Preview of Star Trek Countdown #2 + Countdown #1 Sells out

Two weeks ago today the first issue for "Star Trek Countdown," the prequel comic for the new Star Trek movie, was released. Today IDW announced the issue is completely sold out. They also released a preview image of the second issue coming in February. Check it out below [warning…major spoilers from issue one revealed in preview].


[Article discusses SPOILERS for comic and Star Trek movie]


Countdown #1 sells out, take a peek at #2
Today IDW Publisher and Editor in Chief Chris Ryal announced on his blog that the first issue of Star Trek Countdown has sold out, even though it was over printed. He cites the positive reviews from AICN, TrekMovie and others as part of the buzz leading to the sellout. Note that although IDW have sold out, it still may be available at some comic stores, but it won’t be for long.

So it is on to issue 2, which arrives February 25th. Ryal has provided a preview from that issue showing a Nero doing some research on what appears to be Starfleet history and what look like Captain Kirk. It also looks like Nero is on a Starfleet ship or at least using a Starfleet computer. Plus we can see a meeting between Spock and Captain Data, presumably on board the USS Enterprise.   

Pages 7&8 of Star Trek Countdown #2
(click to enlarge)

IDW has also recently released the cover for the Trade Paperback for Countdown coming out in April.

Countdown Trade Paperback Cover
(click to enlarge)

Reserve your Star Trek Countdown – Issue 4 now available to pre-order
With issues selling out fast it is a good idea to reserve your own in advance. You can do this at your local comic shop, or online at Or you can wait until April and pick up the trade paperback, which includes all four issues.

Countdown #1

Countdown #2

Countdown #3

Countdown #4

(sold out)





Star Trek Countdown
(Trade Paperback – compiling all 4 issues)

(Pre-order – April. 29)


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Interesting! The first issue was neat (if not too short), so I will be eagerly waiting to see what issue 2 has in store for us!

Well, at least the comic rendition of the Enterprise E got rid of those dumb phaser additions.

This has me legitimately interested in and excited about a Trek comic for the first time in years. :D

Wow. Sellout. Glad I subscribed.

Data has a portrait of Spot in his ready room. Aw…


Looks like Data is checking out Jim Kirk…

Nero of course.

Is that a cat on Datas wall? Maybe Spot.

That Kirk looks like Bill Shatner.

I wonder if that painting in the ready room means Spot’s a goner.

Artwork looks b*tchin’!

I’m still wondering when this takes place? Trekmovie previously reported “8 years after Nemesis,” yet in issue 1, Spock states that Romulus has been his home for 40 years. Help?

Is it explained anywhere how Data was resurrected?

re: 12:

mmmm…. perhaps years on Romulus are shorter than years on Earth, or Vulcan.

i agree number 9.

Is that freaken b-4 or data!!! God I hated B-4!

From nemesis….

“where can i go?”

#12- I was thinking the same thing. 20 years, maybe? Reunification was about 20 years ago. Unless Spock, at some point, made secret trips to Romulus decades prior that Starfleet was unaware of.

I just purchased the trade paperback…….I would rather read it all at once instead of waiting a month in between each issue. I was a horrible comic collector when I was a kid.

Maybe B-4 assimilated all of Data’s memory and it just took time? Hmm, that’d make sense right?

#10 Data painted that during TNG’s run. He’s had it for a while.

Jim Kirk appears to be a hologram, as do the displays on Datas desk.

18. That is kind of what I was thinking. As we all well know B4 never really had much upstairs. I imagine Data’s programing took over… to speak.

I’m glad i picked up the first issue =)

I’m definitely looking forward to the next one

W00t i’m glad I ordered all 4 plus the paperback

It’s quite possible Spock was on Romulus for some time before we saw him in Unification, which is 2368; Nemesis is 11 years later approximately 2379 and 8 years after that gives us 2387. The timeframe of this scene may be even later than that, however.

I’m not exactly buying B-4 becoming Data – while he might possess Data’s memories, his neural net was far less sophisticated. Is this maybe an alternate future we’re seeing? Early 25th century maybe?

hmm datas wearing the star trek online uniform…

of course the kirk look like shatner – pine plays the young one

ergo in 10 years pine will look like shatner

ergo then we have shatner x2 O.o

oh my

iam weired

I strongly suspect that Datas remains may have been recovered after the Scimitar exploded. It is quite possible Spock may have helped with that effort, especially since Data and Spock had a rapport during Unification. We may get some clues in the Comic as to what happened.

Nero might be trying to gain information on Spock, and his past, and finding the information on Kirk and the Enterprise.

Something in those records lead to his hunting down the Kelvin in the past to prevent Kirk’s birth, and thus prevent something involving Red Matter from occurring.

It is possible that he blames Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise for causing the star to go critical in the first place, thus threatening the Romulan Empire. Kind of a Chicken and Egg situation.

Once we get back there, it may turn out that in an effort to stop things, Nero eventually causes the problem himself. The Cure becomes the Cause.

Now THAT would be interesting.

Amen on the B-4 analogy! Is this data/B-4 captian of the enterprise now! Man i am really confused……..

I still can’t get over Data being Captain of the Enterprise. First off, he’s not really Data, he’s B-4 with Data’s memories. Secondly, Data had a hard enough time being accepted as a sentient lifeform, let alone have command of his own ship. I would think Starfleet would use the whole “He’s not really Data, we can’t trust Shinzon’s android” argument to keep him from getting his own command. This is something I’d like to see talked about in a book or comic.

