New Star Trek Super Bowl Commercial Online

The 30-second commercial for the new Star Trek movie, airing tomorrow night with the Super Bowl, is now available online. The first ever Star Trek Super Bowl ad contains a mix of not seen before footage with some footage from the theatrical trailer. Check it out below.


UPDATE: On official site
The trailer is now available at the official site for the Star Trek movie. 

(note you may need to hit ‘reload’ on the official site homepage if it is loading the theatrical trailer)

UPDATE 2: TrekMovie Shot By Shot Analysis

Quick Analysis
[mild spoilers]
This spot is made to appeal to a general audience (the Super Bowl brings in around 100 million viewers). Because it is a Super Bowl spot, it is also made to work even without sound (as many people turn off the volume during breaks or watch the game at parties or bars). Also the commercial sneaks the sci-fi Trek stuff in, waiting until one third of the way in before you get your first shot that could not take place in modern day (the Enterprise under construction). With all that context, the message is clear: there is a big, action-packed, totally new kind of Star Trek movie coming this Summer.

Even though the commercial focuses on action, it still shows how this film is a journey, with this spot highlighting Kirk. There are a lot of shots of the first scene with Chris Pine as Kirk (in a bar), before he goes to the Academy (and before he is the Kirk we know). We also see the first meeting of Kirk and McCoy. All of this emphasizes the ‘origin story’ angle of the film, but we also see Kirk in the chair, showing that the film will take us to his destiny, in command of the USS Enteprise.

Much of the new footage in the commercial was shown at the 20 minute press previews last Fall, but not all. The most prominent new thing would be the shots of San Francisco and Starfleet Academy. 

‘New’ Screencaps
TrekMovie will have a full ‘shot by shot’ analysis after a higher quality version is available online, like we did for the theatrical trailer. Look for that soon. Until then here are just a few caps of some of the ‘new’ footage.

Super Bowl Trek
See the commercial tomorrow night at the game during Super Bowl XLIII, a match up of the AFC champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers against the NFC champions, the Arizona Cardinals. The game kicks off Sunday February 1st at 6PM (EST) on NBC. More info at and


Thanks to the dozen or so readers who sent in this tip tonight so far.



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I was one of those dozens! Huzzah!

Can’t wait until May!

Wow nice…

“Why are you talkin’ to me man” ahahahahahah!

Nice shot of the Enterprise in action.

The only thing I did not like about the TV spot was Kirk going, “Woo hoo!” during the skydiving sequence. Aside from that, everything looked good. I think Karl Urban is going to steal the show as McCoy.


Whew, thanks. Now I don’t have to watch the Super Bowl.

Oh my god, that scene with the Enterprise firing brought a tear to my eyes… it was so beautiful.


Ugh. Woohoo? Shouting?


Sweet, new footage!

so good. Just showed it to 5 of my friends that are avid non Trekkies. Just won some converts.

Very nice…4 months…

Hoooooooly SH!T!!! That looked awesome!!! I agree with #4, DGill – I think Carl Urban is going to steal the movie. He not only sounds like him, but kind of actually LOOKS like him – the eyes. I wonder if we’re going to get any “I’m a doctor not a __________” lines.


Wow. Earth gets attacked again by the Xindi!

that is pretty kick ass! can’t wait for May!

“Why are you talkin’ to me man?” Just makes me mad hearing it. Sounds like a lot of kids I teach. I don’t think Jim Kirk would have said it like that. Like a cross between Bill and Ted and Cheech and Chong. Whatever.

Seems like it might stand on its own. Qapla’

This is BIG!!! For all us trek fans, we know we are going to see this, but to make it HUGE (and to give us another opportunity for another film) this superbowl clip will help really help broaden the audience and give millions of people the chance to see the “new” enhanced trek in a way they’ve never imagined. Way to go!!!


How do you know? Actually, he has said it like that. We have proof. Just now. I mean come one. You’ve never seen a rebellious person in their early 20’s?

So, here come the nitpickers. Ins’t Kirk a KID going to the Academy?

Wow, that scene from the academy has been extremely altered by the FX team. Remember the pic from over a year ago?

Way to go ILM, awesome matte and compositing there!


That would be amusing if the new and improved Kobayashi Maru test was basically the Xindi attacking earth (thus directly linking ‘Enterprise’ mythology to the movie). But how on earth could a single person stop something like that from happening? That’s why it’s a no-win scenario. :D

# 15 AHAHAHA yeah i got that flash back as well. HELL THEY ARE ALL IN RED SO THATS EVEN WORSE!

#17 Yeah i know what you mean. Sound like Kirk was a little punk teenager. I watch the scene where Kirk and McCoy are talking and i want to say “Your drunk Jim”.

Anyway nice preview.

The Big E looks a million times more killer in those few frames then any picture released so far, and about a million times more badazz then the Big E has been in many, many years.

I also like the fact that we will be able to see this film in an IMAX theater (as per the end credits there in the preview).

