ShatWatch Video Update: Bill Talks TOS and Star Trek 2009 On BBC Chat Show

In our Thursday ShatWatch we alerted readers that Bill was to appear on the BBC One show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. The video of that appearance is online now where The Shat talks about being recognized around the world as Kirk and also his thought on not being in the new Star Trek movie, and more. See it below.


Shat v Ross
If you live in the UK you can watch Shatner clip at

And for the rest of us, it has been uploaded in two parts to YouTube. (All the Trek stuff is in the first half of the first clip).

Shat on Tubridy in Ireland tonight
Bill continues his tour of the isles and tonight he appears on Tubridy Tonight on RTE in Ireland. The show airs at 9:45 local time, see full schedule. Clips should turn up later on the Tubridy Tongiht page.

Thanks to A Hoyle and Seosamh for the overseas tips

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gonna watch the whole show on bbc tonight at 2am.


Watched this last night. Extremly funny interview. Shat made a reference to “The Dark Side”, which completly want over Wosses head!!

I love you Coco.

The Greatest ever

Oh God poor Bill he has to get interviewed by Ryan Tubridy, that man is the biggest tool ever he can interview himself out of a paper bag, just God awful!!!

If ure reading this Bill please note he dose not represent Ireland, every1 in this country hates him!!

Why can’t we get Jonathan Ross here in North America? He is way funnier than any of the American late night hosts.


Gotta agree with you no. 6 Letterman and Leno are not at all funny and highly overrated!
We get the shows here in the UK and they are shockingly bad!

Good old Bill, he never ceases amaze and always to steals the show!

When I grow up, I want to be William Shatner!

i watched this the other night and it was fab. the shat out witted jonathon ross everytime. shatner is the man.

Wow, Bill was throwing Ross all kinds of curve balls and Ross just wasn’t getting it.

And my god. I thought Bill’s Trek acting was overdone. TJ Hooker was something else indeed.

Handled himself really well. I love The Shat :)

Shat is the man.
Thanks for posting that Anthony.
: )

hahaha good stuff


I Love You Coco!!! CLASSIC!!

yeah…be cool! lol!

As Spock would say: Fascinating.

But why did they use that clip?? Almost no dialogue, not even many patent Kirk-Fu moves

Very funny interview! And the UK audience loved Bill. :-) No matter where he goes, his super-human level of charisma wins people over. He’ll always be THE Captain.

#18 Maybe highlighing the tension between Shatner and Nimoy over Nimoy being in the new film and him not being. Maybe not intensional but that came to mind when I was watching…

Glen Close, Eddie Izzard, and Lily Allen were all cracking up too! Go, Shat!

Just saw the Shat interview on Tubridy Tonight. As always, Tub was a tool, but Mr. Shatner was great as ever. I didn’t even know the Shat was going to be in Dublin this weekend. Any of the Irish trekkers out there know if he doing signings or anything over the weekend?

the shat was great, ross was trying to get the upper hand on the interveiw but the shat put him back down, i am not a fan of ross so this made even more better.

Shatner at his finest.

I love Bill. He really has great comedic timing,,.he’s so fun to listen to.

The Star Trek clip said at noon on SciFi. There’s a UK SciFi? Why do they still get Trek on SciFi? There were tons of great interview bits SciFi had that are just sitting in a can. Brings those out. I want that. We didn’t get to see half of what they filmed.

I love Shatner still too.

Hey numbers 5 and 22, it was embarassing, was’nt it? I think Tubridy was rather cruel at times to the fans. But I was shocked that William Shatner was in Ireland. I mean, our fair Ireland is’nt exactly a hotbed of Star Trek or sci-fi. RTE show episodes of Smallville and Stargate SG-1 at around 2 am on Saturday mornings, and TV3 used to show Doctor Who on Thursady nights after midnight. Sci-fi is almost taboo in Ireland, inmy opinion.

The man is an immortal. In 10,000 years time he will be remembered still. All honour him.

The video monitor behind them looks like the Klingon blood floating around in Star Trek VI.

Ure right “27” its like Sci-fi doesn’t exsit in Ireland, u swear like no1 in Ireland likes sci-fi & that can’t be further from the truth.

All I have 2 say is thank god 4 Sky & the internet. :)

Irish Sci-Fi lover

TJ Hooker… snark! Love it.

But, I gonna say it again… beyond a cameo or a voice-over, I don’t want Bill to embarrass himself by appearing as Kirk again. He’s not 35 years old. He’s not thin. He’s not the same actor he was. He’s excellent just the way he is… but, the part is not a good fit anymore.

I look forward to the NEW adventures of Wm. Shatner — force of nature. I will always be a fan.

