Star Trek Commercial 2nd Most Memorable Super Bowl Movie Spot

Last weekend Paramount dropped some big cash on a number of Super Bowl commercials, including one for JJ Abrams Star Trek (each 30 second spot estimated by Variety to cost around $2 Million). On Monday we reported that media analysts were mostly positive about the spot and now there are three new online polls showing that the Trek ad  is rating as the penultimate movie commercial of the 2009 Super Bowl.

Star Trek 2nd most memorable Super Bowl movie spot
Last weekend’s Super Bowl featured a total of ten commercials for 2009 movies from a number of studios, including Paramount’s Star Trek and according to a new poll from, Paramount got its money’s worth. THR reports:  

It looks like Paramount’s pricey Super Bowl spots for a pair of summer tentpoles worked well as surveys found TV viewers responding positively to trailers for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Star Trek." The ads for the June 26 "Transformers" sequel topped’s survey of most memorable Super Bowl spots, with 83% of 1,360 respondents saying they remembered the trailer. Par’s trailer for May 8 release "Star Trek" was remembered by a second-best 79% of those responding to the online ticketer’s Web site poll.

Variety has the full list of rankings for the movie spots:

1. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (83%)
2. "Star Trek" (79%)
3. "Monsters vs. Aliens" (78%)
4. "Fast and Furious" (77%)
5. "Land of the Lost" (75%)
6. "Race to Witch Mountain" (74%)
7. "Angels and Demons" (64%)
8. "G.I. Joe" (59%)
9. "Up" (48%)
10. "Year One" (34%)

Ranked #2 on MySpace and Hulu too
The Star Trek commercial also scored highly in polls from two other popular online sites. When sorting all the movie ads by their (thumbs up/thumbs down) rankings on MySpace the Star Trek commercial is in a three-way tie for 2nd place. Here are the full results.

1. "Fast and Furious" (95%)
2. "Race to Witch Mountain" (91%)
2. "Star Trek" (91%)

2. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (91%)
3. "Up" (90%)
4. "Year One" (87%)
5. "G.I. Joe" (86%)
5. "Land of the Lost" (86%)
6. "Monsters vs. Aliens" (78%)
7. "Angels and Demons" (70%)

And Hulu has released the result of their Super Bowl commercial popularity contest, and when sorted by most votes, Trek again came in second of all the movie commercials:

1. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
2. "Star Trek"
3. "Land of the Lost"
4. "Year One"
5. "Monsters vs. Aliens"
6. "Fast and Furious"
7. "Angels and Demons"
8. "Up"
9. "Race to Witch Mountain"
(GI Joe not in poll)

It is good to see that the Star Trek commercial holds it own across these different sites, each of which has a different demographic.

There is also an ‘Ad Blitz’ poll on YouTube, however none of the ads for the four Paramount distributed movies are included, even though other movie studio commercials are there. It isn’t clear why, but perhaps the fact that Viacom (Paramount’s parent) is suing Google and YouTube for (cue Austin Powers voice) $1 Billion may have something to do with it. 

More TrekMovie coverage of Super Bowl commercial:

Watch ST09 SB commercial again
The trailer is also available at the official site for the Star Trek movie, and embedded below. It is also available in HD and on iTunes, links at the Apple Star Trek trailers page.

Orci & Kurtzman score on new polls
The above poll results have a double dose of good news for Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who also happen to have written Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (a follow-up the 2007 hit Transformers, also written by the pair). The sequel film opens June 26th. For more information visit the official Transformers movie site. Here is the commercial again:


Thanks to Devon for tips.

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Star Trek WIN!

Second to Transformers?!? That’s just insane…

Can’t wait for May.

I will say this. I have more interest in the Fake Trek than any of those others.

“Second most memorable commercial during the superbowl about movies” –jeez, could you qualify that a bit more?

Seriously, I hate to be an ass, but, there are so many grammatical errors on this website.