When will a villian in a trek movie understand that it does not matter what century you come from and how big your ship is, you do not stand a chance when you go against Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise.

I like this film! It’s exciting!


Awesome. How can you not be excited? This is the only way we’ll see new Star Trek, and that being said, I think we should welcome it. It’s TODAY’S take on trek. Done right it could be brilliant.

It will be cool to see San Fran in the 23rd Century! We never really get to see a good shot of it.

I just crapped me pants, holy god that was good!
ans at 23 I think we did in this one, 2 in fact

Aside from “Woooo-hoooo!!!!!”, that was an awesome preview! I can’t wait for the rest of the country to see it tomorrow.

what the hell is wrong with saying “woohoo”? I went skydiving last summer… I’m 41.. and I screamed “wooohooo” all the way down… you guys need to get over yourselves.

The movie looks incredible. A friend of mine working in the industry saw it last week in Toronto at a special screening. He is a Trek purist and he told me that it’s going to be huge. Even the non-trekkers that saw it with him were blown away.

Speculate all you want!!! Those of you who are so grounded in the trek lore that is all about previous episodes and what has been said in movies have a lot to learn about what Gene’s vision for the future really is… It’s about the evolution of the human race to become better than it is NOW… and that requires change to the extent that we think of things in a different way; accept new things; be proactive about our future; stop looking at the past as the grounds for what must be. Trek is an evolution – based in reality, but meant as a vision of the future that changes with each generation. For anyone who has nit-pics with this or that in the clips we’ve seen… just remember, it’s the vision that counts!!! Not the tit-for-tat nonsense that some of you display in your comments about a “movei”, but for an ultimate outcome that gives people hope for a civilization that is better than we have now and that leads us into the future !!!

Actually, I do think it’s “woo HOO hoo”. Probably the Vulcan phrase “wu huuhu”…. :)

A much better ad. I’m glad Saldana’s bra doesn’t have to be the focus this time.

And the “why are you talking to me, man” makes sense in that Kirk didn’t start the fight, Pike’s crewman did….

Can’t wait !!!

Alright, I’ll bye the Woo-hoo. I guess I wouldn’t expect any less from someone skydiving from space. Anyway, there are definitely some new spoilers in there. The most noticeable being the Romulans attacking Earth. That’s a new one.

Sorry, that’s “movie”

Beautiful! Thanks for the bone!

May can’t get here quick enough!

Ughhh. I am sick of this. I am sick and tired of these trailers. All they do is make me want to see the movie more and more! Does Paramount know they’re toying with us? I mean seriously. Why can’t they just stop giving these little teasers to us – it’s causing too much anxiety.

but seriously: this looks awesome and the I am so glad that “the wait is (almost) over” — on May 8th I will be sitting in the local IMAX theatre watching the revival of Star Trek. It’s been a very long 4 years since I’ve had any new Star Trek material to watch.

Wow! Look at the Enterprise looking all fine and stuff lol!!

First of all, how do we even know it’s Kirk saying “Woohoo?” And even if it is Kirk, who cares? I personally thought the “Why are you talkin’ to me man?” was brilliant. Such a different face of Kirk than we’re used to, and it rings true. Something deep inside you says: “That’s Jim Kirk at 20(ish)!”

Remember, we only saw Kirk as a mature captain who had grown into his position and matured beautifully with experience (as one would expect from a normal human being. Did we expect that the character we saw in TOS was static? That he had come out of the womb saving the world and not making a mistake? sheesh?

And “whatever” is the way my nieces in their tweens end sentences when they pout when not getting their way.


17. Andy Patterson – January 31, 2009

“Why are you talkin’ to me man?” Just makes me mad hearing it. Sounds like a lot of kids I teach. I don’t think Jim Kirk would have said it like that. Like a cross between Bill and Ted and Cheech and Chong. Whatever.

was Kirk yelling “Spock do it” or “Spock don’t”?

Trek is back!!!! Who knows, it may be bad, it may be good, or it may be killer, but either way, at least it is getting a treatment that, after Nemesis and Enterprise, nobody would have ever predicted.

Halo jump looked awesome. Kirk halo jumped in a cut scene from ST Generations, so we know people still halo jump in the future.

ILM must really love that angle of the 1701. In both the trailer and this TV spot it is in that same angle. Not that I am complaining, since the Big E is lookin good anyway they put it.

two quick notes:
1. the scene in the bar is the first scene with pine as kirk, before academy, that is where he STARTS his arc.
2. the ‘woo hoo’ in the sky diving is not coming from Kirk

Ah, so it’s not “Star Trek: 90210”, but it is “Star Trek: The Hip Generation”.

OW! Am I getting too old?! The whole ad went so quickly I didn’t get anything from it but a headache.


Totally agreed about the Big E. Everyone’s been nitpicking the design for months, but in the actual footage there’s no denying that this IS the Enterprise.

In fact, with the smooth hull and round nacelles, I’d dare say this comes closer to capturing the FEEL of the original ship even better than the refit did.

Oh yeah, and the rest of the trailer was pretty kickass too. : D