Blu-ray Update: TOS Season 1 + TOS Movies Coming May 2009

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As reported on Thursday at Digital Bits, select release details and cover art images of Star Trek sets on Blu-ray have leaked from European studio sources, but there’s been conflicting information as to what exactly the release will entail here in the USA. We’ve checked in repeatedly with Digital Bits and TrekMovie industry sources and we’re now able to bring you accurate, updated details.

Trek and Blu-ray in 2009
Keep in mind that none of this is official until actual studio announcements are made, and these details are still subject to change. But here’s the latest…

As originally reported back in November on The Digital Bits and TrekMovie, the first six Star Trek feature films will be released on Blu-ray in the USA in May in a six-film "Kirk/Spock" (or Original Series film era) box set, each with remastered picture and sound. All six films will be in their original theatrical versions. On Thursday reported that that the European set would not include Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, however sources indicate that Final Frontier will be in the USA set. Other regions may offer different disc configurations/packaging options (the leaked image below suggests the first three films will be in a trilogy package in Europe).

At least some new extras have been created for new Blu-ray releases, including "famous fan" commentary tracks for each film, as well as new featureettes (for example select scenes from a Klingon performance of Hamlet by the Commedia Beauregard will be packed with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – see previous report TrekMovie story). It’s unknown yet whether these will be Blu-ray exclusive, or if there will be a simultaneous standard DVD release. It is also expected that the four Next Generation feature films (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis) will get the Blu-ray treatment, at a later date.

Star Trek feature films Blu-ray box x art leaked to
[note US packaging and configuration may be different]

TOS coming to Blu-ray
The biggest news we’ve learned is that CBS will finally release Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One on Blu-ray on the same street date in May as the movies. The release is currently planned to include both the original broadcast versions as well as the new Remastered versions of each episode. If this happens as planned, it’s obviously very cool news, though we’re still waiting to hear whether the Blu-rays will include all of the special features that were offered with the previous DVD and HD-DVD/DVD Combo releases of the series.

Star Trek TOS Season 1Blu-ray box art leaked at
[May not be final or apply to USA release]

May is still far enough away that it could be a month or more before we see official announcements, but The Digital Bits and Trek are in contact with the studio and we hope to have more to report from them very soon.

Stay tuned…

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“The wait is over…”

Has anyone metioned a remastered Cage episode? Where is that one? It was the

Hmmm… TOS of TOS.

Almost a quantum paradox if you think about it.


That’s how you do box art. Simple, effective, timeless.

It’s good that Star Trek is finally getting the big HD treatment like other franchises, though it would be nice to have some extended versions of the movies. After all, if some of us are to replace SD or VHS versions then they should sweeten the deal — they’ve done it before in some of the earlier releases, particularly with STVI. Otherwise, I don’t know about anyone else but I find commentaries generally a waste of time. I like discussin movies with everyone else, not sitting there listening to someone else rant on over the film.

But I have an HD player. With the cool PHASER remote. I still want seasons 2 & 3 on HD.
Now I’ll have to go & get a Blu-Ray player. Maybe even an HD TV.
This’ll be an expensive year…

well..i can now go out and buy a blu-ray player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate the box art. I would prefer each film to be released in its own case so that we can still appreciate the original artwork. Why did they also change the typeface for the original series?

I like the box art a great deal.

I am, however, perturbed that these are the theatrical releases. For ST II & VI, that’s a shame.

Of course, it goes without saying that I wish Paramount would come off the coin so Daren, et al, can re-render the ST:TMP effects in an HD-appropriate resolution.

#7 —

Wait … You have an HD player but not an HD TV?

What was the point?


Change the typeface for the original series? Are you kidding me? That is the least of worries…The question you should be askin’ is why the hell did Abrams change EVERYTHING in the new movie?

Ok ok, I’ll have to get a new TV, and a Blu-Ray player, and the film box (the one WITH ST V) and TOS – is this really worth getting flat broke for?

