Exclusive Details On Playmates Full Line Of Star Trek Movie Toys + Hi Res Images

Over the last week there has been a lot of news and images floating around for Playmates Toys line of toys and figures for the new Star Trek movie. Today, with the help of Playmates, TrekMovie puts it all together, presenting the full line with exclusive details, analysis and high resolution images. See below for everything you could want to know about Playmates and Trek.


Playmates and Trek – together again in April
Playmates Toys, king of Trek toys in the 90s, is back in a big way with an extensive collection of toys and figures for the new Star Trek movie. This first wave from Playmates arrives April 19th and should be in all the big stores like Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart, as well as online at the usual toy sites (like Entertainment Earth). CBS Consumer Products and Playmates have provided TrekMovie with the full set of details, as well as images of this first wave.

NOTE Regarding pricing, Playmates does not do ‘suggested retail prices,’ but has provided us with ‘estimated prices’ for the big stores.

‘Galaxy Collection’ Action Figures (3 3/4") [$7/each]
The big item for kids (and collectors) will be the 3.75" action figures. Playmates has a set of 10 planned for wave one. The 3.75" figures are highly detailed, fully-articulated, and come with removable utility belt, Phaser, and standing base. The set includes six figures in their ‘Enterprise Outfit’ (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, & Pike), McCoy and Chekov in ‘Cadet Outfit,’ plus ‘Original Spock’ (Nimoy), and Nero.

Galaxy Collection (click to enlarge)

Fan and collector reaction at TrekMovie and toy collecting forums to the early images of this line have been extremely favorable. Playmates Toys new 3.75" action figures show how much toy making technology has improved during the previous decades.

Each 3.75” figure (above) comes with a specific Bridge or Transporter Room playset accessory that allows you build out the entire Bridge and Transporter Room playset when you collect all the 3.75” figures. You combine those elements with the two ‘core’ playsets.

Star Trek Bridge Playset w/figure [$25]
This authentic playset simulates Bridge environment from Star Trek movie. The core set comes with a 3.75" Kirk figure and includes the floorplan map, captain’s chair, front console, view screen and two side screens. Additional bridge pieces will come with 3.75" figures to build out the complete bridge playset.

Completed Bridge Playset (click to enlarge)

Transporter Room Playset w/figure [$30]
Interactive playset simulates ‘Transport feature’ from Star Trek movie. Any 3.75" Star Trek figure can be placed into Transport Cylinder and ‘transported’ to other locations.
Transporter Playset includes authentic lights and sounds, a transport platform base, and a 3.75" Scotty figure. Additional Transporter pieces will come with 3.75" figures to build out the complete transporter playset.

Completed Transporter Playset (click to enlarge)

Because of retailer shelf space concerns, playsets are less common than they were in the 1980s and before. That Star Trek is getting two playsets is a sign of the commitment and confidence Playmates Toys has in this line. The inclusion of Bridge and Transporter playset items with the figures are a fun idea both for collectors and a value-added surprise for those who enjoy opening their toys.

‘Warp Collection’ Action Figures (6")  [$9/each]
Playmates Toys also has a set of ten 6" figures. This line is a bit more life-like and the figures are fully articulated and come outfitted with soft, flexible PVC shirts. Accessories include standing base, removable utility belt and a signature movie phaser and communicator. The set includes five figures in their ‘Enterprise Outfit’ (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, & Pike), three figures in ‘Cadet Outfit’ (McCoy, Chekov & Uhura), plus ‘Original Spock’ (Nimoy), and Nero

Warp Collection (click to enlarge)

Last weekend a leaked prototype image of the Kirk 6" line was met with resistance from most fans, especially because of what is now the infamous "sweater" uniform. However, this new image shows a more detailed and reassuring set of action figures. This sized line is a kind of hybrid toy that could be used primarily for play or for display. The Playmates Toys items feature good, and in some instances excellent, likenesses of the characters (especially McCoy and Nero).