Awesome. Transformers is only ahead because its a sequel to the first and is therefore a highly anticipated feature. This new Star Trek is a new phenomenon and so the fact that it scored second is pretty damn awesome.

This is partly a triumph of branding, of course – “Star Trek” is memorable partly because it’s a well-known brand, so when a flashy commercial catches peoples’ attention they’re going to remember its association with a very familiar title.

Given the success of Bay’s first “Transformers” movie, that’s probably even more true for that franchise at this point.

Whatever the reason, bravo to Orci and Kurzman. :-)

2. The Spirit of Truth – February 4, 2009
“Second to Transformers?!? That’s just insane…”

Totally! A curse on whoever is behind that abomination!

The more popular, the better. Trek deserves the best.


Wait, I think Stanky just almost-kind-of-nearly-begrudgingly gave the new movie a backhanded compliment. This calls for champagne!


Nice ;)

#8 – Mr. Orci — Ha ha ha!

#1 with a bullet — Zoe Saldana — Yum yum yum!

Yeah, I hear that they write for Fringe and were a massive part of the shiny new Trek movie. Whoever wrote those amazing scripts must certainly burn!

On a serious note, my roommate would like to express the following:
“Oh my god! Are you serious?! THE Roberto Orci?! He’s on now?! Tell him I love his stuff! Transformers 2 looks amazing!”

Can’t say I disagree with him. Qapla’!

Sorry, I’m going to go for Pine or Quinto on this one.

Personally, I thought the first Transformers was horrible… sorry, Bob! Who came up with the idea to incarnate Aslan into a robot? The movie was a mess.

Now, I love TOS and so I had fear when I heard it was the transformers team working on the Star Trek… oh, what the hell, I’ll say it… reboot. Having said that, I am excited by what I am seeing, although with some reservations. I hope the screenplay is better written than Countdown.

Respect to you Bob, but I am just being honest. Hope you don’t mind. Well done, for getting in the two top spots of the Superbowl.

#8 Bob

It’s gotta feel good the two most anticipated movies are the ones you worked on. Heh.

13. That One Guy – February 4, 2009

thanks, Room mate!

15. Trek Panties… Kirk’s Smiling On ’em! – February 4, 2009

Appreciate honest opinions always,


If Megan Fox was in Star Trek and not Transformers2 would the rankings change?

Transformers and Star Trek. Paramount is having a field day!!! They should focus more on GI Joe. I think that will bomb.

I’m telling you this is going to be a HUGE movie, there are people that never liked Star Trek their whole lives that are excited about this.

Transformers was a movie based on a cartoon about robots from outer space that could transform into cars, guns & tape decks. I’m not sure what people were expecting beyond that.

I think it’s fantastic!!!

#8 BobOrci

Can you please tell the powers that be to please give us more images of the new Enterprise.

Y’all need to understand that for some of us the ship’s are just as, if not more important than the charactors. Especially as we see the ship as one of the charactors, not just a mode of transportation.

Thank you, sir.

“….new online polls showing that the Trek commercial is rating as the penultimate movie commercial….”

Um, no, it wasn’t next to last, which is what “penultimate” means.

But it was very cool.

Can’t wait till actual scenes start being released–these micro-cut promos are too tantalizing!

It’s funny. I was at a big Superbowl party, and NOBODY paid attention to the movie ads. It’s like when the commercials came on, everybody started talking about the game. The only commercials that some people kind of watched were the funny ones, like the Doritos ones. I wonder if similar circumstances occured at other Superbowl parties….

BTW: Nobody caught the Star Trek ad at the party…

I had problems with Transformers, too, but since they were the same kind of problems I have with all of Michael Bay’s movies (e.g. they suck beyond comprehension), I’m hoping that he screwed up Bob’s script something awful and Abrams is smart enough to actually film what’s on the page.

I hoping…

Both, we should remember, Boborci projects. At least originally.

And both Ryan Church projects, too!


Everyone at the party I was at was *more* interested in the commercials, maybe because after the foreboding first quarter we all assumed the Cardinals were going to blow it anyway. Ha.

