February 2009

Wondercon 09: Star Trek Panel Detailed Report & Pictures

After they showed the Star Trek trailer, the full Wondercon Star Trek panel comprised of JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Roberto Orci, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, and Zoe Saldana held a Q&A session. See below for a detailed breakdown with partial transcript and images of all the ‘surprise guests.’

Wondercon 09: New Star Trek Trailer Premieres – Full Description & Review

The first ‘surprise guest’ at Paramount’s Star Trek panel at Wondercon was none other than director JJ Abrams. Shortly after hitting the stage Abrams revealed the ‘sneak peek’ was to be the first public viewing of the new trailer, showing with Watchmen opening next weekend. See below for full details.

Wondercon 09: TrekMovie LiveBlogging Paramount Star Trek Panel

The Paramount Star Trek movie panel at WonderCon 2009 starts at 2:00 PM, and TrekMovie is on the scene. Below is the TrekMovie Twitter feed, which will be updated with reports from the event. It will include links to any relevent live pictures (however Paramount are not allowing pictures or video of the ‘sneak peak’ itself.)

New Star Trek Online ‘Path to 2409’ Provides Game Story Clues and Ties In To Movie Prequel Comics

Cryptic Studios released another one of their ‘path to 2409’ updates, telling the story between Star Trek Nemesis and the setting for the MMO. They are now up to 2385 and we are now starting to more hints towards the coming conflict with the Klingons, and what appear to be tie-ins to the events of "Star Trek Countdown"

ST09 Adaptation Update: Novel Pre-order (& Audio Version Confirmed) + Card Set Announced

We have an updated on new info on a couple of Star Trek movie adaptations. The Alan Dean Foster Star Trek novel is now available for pre-order, plus an audio version has been confirmed. And Rittenhouse has just announced their Star Trek movie collectible cards set. We have exclusive details on all of that below.

Wondercon 09: Our Star Trek Panel Kicks Things Off

Wondercon 2009 began yesterday in San Franciso and one of the first events was the “The Once & Future Trek!” panel, which is a sort of regular feature of Comic Con with various ‘Treksperts’. This time the panel turned out to just be just Daren Dochterman and myself, but that ended up to work out as it became an interesting Star Trek film focused Q&A with info-starved Trekkies.

ShatWatch: Bill As Canadian PM? How About Astronaut? OK, Sci-Fi Fanatic?

March will be the month of better weather, spring breaks, and also William Shatner’s 78th birthday. Therefore, we at TrekMovie have redefined March Madness to be March Shatness. At 78, Shatner continues to be a role model for how to age with vigor and enthusiasm for life, and TrekMovie has all the details on his recent adventures in this edition of ShatWatch.

BSG Preview: “Someone to Watch Over Me”

We are headed into the final stretch with the 7th episode of BSG Season 4.5, and let’s hope it is better than last week’s entry. Tonight’s "Someone to Watch Over Me" looks to be Kara-centric and should answer some questions. We have previews for that, plus the latest frakkin lins, f DVD art, and more, including the trailer that Richard Hatch was pushing before Ron Moore got his hands on BSG.

CBS Confirms Contract To Re-open ST: The Experience in May + New ST:TE Documentary

TrekMovie has been reporting that Star Trek The Experience, which closed last year at the Las Vegas Hilton, is headed todowntown Las Vegas and today CBS finally confirmed the move. They are not providing many more details, but TrekMovie has done a little digging to find out what is going on with the rebirth of this Trek attraction.  Plus there is an interesting new documentary online, all about the history of ST: The Experience.

Preview of 25th Summer TrekFest – TOS Stars (and TrekMovie) Headed To Riverside, Iowa

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, James T. Kirk tells Gillian Tayler "I’m from Iowa. I only work in outer space", which started in motion an annual tradition in the real town of Riverside, Iowa: Trek Fest. Trekmovie.com brings you all the details about this annual event, with this 25th anniversary year promising to be the biggest and best yet, with guest stars Walter Koenig, George Takei, and Nichelle Nichols.

ST09 Tidbits (T-72 days): Pine Talking, Kelvin Confirmed, Trailer Animated, Nacelles Scrutinized + more

We have more bits of news related to the new Star Trek movie. We have Chris Pine talking new and classic Kirk (and Bones), a confirmation and more details on that Kelvin bridge shot, a QUOG version of the Star Trek trailer, the guy who wanted to be Kirk hanging with the new Uhura, and an amazing new magazine that you don’t want to miss.

TrekInk: Early Review – Star Trek: Countdown #2

The first issue of "Star Trek: Countdown” showed us a surprising new friendship between Nero and Spock and finished with the shocker of a new Captain of the USS Enterprise, along with lots of tension between  Romulans, Vulcans and even the Remans. Issue two takes the next step in showing the events that lead up to the new Star Trek movie. Find out how that is all working out in our early review below. (SPOILERS)

Trek Spring Collection Preview: Vandor Metal Gift Items

Today TrekMovie continues our preview of the Star Trek collectibles coming this Spring with a look at gift items from a new licensee, Vandor, makers of various collectible metal products. Vandor has a number of new Original Series-themed items headed your way, including metal signs, magnets, business card holders and more. See below for exclusive details and high resolution images.

First Look at Tobias Richter’s Star Trek Movie USS Enterprise Wallpapers

In December TrekMovie featured some amazing ‘fan made’ images of the new USS Kelvin from the upcoming Star Trek movie, by German CG Artist Tobias Richter. Since then Richter has been at work on the new USS Enterprise, and today we bring a first look at what he has come up with. Check out his stunning Big E desktops below.

Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week (week 3)

You have just 10 days to submit a video to the new Esurance Star Trek site explaining how you are the ‘biggest Trekkie’ and get a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie. Each week TrekMovie picks one entry as our video of the week, check this weeks entry below [note video auto-plays after you hit ‘more’].

Trek Vets Pick Up (And Give Away) Oscars At 2009 Academy Awards

The 81st Academy Awards were held tonight, and Star Trek was all over the place, albeit indirectly. For starters, a few Trek alumni walked home with a golden statuette. Not only that, but several Trek veterans were on hand to co-present a few awards. Oh, and then there’s the fact that the show’s orchestra was conducted by the man who wrote the score this year’s Star Trek. Check it out below.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Transformers, Batman, Alien, Stargate, Doctor Who, BSG, Reaper + more

Our weekend round-up of genre news is back with a ton of news and clips for Watchmen and Transformers 2. We also have news updates on the next steps for the Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Alien and Twilight franchises, plus the more images and clips than you can handle. In the world of TV we have the latest on the new Stargate, the BSG movie, Doctor Who, the return of Reaper and more, plus previews galore, including Lost.

MTV Shows Behind-The-Scenes Star Trek ‘Featurette’ [UPDATED: w/ Kelvin Bridge Shot?]

On tonight’s MTV Spoilers show there were previews and exclusive peeks from a number of Summer tent pole movies, including the new Star Trek film. However the Trek ‘featurette’ was comprised mostly of previously seen clips combined with new ‘behind the scenes’ footage  and new actor interview clips, focusing on director JJ Abrams, check it out below. [UPDATE: and maybe there is something really new]

Science Saturday: NASA Trek, NASA MMO, Atlantis Discovered?, Alien Life? + more

Welcome to a late edition of this week’s Science Friday Saturday. This week, join NASA as they explore strange new words with a whole host of seemingly Star Trek-inspired missions, discover Atlantis with Google Earth, pretend you are an astronaut in an upcoming MMO, and find alien life here on Earth. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: JetBike!