Quick reminder for UK fans and probably will be on youtube for everyone else im sure…
The Shat is on The Jonathan Ross show this Friday night BBC One!

My best guess re: data/b4:

If this is set a few years post-nemesis, and it is captain Data, not captain Picard, and we know there is an upcoming issue w/ Picard on the cover, I wonder if the time-jumping begins here in the comics, with Nero or Spock going back a few years to Picard’s years on the ent-E prior to “nemesis”, somehow affecting the outcome of the “nemesis” timeline so that Data is never killed…Data was promoted to 1st officer since Riker was leaving so a natural end result would be Data’s eventual captaincy of the Enterprise. Or we could be getting a story that works Picard in b/c of his connection to Spock. Just spitballing here, folks…

Re. the time issue … I think the writers just fudged up with the “40 years” line. :-) If Picard is in this thing (cover #3), it seems unlikely this takes place decades after Nemesis (unless his appearance is a flashback, which is totally possible).

Isn’t Data’s head sitting in a cave San Francisco? Maybe they retrieved it and stuck it on B4’s body and then transfered all of B4’s memories back to Data. Yikes!

It takes place 8 years after Nemesis, Spock could have easily lived on Romulus for 40 years because Unification took place nearly 80 years after the original movies

The comic makes me feel a little sad, that there was no proper send off for TNG.

There are so many possibilities regarding B4/Data

–Graphed Dada’s memories on Lore’s head
–Found Data’s head in the Scimitar’s wreckage
–Upgraded the hell out of B4
–32’s suggestion of Time’s Arrow scenario
–Made it so Data never dies

I could go on and on, but I am ELATED to know he’s back! I don’t really care how, just knowing he’s back and that Nemesis’ biggest downer has been undone makes me happy as can be! I’ve watched ST 10 at least five times since this news broke.

Now I hope they don’t kill Picard God that would suck.

Data is a robot. (though he likes to classify himself as an android, fair enough, but he’s still a robot). Robots can be upgraded, duplicated, repaired, etc. etc.

I think we’re seeing the B4 hardware that was taken over by Data’s programing, that’s the most logical assumption. Maybe it’s something else, but it really doesn’t matter and I doubt the comic will bother to explain it.

#30 i agree with you… thats my first thought as well

heres what i dont get. kirk sacrifices everything in 3 to go back to genesis to get spock. he even lost his son. so its pretty much established that kirk and spock mean alot to each other.

then why, in 7 – generations – is kirk alone? dying alone, although he predicted that. but still. why did spock go to romulus? basically what i am saying is that around the time of 10 – nemesis – you pretty much get the impression that kirk and spock were simply coworkers who happened to work together for a few years and then went their separate ways.

its not consistent with the events of 3, 4, or 6. maybe even 5. you’d think after all these guys went through together and sacrificed for each other that the only next logical step would be for them to come out of the closet for each other. retire together. maybe go on adventures together. did kirk even know about spock’s work with the romulans? did spock even know that kirk died in the nexus?

are we really to BILLieve that in the origin story, spock hates kirk and hits him and all that? uhura serving budweisers and the enterprise being built in iowa?

they found B4 but no one even mentions lore? now data’s back, captain of the enterprise?

none of this is making sense today…



wheres captian picard? did he come down with that Irumodic Syndrome from all go0d things… or did he just get promoted?

#39 … If indeed this takes place 8 years after Nemesis, Picard would be about 70. The right age for a promotion to Admiral, I would think.

What, did everybody missing seeing Star Trek 10 1/2: The Search For Data, and Star Trek 10 7/8: The Voyage Lore? Of course that’s the New [tm] and Improved [tm] Data, made of the best parts of B4, Lore, Data’s remains, and a few pieces of Borg left lying around…. Ah, the measure of a mandroid.

Countdown # 1 was a fantastic read, if just a little too short. It was exciting and well-written. Can’t wait for #2.

God bless!

40 Yes, I’d say Picard’s been put out to “Pasteur”. :)

Wait, so I can’t buy the First issue anymore? They’d better be making more, or I’m going to anything BUT happy.

Hitch, none of it is making sense to me, either, but I’m on my third glass of wine, so that may have something to do with it. LMAO

So basically anyone can be a captain, now?

Ezri Dax, B-4…

Who’s next, Reg Barclay?

I would say it’s a alternate Universe, instead of Data getting killed on the Scimitar, Picard died. Spock went to Romulus right after Kirk vanished in the Nexus, or wherever he went in this Universe. So it’s makes Perfect Sense that Data is the Captain of the Enterprise.

Or Maybe this Universe is already changed by Nero…

Whatever, Spock will go back in Time an help making the Future look like a SciFi Series from the 60’s. ;-)

Spot would probably be well past a cat’s lifespan by now.

Maybe “captain Data” is actually captain B4, and the Big E crew made a pact not to tell anyone it wasn’t Data.

Issue 1 was plenty groovy, I’ll pick up two as well. I do like the art, much better than the majority of IDW’s Trek titles.

Four decades does seem a little excessive. Since Unification happened sometime around 2368, forty years later would put them well into the 2400’s (on a side note, this calm Romulan Empire does NOT seem to reflect the history produced by Star Trek Online). With Nemesis being about 2379, fourteen seems a bit more in line than forty.

So, it looks like Nero is checking stuff on Decalithium, but such subjects are suspended- is his trying to find info on those subjects what leads him to Kirk? Or is he just researching the Enterprise since he seems to be on board?

I like the original looking Kirk…. now if they could give us a pic of the TOS E, that would be sweet…