Hell, yeah! :)

Ok I’m confused…

What trilogy? We’re way past trilogies…

Still I’m loving the BD box with the earth and Star Fleet insignia. Love it…

The TOS font kind of sucks… but whatever…

Can’t wait for the inevitable TNG remastered on blu-ray. I think I’ll wait to upgrade all me DVDs until the 50th anniversary when they release all this stuff again.

3 – Isn’t THE CAGE on Season Three, like on the DVDs?

I know that it’s convenient to divide the six TOS movies into two ‘trilogies’ but it’s ironic that II-IV do actually constitute a trilogy in a way that TMP – III and IV – VI simply don’t.

Mind you, while STAR WARS divides neatly into ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ trilogies there’s also a ‘Death Star’ trilogy that runs II – IV.

Also, original theatrical versions? Why would they want to do that when the Director’s Editions of TMP and TWOK are there?

Trilogy? What Trilogy?

Ah… TOS on blu-ray… finally!!

I have all of TNG, DS9, VOY and the movies on DVD – but I haven’t bought the TOS remastered series on DVD ‘cos I’ve been waiting for the blu-ray. Now it’s here…

I have to say I’m a bit skeptical about TNG, DS9 and VOY on blu-ray… I heard that although the episodes were filmed on film, they were actually edited onto video. So in order to do a proper HD transfer, it would require going back to the original reels and basically piecing together every episode all over again. Hell of a lot of work, and I’m not sure that Paramount/CBS would actually go for it.

@ 17. Jim Smith: Well, supposedly the new visual fx for the TMP Director’s Edition were only rendered in standard definition to save costs. So in order to get a HD version of TMP-DE they would have to re-do the effects again. But I guess that should be possible without too much effort (read: costs) if the original animation files used for the DE still exist.

Maybe all the other changes for TWOK, TUC etc. on DVD were also only done in SD which is why Paramount is now returning to the old (original) film reels of the theatrical versions to do the bluray discs.

Don’tcha just sometimes wish that the people at Paramount/CBS cared about Star Trek and Star Trek fans the way Peter Jackson did, when it came to LOTR fans and the various DVD versions of those films?

I have no doubt that these releases – such as they are – will be, in a word, “okay.” They will again, however, be in no way “definitive.”

I predict, yet again, there will be plenty of material left on the cutting room floor; plenty of alternate versions of films that aren’t included; deleted scenes (the Peter Preston stuff from STII, for example) that aren’t included, totally remade scenes (the cheaped-out-by-Paramount, non-HD recut of ST:TMP) that won’t be in there, bonus features that were previously limited releases (like special DVDs, just for Best Buy customers) that won’t be on these…

And, oh, what we could do with these films! Wouldn’t you like to hear two commentary tracks on every one of these films? One with Bill, Leonard, and the director (when the director wasn’t Bill or Leonard!), and one with Walter, George and Nichelle? Hell, on Blu-ray, you could add a third commentary track of, say, Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach, hosting a variety of technical artists throughout the film… “Okay, joining us now is Steve Gawley; he built the Reliant model…” (And yes, I’m frightened that I just wrote that from memory, and after a quick Google-ing, it appears to be true…)

Wouldn’t you like to hear commentary from the TOS actors on the TOS episodes? Is there any good reason why this hasn’t happened yet?

Ah yes. Money.

Well, really now, how can that be a problem? I mean, ST on DVD is invariably priced WAY higher than contemporary series. For example, you could buy a set which includes all seven seasons of Buffy that’s chock-a-block bursting with special features and commentaries, for much less than the three season pack of remastered TOS. ($186.99 at Amazon for the slayer; $219.99 for the TOS three-pack.)

This is why I’ve pretty much given up buying new versions of this material. After ten “bites at the apple” as they say in the “sell ’em the same thing again and again” home video business, all that’s left is the rotten core.

