ShatWatch: Bill Remembers Montalban, Toasts SAG, Saves Travel Biz, Goes Mosaic + more

This is William Shatner’s world, we are just visiting. Today Bill dominates the web with a new Shatner Project YouTube vid about Ricardo Montalban (w/ re-enactment of "Khaaaan" scream). Last weekend the SAG Awards looked to Shatner to kick off the show with a special toast. Plus the travel biz is looking to Shatner to save them. We have video of all that below, plus Bill on canvas and more.


Shat says bye to Montalbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

[YouTube link]

Shat toasts actors
William Shatner opened up the red carpet with a Champagne toast at last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, here is the video.

[YouTube link]

Here are a couple of shots from the event (click to enlarge):

Negotiator takes on tough economy
The world is facing tough economic times and the travel business is down, so who can save it? William Shatner, of course. a new campaign with Shatner’s ‘Negotiator’ helping travelers save money in troubled times. Shatner talked to Reuters about the economy, with these words of wisdom:

We’re in danger of retracting so much that everything will fail. We’re being fed by fear, and fear feeds on itself. And if we can break that cycle, we might come out of this sooner and better than we expect.

Here are the two new Negotiator ads where Shatner saves the world travel industry (click to launch video in new window)



Shatner on Mosaic has a new print available called "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" comprised of painting from equine artists around the world ‘celebrating the horse.’ Of interest to Shatner fans is panel 206 of the mural, titled "Boldly go where no man has gone before" depicting The Shat riding his horse…in space!

In space no one can hear how awesome you are

Shat on UK TV alert
A number of readers have sent in tips that William Shatner will be the guest on tomorrow’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC One. Showtimes and info at


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Bill is still THE MAN.

Briliiant, he is a very charming man!

Hah, can he not do an imitation of himself. lol.

Mr. Shatner i bow to you.!!!!!!

I think he is still in the movie.

lol, ohhhhh bill…..

Ha ha ha! Khaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn. I wonder if that’s the first time he’s done that in public?

What’s amazing to me is that he was 46 years old when he did Space Seed!

Can’t beat Captain Kirk! Just finished “Up till’ now”..Great stuff!

I like the asian guy imitating him. I just wish his wife had actually said, “Why are you talking like Shatner?”

It’s amazing the way Shatner can reinvent himself ad infinitum. As McCoy would have said about “Shatner’s Raw Nerve”: It’s a pity you wasted yourself on starship command, Jim. You would have made a fair psychologist.” Probably way better than fair.

#7 … No, he did it at the Scream Awards two years ago when TWOK received some silver anniversary love. The 5 living main TOS cast were all there.

Hahahaha Shatner is king!

Shatner. How can you not worship Shatner? He is all that is cool. I am a middle aged military officer in a Combat Brigade, and hanging over my desk is a picture of Captain James T. Kirk with the label, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.” Shatner rocks.

Wow, the second time he said “KAAAAAHHHNN!!!” he was really good.

“This is William Shatner’s world, we are just visiting.”

Great stuff! Thanks.

THE SHAT rules the universe…I am sure Ricardo heard that second “Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!” and just smiled and chuckled that evil chuckle.

Bill rules man

That’s cool that they hung out together sometimes outside of work.

He’s a great guy.

8 – Actually, Shatner was in his 30s during TOS.

But look at him: pushing 80 and still holding up the world on his shoulders!

Go, Shatman!!

Nice reminiscence about Montalban…

Liz is soooo sexyyyyyy…


Any vid with Liz…is a good vid! :-)

Forgot to say: William Shatner is THE MAN!!!

There will never be anyone quite like him.

Hail Shat! Savior of the Universe! Hail Shat!

Those new Priceline ads are pretty sharp, but I wish the Bravo channel had picked a different ad to show during this week’s Raw Nerve than the one with the man and woman tied up in the back of a van IMMEDIATELY AFTER a clip of Fran Drescher talking about being her and her husband being tied up and she raped during a robbery of their home.

