CBS Announces New Star Trek Licenses – Including Monopoly, Uno, Apparel, Fragrances + more [UPDATED]

Star Trek’s return to big-time merchandising continues with the announcement today of a number of new licensees and expanded licenses for Star Trek related merchandise. The CBS Products announcement includes a new Star Trek versions of many games (like Monopoly, UNO and more), plus apparel, fragrances, jewelry, gift items and more. Details below. [UPDATED w/ game images].

New Star Trek Games
In 2008 CBS signed up Mattel for a number of Star Trek products, including a SceneIt? DVD game and a hand-held 20Q trivia game, both coming out this spring. Today CBS announced two more game licensees which will bring even more fun to your Star Trek playtime. First up is USAopoly, who will be created a Star Trek-themed version of the popular Monopoly game. The second new game licensee is Fundex, who will develop co-branded Star Trek versions of: UNO, Scrabble, Magic 8 Ball, Phase 10 and All About Trivia.

UPDATE: We have pictures of Monopoly and UNO. Plus the ‘Star Trek Continuum Edition’ Monopoly Game is already available for pre-order at (discounted to $35.99 – arrives in April).

Star Trek Monopoly

Star Trek UNO card game


Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, everywhere
In addition to the games, CBS Consumer Products announced a slew of new licenses for Star Trek in a number of different categories.

Home décor

  • York/Roommates is developing peel-and-stick wall art and décor, including life-size wall murals.

  • Rabbit Tanaka is developing lighting, wall art and other creative home décor elements.

  • Trends International is offering posters.

Apparel, Jewelry and accessories

  • Briefly Stated will take on the adult market for sleepwear and loungewear.
  • E.S. Originals will create kids footwear, bags and accessories.
  • AME will develop sleepwear for children.
  • is developing silver plated cufflinks
  • Bradford Exchange will offer direct-to-consumer items such as leather jackets, laptop bags, patches, pins and flags.
  • MBI/Danbury Mint will offer jewelry such as men’s and women’s rings in a direct-to-consumer deal.


  • Vandor will develop a wide range of gift items including cookie jars, salt and pepper sets, mugs, clocks, magnets, lights and more.

  • Funko will introduce a pop-culture lineup of high quality bobbleheads and vinyl figurines. [TrekMovie will have a detailed report on these shortly]


  • GenkiWear, LLC is developing a trio of fragrances celebrating classic Star Trek. "Tiberius," "Pon Farr" and "Red Shirt" fragrances will be available in stores in the spring.

Movie momentum building
Obviously the big event for 2009 is the release of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek feature film on May 8th. Just last week TrekMovie reported on the April releases of the first wave of movie toys from Playmates and Mattel’s Barbie line as well as previewed some of the Paramount and CBS DVD plans for May. All that combined with the many new licensees like Mattel, Funko, and others makes it is clear that there is a ‘all hands on deck’ approach when it comes to extending the Trek brand for both the film as well as classic Trek products in 2009 and beyond. Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products, agrees noting in a statement:

The momentum is building for the Star Trek brand as we approach the new feature film this May. We are excited to continue our focus on expanding the Star Trek universe and bringing the whole franchise to a new generation.


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While I may not get any of these products, any publicity for the movie is good.

When CBS/Paramount said they were going all out, they really meant it. Star Trek fragrances? Pon Farr sounds rather sexy.

With my luck, I’ll be after ‘Pon Farr’ but wind up with ‘Red Shirt’ instead. I’m all over that Sceneit? game though…that ought to be fun.

I wonder how these licenses will perform in this economy. I don’t know about you Trekkies, but I’ll be sitting out a majority of these items.

Red Shirt fragrance…sounds kinda dangerous


Okay, they have gone too far.

Star Trek UNO – Now THAT I have to see !!!

I’m wary of that Red Shirt fragrance. It may kill me.

I always wanted to smell like Captain

“Funko will introduce a pop-culture lineup of high quality bobbleheads and vinyl figurines. [TrekMovie will have a detailed report on these shortly] ”

entertainmentearth has the Funko stuff as pre-orders and the images are original Trek rather than the new actors. I get that the licensees already in existence would be Nimoy/Shatner, like Diamond Select — but it seems a tad confusing if they are gonna be doing both at the same time with new items. (Of course some will argue that the likeness could be either Shatner or Pine, right? LOL)

Now, if only I can win the lotto between now and April….

Ok, great. UNO. Why not an official Fizzbin card set? THAT I would buy, and then be subject to innumerable headaches as to trying to get all the rules straight…

‘Bradford Exchange will offer direct-to-consumer items such as leather jackets…’

Jim Kirks bike jacket?

“Pon Farr” fragrance?!! Gotta get me some of that!!!

When I think of Trek fragrance?…….I think the pop culture company should have produced it…..FUNKO! Cause you surely will smell funky for the low end perfume this product most surely will be! HA!

I live in Norway and today at my local cinema there were four posters (Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nero in black and white) with the text: “På kino 2009″.