Good for STAR TREK!

‘Cause you can’t PAY me enough to sit through another excruciating round of TRANSFORMERS!!!

Star Trek always the bridesmaid never the bride :(

this is great

Transformers was OK, I’ve seen far worse (Fantastic Four 1 & 2 anyone?). I bet if Mr. Orci did a Fantastic Four movie he wouldn’t make Galactus a cloud!

Transformers was as good as Independence Day. In every sense of the word “good.”


“Thanks” :)

I bet Trek will out perform and out sell transformers. So transformers can win the poll but Trek will win the Box office.

#33, I have to disagree. FF #1 was actually pretty good. FF #2 could have been a great movie. The flaw wasn’t in the portrayal of Galactus (which the writers wanted to do more true to the comics but 20CF wouldn’t let them). It was that it felt like we were being told a story and not actually being involved in a story.

I have hope for Trek because Transformers, to me, felt like a good script that got put through a blender and stitched back together by a blind man. Since “put through a blender and stitched back together by a blind man” pretty much describes all of Michael Bay’s movies, I feel justified in my hope that he was the Bringer of the Crap in exactly the same way Abrams won’t be.

Think Orci feels pretty good right now?


I’ve been a silent observer here for a many months now. But I wanted to say hi, Bob. A long time Trek fan, I grew up loving Star Trek (I’m 27) and envy a position such as yours – being able to reinvent this wonderful franchise. I was a fan who won 3 Strange New Worlds contests and now have a TNG novel at Pocket. I have long thought Trek needed a facelift, and I am tremendously excited about what I’m seeing in this film.

Which is also a bit of a bummer, b/c I’m an actor (and writer) here in LA. By the time I came out and landed an agent, who got me in to audition, you guys officially offered the role to Chris. Bonita and April were gonna bring me in on a Friday b/c they liked my look, but we had to wait over the weekend to see if Chris was going to do the film or take White Jazz. Baaaarely missed it. The actor in me wants the film to bomb, the fan in me wants it to rock :)

And, well, you can’t be a successful artist here in LA without balls-ing it and networking every angle, so I’m taking a shot here ‘gimme a call, Bob!’ lol! Let’s talk writing, Trek, my new Trek novel, I’ll buy lunch at the Ivy! :)
I remember before I landed my agent, I was trying every which way to contact you or JJ. Too little, bro, but never too late.

Cheers, mate

my contact information can be found at the website of another business I started here in LA:



How about you give us a little “meat” on the deeper content of this movie? You needn’t give away spoilers, but it would be nice to hear what the basic (David Gerrold definition* of) drama is. It might even be satisfying to have a go-round on the inspiration for the basic plot: current events?, Henry V? Greek mythology?

C’mon boborci, you’re a professional writer. Surely you can’t resist speaking to the meaning of your work!

C.S. Lewis

* you remember the ones he wrote in The Trouble With Tribbles, man versus man, man versus fate, man versus machine, etc.


Having a Trekgasm….


oh… wow.

35. Bob Orci
I have to ask just one word how does it feel to be sitting on top of the world?
Good job and I cant wait for May!!

39. Shane Zeranski – February 4, 2009

Wow. Congrats on everything. Thanks for the link.


having a smoke now…


43. Oops I meant question not word


Would you be willing to write the script for my video entry in Esurance’s “Biggest Trekkie” contest?

…pretty please? :-p

btw I LOVED Transformers, and I’ll be first in line for Transformers 2!


Thanks, Bob :)

If you decide to give me a call, it’s the direct 310 # on the website, not the 888 #.
Also, you can google me to see I’m legit, that I write for Trek, etc.
My imdB is not up yet (manager’s working on it), but if you google:
“Shane Zeranski Leonardo DiCaprio,” it usually shows up for some reason. Weird. I used to photo-double for Leo is why. Lol.

Well, coolio, I’d love to hear from you :)



Care to pass it along?