TOS Remastered Season One on Blu-ray?

All the news I needed to hear!

Now all we need is for all the three seasons to be packaged together in one ‘super’ package. That would be great. Perhaps when they release the new movie on Blu-ray sometime way, way later in ’09 (just in time for Christmas no doubt), they could have a special edition which contains the top five fan favourite episodes, in full HD Remastered glory.

I think that would be very appropriate.

is the uk getting season 2 and 3 in normal DVD format in the fancy plastic cases like season 1?

Quite annoying that I will only have season 1 in that style packing.

Boy, someone at Paramount must really hate the original STAR TREK logo to want to put those boring block letters on the Season 1 package.


to BR

I see no point in getting the blu-ray films: very little improvement over the DVD special editions (with up-scaling). TMP theatrical edition is far worse than the director’s edition. And TFF will not look great in blue-ray.*

TOS remastered is another story, however. If they include the original and remastered copies in the boxset, then I shall part with my hard-earned cash.

*I hope these films don’t put new fans off ‘old’ Star Trek. Paramount should have fully remastered the films, with new special effects, and released the films individually, starting with the best: TWOK, TVH, TUC, etc. A new fan may take one look at TMP and never look at Trek again!

This is a classic example of slow money extraction from a loyal fan base,it’s a tried and tested route used by studios to lighten your pockets.WAKE UP PEOPLE.
First the DVD releases started on individual DVDs (five or six episodes per disk).later they started to bring out the season packs 1,2 & 3 on normal quality DVD.then the remastered versions season packs and now Lo’ and behold the blu-ray versions,what more is there to see,I ask? or how does blu ray improve the quality of a show made in the 60s?!!!!!!!!!!Get the DVD version and dont be duped into buying gimmicks.Next we’ll be getting offers of ST:TOS BALANCE OF TERROR with extra romulans!!!!!!!!! or episodes with spock and his digitally enhanced EXTRA POINTY EARS!!!!! or space scenes with extra shiny stars COME ON PEOPLE.
Number 21 says”they could have a special edition which contains the top five fan favourite episodes, in full HD Remastered glory”WHAT?would you actually buy that knowing that somewhere in your’e collection you already have those episodes in all their “NO HD FULL UNREMASTERED GLORY”.Wake up fellow star trek fans and see the financial tractor beam thats been pointed at your pockets for the last decade

Big Hi to all

TOS Remastered on BluRay is a definite buy as long as Paramount charges a reasonable price. Given the age of the series and the number of times fans have already plunked down money for it, I hope they don’t try to gouge us again.

As for the TOS movies, I love them but unless Paramount does a cleanup and remastering job I’ll probably pass. Many of the effects for ST:TMP really haven’t held up well at all (especially the early Klingon scenes) and the later TOS films were largely low budget affairs and it often shows in the costumes and sets. The effects on Trek V are especially weak and it really hurt the finished film. The enhanced definition of BluRay will only bring out these shortcomings and deficiencies even more and that’s why I think its important to shore up the visuals as much as possible.

It also goes without saying that the ST:TMP release should include both the original theatrical release AND the director’s edition. That too will probably be tough to do since I understand the CG effects were rendered at standard def resolutions.

Paramount has a great opportunity here to finally give these entertaining films the love they deserve but given their past history, I’m not holding my breath that they’ll do the right thing.

Looks like I’m buying TOS yet one more time!

I’m a bit “iffy” on the “trilogy”, especially the theatrical verion of TMP. That would mean the directors edition will get its realease and buying TMP once again.

Luckily they being offered separately.

As far as upscaling looking as good as blu-ray, you just need to see them side-by-side. Upscaling SD content does not even compare with native HD content (its like watch the former through gauze :)

The packaging for the TV series is SO much nicer than the HD:DVD.

Why is there no Star Trek V in Europe???

Could it be that they are finally letting the Shat re-do the effects? They kept TOS-R very quiet until they started. Could be a possibility.