I’m really loving Raw Nerve… I just wish we could see more of the interviews… they go by way too fast.

I was worried he’d lost his “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” touch there for a few seconds, but then he redeemed himself!

You gotta love Shatner!

As much as Montalban’s passing has saddened me, I’m going to weep like a 2-year old when The Shat shuffles off this mortal coil of ours… he’s made me laugh consistently for the last 20 years.

Don’t ever leave us, Bill!

Gotta love the Shat.

Raw Nerve is a fantastically innovative talk show, btw.

Shat’s a bright, curious guy who elicits conversations from his guests that few others could.

absolutely one of the best priceline spots (commercials for you slobs not in the bizz) since he and nimoy did ’em a few years ago

i can’t help it…the man can do no wrong…gotta luv’im

As great as I think the new film is going to be. It would have been better with William Shatner in it.

Why wasn’t this guy in the new movie? ha ha

Shatner drinks before the toast, clinks glasses, and then doesn’t drink.


Got to say he looks great at the award ceremony, best he’s looked for a long time!

HAHA The Shat RULEZ! Nice to hear him yell KAHHHN again! Nice tribute to Ricardo too!

Hey Or Coast Trekkie…wherabouts are you? Sheri and I love driving down to the Oregon Coast usually around memorial day weekend…We love going to Tilamook and touring the cheese factory, we usually stay in Lincoln City at Chinook Winds… that Oregon coastal area! Course its also fun to visit some of the other cities there too….we drive down from the Tacoma/Seattle area….

That Negotiator commercial ‘Help’ was hysterical – “to name …your.. own ..price”. Hehe. And..Shatner’s Khan re-enactment brought a tear to me eye.

Shatner is really king.

31 – Amen.

As a 28 year old man I find myself increasingly jealous of Mr Shatner…how does he find time to breath in between everything he does. I would love to have the energy and enthusiasm he has for every project he is involved with.

I love the pic above with Shat and the two ladies in black with the champagne. I can only imagine that at one point, he looks at them with that ‘Kirk twinkle’ in his eye and says ‘By the way… girls look….lovely tonight…”

Shatner is an icon! If he wrote a ‘Shatner guide for men,’ it would be a best-seller!!

It’s Bill Shatner’s world – we just live in it.


Here’s to you, Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!

I’m thinking of taking all of those “Chuck Norris is a badass” lines and substituting them with Bill Shatner’s name.

“Bill Shatner ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one!!”

I learned to fight watching ST TOS: I actually tried the signature Kirk “rolling leg throw” in a fight with a kid when I was in junior high and it actually worked! (I got suspended for a week, though.)


Agreed. I like it too. And in the format it’s in it (Shatner’s approach ) screams for an hour show.

Also…..I’ve said it before…now again….I care not what people say….I love Shatner.!

Shatner is the man – the two of them just look so fantastic together on screen in Space Seed…. good times!

Hate to even think about it, but the day he passes on, I’m taking off work, icing up a case of my favorite hops and barley, shutting the blinds, shutting off my phone and pc, and running a 12 hour dvd marathon of TOS and TOS films. Might even throw in the Twlight Zone episodes he was in. He’s the best.

I don’t know if it’s the angles or if it’s real but in the scene in Space Seed where Kirk comes in and sits across the table from Khan, he looks like he’s half Khan’s size – puny future man vs giant verile 20th century superhuman.

Raw Nerve is very interesting. Shatner is definitely an odd interviewer. I like when he was pressing Judge Judy about her pain, and she’s looking at him like he’s nuts, but he wouldn’t let it go and eventually she did concede to most of what he was saying. Shatner has nothing to lose so there are no boundaries to what he might ask.

#46… Well said, Danpaine. Similar tributes, I am sure, will be going on all over the world, including in my home. As much as I am anticipating the new movie, I feel we fans really got robbed of one final Shatner as Kirk moment. Sad.

#48 – I couldn’t agree more.

#46, 48
You guys know how to make a girl cry…