Great Lists: UGO Ranks Trek Babes + More New Trekified Lists

Who are the ultimate Star Trek babes? This deep and profound question has been debated from basements, to dorm rooms to couches across the world for decades. Today friend-of-the-site Jordan Hoffman of UGO has taken up the challenge with their list of Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women. So in a ‘Great Lists’ edition of our Great Links column, we look at that and other new Trekified lists.

The Women!
UGO’s Top 5 are: 5. Seven of Nine, 4. Ro Laren, 3. Jadzia Dax, 2. Uhura (Original)…and their number one babe: Deanna Troi. I applaud Jordan for not going with the usual overt eye-candy castings of Jolene Blalock or Jeri Ryan for number one, even though I am not sure I would pick Marina Sirtis’ Troi for the top spot. Jordan also has some nice and not so obvious picks including the TAS character M’Ress at 35th. I also like his pick of bats–t crazy Marta from "Whom Gods Destroy," instead of other more famous Orion babes.  Jordan did put Kirstie Alley’s Saavik at 17 and Ashley Judd’s Ens. Robin Lefler at 33rd, but no mention of that other famous TNG guest star Teri Hatcher (Lt. B.G. Robinson). Other notable no-shows from Jordan’s list include TOS hotties Dr. Helen Noel (TOS: "Dagger of the Mind") and Nona (TOS "Private Little War"). Overall a good list, but that definitive Star Trek babes list is still out there, waiting to be done. As for why UGO’s list is the ‘top 37,’ that itself is another profound question for the ages.

Check out UGO’s Top 37 Hot Star Trek Women and tell us what you think of the choices.

Troi hottest?…but no Noel?

More lists with Trek
Of course the internet thrives on lists and in just the last two weeks Star Trek has made an entry into quite a few around the web:

TWOK shot from 1982 made #2 in Den of Geek’s list




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I love the Genesis sequence. Definitely one of ILM’s finest.

1. Jadzia Dax
2. 7 of 9
3. T’Pol
4. Deanna Troi
5. Major Kira
6. Uhura

Yes. First. Man how hot is that Ferengi chick!

Some of the exclusions are astonishing.

Doesn’t anybody here find this article to be sexist and another attempt of idealizing women? It’s a sin under the Catholic Church’s teachings.

I originally thought Star Trek was suppose to represent a world that has overcome prejudice, adultery, injustice, etc.


Yawn. Sins don’t exist.

Lola Chrystal is the number one hottest Star Trek woman.

As a woman I am not offended, I just want to know why Mirror Uhura was not included…she is the hottest of them all!

Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways, Christian Trekkie. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the true meaning of Star Trek, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the fun in lists of hot women

Sorry, I find that a crappy list.

My Top 10 is:

1 Ezri Dax
2 Robin Lefler
3 Ilia
4 Antonia Barrows
5 Saavik (Curtis)
6 Andrea
7 Ro Laren
8 Jadzia Dax
9 Uhura (New)
10 Leeta

1. Lola Chrystal
2. Beverly Crusher
3. Lisa
4. Anastasia Komananov
5. Kira Nerys in Starfleet Uniform

What the heck?! Andrea the android is only 13? Kira only 9? Only Mirror Universe T’Pol, and not regular T’Pol, makes the list? Madness, simply madness.

#5 People are not all neutered in the future, looks will always be important in humanity (and maybe to Vulcans, Orion’s, etc) at least till we evolve to the state that we all look alike. If you can say that all of those women have the same apeal, exactly, and to all the other women out there, well that makes you a liar, and last time I checked that was a sin to. Makes even more sense now why there’s no religion in the 23/24th century.

My top 10:

2Ezri Dax
4 7 of 9
5Jadzia Dax
8Uhura (TOS one)

I’ve seen plenty of Top Ten Star Trek Babes lists in my time but I Have to agree that that one’s lacking. Agreed — if it doesn’t include Marianna Hill as Dr. Helen Noel, I can’t really take it seriously. So, here’s my Top Ten:

1. Jadzia Dax
2. Dr. Helen Noel
3. Drusilla the Slave Girl from “Bread and Circuses”
4. Kirstie Saavik )though Robin Curtis is cool)
5. Ro Laren
6. Marta the insane green Orion Slave Girl (I’ve dated women like that)
7. Nona (I wish I could date women like that)
8. 7 of 9
9. Uhura
10. the Borg Queen (come on! she’s weirdly sexy!)