So there is more then two sci fi fans in Ireland!

Glenn Close and Eddie Izzard….I want to see those interviews too!!

#31. CmdrR

Exactly. It’s not that we don’t like him any longer, it’s just too late for him to be Kirk again (IMO). I watch the TOS eps over and over. LOVE him. And he DOES have excellent comedic timing. Everyone in the series was great.

I know it’s hard to let go of some things. I’m not 25 any more but to try to act/dress like I am would just make me look pathetic. CmdrR, don’t you wish he would have suggested that he be Kirk’s (Chris Pine’s) grandfather? That would have been AWESOME!!!



We do have a UK sci fi and its not very good.

We only get unremastered trek – none of the new bells and whistles stuff.

My God, the Shat is a sharp, sharp man. He was hilarious. And I wish that he was in this movie. I said it. I stand by it. If you don’t like it, too bad.

Mr. Shatner, you are THE best!

Thank you for posting these clips,; they were hysterical. If only our interviewers over here could bring out the best in him like that. The one who comes closest is Craig Ferguson, and look where he’s from…

I think Ross thought he was just going to take the piss out of the Shat.

The Shat proved him wrong.

What can you say? I’m sure someone must have posted this before, but it is worth a re-read now and then.

Bill actually said something sad in this interview. “I’ll be dead soon.” isn’t that reason enough to try and get the man into another Star Trek film? He’s sharp as a tack and loving life. Film his sequel role now. The man is 78 years old in March.

38 – Great link. Great comments. Yes, get him in the next Trek before it’s too late to do so ever again.

#22, sci-fi me hole!! ’twas a long way from warp drive you were rayered!!


sry, that was @ #27!!

What a great interview. I hope I have that much energy when I reach his age.

I want to see Shatner as Kirk one more time — old, retired, fat, not in peak physical condition but still the sharp tactician and just a little more seasoned adventurer, more sure of himself, a little less hot headed, but still a man among men. Shatner is still shatner, even under all that extra weight – so would Kirk be.

I could absolutely see him just step right out of the Nexus after a few years of living in that cabin (as Guinan says, part of you is always in the nexus), in a big time-line crossing adventure with all of the crews – Enterprise, Voyager, DS9, TNG, and the new young TOS crew. It would be absolutely fantastic and a great send off to all of the TNG era films including the new crew.

Make it so, number one.

ross is a big trek enthusiast and film wouldve been like having royalty on his Show.i know Bill hasnt done himself any favours in the past but in recent years i think at least on chat shows that he has mellowed longer taking himself too seriously and just seeming to enjoy his legend/fame.
Ive met him a few times and as englishman we say hes just bonkers!and so funny!in a nice way.

and lets forget him ever playing Kirk again.At least in an official sense.Come on guys its just not gonna happen.Get real !!!

if you didnt know and obviously some of you dont that ross is one of the most famous uk star trek fans on air,and very vocal in support of all trek,if you think he would try to take the —- out of Mr Shatner then youve got it wrong

“I want to see Shatner as Kirk one more time — old, retired, fat, not in peak physical condition but still the sharp tactician and just a little more seasoned adventurer, more sure of himself, a little less hot headed, but still a man among men. Shatner is still shatner, even under all that extra weight – so would Kirk be. ”


That was a fun interview.

You couldn’t have stated it any better. :)

Great interview!

45 -“and lets forget him ever playing Kirk again.At least in an official sense.Come on guys its just not gonna happen.Get real !!!”

Hey, guess what, Trekmonk. You don’t know that for certain. The man has more fans than ever, and Paramount just might smarten up for the next film.

To anyone saying Shatner is too old to have appeared as Kirk again…I say, bollocks!!

TOS fans are sort of uniquely lucky. Compared to the casts of most 60’s series, the TOS crew are still mostly alive and vibrant. And in the case of Shatner, we have a leading man from our favorite 40 year old show who is not only still around and looking great for his age, but more popular than ever!! Right now I really can’t think of one tv star from his era who is as popular today as Bill is.

One of the things we all loved about the character of Kirk is that he was human. And humans age. Bill defined the role of Kirk, and having him appear as elder Kirk in Star Trek ’09 would have been brilliant. He and Leonard together would’ve provided everyone’s favorite moments in the film. I am a fan of JJ Abrams, but he is not all-knowing. He dropped the ball by not including Bill, plain and simple.

But it’s no skin off Bill’s nose, really. Few people (if any) associated with the Star Trek franchise will ever enjoy his kind of longevity and legacy. He is a true entertainment icon. JJ & the new Trek crew may be here today, but Bill will be here (in our hearts) always.