‘Command Collection’ Action Figures (12") 
The ultimate set for collectors, Playmates Toys’ 12" figures are life-like, and fully articulated. Clothing and uniforms for each figure is made of fabric with the utmost attention paid to style and detail. Each also comes with signature accessories. The four figures offered are Kirk, Spock and McCoy (all in ‘Enterprise Outfit’), plus Original Spock. There will also be an additional Nero, which is an exclusive for one of the big retailers (Playmates isn’t saying, but we would guess Toys R Us).

Command Collection (click to enlarge)

The 12" line has different purposes that the 6" and 3.75" lines. 12 inch figures are often about displayability, while 3.75" are about playability. The larger size and utilization of cloth is especially a benefit for both costume and accessory detailing as is revealed in the USA Today picture. Having an exclusive item like Nero also adds to the fun of collecting.

Electronic Role Play Toys [$15 each]
Are you ready to feel like a kid again? Get ready to play ‘landing party’ with three role-playing toys from Playmates, based on the actual props from the Star Trek movie. Each features lights and sounds.

Electronic Starfleet Phaser
The electronic Starfleet Phaser is constructed of vacuum-metalized ABS and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when activated. The gun barrel pivots horizontally to switch from Stun to Vaporize, with each setting having its own set of lights and sounds.

Phaser (click to enlarge)

Electronic Tricorder
Lights-up and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when buttons are pressed.
Also features sound-off activation sounds and spring-loaded top and front door covers.

Tricorder (click to enlarge)

Electronic Starfleet Communicator
This roleplay item is based on the Starfleet Communicator used in the movie. The cover manually flips open to reveal the Starfleet Federation logo. Press the activation buttons to see authentic lights and hear character phrases from the movie.

Communicator (click to enlarge)

While certainly meant for play, the Playmates Toys role playing items also have an appeal for collectors and fans of Trek tech. The tricorder, phaser, and communicator toys offer an alternative for those who do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on prop replicas yet who still want to own nicely detailed versions of this troika of Trek icons.

Enterprise Iconic Vehicle  [$30]
Authentic and detailed scaled model of USS Enterprise ship as seen in Star Trek movie. Features U.S.S. Enterprise sound effects and real Kirk and Spock dialogue from the Star Trek movie. The ship comes with a Delta Shield display base (with ball/socket attachment tip) that attaches to bottom of ship’s lower hull, and allows user to pivot ship 360’.

USS Enterprise (click to enlarge)

Starship toys, and the amazing variety of the offerings, were one of the best things about the original 1990s Playmates Toys Star Trek line. What is nice is that Playmates Toys has remembered what was good about their original line, and added modern sensibilities and detailing. The Enterprise is thankfully a manageable size (sometimes a problem with Star Wars toys) and this is another example of Playmates Toys nicely blending the preferences of those who play and those display.

Wave 2 and more coming later in 2009
If all of the above wasn’t enough, Playmates Toys has more coming later in the year. Paul Fish, Playmates VP of marketing and product development, tells TrekMovie he hopes to have two more waves of toys by Christmas, with Wave 2 coming around September. Fish, who describes himself as a ‘life-long Trek geek,’ says that Playmates is very excited to be back with Star Trek and hopes to stay with Trek into 2010 and maybe beyond. Details are still being worked out on the second wave but he expects it to include a utility belt for the roleplay toys, the Narada (Nero’s Romulan ‘Jellyfish’) ship toy, and more. They also will be doing more figure of additional characters and outfit variations (like Kirk in the black shirt). TrekMovie was the first to announce Playmates involvement in Trek a year ago and will continue to be the leading site for all news related to Star Trek toys and collectibles.