An an honorable mention to Dr. Gillian Taylor — I don’t doubt that every guy making ST IV was crazy for her

It just doesn’t seem right to call Uhura Classic [Nichelle Nichols] a hottie. It’s too small a word to capture her. She’s a Made Woman, TOS baby! And damn if Mirror Uhura doesn’t show up in my dreams. Same for Troi, but Marina Sirtis is 50x hotter in person.

My hottie list looks like this:

1. Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident
2. Lt. Marlena Moreau from Mirror, Mirror
3. Ensign Ro Laren
4. Andrea from What Are Little Girls Made Of? [what a personality!]
5. Droxine from The Cloud Minders

Honorable Mentions: Miramanee from The Paradise Syndrome and Saavik. Robin Curtis’ Saavik deserves recognition, since she sexed young Spock at least 6 times while Genesis was destroying itself and cycling Spock through his Pon Farr.

Oh, and T’Pring! How could I forget Arlene Martel!

1. T’Pol
2. 7 of 9
3. K’Ehleyr (Suzie Plakson )

Christian Trekkie:

“Doesn’t anybody here find this article to be sexist and another attempt of idealizing women? It’s a sin under the Catholic Church’s teachings. I originally thought Star Trek was suppose to represent a world that has overcome prejudice, adultery, injustice, etc.”

So the Catholic Church says “idealizing women” is a sin, eh? Something about the VIRGIN Mary comes to mind. No “idealizing” going on there at all . Catholic morality is sexually oppressive. Even consensual sex in a loving relationship is a damning damning sin if you’re not married. What is the logic in that? Highly illogical.

One thing that Star Trek most certainly is NOT is an exemplar of equality among the genders. Star Trek has been objectifying women ever since Kirk learned to tie his boots in The Original Series: SEX!!!

Is “idealizing” Star Trek a sin as well? I’ll bet the Catholic Church says so. “Idol”-izing most CERTAINLY is. And what Trekkie doesn’t idolize Star Trek … sinner.

Ugh, further proof that UGO knows nothing…

Kes shouldn’t even be on the list. She’s what? like 5 years old?? You bunch of Trekkie pedophiles you!! Kes always freaked me out. I’m not sure if it was the character or the actress who portrayed her, but she was the one character on Voyager I could live without. She wasn’t always bad, but sometimes she just made my skin crawl.

Marina Sirtis, I love ya, but I still think Seven or T’Pol should have been figthing for first place. I mean, come on!!

no.5 have you ever seen an episode of the original series? or the later ones for that matter. Personally I love Seven of Nines “functional” catsuits.

“Please sit and entertain me…”

Am I the only one who’s intelligence was insulted with 7of 9 being on Voyager, and Tipol on Enterprise. Alot of the female love interests on The Next Generation were so sexy and revealing, or just the perfect doting/ affectionate women. On the 60’s Star Trek the women were just sex objects. Now we see Uhura in the new Star Trek movie taking her shirt off, she’s ever so cute in her short skirt and make up and pretty ear rings. I’m all for attractive women but do they have to be barbie dolls or silicone. It looks like women in the future are hot as hell!

Oh, come on:
a) Hoshi Sato is definately the TRUE hottie of ENT
b) They should have left out T’Pol completely…
c) What? No Famke Janssen? No Barbara Luna? Andrea the Android only 13th ???

How could they leave out Dr. Noel?

And NONA? Holy crap. She was wearing leather pants and a fuzzy halter top. What the hell?

1 – Mirror Hoshi (the Empress!)
1 – Mirror Ezri
3 – Seven of Nine
4 – Mirror T’Pol
3 -The 1960s. I can’t choose.

The yeoman on Shore Leave is probably the only one that’s made me feel like rutting my TV set.

ok HERES my top 5

1. Rand (i hope Rand has a cameo in the new film)
2. Andrea (What are Liitle Girls Made of)
3. Yeoman Mears (Galileo 7)
4. Romulan Commader (Enterprise Incident)
5. Marlena Moreau (Mirror Mirror)

yep all TOS women…no room for any from TNG etc in the top 5 im afraid.

sorta OT but regarding Saavik…the grissom/genesis scenes in Star Trek III would have been alot more powerful and awesome had Kirsty Alley been cast again (instead it looks like she went off to do Runaway)…theres something about recasting a character when everyone else is there again that upsets the flow of the sequel (also see The Dark Knight to a certain extent)…plus having alley as saavik in Trek VI instead of Valrius (as was the original intention) wouldve made a whole bunch of sense…

I recently devoted a blog entry to Uhura, so you know where my loyalties lie. She’s #1 in my book!

