BSG Preview: “A Disquiet Follows My Soul”

Last week Battlestar Galactica came back with a big bang (literally) and also had a major reveal, but there are still nine episodes to go with much more to find out. The ragtag fleet is back tonight with a brand new episode, and as we do every week with new episodes we have previews below, plus all the fallout from last week’s episode and more.


“A Disquiet Follows My Soul” [Season 4 Ep. 12]
US: Airing January 23rd on SciFi at 10 PM (9 Central)
Canada: Airing January 23rd on Space at 10 PM (7 Pacific)

Synopsis: Admiral Adama wants to use Cylon technology to help the fleet find a new permanent home, but not everyone agrees with his plan.

Kara has some words for Felix in "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

Preview (SciFi – USA)

Preview (Space – Canada)

Sneak Peek

Last Week’s Episode Online
You can watch the entire episode of "Sometimes a Great Notion" at (US) or (Canada). Hulu also has a version with Ron Moore commentary, also embedded here:

Ratings update
Last Friday’s season 4.5 premiere drew a 1.6 household coverage rating and 2.11 million total viewers. That performance is basically flat when compared to the season 4 premiere. Among the key demographics, however, the show was off slightly more, drawing 1.3 million adults 18-49 and 1.4 million adults 25-54. By way of comparison, the season 4 premiere drew 1.4 million adults 18-49 (-10%) and 1.5 million adults 25-54 (-7%). In a press release SCI FI claimed ‘double digit gains’ in ratings, but that was somewhat misleading in that they compare the season premiere’s performance to the season 4.0 average.

Post 4.5 premiere interviews
Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has a post-premiere interview with Ron Moore, David Weddle, Bradley Thompson an Michael Nankin about the episode. There is too much to quote here so just go read it.

There are a few others:

Lastly, show star Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) was also interviewed by SciFi Wire, check it out.

Life as a Cylon weblog
SciFi has put out a new weblog with Ron Moore and others talking about creating the life of the Cylons

Auction updates
Last weekend the Galactica Auction was held in Los Angeles. SitRep has a couple of updates with pictures HERE and HERE. More auctions are still going on, so go to Access Hollywood was on hand and has some cast interviews showing off some of the goodies.

More BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.

Catch up on DVD
If you need to catch up, the  Battlestar Galactica 4.0 DVD set was recently released, here is a promo:

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Can’t wait for tonight’s ep. What’s up with Starbuck? Uh, First?

I want to know what the Doctor Cylon did to Kara and her ovary(?) way back when.

I am beginning to think that the skins jobs were created by humans as an attempt at immortality. Perhaps the original idea may have been for humans to be able to die and transfer their consciousness (soul?) to bodies that were capable of endlessly resurrecting. Perhaps that is what the final five are – the only ones who succeeded in the Human to Cylon transfer – giving them god-like stature among Cylons.

BSG is one of the best shows ever made. I am always looking forward to friday.

Yeah, what the frak is up with Kara? Last weeks ep was a complete mind frak for her.

I like to say frak.

Amazing show. Everything about it is amazing. When it ends I’m going to electroshock my brain hoping to erase my memory so i can rewatch like its the first time.

I somehow missed last weeks episode. Plan to watch it within a few days.

What I want to know is…if Earth was populated by Cylons, who the frak blew Earth up and why?

Once again, my phone will be put on “ignore” for tonight’s episode…nobody better try to call me.

BSG, what an awesome show. It helps to ease the wait for May ’09!

I’m thinking the Kara thing has to be the result of time travel or someone is trying to discourage the others from following her as ‘The Harbinger of Death’. Leoben was seriously weirded out last week, and that’s an odd side to see from him.

Oh, my. Looks from the CA preview like we find out this week that a certain Final Five member will discover that a certain viper pilot is really the father of his kid.

This show just gets better and better. Too bad it won’t last, but then again, what does? I only wish we could get a few more seasons out of it… maybe a big screen movie? I can only hope. I’ve been a Star Trek fan as long as I can remember (and i’m pushing 40 now) and I having a tough time admitting it, but Galactica is just much more …engaging. Sorry.

2. Art•Rob – January 23, 2009

funny that was something I had tinkered with the possibility of.