Regarding those Wizard images
On Thursday Wizard Universe put up images and pre-order links for the Playmates Toy Line. Some images were the same as those seen here and in USA Today and some appeared different.  Playmates tells TrekMovie that the images provided to us and USA Today are the latest and best and that many of the images at Wizard were earlier prototypes. Wizard has since removed all of their photos. So use the above pictures as your guide. Wizard also had an image of the Narada (which is coming in Wave 2), but the image put out was just a concept and TrekMovie is told the toy has yet to be designed and finalized. 

Personal thoughts about the line

Star Trek is a family affair at my house, as my wife Maria Jose and six year old son are fans. We have been very excited about the idea that Star Trek might be returning to mainstream popularity again and perhaps restore the faith of those who became disenchanted with the franchise while gaining new generation of fans. The release this week of the Playmates Toys details and images have been the first very reassuring sign that this is going to happen. This is looks to be a quality line, with a toy company committed to reaching different kinds of fans (younger and older, collectors and players, different genders, different economic concerns). There is something for everyone and these toys look like they will be fun to both collect and to share with family or friends. These items are toys in the best sense of the word.

Pre-order Playmates Star Trek at Entertainment Earth
All of the above items can be reserved by pre-ordering at Entertainment Earth. As noted, Playmates has ‘estimated’ discounted prices for big retailers, but the big stores have yet to set their prices. The pre-order prices at Entertainment Earth are not discounted, but they do have a low-price guarantee. Reserving your items now can give you peace of mind that you will get what you want.

And don’t forget Mattel’s Barbies
In addition to all of the above from Playmates Toys, Mattel is also releasing their own line of three collectible 12" Star Trek movie figures from their Barbie line [see TrekMovie story for more details and pics].

Kirk, Spock and Uhura via Barbie [Mattel]


Images except where otherwise noted courtesy of Playmates Toys

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Can’t wait for the Narada and hopefully the Kelvin!


It’s official…there’s something seriously wrong with me.

I want to buy these and play with them! I NEVER buy Trek toys!

Sweeeet! im getting them Hell ya

I’m 28 and I’m considering buying these and saying “Screw this collecting crap! I wanna play with these things!”

aww old spock looks sad in this pic:comment image

and the phaser rotates horizontally? that’s…a bit odd… looks cool overall though!

Well, I can say that if I ever pick up one of those phasers, I’ll knock back the chrome plating with some darker metallic colors like a nice gray hammertone. Maybe a few copper accents. Chrome sounds like a Colt .45 that Gen. Patton would have used. :)

Already got that Enterprise pre-ordered! Awesome stuff!

now from this angle, the new enterprise looks fantastic:

comment image

too bad we saw that awkward side view with the shuttle in front first. the more angles we see it from, the better it looks.

the real prop isn’t as shiny as the playmates toy…maybe there will be a high end replica that will save you the trouble of doing your own plating

i just jizzed in my pants

Re # 9

That pic makes a nice screensaver too


im cool with all these ;)

I like the phaser but not the color. It looks like a Dollar Store ray gun. I would probably want to repaint it. I like the design though. I love the Enterprise toy.

#12 – it’d be nice to see the fully detailed model from that angle, not just a low detail toy.

I just puked in my mouth!


I think they knew that any change would take Trek fans some time to get used to. I think they picked the worst angle to show us first, then better ones later.

Just a theory though. As for me, I have a hard time NOT liking it, it just looks cool ;)

Oh here we. Cue in the haters.


I agree…

Any 3D animators finnished a version yet? ANYONE? :)

It’s nice to see the Enteprise in better detail; at least it seems to have some of the proper markings here including the starfleet striping on the sides of the secondary hull. The hideous screen shot they released first was very bleek & colourless.
But these are as bad as Playmates previous crap lines! Not that I’ll buy any merchandise for this debacle.

