Watch ‘Wrath Of Khan – The Opera’ (via Robot Chicken)

Did you ever think Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan would make a good opera? Well the folks behind the action-figure stop-motion animation comedy show Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network have us convinced. On the episode "Two Weeks Without Food" airing this weekend, they showed us just how awesome Khan Opera could be. See video of that, plus past Robot Treks, below.


Khan – The Opera (big thanks to Kelvington for the clip)

Robot Chicken and Trek
Of course this is not the first time that Robot Chicken has gone to the Final Frontier. Star Trek, and its action figures, has been part of the show since the beginning. Even the Chicken himself resembles a Borg. Here are some of the Robot Chickens most Trek focused segments of the past.

Sci-Fi Convention War ("A Piece of the Action" s1, e7, 4/05)

Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place ("The Deep End" s1, e8, 4/05)

Red Shirt Revenge ("The Munnery" – s2, e32, 9/06)

Star Trek Experience ("Boo Cocky" – s3, e56, 9/08)

Fridge Beam ("Chirlax" – s3, e60, 10/08)

And beyond Trek-specific segments, some Trek celebs have been the butt of a few jokes, with the best being the segment ‘Shatner’s Toupee‘ from the first season episode "Toy Meets Girl"

And on the episode "Bionic Cow" airing last September, Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) parodied his own character on Heroes, in a segment called ‘Uncle Glen‘.


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That last scene in the “The Experience” take-off was priceless.

Only a true fan would think to use the old “Star Trek is real” trick.

Jeez, that is just funny… Nothing else can be said…. Funny.

Very Funny, didn’t realize Robot Chicken was a all out fan.

wow is this badly animated crap what entertains kids now? So sad..

You know, some Americans really need to wrap their heads around the fact the INTERNET is a “global” thing. I’m in Canada and so many, many , MANY times I I’ve tried to watch a clip only to have it tell me that I wasn’t allowed to watch it because I wasn’t in the States. I live about 20 miles from the US so I don’t see what the problem is. I have watched hundreds of videos from all over the world and ONLY in America (our neighbors to the South) do I encounter this nonsense.

Could one of you clever technical people explain why this is a problem in this day and age?


: (

Fantastic Khan clip by the way!

The Experience bit was hilarious.

Good Lord this show is overrated.

Wow! Khan opera is awesome!

You said it, #5! What possible function is served by restricting streaming video to a specific country? Is it because the rights to Robot Chicken have been sold to other broadcasters outside the US? Anyone know?

That’s one of the dumbest shows I’ve ever seen. Which is why it baffles me how it can sometimes be so dang entertaining. xD

the khan opera was amazing! i want to see more hahaha!

#4 – Robot Chicken is not intended for kids.

I’d love to see this group do a special episode on Trek like they’ve done [twice] for Star Wars

“wow is this badly animated crap what entertains kids now? So sad.”

Badly animated? Not by a mile. All of that is stop motion done using action figures. And many times the stuff they’re doing and the nuance they pull off in character motion is brilliant. If you don’t like it, that’s one thing. But saying it’s badly animated?You’re either not paying attention or you don’t know animated. Those guys have mad talent.

“You know, some Americans really need to wrap their heads around the fact the INTERNET is a “global” thing.”

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to access some Brit clips on Youtube only to be told in wasn’t available in MY country…..the U.S.

I guess some other countries need to wrap THEIR heads around the whole “internet is a global thing” as well.

The background for the Ceti Alpha V is all wrong. It’s Vulcan in Star Trek III.

Khan opera was wicked!!! C’mon Robot Chicken should get some kudos alone just for that clip: getting the nuances of theater Opera.

God I wish Julie Taymor would create Star Trek for Broadway. Hey she’s working on the Spiderman musical, so its not that far fetched…right? :(

If you didn’t laugh at 2 Kirks, A Kahn & A Pizza Place then I just can’t help you.

I thought that was a great tribute to Richardo Mantalban. Robot Chicken is awesome.


Canadian government, not “some Americans”.

I wish the Khan opera was longer so they could cover more ground. Genius! It is funny, indeed, but also justly points out just how laden with cliches of vengeance WoK is.


Badly animated? In the age of CGI, no one appreciates good old stop motion anymore.

Wrath of Khan opera is epic.

that Khan Opera is GENIUS! made my day!!!

just watched the khan opera again, IT’S GREAT!

The opera was great… except for the rectangular nacelles on The Enterprise (no, I’m not serious).