Frak – fraked — frakking and all the women are so frakkable; except the female Sergent-At-Arms, but then again, if it came down to the survival of the human race, well then, yea, I guess I’d frak her too. One must do his duty!

Love my BSG. When it’s over and done I’m gonna be so frakking bummed. “Caprica” is going to have ginormousfrakking shoes to fill.

If the new Trek is half as good as RM’s BSG, I will be insanely happy.

Ok. Last week had me so confused but i loved ever moment of it. I like that i heard the orignal Klaxen from the orignal Battlestar galactica. So much going on and i watched that Episode 3 times trying to understand everything. Well Heres for Tonight and well Ill watch this at least 2 times. But i do hope they Explain what happend and what lead up to the planet of cylons being Nuked and i do not believe that they have found Earth yet. I bet that when they Find Earth it will be Us that they Find.As foa StarBuck. I bet she either went back in time or she is an Orignal Cylong and is the 5th and was Brought Back into her new body. But what about her Ship. it is like new. So So many Questions and maybe we will get a couple of more answers tonight.

This is whats going on, if I’m wrong, then sorry. but i think this is how it will play out.
The world they have found was indeed a Cylon world, a world the Cylons named Earth. But, they Fraked it up royally. So…. The Colonials will go in search of another habitable world, which they do in fact find. It is lush , green, fertile , and already populated by a bronze age civilization which is just begining to find it’s way into what we will come to know as ancient Greece. The ancient greeks worship some fairly nasty Gods and are more on the order of Druid barbarians than the classic Greeks we know and love now. But, now comes these nifty gods who fly around in burning, firey chariots. The new gods have spiffy names like Apollo, Athena,Helios (close enough for govt. work). They also had names like Caprica (Capricorn), Aquaria (Aquarius), Scorpia (Scorpio) ETC…… need I go on. The Colonials name their new world Earth. End of story, So, lets see.

#17. Interesting theory. it could work but then again maybe not.The greek Mythology could have already come from the 13th Tribe that brough it there. The Cylon Planet could have been the 13th Colonys machines that simply set out and created there own world and or it was the 13th Colony that Fired all those Nukes and Destroyed the Cylon Earth before they set out to the 13th colony of our Earth. But What About the Starbuck and her Ship. How did they appear and How did the orignal Starbuck crash on that planet so far away from the Fleet.

Nice melons….that person in the cylon pod.

NOT CANNON!!!! Their weapons in no way resemble that of the 1970s classic, the ship is weird looking and Starbuck is a WOMAN!
I therefore conclude this is NOT CANNON and must be hailed as corrupt, bad & wrong. My crew heretofore boycott this show.

Remember the fartagutt!!!

I think what happens is that no matter where they go they will find bombed out worlds, I think they are all machines, Colonial and Cylons and they are endlessly repeating the same tragic history over and over again. They are stuck in an endless ly repeating loop. It not going have a really happy ending. I could wrong of course and Number 17 theory could be the one.

They will go through even more depair, sorrow and anger, a bunch of ppl will die. and then even more of the above…

after allll that unending crap they’ve gone throught, it will finally, all end with a heavenesque ending so great and uplifting, that they’ll write a book about the whole ordeal, in which all of it’s context and meaning will be misinterpreted and forgotten with ages,
where it will all happen again…

I love this frakkin show!

Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Yeah that is proving to common theme of the show.

i’m sorry to have to ask this, but i never have, so here goes.

i watched the first season way back when it came out, and was bored silly. It was extremely gritty, but nothing ever seemed to happen in it. Now did things change or something, but even then, it seemed like everybody was going on about how it was the greatest show in the world. I don’t know, I guess not everybody can like something.

#24 – The show has changed. But if you didn’t like it in season 1, you probably aren’t going to like it now. The show has become more about faith and politics than the real-world scenarios of season 1 and 2. That’s why many have stopped watching the show, believing it jumped the shark. But critics love it and it still has a loyal audience that made it last this long. I think the show has evolved, and for people that stuck with it, the reward has been sweet. But to start watching in these last two seasons with hardly any knowledge of what has happened before is almost impossible. Plus, I think the show would come off as unentertaining.

RE:: Rone Moore’s Batllestar Galactica….

It’s dark.

It’s gritty.

The ship damage and human damage is cumulative.