I’m impressed. I’ve been concerned that this film will be designed as an action film and forget what Star Trek is all about. While I’m still concerned about the plot based on what I’ve seen in the trailer I’m not concerned when it comes to costuming, prop or set design. I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far from Playmates and it boosts my confidence in the film as whole. The costumes look perfect, the props look like modern takes on TOS and they look like they belong in the TOS era and not the TNG era. By that statement I mean that the Phaser, Tricorder, etc. look less advanced than TNG equipment. In fact the Phaser has a similar shape to the Phaser used in STIII: The Search for Spock. I am also impressed with the ship, which looks like a modern take on the TOS Enterprise and a precursor to the TMP Enterprise. The Bridge looks a little busy but I like it. I will definatly be adding the prop and ship toys to my collection and proudly put them on display. I don’t collect playsets but they look nice.

7 and 10, I agree that the Phaser looks a bit shiny and its good to hear that the Phaser isn’t as shiny in the film. The Phaser still looks very nice though.

RE: The Phaser

“the actual prop is NOT CHROME. It is dull stainless steel, with a lot of TOS blue-grey accents. It has a somewhat worn appearance, not unlike a real gun that’s seen some use. Those who assert the screen prop has the same surface tone and texture as the toy version simply don’t know what they’re talking about.”

I think the McCoy is the best likeness of Karl Urban. Damn good sculpting job there.

Phaser: “rotating barrel” looks pretty unwieldy… does it have a “thumb trigger”? WTF?

Tricorder: No video screen? WTF?

Communicator: not sure how that “dial” is supposed to work… WTF?

These are as good or better than any other Trek toys I’ve seen. And I’m glad they are actually making TOYS instead of prop replicas or statues or collectible figures.

As far as how the props will look in the movie…

I assume on the communicator that the inside of what used to be the “antenna grid” will now be a video image. Hopefully the round area that used to be the moire will be some colorful swirly groovy light thing.

The phaser does look the worst of the lot. I’m encouraged that the real prop won’t be chrome and will have the blue-grey color. I hate little PC changes like “stun and vaporize” instead of “stun and kill”. If the red-blue muzzle is supposed to rotate to switch modes, i hope it is done by pressing some button and not manually flipping it around. You could shoot your finger off that way! (or maybe just stun it)

Poor “old” Spock. Looks like he’s about to yell at those youngsters to get the hell off his lawn.

Is it me or when you expand the crew shot Command Collection, do the small striations that make up the texture on the shirts look like little Star Fleet insignias?

Ia that old Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise? Why would he be there?

I think the Enterprise looks great! JJ did a nice job updating the look while keeping in mind the essence of a big part of the overall story…well done…!

Love the 3.75- hate the 6 inch. Want the bridge REAL BAD. Like the phaser, but would prefer “metallic grey” to chrome.

This angle of the new Enterprise makes the ship look GREAT! It’s the best look we’ve had at it yet. I was never able to get my hands on a model of the Constitution refit (1701 or 1701-A), and this looks enough like it to make me want to get it!

The phaser looks… interesting. It kinda reminds me of the Star Trek VI look, but silver.

The first look at the tricorder made it look stupid, but this look is a bit better. I’m still not crazy about it, but I’m sure it will grow on me.

The communicator looks like… nothing. It doesn’t seem to have any buttons and I don’t see it being able to do anything. A communicator has to have buttons!

So these won’t be available until April?

#26 – Yep, they are! The actual uniforms in the movie have the same textures in them too! Nice!

so, they’re really going to stick with these designs, eh?

rotating barrel? phaser with only two settings? i think we’re being pranked.

i suppose they felt that cramming the 1701 arrowhead in every aspect of design would make these really, really ‘trek’…

how much information can really be conveyed from that tricorder interface?

looks like an oversized decibel meter… “it’s loud, jim… very loud, see? peaks into the red….”

is that hal9000 integrated into the communicator? “what do you think you’re doing, jim… stop jim… stop…”

jefferies 1701 = bold and confident

abrams 1701 = cringing and defensive

i am certain we’re the victims of an elaborate joke…

good post, at least we’re seeing more stuff.


The shirts are made up of a pattern very similar to the insignias, check out one of the photos of the production. and… i like toys!!!!!!