I had season one on the HD DVD and DVD combo and I said I would wait to get the others when they come onto blu ray

Now TOS remastered will be available as a supplement to the originals.I have.

Star Trek is one film of only a few select film series I would rebuy onto blu ray but the DVDs are still great. Annoyed that the TMP director’s edition is not on the blu ray and package for TOS is good but I dont like it as much as the remastered box sets

I actually prefer the covers of the movies on DVD and annoyed that all ten did not come together

All Paramount has left in their vaults to lure fans who bought the betas, vhs, laserdiasc, dvd and hd versions is the infamous BLOOPERS and OUTTAKES from the original (and BEST) series. Additionally they could throw in the original NBC tv promo spots (seen on YOU TUBE posted by me).
The Billy Blackburn 8mms were wonderful to see and really showed how much of a cut-up the crew were. They could also be thrown in to sweeten the deal!

Already have the originals on DVD. Also have the first season HD remastered versions already, picked them up for a cheaper song when HD went belly up.

But the movies are a welcome sight….although the box set scares me. I’d love to pick it up but if it’s $100 a pop like the Planet of the Apes set, I’ll have to pass. Once they break them down into individual releases I’ll pick them up over time.

I thought I read somewhere that John Lowery had been contracted to oversee the remastering efforts for a couple of the films.

For the uninitiated, Lowery is an industry leader in digital film remastering. Check out the new James Bond DVDs (particularly Dr. No) or the Star Wars trilogy (yes, the altered ones) for impressive samples of his company’s work.

Original Theatrical Editions only? What a pinch.

I liked the work they did on The Motion Picture, it’s just a darn shame those who worked on the FX didn’t render the sequences in High Deffinition. Way to go geniuses. You realized Robert Wise’s vision that can only be told in standard format.

In regards to Star Trek II, can’t we have both? There are no new effect shots so it could be just a standard case of seamless branching. Same goes for Star Trek VI.

I’d definately buy the TOS seasons *if* they indeed do include the original broadcast and remastered versions. I will not pick them up if they are only the remastered version.

As far as the films, if they aren’t the series that kicked off with the 2001 release of “TMP”, then I’ll just stick with what I already have. I don’t want the theatrical release of TMP; I want the Directors Edition. Same with Trek II…


No director’s editions, no sale! Sorry! TMP’s only definitive version is the Director’s Edition. Sounds like they can’t be bothered to get Daren in to re-render the new shots in HD for the moment. It is after all only a case of rendering, not starting from scratch!

And we know Nick Meyer wouldn’t mind a bit of new work on the Genesis cave or TWOK. And Shatner should be allowed to oversee a complete recut of STV with new FX. It’ll never be a great film, but there’s a much better one lurking in that flabby failure of a movie!

TUC’s additions for video made little sense anyway, so not sweating that one!

Don’t care about the TNG movies: might as well not exist, as far as I’m concerned, although I hope people who enjoy TNG feel well treated when they watch them. A new cut of Nemesis would probably go down well with them! ;)

As for TOS (Unremastered/)Remastered on Blu-ray: that’s a definite buy for me!

That ST5 (or any other of the movies, for that matter) should be left out of a Star Trek-movie Blu-ray collection strikes me as extremely odd.

Usually reliable German dvd news websites Cinefacts and Area DVD report on rumors about a release of a movie box containing all six films in april. (Plus, apparently, a re-release of those and Classic seaon 1 on dvd, too.)

Also, a movie trilogie of ST2-4 (instead of 1-3) would be much more sensible, of course…

Looking forward to the official confirmation from CBS/Paramount to clear up the conflicting rumors swirling around at the moment.

come on alec,something is wrong.your saying the upscale dvd’s will = the films on blu-ray.there is no upscaler that will match a blu-ray hd disc!
Usless you spend thosands of dollars on a scaler,theres no way its gonna look better then the bd.
startrek is paramounts baby,my bet is they won’t flub this one.
these bd’s will look good.