The characters grow and change and sometimes they die.

It’s so very human.

It’s everything that Star Trek Voyager could and should have been.

I think they’re just drawing it out to close it

All the really great characters keep dying (except Ellen). Dualla was great! Billy was great!

Now, Gaeta is a mutineer. Baltar has gone from being the most complex and interesting character to replacing Gaeta as background character.

Wasn’t Baltar supposed to be part if the “plan” that still has not come to fruition? and, haven’t they stopped saying, ” they (Cylons) have a plan.” ??

It’s dreadfully weak. LIke the Cthuhlu Mythos. The more you learn, the weaker it gets.

So Cavell, does he bring in the Cylon Cavalry to bring on the drama one more time? Does Diana take hostages, again? What about Hera? What about 6 & Tygh? Now that Tygh is happy with 6, what does that do when Ellen comes back, as we all know she will?

AND: will we finally see the great reveal of meta-meta fiction where “it happened before and will happen again” is revealed to be a television show within a show, ala the ending to St Elsewhere, and the proposed but never filmed ending to DS9?

Here’s what I think happened to the original reveal of Earth:
Wall-E came out. In Wall-E, humans return to a polluted Earth that is beginning to recover, land and start to grow crops.

R&D saw this, scrapped the “happy” ending, and decided Earth is dead.

The simplest answer to everything is either returning to the algae planet or to New Caprica, where they know they can survive.

Naturally, the concept of the show must go on, even if the show is ending, and of course, Adama and Roslyn die heroically, and Lee & Kara must lead the fleet endlessly through the stars.


Star Trek is the grand PooBah of TV sci-fi. It set the mold for all that followed it. Even through some dated imagery and period social mores, it is timeless. It’s characters and ships and uniforms and technology are iconic and often copied. It has had the longest reach of any show on TV.

And BSG blows everything out of the water. Completely.

I’ve been watching the webisodes and I just knew that Gaeta was going to be really holding a grudge gainst the Cylons. But after tonight, I think he’s lost it. This alliance with Tom Zarak (sp?) is going to be a BAD deal.

Oh, yeah,


That line you wrote instantly brought to my mind, Blade Runner, starring Olmos when he says, “Too bad she wont live, but then again, who does?”

Now what would have been really cool was BSG landing in PKD’s Earth, and Eddie meeting Eddie

Who’s the Replicant now?

Oh, please. Battlestar Galactica started off good, but has degraded into a nonsensical string of psudeo-dramatic non-sequiturs. A perfect example… Dualla shooting herself in the head in last week’s episode for NO GOOD REASON whatsoever. This is a perfect example of how Galactica generates its plot… whenever things get slow, they shoot somebody. Nevermind if it doesn’t make sense… its automatically good television because SOMEBODY DIED!

Of course, there’s a moral here: darker and grittier does not equal better. You’d think that Ron Moore would have learned this after Deep Space 9, but Galactica indicates otherwise.

Star Trek outclasses Battlestar Galactica in every possible way. Even Voyager, which was far from perfect, runs circles around Ron Moore’s little sex-crazed violence fantasy.

I certainly think we will be getting the answers, but I’ll bet they are not the answers that we think they are or should be. They are definitely taking us thru a very dark period with these poor people that have already been thru so much. I like that they started out giving us at least one of the answers last week on the season premiere, unlike “Lost” that promised us answers during their two hour season premiere, and yet all we got was more questions!

-I still don’t understand this show…it’s full of senseless violence…and doesn’t seem to have a any kind of message for the viewers..wich is a very strange thing for a sci-fi show…

Long ago Humans built Cylons.The Cylons rebelled and took over Earth but kept Human slaves for breeding. The Humans revolted , nuked the planet and escaped to the Colonies where eventually they built more Cylons to be slaves to the Humans.Eventually those Cylons rebelled and overthrew the Humans and the fleet returned to Earth based on re written history books.This has all happened before and will happen again!! Oh and Starbuck is a clone.

I thought last nights Episode was just clueless. Last week was good but this one was dull and bland. Im trying to saty with the show but they havt to do things much better. ill stay with it till the end since i have been in from the start. But i hope that they have no More Eps like last night.Next week looks ok but we will wait and see.I am surprised that Richard Hatch would agree to do these Eps with what they are doing.