Man, I absolutely LOVE the bridge and phaser designs.

As for the action figures, I have to say the 3.75 inch figures look better than ANY of the larger ones. For the size and money, I would have expected much better likenesses than what they came up with.

I’m not in love with any of them, but I’ll still be at Target on April 19th to buy the comm, phaser & tricorder. And I’ll be opening them and PLAYING with them!

I suggest you all do the same.

Thanks for the new toys, but these really pale in comparison their Art Asylum counterparts.

Bridge set seems cool.


i just don’t know about these. i’m a big figure collector & trek fan and i am just not pumped about this line. i mean i feel like i’ve been spoiled by the Diamond Select line and these just… don’t look right. i want good likeness, maybe a little but of a pose…. something,
now for the younger crwod, these are great. perfect actually. they remind me of my old TMP figures I had *and still have) when i was real little.
actually some of these would look cool next to them… dang it. they got me.

I agree, this is a much better angle for the Enterprise.
Still would like to see the actual film models and props, though. Being toys, they’re likely a lot less detailed and built chunkier and flashier than the real deal.

@16: Oh dear, and all over your best bib too, I’m sure. Anything we can get you? Paper towels? Breath mints? Movie ticket for May 9th?

@33: An “elaborate joke”? Marketing does not *work* that way! Good night!

re 35:
“Man, I absolutely LOVE the bridge and phaser designs.”

Man, I absolutely DETEST the bridge design. Almost exactly what I expected though.

As for the ship design, I try not to use that kind of language in public.

These images are way better than what cam before, though the “E” definitely has ‘oversized thigh” syndrome. And that is more likely to come from the film’s production design than anything Playmates is replicating.

It would be truly great to get kids back into the Star Trek toy business. These toys are meant to be played with, and not kept in boxes.

ha! i was right, the one enterprise was the prototype..Does happy dance…
I am so glad that i get to see these in more detail. I am sooo getting the enterprise and the smaller figures. Im not to certain about the 12 inch ones yet!

Personally, I’m digging the new prop designs. I used to collect Trek as a child….I may become a 46 year old child.

The texture on the shirts looks ribbed for her pleasure.

Among other disciplines, I enjoy the shooting sports. It is difficult to understand why an armoury would design a hand held weapon such as this phaser. It is the firearms equivalent of Velcro — it will snag on everything. Look at the sharp edges and protrusions. Does the designer not have experience with sidearms?

In short, this is not my choice for field patrol or El Presidente drills. Give me an old fashioned but effective 1911 before this patch of brambles.


C.S. Lewis

I’ve always been a fan of the Trek playmates toys from the 90’s…looks like i’m going to have alot to add to the collection! disposable income, I hardly knew ye…

#33 –

“jefferies 1701 = bold and confident

abrams 1701 = cringing and defensive”

Umm yeah okay.

“i am certain we’re the victims of an elaborate joke…”

You are the only one laughing that I see.

New ship definitely looks terrific from that angle!

I love how the Nero figure has one ear Tyson-ified. How accurate.

While I’m glad the new Trek film is being represented with so many cool toys that will lighten my wallet, I am quite disappointed with the Enterprise detailing.
I realize Playmates is trying to keep the ship at a certain price point, but for the same amount you can get an Art Asylum Starfleet ship with much better detailing and paint scheme (I got the Enterprise-A and E electronic ships, for around $29 each, and the detailing is far superior).
Playmates made decently-detailed figs in the ’90s, but they fell short when it came to delivering a quality ship with good detailing. Look up some of them on ebay.
Hopefully these are test shots of unfinished product and the paint scheme will be great.

That is the most gorgeous ship I’ve ever seen. Of course the original is the best and the most iconic, this is cool too. I’m very pleased that they brought many design elements from the TOS movie version.

the tricorder, communicator, and phaser props look great too. (if the phaser looks too shiny, don’t worry, it will be more metallic looking in the movie.)