Great Lists: UGO Ranks Trek Babes + More New Trekified Lists

Who are the ultimate Star Trek babes? This deep and profound question has been debated from basements, to dorm rooms to couches across the world for decades. Today friend-of-the-site Jordan Hoffman of UGO has taken up the challenge with their list of Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women. So in a ‘Great Lists’ edition of our Great Links column, we look at that and other new Trekified lists.

The Women!
UGO’s Top 5 are: 5. Seven of Nine, 4. Ro Laren, 3. Jadzia Dax, 2. Uhura (Original)…and their number one babe: Deanna Troi. I applaud Jordan for not going with the usual overt eye-candy castings of Jolene Blalock or Jeri Ryan for number one, even though I am not sure I would pick Marina Sirtis’ Troi for the top spot. Jordan also has some nice and not so obvious picks including the TAS character M’Ress at 35th. I also like his pick of bats–t crazy Marta from "Whom Gods Destroy," instead of other more famous Orion babes.  Jordan did put Kirstie Alley’s Saavik at 17 and Ashley Judd’s Ens. Robin Lefler at 33rd, but no mention of that other famous TNG guest star Teri Hatcher (Lt. B.G. Robinson). Other notable no-shows from Jordan’s list include TOS hotties Dr. Helen Noel (TOS: "Dagger of the Mind") and Nona (TOS "Private Little War"). Overall a good list, but that definitive Star Trek babes list is still out there, waiting to be done. As for why UGO’s list is the ‘top 37,’ that itself is another profound question for the ages.

Check out UGO’s Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women and tell us what you think of the choices.

Troi hottest?…but no Noel?

More lists with Trek
Of course the internet thrives on lists and in just the last two weeks Star Trek has made an entry into quite a few around the web:

TWOK shot from 1982 made #2 in Den of Geek’s list




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