January 2009

Golden Globes Red Carpet Video Interviews With Pine and Quinto + More Pics

As reported last night, the new Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto), presented at the Golden Globe Awards. Before going on stage TV Guide talked to the pair about the new Star Trek movie and what it is like to be waiting until May. See video below, plus more Golden Globes pictures (including a couple of the ladies of Star Trek).

STO Update: Cryptic Q&A + New Screenshots

This week Cryptic has some new released information for their upcoming Star Trek Online massive multiplayer game. In a new Q&A they answer some burning questions, plus they have released two new in-game screenshots. TrekMovie also has some thoughts on dates and how this game set in the 25th century may still (kind of) tie in to the new Star Trek movie.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Tron, Ender’s Game, Hobbit, Prisoner, Flash Forward, Smallville + more

This week the Fox/WB Watchmen Drama continues while WB continues to move forward with new promos and details. We also have a new character for Tron, dead or alive updates for Shazam and Ender’s Game and much more movie news, video and images. In TV news we have details on Braga’s Flash Forward, the new Prisoner, and Smallville’s future, plus lots of new promos and more. 

CelebWatch: Stardate 01.10.09 [UPDATED]

The first CelebWatch of the year, and boy do I have some goodies for you! There’s plenty of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto news, including a join appearance tomorrow at the Golden Globes. There’s also movie news for the likes of Simon Pegg, Colm Meaney, and Marina Sirtis. Plus LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton ‘twittering’ to each other, and much more. 

Library Computer: Review “Mirror Universe: Shards & Shadows” Anthology (Pt. 1) + 2010 Books Update

Pocket Books’ successful foray into the Mirror Universe in 2007 paved the way for twelve new stories from Star Trek’s dark side. This edition of the Library Computer looks at five tales from January’s "Shards and Shadows" anthology. We also have an update and news on Pocket Books plans for big Trek mini-series in 2010.

Exclusive Interviews: Picardo and McGillion Talk Stargate Atlantis Finale (and a little Star Trek)

Tonight five seasons of Stargate Atlantis comes to an end. Ushering in the finale  as part of the SGA crew are Robert Picardo, veteran of seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager and Paul McGillion, who has a small role in the new Star Trek movie. TrekMovie decided to check in with both for exclusive interviews talking about the SGA finale and a little Trek as well.  

Star Trek Movie Getting Super Bowl Commercial

If you were looking for proof that Paramount is serious about promoting the new Star Trek movie, look no further. In another franchise first, Paramount has purchased time to run a Star Trek commercial during this year’s Super Bowl airing February 1st on NBC. Trek will be joined by a number of other movie spots from Paramount and other studios, details below.

Profile and Exclusive Interview: Barney Burman – Prosthetic Makeup Designer for ‘Star Trek’

Today TrekMovie presents the first of a series of ‘get to know the crew’ features for the new Star Trek movie. This series will profile one (or more) of the folks who heads up a particular area. First up we introduce you to Barney Burman, who led the team making prosthetic make-up for Star Trek’s aliens. See below for a profile and exclusive interview.

Pro-Abrams/Trek Paramount CEO Contract Extended + Hollywood Vet Predicts ‘Star Trek’ Blockbuster

Today it was announced that Paramount CEO Brad Grey’s contract has been extended until 2014. One of Grey’s first actions after joining Paramount in 2005 was signing JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot production company to a multi-picture deal, which included Star Trek as its first big film. Abrams and Trek are now being cited as part of the reasoning for Grey’s extension.

Star Trek Mag Nimoy Interview Excerpts + STM Planning 3 Movie Issues

The new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine has a very delicious interview with actor Leonard Nimoy, who reprises his role as Spock in the new Star Trek opening May 8th. In the interview, conducted in early October, Nimoy talks about J.J. Abrams, the cast, Spock’s importance in the film, Trek’s appeal and his expectations of the film, and much more. Excerpts below.

TrekMovie Giving Away Star Trek Messenger Bags + 1 Week Left To Enter Lenovo Laptop Contest

Intel and Lenovo are promotional partners for the Paramount’s new Star Trek movie (see the cool boldlygo.intel.com). In November we reported they are running a contest giving away 5 ‘Star Trek’ customized laptops and you have just a week left to enter. Lenovo has also provided TrekMovie with two customized Star Trek messenger bags to give away to our readers. Details below.

The Collective: DST Star Trek Exclusives Arriving At Toys R Us

2009 is already shaping up to be Star Trek’s return to big retailers, including exclusives. Diamond Select Star Trek toys are now starting to show up at Toys ‘R Us stores across the United States, including a number of new exclusives (in addition to the very cool Khaaaannnn! Admiral Kirk). We have details, images (and new info on an Amazon.com exclusive as well) below.

Great Links: Star Trek 2009 Buzz Watch Edition

It is 2009 this is the year of the new Star Trek movie and the movie already has the whole world talking. This week the Great links focuses on the buzz about the new movie as well as some new movie fan art and video along with some ‘facts’ about one of the movies characters. But first JJ Abrams’ movie has actually highlighted a breakthrough insight in to Trek fandom!

Keep Track of TrekMovie On Twitter

Want to follow TrekMovie even more closely? Want to know what we are working on before it is on the site? Well now you can by using the popular social networking site Twitter. TrekMovie now has its own Twitter page which you can ‘follow’ and keep up to date on what is going on and coming up, from TrekMovie.com. More details below.

Preview Of Shatner’s Raw Nerve Interview With Leonard Nimoy (airing Tuesday Jan. 6)

For those who miss Shatcemeber, it is time to start celebrating Shatuary 6th. On Tuesday, January 6th, the Bio Channel is showing the long awaited William Shatner’s Raw Nerve interview of Leonard Nimoy. The event is being celebrated with a special day of Shatnerific and Star Trek programming. We have more details including video and images below.

Star Trek Post Production Complete + Oscar-winner Ben Burtt Provided Sound Design

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film is officially complete. According to sources, post production on the summer 2009 film was actually completed Christmas week, shortly after JJ Abrams posted his Holiday greeting on Facebook. The final step of the post production was sound editing, and to help out they brought in Academy Award winner Ben Burtt.

Star Trek Fans and Colleagues Say Goodbye At Barrett-Roddenberry Public Memorial [UPDATE: More Photos]

On Sunday the family, friends and fans of Majel Barrett Roddenberry came to Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills to pay their final respects to the First Lady of Star Trek. A large crowd, including many Star Trek luminaries gathered to for the official memorial. Details and photos below.  

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Iron Man, Transformers, Docotor Who, Lost, Red Dwarf, BSG + more

SciFi Saturday is back – a day late but chock full of genre news to kick off the new year. We got business drama behind Watchmen and Narnia,  updates on the Thor, Green Hornet and Iron Man 2, plus some of the first official Transformers 2 images. The biggest news of the weekend is the announcement of the new Doctor Who, we have that and more TV news, check it all out below.

Science Friday Saturday: Meteor Shower, Moon Maps, Military NASA, Crayon Physics + more

It’s the first Science Friday of 2009, and we’re already falling behind. Have yourself a happy new year with the gift of 2009’s first meteor shower (today!), pretty pictures from the moon, advances in commercial space flight, and a modern space race to the moon. All this plus and more plus our gadget of the week: Crayon Physics for the iPhone!

TrekInk: Cover Art For Final 2 Countdown Comics + Tribbles Alien Spotlight Preview

We are now just weeks away from the release of the first issue of "Star Trek Countdown," the official prequel comics for the upcoming Star Trek movie. Recently we showed you the covers for the first two issues and today artist David Messina posted the artwork for the final two issues. We also have an update on a comic all about tribbles!