*sigh* I’ve tried really, really hard to like the new BSG. I like Ron Moore and think he’s eminently qualified to re-envision Galactica. The cast is outstanding. I’ve watched the show several times, determined to enjoy it. But it just doesn’t draw me in. I’m not sure why. (Though I will say I really dislike the ‘shaky camera’ work that this and so many other TV shows do these days.) I’m glad so many other folks like the new BSG, and I’m very happy that it has been well received by critics. But it just doesn’t do anything for me.

it’s a great show, at least it will have a conclusion and not get dropped. I hate to put time into a show and never see the end. (whatever
it may be)


What’s so difficult to understand about Dee’s suicide? Does anyone ever commit suicide for a ‘good reason’? Her entire worldview had been shattered, and all her faith had been taken away. She knew her marriage was over and Earth was a cinder. They foreshadowed the suicide throughout the beginning of the episode, so it wasn’t *that* big of a surprise.

“we are sorry streamed video can only be shown in the United States”

don’t worry i ripped it of a torrent site
stupid b@stards

To the dislikers:

Feels good to get it off your chest, doesn’t it.

I can’t be swayed in my genuine enjoyment of this show. I am both sad and glad that it is finishing. My wife and I have recently gone through all of our X-Files DVD’s and it was sad how that show just ran out of gas and died miserably. I still think this show has a bunch of answers in store for us that will tie up the loose ends.

I sure can understand that this show isn’t for everybody, though. Kind of like brussel sprouts.

BSG=Best Show Going

I understand that BSG isn’t for everyone, and that’s cool … what I don’t get is why people who hate it so much keep visiting these threads to announce their hatred. Not every show will be a Star Trek — what, you want every TV program to be the same?

#30, 37: I think sean nailed it — the point with Dee was to show that some people simply couldn’t handle such a crushing disappointment. One of the writers noted that her marriage had failed with Lee, and things didn’t work with Billy, so the hope of Earth was all she had left. I knew something was wrong with Dee when she went from being visibly distraught to her old happy self, but man I was stunned when she pulled the trigger. That was one heck of an episode, and I thought last night’s was good too, letting us catch our breath. Gaeta is a such a jerk– God(s) help us when he and Zarek unleash their plan!


I think I’d have been prefectly happy had X-Files stopped at Season Six.


Gaeta makes bad decision after bad decision and refuses to take responsibility for them. He backs Baltar for prez, then after things go wrong he puts all the blame on Baltar and tries to kill him because of his own guilt. He goes on the mission with Starbuck but is among the first to whine and complain, backs a mutiny and ends up getting his leg shot off. So he ends up blaming Anders and Starbuck. Now Earth ends up being a disaster area and he’s blaming Adama & Rosslyn. What did Garak say? ‘The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves…’

#30 — Come one. It’s not that hard to understand. Unless you’re incapable of a little empathy. Imagine surviving a holocaust with 40,000 (give or take) other members of all that’s left of the human race. Now, imagine having no planet to live on because of said holocaust. You wander through space for several years with your enemies on your tail intent on killing you. You’re living day in and day out in a tin can in space, on the run, with no relief. The only sense of hope you have is this religious story of a promise land called Earth. Now, imagine finally finding that promise land after years of searching and you learn it can’t sustain life because everyone on it died in some radioactive holocaust. How would you react to that? Some people would be crushed. Some people would think, what’s the point in going on? There’s nothing to live for. There’s no promised land. There, Dee’s suicide explained.

Never liked Gaeta, and his recent actions (and future actions) haven’t made me like him any more. Both Zarek and Gaeta should be ejected out the nearest airlock, never to be heard from again.

Adama had a very valid reason for trying to upgrade the fleet using Cylon technology, which was met with extreme distrust from the colonial fleet. It’s time for them all to put aside their differences, and work towards a common goal.

That wasnt the point I was making.

The suicides themselves are pointless.

People in real life kill themselves all the time. That cant be helped.

This is fiction. If starships can break light speed, artificial humanoids can be built, etc., then why cant suicide be prevented? What’s the lesson here?

Should there be a lesson? YES. Why? Because it is fiction, it is a story and every story from Adam & Eve to Hansel and Gretel, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have points, they have morals, they have objectives.

