Bruce Greenwood Compares Chris Pine To Daniel Craig In New ST Magazine Interview [UPDATED]

The newest issue of Titan’s official Star Trek magazine, arriving on newsstands Feb. 10th, features an exclusive interview with Bruce Greenwood, Captain Christopher Pike in the new Star Trek. See below for an excerpt. Titan has also announced the availability of back issues of UK magazine Star Trek Monthly on CD-ROM and launched a new Facebook page. Details below.


Greenwood talks Pike, Trek, Kirk, Bond and more
(UPDATED with more excerpts from from Star Trek Magazine #16)

Star Trek Magazine: How did you get involved with Star Trek?

Bruce Greenwood: I was doing a movie in Toronto, and I got a call from J.J. who said, “Hey, I think you might be right for this. Would you like to come in and read the script?” I said I was in Toronto and couldn’t he send me a copy of it? He said, “Oh no, but when you come back to L.A., we can lock you in a room with a guy standing outside the door and you can read it then.” So that’s what I did: I came home a couple of weeks later and sat in a locked room and read it. I worked out a few questions for J.J., then we had a conversation and the next thing I knew, I was being fitted for a space suit!

How familiar were you with Star Trek before you started filming? Was it something you’d followed regularly?

Not really. Any number of lazy Sunday afternoons I’d watched reruns of Star Trek but I hadn’t watched it when I was a kid, and I wasn’t really familiar with the canon, if you will. So I started to do my homework and saw everything there was to be seen.

Did you look back at Jeffrey Hunter’s portrayal of Chris Pike?

Of course, yes. People feel so strongly about every tiny little aspect of it, so regardless of what I choose to do, I thought I’d better know what other people’s frame of reference is.

Is it an advantage that your character only appeared for one hour?

That’s very true, that is an advantage for me, but there are still the diehards who think I should look exactly like him, and have the same hair do, all of that.

Did you enjoy working on the film?

I had such a good time, working with J.J. and the gang. Off and on, I was on the movie for a couple or three months. A week here, 10 days there.

Playing Pike means you become part of the Star Trek phenomenon – are you going to join the convention circuit?

I’ve never done that. I’ve never done the Comic Con thing. That’s something I’m completely unfamiliar with. I’ll definitely go and have a look and see what that’s all about.

What do you think will grab audiences about this reinvented version?

Remember the difference in the Bond films when Daniel Craig assumed the role – suddenly the franchise was redignified and given a tremendous shot of not just truth and believability, but vitality on a deeper level. Bond seems complete and you can see his broken parts as well. Daniel Craig is a wonderful actor.

The Star Trek script is written to play to the strengths of an actor who has those qualities, and Chris Pine is that guy. He’s a wonderful actor and a great guy to boot. That’s one of the things that’s really going to help move it into people’s consciousness in a way that they can really embrace it.

…more from Greenwood in Star Trek Magazine #16, on newsstands Feb. 10

Bruce Greenwood (Pike) and Chris Pine (Kirk) in ‘Star Trek’

More in issue 16 of Star Trek Mag available now + more previews at Facebook
In addition to the Greenwood interview, Star Trek Magazine #16 has a feature focus on Star Trek Voyager, including new interviews with Jeri Ryan and Robert Picardo. There is a tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry, including a "Trek Life" styled art tribute by Dave Reddick. Star Trek Magazine #16 arrives on newsstands February 10th.

STM #16 has a big focus on Voyager

Star Trek Magazine also has just launched a Facebook page, which includes a gallery with a whole bunch of preview images from issue #16.

Star Trek Monthly back issues on CD-ROM
Titan started publishing Star Trek magazines in 1995 (then titled Star Trek Monthly and available only for UK markets). There were 127 issues before the magazine was offered to the United States and rebranded as Star Trek Magazine in 2006. Now, Titan is starting to make the previous issues available on a CDROM, starting with Volume 1 for £19.99 (around $30). Volume 1 collects issues 1 to 24 of the original Star Trek Monthly, and the CDROM is fully searchable and includes exclusive interviews with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and James Doohan. For more information or to order, visit the Titan site.