#15 — ::smacks forehead:: Good lord, man.

agree with Spockboy

PLEASE stop posting links that aren’t visible by most of the rest of the planet. IDIC? yeah right, only if you live in the US.

I ask, will the new Star Trek movie get a world wide release?

will money be made from other countries, do fans live in other parts of the world?

Youtube seems to be the only video sharing site worth a damn, the amount of times links go up to an actor interview that are on some hokey bass ackwards video sharing site that only a tiny portion of the world can SEE, is pretty much the ONE MAJOR SHORTCOMING of these posts.

fix that, and everybody gets equal access.

keep up keeping up the good work.

{end rant}

WTF? LOL!!! That was awesome!!!!

They got the prefix code right! Or am I not supposed to say that out loud?

I am laughing profusely.



#5 – The problem is not isolated to people out side the US. You cannot view anything related to TORCHWOOD or THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES if you live in the US. When clips from Sci-Fi are posted here, generally you can’t seem them elsewhere due to licensing agreements for the programs the clips are advertising.

Its not the fault of THIS SITE. If you can’t see the clips where you live, you need to take that up with ADULT SWIM at their website, or at their website.

Anthony cannot wave a magic wand and make them viewable for you. As often as this complaint comes up AND gets answered you would think people would figure it out by now.

Embed links don’t generally announce which countries will be able to view the clips you are going to embed here. There is no way to know which clips will play for other countries and which ones will not play until after they are posted.

The clips ARE NOT restricted by THIS SITE. If you want to still see them (because I’m sure someone had posted them) go to YOU TUBE and google Robot Chicken, Star Trek, and a large majority of these clips should be available there.

@ #5

The BBC limits some of its content to the UK.
So, its not just us ugly americans. :-)

I want a full three acts of the Khan opera!!!

#5, et al – The producers/broadcasters of any material all retain various rights to their work. In some cases, the broadcaster only has rights to air a specific work in certain territories. In other cases, the limitation comes from the producer of the materials.

Therefore, either Turner Broadcasting (the broadcaster here in the US) or the Producers have some limitation that only allow the work to be shown on the internet here in the US – which is why you can’t stream it internationally.

In any case, it is not an attempt by Americans to restrict programming.

#5 The answer to your question is it’s simply because you ARE Canadian and there is a giant conspiracy in the United States to keep all Canadians from being entertained.

Khannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That was so Funny!!!!

#36 – I knew it! We Canadians are the butt of a huge cultural joke. Well screw you! We want Jim Carey back. And Bill Shatner. And Celine Dion. And James Cameron. And Shannon Tweed. And Pam Anderson. No wait, keep her. But we want Nickleback back. Where’s my Canadian Culture
Dividend Cheque?!?


Keep Celine Dion.

Thanks for Neil Young.

#36: Dont forget Jimmy aka: SCOTTY ! He was a Canadian too!

Look, Robot Chicken may not be everyone’s cup of soup, but let’s be real here. “Le Wrath di Khan” was absolutely epic, and all you have to look at is all the minor details they worked in:

1. The registry numbers on both ships are correct (along with a lot of the details)
2. The uniform detailing (including the service pins!) is great
3. And so many more…

My wife, who is not a Trek fan, though it was absolutely awesome. ‘Nuff said.

#38. Wow! You are truly paranoid.
If there is SO much culture in Canada, then why did all those folks come to the U.S. to make it big? Or was the the lack of culture that drove them away?

Damn those wily Americans and their cunning plan to force every country to have it’s very own copyright laws, restricting content to certain areas.

If you can’t see them, google hotspot shield. Enough said

I demand an apology for that one. that was hideously funny. I love Robot Chicken.

That was funny. I don’t watch Robot Chicken, not enough hours in the day, and I already spend too much time on other sci-fi etc.

But that’s great !!!

#27: Well ya know us Americans did invent the internet……

….just had to throw that in there….

#42 – Not paranoid. Joking. Get sense of humour. Go to U.S. to make more money. All is cool with that, eh.


Learn about something before you bash it.


US isn’t the only place that does it so please refer to my last sentence because it also pertains to you.

But the Opera was epic. I almost peed myself laughing so hard. Good job Seth!

Interestingly, while watching Khan a few weeks back, me and my cousin were wondering what a musical version of the film would be like once we heard the infamous ‘KHAAAAAAN!’ quote and spent the rest of the time doing faux-operatic renditions of the dialogue…

Apparantly, we weren’t the only Trekkies on Earth to think of this :P