out her resume from the top downwards. I suppose this is the next logical step following her appearances in SciFi Channel productions and direct to DVD sequels.

Blalock was one of the better actors associated with modern Trek, and it’s a shame that she isn’t more appreciated in fandom – but also sadly understandable.

21. devon richards: “this makes Trek fans look like developmentally impaired people. This isn’t funny.”

Dude, it’s parody, don’t be insulted. Have you seen the “Trekkies” movies? Now those are freaks!

So the career is going well then?

Poor Jolene- I really wish she would find the right role. With the exception of an abysmal turn in Starship Troopers 3 I am actually fond of her as an actress. She was also typically the only Vulcan on Enterprise who acted like a Vulcan, to the point they had to start writing her as nuts so she’d fit the rest! ;)

Oh Jolene, how I love and miss thee…

if this is comedy why ain’t i laughing. :-[

She is soooooooooo much hotter than Angelina Jolie.

Weerd1 – Yes !!! Jolene B is a good actress (not just a looker) but is she getting the breaks , and I guess we would have to ask her why ? whether she is not offered the roles or other things are more important . I think I will cast her in my independent ‘Flipper’ sequel !!

@17 –

Looks like nobody’s leaking any “Starship Exeter” anymore – just tried to navigate to the website, and got a “MobileME” version of a 404 error (they were on a .Mac server). Guess they packed up and went home after spending the last, oh, 18 months or so trying to finish act 4.

Now if they’d hired Jolene, maybe they’d have had some incentive to get it done faster.

I have to agree with Mr. Bailey.

I thought Ms. Blalock was a nice breath of adrenaline on what was often a sterile show. She seemed to seethe emotion, despite her role as a Vulcan.

Her off-screen discontent with the direction of ENT was known. Perhaps she dug herself a reputation problem in Hollywood.

That should be overlooked. Apparently Trek inspired alot of passion with some Trek inspired crew members. Surely she always wanted the best for the show.

Jolene melts my butter!
After meeting her at the last Las Vegas S.T. CON she is absolutely stunning in person. I was hooked on Enterprise back in 2001 after her famous scene in the Decon Chamber and I am not too proud to admit it either.

Savik was full Vulcan as Spock tells Admiral Kirk “… first Vulcan to graduate at the top of her class.”

Valaris was the Vulcan/Romulan character…although I would think that is redundant if they the Romulans are an offshoot of Vulcans.

Oh well , watch Jolene and enjoy it, it is done in humor, not an insult.

“It’s a Plingon ship!” XD

Nice ‘Star Wreck’ reference…

I like Jolene, but that TV show (as well as most of the TBS original stuff) is unwatchable.

Sexiest Vulcan woman? Pfft, please, T’Pring is no contest. T’Pol and Saavik or whoever don’t even come close!

Is that 11pm Eastern time or Western?

I can’t say that she’s the sexiest Vulcan ever, because since I’m a girl, and I feel little attraction towards other women… yeah.
But Jolene Blalock /does/ have a nice figure.

Sexiest Vulcan in my opinion? Psht. Tukov, HANDS DOWN. <3333

Anyways, I’ll have to catch this tonight! :3 Looks pretty funny, and Blalock isn’t a half-bad actress… In any case, she really captured the essence of her character during the time Enterprise ran!!

That’s a little pathetic isn’t it…

Star Trek III: The Perm of Saavik.

@ 7.

Its been on since 2006. Its kind of like the Office only not quite as witty but it has its moments.

Also, I’m watching it now and to be honest, I’ve never seen Blalock acting outside of her role as T’Pol and man she’s somehow twice as hot.

Saw it.

I liked her better playing herself than in any episode of ENT.

She was the star. However, that whole show looked very amatuer. Once again Trek (or even Trok) draws the crowd.

Episode 38 “The Catwalk.” Was that Jolene’s contribution?
Best line in the show. : )

Hottest woman ever: Mirror universe T’Pol.
I haven’t seen all of the Enterprise episodes, but from what I did see, I think Ms. Blalock played a Vulcan very well. It can’t be easy playing a Vulcan.

Thanks Poizen_Prince for spotting the Plingon :D

Believe it or not, 10 Items or Less is in it’s 3rd season. I find the humor much in the style of The Office, kind of broad satire. While watching the show last night, I couldn’t help noticing how much the main character, Leslie, reminds me of Michael Scott (a good guy with great intentions but clueless on his affect on people).

And yes, Jolene is smoking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#34—“Savik was full Vulcan as Spock tells Admiral Kirk ‘… first Vulcan to graduate at the top of her class.’

Valaris was the Vulcan/Romulan character…”

I’m not sure where you get that from.

This show is awful. I watched it last night hoping for a chuckle or two at our expence but it was simply not funny. For those who liken this to The Office, I don’t agree at all. “10 Items” is very low brow and just lame.

As for the question regarding Valaris’ Vulcan/Romulan heritage, I’ve read that in the past. I believe that this was cited in the novelization of ST:VI but not on screen. It’s more apocryphal than canon.