WHAT? No Marlena Moreau from “Mirror, Mirror”? That woman was straight up GORGEOUS. When it comes to hotties TOS is where it’s at.

Thank the GBOTG, there’s no accounting for taste. To each his/her own, although for myself, Jadzia is in a class of her own.

There really need to be at least a couple of lists. Is it fair to compare a one-shot guest character to someone we really get to know?

And speeking of one-shots, don’t forget the Scalosian Queen (from “Wink of an Eye” — rotten episode, pretty lady).

– Harry

Actually, wasn’t it the team that later went on to become Pixar who did the computer graphics in TWOK?

Hello fellow Trek enthusiasts.

What better way to evoke IDIC than to quibble over the list of Hot Star Trek Babes – or to be a little more PC about it, attractive (often) Human Females.

Dr. Helen Noel and Kamala are definitely notable and if the list were longer, they’d definitely be on there – but these were the names that stuck me. It is entirely a first person thing. Harry Seldom put it nicely in his comment –

“There really need to be at least a couple of lists. Is it fair to compare a one-shot guest character to someone we really get to know?”

He is a wise man. But he should check my list more closely – the Scalosian Queen is buzzing around on there.

I have never found Troi hot.

How about Sherry Jackson from “What are Little Girls Made of?”

Helen Noel is definitely much hotter that Troi.

And definitely Barbara Luna in “Mirror, Mirror.”

This list is crap.

You’ve all made great points. And Barbara Luna – wow.

What about Carol Marcus? Anyone? Anyone?

And the chick from Space Seed?

Oh well.

Oh … mustn’t forget Jill Ireland in “This Side of Paradise.”

We can’t leave out Kelinda from “By Any Other Name.”

And I really don’t see how any teachings of the Catholic church relate to anything in the original series. it’s not like the producers consulted the Pope on his idea of the future or how everyone should be there.

Okay my turn by FAR in the top 2 in terms of pure HOTNESS

2-Marlena Moreau

3-Ariel Shaw (Court Martial)
4-Mirror Hoshi
5-Mirror T’Paul
6-Marta (Yvonne Craig)
7-Terri Hatcher in STNG episode
8-Helen Noel
9-Slave Girl from Bread & Circus
10-Lt. McGyvers — great sex appeal
11-Lt. Piper (greeted Kirk, Spock & McCoy in the opening scene of the “The Menagerie”
12-Picard’s on/off again girlfriend began with a V — just can’t remember her name — Vash???? VERY SEXY!!!!
14-Tonia Barrows
15-The blonde Lt. who got it w/Chekov in “The Apple”


yes, the exclusion of mirror Hoshi is most definitely blasphemous.

#12 Lennier, I am glad that finally someone else agrees with me that Major Kira looks hot in a starfleet uniform.

I also think 7 of 9 and T-pol looked better in a starfleet uniforms than in the catsuits. I guess it leaves more to the imagination or I just have a thing for women in uniform ;)

My TOP 3:

Nr. 1 Dr. Helen Noel
Nr. 2 Ishara Yar
Nr. 3 Caithlin Dar

Dudes, how can Uhura not top the list every time? Nichelle invented sexy.

Shame on you Trekkers!

Top Trek babes:

1. T’Pau (ENT)
2. Mirror Hoshi (ENT)
3. Ezri (DS9)
4. T’Pol (ENT)
5. Saavik (STII)
6. Kilana (DS9)

1.7 of 9
3.All of the green girls in the Trek universe.

Where’s Nona…?

And Deanna # 1…?!?!?!


I don’t believe I’ve seen her mentioned yet, but Odona from “The Mark of Gideon” was beautiful.

… but then again, every TOS guest actress was haha.

Padded hips and bust, a wig, and contacts. Not my first choice. or 10th

Noel certainly has to be on the list, and may be top 5 for me.
Julie Newmar, despite the hideous outfit and padded belly, would also be in top 5.

Poor Ruth from “Shore Leave”, better known as “…..RUTH!….” never made a list here.

Vina is my top babe, in any color. “Let me finish!”

#45 — check my listing in post 38, she is my top #1. In my opinion NO other ST babe OOOZED such sexuality the way SHE DID!!! She was just SICK HOT!!!!!

I realize I”m a minority, but Robin Curtis’s Saavik will always be #1 for me. Everything about her in that role, and that character in general, is just perfect.