Norwegian for ” In cinemas 2009″.

This is the first time sinve Star Trek V that a Trek movie has been shown in Norway, and the first time EVER that it has been promoted. 6 months in advance even!

Momentum is definitively building for this movie! :-)

LOL… It seems like the fragrance was the first thing that stood out to everyone. They should be interesting!

Wow…I plan to pick up the sceneit and prob the 20 questions, maybe a few others. As for the uno I was pretty sure I have seen a trek uno on e-bay or something, has there been one before?

Ok, we have officially reached merchandising overkill when they put out bug spray smelling like a horny Vulcan or a security guard’s smoking boots. What next, ‘Eau de Worf’? LOL (Hey, I want a percentage if that ‘unwashed Klingon’ thing flies.)

Did someone say Pon Farr fragrance? Purrrrrrrr….

….wow. I knew they would be doing a lot of marketing but cufflinks and perfume? AWESOME. xD

I’m looking forward to the posters. Constantly adding to my enormous poster collection and a new Trek one next to one of my TOS posters would be pretty cool.

Yogurt was right. Merchandising does make the movie.
I’m just waiting for the Star Trek line of weaponry including Star Trek the flamethrower.


I take it that merch related to the new film is licensed by Paramount, and that anything licensed by CBS will strictly refer to the TV properties?

I know they are both part of the same superconglomerate, but this is presumably all related to the TV Trek nostalgia which will be generated by the film, and not to ST XI itself. Can you clarify?

Next we’ll be seeing fine lingerie from Lursa and B’Etor as well as Operation: Data with an emotion chip, and finally there will of course be the tie-in with Enterprise rent-a-car with Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew, AND even Pine being whisked into cars while Bakula waives to them longingly wondering why he doesn’t get the VIP treatment.

Anthony, the one element I’d love to hear about merchandising wise is the Soundtrack.

#17– yes, there’s an Uno already out from some years ago. It’s in a collector’s tin.

Is it bad that I’m honestly considering buying the fragrances for sheer lolwhat value?

I have that TOS Uno in the tin. And I can see the men’s ads for Kirk’s cologne… “Bag the space babes… with Jim Kirk’s “Tiberius” Cologne For Men!”

As for Worf, we already know he has an “earthy aroma, with just a hint of lilac.” So if they came out with one for him there’s the starting point.

I think this will be the biggest Trek merch push ever. 2009 is shaping up to be the year Star Trek Returns in a BIG way!

Let’s hope it’s the start of a general renewed interest and not over after the movie.

#28– No, I’m with you. Pon Farr sitting on my shelf just can’t be missed.

#28 and #31
I’m with you guys–Will definitely want to get Pon Farr. Possibly Tiberius as well, but DEFINITELY Pon Farr. :D

A lot of these products sound awesome–I can’t wait to get a look at them further down the line!

Pon Farr For Him, and Pon Farr For Her. For The Special Times Of Your Life.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d like “Pon Farr.” Heck, if I wore it, I’d only get lucky every 7 years.


Star Trek perfume ? Really ?

It might take the seven years to recover.

I know I’m in for a lot of this stuff! Star Trek sleepware, check! I can’t wait!!!

Is any of this going to be available on the UK high streets and shopping malls?

plus Anthony, any word on Corgi and Mast Replica’s and other high end collectable memorabilia for this movie that isn’t geared towards young ppl and kids?

cheers :)

Am I the only person who voted for Fragrances in poll in an ironic way? lol

“Red Shirt”? Must smell like honey suckle just before your blood is drained. I migth get the frafrences just for the names.

Still no sign of an RPG though. C’mon developers, there’s a hot license over here!

Yo, CBS, who do I contact about the RPG license?

So if theyre doing Monopoly what are they going to use for money since there is no money in the 23/24th century? Better not be dilithium or something, that would be just dumb. I guess latnium would work for the cause.

Ok, they really need to put together a gift set of the perfumes….the bottles of course would be gold, blue and red….perfect! And, if you like one more than the other, of course the larger bottle would be available, maybe in a tricorder gift box…lol

The last Trek monopoly used paper “gold pressed latinum”.

43. Will_H – January 28, 2009
“So if theyre doing Monopoly what are they going to use for money since there is no money in the 23/24th century? Better not be dilithium or something, that would be just dumb. I guess latnium would work for the cause.”

I WAS GONNA REMARK ON THAT POINT! That’s a good question; I wonder what the “PASS GO” [amount] will be offered in? Federation Credits? Gold-Pressed Latinum? Ponder THAT one!


That’s not canon.

Sorry…I’ll leave now.

I want the leather jacket!

#44– the color combo would work perfectly!

I think I’d rather have a Star Trek Risk or Axis and Allies- something galactic, add a bit of diplomacy, but keep it simpler than Federation and Empire used to be.

I am holding out for a Worf fragrance. It would be earthy and peaty with a hint of lavender.