It’s not that I hate the show, I don’t. I love the show. I hate lame ass writers taking the easy way out with a character instead of doing something wonderful. I hate a waste of talent. Especially when you consider how much they’re being paid, and believe me, you’d rather be writing for BSG than slaving away for The Man.

I other words, I want my money’s worth.

The last few episodes have been “Spock’s Brain” and “Way to Eden” quality wise. Don’t deny it.

Next week is another lame ass mutiny. The first mutiny when Sharon shot Adama in season one was cool. A mutiny now is “Whom Gods Destroy” a remake of “Dagger of the Mind” just an excuse to bring on the drama, a distraction.

When Diana took the hostages at the end of Season 4 it was a waste of time. We knew damned well they were going to make it to Earth, so why waste 30 minutes on artificially constructed “drama” when they could have gone straight to the end, and spent more time at Earth, exploring the planet? Why no satellites? Show us the continents, show us a map, let the viewer know for certain, that this is indeed Earth. Send out a radio signal, attempt to talk.

Wouldn’t it have been more dramatic to have them approach Earth, attempt to communicate, meet silence, wonder why, and then, in the last moment find out Earth is dead?

That would have been great drama, instead we get another lame stand off that belongs in an episode of the A-Team or Knight Rider.

Same thing with the mutiny. Been there, done that. Move on. What could Gaeta accomplish? We know Adama and Tygh live. Zarek and Gaeta are the only ones that could die, and what would their deaths accomplish? What could be gained?

And if the writers are so cavalier with the lives of the characters, if they dont value their own characters, why should we?

That;s what the haters have been saying about JJ’s Trek. Does JJ love the Trek crew as much as we do? JJ and Bob.0 have been saying “YES” constantly.

R&D have been saying, “Aw, we made our money, frak it all. Frak the viewers, frak the fans.”

#44:”Should there be a lesson? YES. Why? Because it is fiction, it is a story and every story from Adam & Eve to Hansel and Gretel, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have points, they have morals, they have objectives.”

Interestingly chosen examples, since almost all fiction which has a self-conscious “lesson” is fiction for children – even if marketed at a chronologically “adult” audience.

Good fiction is primarily well-observed fiction, not “moral tales for tots.” People who recoil from the depiction of real human behavior – such as suicide – will be happiest if they stick with Anderson’s fairy tales (the Grimm brothers might be a bit too…stark).

I sure hope they eventually come out on Blu Ray DVD.

…Actually, the biggest focus of discussions on most of the other online forums and message bases regarding this latest episode have nothing to do with who’s a Cylon, or whether or not they really found *the* Earth. Nope, it’s about two old people shown having just fracked and are now lying nekkid in bed together.

Best punch line: “Man, that Admiral Adama must be one hell of a stud. He fracked all of Roslin’s hair off!”

Just some hypothetical thoughts…

Everyone is a Cylon. Cylons created humans, not the other way around.

And Adama is the leader who is dying. Not Rosilyn.

Oh, I understand perfectly well the reason Dualla committed suicide (Earth is a wasteland, all hope is lost, etc.) The problem is, that reason doesn’t make any sense within the context of the show. Dualla was one of the most emotionally stable and optimistic characters on Galactica, and there is no indication of emotional or psychological trauma in the scenes leading up to her suicide… she acts perfectly normal. Ergo, it seems as if her death scene was simply tacked onto the episode at the last second. It serves no purpose other than to generate artificial “OMG a main character died!!!” drama.

@40. I usually don’t rant about Galactica. However, I got a little tired people saying that “Galactica is SO much better than Star Trek”, so I decided to speak my piece. You won’t catch me trolling Galactica forums or vandalizing the wiki, but I don’t think a small rant on a Star Trek fansite will do too much harm.

49 – I had a friend who acted perfectly normal, no indication of emotional or psychological trauma ever… including the days leading up to her suicide. It happens. And those of us who knew her, were left to wonder why. And I knew her probably better than anyone.

You’re never inside someone’s head. You have no idea what’s going on and why they made the choice to end their live–unless of course they are disturbed in some way. But the majority of suicides, are like Dee’s. They appear to come out of nowhere.

Also, there were indications in the episode that she was not doing so well.