I’m excited to see these films hit Blu-Ray – and I understand they are rushing to take advantage of the film’s summer release and tie in to the promotion. But for the love of the Profits, can’t they do this RIGHT?

Directors Editions, re-mastered at least to the point of color correction and image restoration, with some new special features. I’m all for a redo on all of the special effects, to give these films (which were all terrible under-budgeted when made) a crack at the digital technology that is so readily available these days.

The fact that Paramount didn’t have the foresight to consider HD when they polished the directors’ cut of TMP is just par for the course – because they see Star Trek as a franchise they can pour little money into – and still get a hell of a lot out. Hopefully a strong response to the new film will change that attitude…but I doubt it.


I believe the Trilogy refers to STII TWOK, STIII TSFS & STIV TVH

Am I the only one really perterbed by all these damn releases? I love Trek, so much… I bought each of the 4 seasons of ENT right when they came out. All 3 of TOS on thier first DVD outing (read, not remastered). I had all 7 of the flix on VHS, upgraded them to DVD, had to replace them all after an unfortunate pawning necessity… Got the first 6 box set and the last 4 individually. Then the Remastered TOS came out. Had to wait to save up for an all 3 season box. Plus single, unrelated DVDs and the cheaper of boxed sets of a few other shows – not to mention the Trek fan collectives… I barely get by enough as it is, let alone attempt to shell out $200.00 to $300.00 or more per TNG, DS9 &VOY. Now, yay – here they all come on BDs… They’re full of it and we’re gullable. What? No trade-in discounts? Your old DVDs for brand-spanking-new BDs? Well, whatever… Bless Ye who so possesses wealth in abundance enough to get every new hada-who when they become available. And Bless We that we may also be so fortunate.

Agreed on the box box art; nice work.

And a wholehearted agree on the lack of an HD workup of TMP. I really enjoy that movie, despite what many say it’s an enjoyable film.

And another agreement; ST II, III, and IV is a trilogy. TMP is a stand-alone (almost a pilot for the film series, per se), V is kind of a misstep, and IV is a swan song.

On a positive note, if the theatrical version of TMP is released on Blu-Ray I can finally, FINALLY ditch my laserdisc.

If it’s the theatrical editions of TMP, TWOK and TUC we can be assured that Paramount will “double-dip” on all of these. The demand will surely be there, especially for “The Motion Picture” where “The Director’s Edition” is far superior to anything other version. I’ll be skipping this release if it’s only the theatrical TMP.

As for the original versions of the the original series, if they do turn up on this set, then that is great news! I’ll pick this set up in a heartbeat!

I’m glad that TOS will come out on both original and remastered versions. We definitely deserve to choose what version we get. I might go for the TOS blu-ray.

As for the movies, I’m a little disturbed that the director cuts aren’t going to be availiable via seamless branching. I can understand if Robert Wise’s new digital effects weren’t rendered for HD (although it’s a shame that Paramount didn’t render it at film resolution and make the new effects more part of the film), but I would think that the extra scenes for ST 2 and 6 would be as simple as scaning the film of those scenes along with the rest of the movie. However, I can’t wait to see the original effects of TMP. I’m a big fan of original special effects and I can’t wait to see the original cut of the film.

I predicted they’d release TOS on Blu-ray in time for the new movie, but it’s still been a long wait! I hope the U.S edition’s packaging is like the European one shown (and in standard cases), instead of those hideous boxes where all the disks come loose!

Nice–I’m -really- glad to hear that they’ll be bundling the original eps with this, so I can get rid of my other sets and save some space on the shelf. I’m also glad that they’re going with normal packaging; as “neat” as the TOS season set packaging is, it’s not very practical or durable. Gimme the old amaray-style case anyday.




TOS BD is a go for me as I passed on the HD-DVD sets.