Star Trek Magazine Archives CD-ROM #1

Star Trek Magazine going to 8 issues/year + Special Movie Issues coming
Star Trek Magazine is increasing its frequency from six issues per year to eight, which is another sign of renewed interest in Star Trek. The next three issues of Star Trek Magazine will have a special focus on the new Star Trek movie. These issues will have exclusive new information and images from Star Trek. There will be two movie-focused issues before Star Trek is released (# 17 on sale March 24th & #18 on sale May 5th), plus an additional movie-focused issue (#19) on sale June 9th. CLICK HERE to subscribe to get all those issues and more.

The first movie-themed issue (Star Trek Magazine #17) can be pre-ordered at (note the covers shown are ‘dummy covers’) and the final covers will likely have some new imagery on them .

STM #17
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STM #17
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High praise to Pine from another good actor!

Cool Interview from the new Captain Pike! :)

Can I have the old Star Trek Magazine on CD ROM instead?

Pine is going to di Kirk justice I can’t wait to see this interpretation of this iconic and classic character.

It’s certainly nice to see these positive comments. It’s even nicer that they come from someone with such evident gravitas.

Is it interesting Chris PINE is acting with Bruce GREENWOOD?

Thats a new way to think of Pine now. If this Star Trek does to the franchise like Casino Royale and Solace did for Bond. Ill be very happy!

Kirk’s new dad.

Can’t wait for the sequel called “Quantum of Dilithium”.

deleted by admin for spoofing

I like Bruce Greenwood, but I’m still griping that it wasn’t Ray Liotta who got the role.

If Pine is good enough for the former Thomas Vail, then he’s good enough for me. Roll on, May 9th!

Oh, and that was a good one, “C.S. Lewis.” I see what you did there.

I am so happy that Greenwood is Pike and that Pike is more than just a cameo, as I expected when first hearing about this film. IT looks like he really nails it, and I like how he is now Kirk’s father figure.

Oh and ‘Enterprise’
I bet you think you are funny and entertaining with your snarks in every article…guess what?….you aren’t

Didn’t NBC hate the Trek pilot, but like the second one? Hopefully, the movie will be like that one.

Great to hear from people outside the *main* main cast share their thoughts. It’ll be interesting to see his “mentor” take on Pike…

One of the things I’m looking forward to about this movie is how it will approach ancillary characters like Pike and Sarek and Amanda and the rest of the Kirk family. These characters didn’t really get that much development on the whole in TOS, but they’re all important in defining the Kirk and Spock we know and love.

Thought for everyone: how do you think TOS would have been different if Jeffrey Hunter had continued as Captain Pike?

Flipping channels after reading this I came across a Lifetime movie with Bruce Greenwood. Looks like early 90s, 90210-era haircuts, co-starring the nerd chick from 90210. Amazing how much better looking he is 15 or so years later.

Okay, has anybody wondered about Number One — I mean the one Majel Barrett played in the origianl pilot? I gotta say, I will be a little disappointed if she’s not in this with Pike.

Dear #10,

Yes, it’s true my thoughts are flawed and not well constructed. I struggle each day to understand and communicate them in a way that makes sense to others without my particular, unique, and very human circumstances.

Yet, perhaps some of them have resonated to an extent with you, and if that is so, then I am flattered to make an impression, unfavorable though it seems.

Given the imperfections of my scribblings, I rather you read the genuine C.S. Lewis. A noted science fiction author in his own right, you might enjoy his “The Space Trilogy” or the famous “Chronicles of Narnia”, which are more fantasy than sci-fi. (They are written for children and young adults about your age.)

“Mere Christianity” is Lewis’ tour de force, very approachable to the layman and a classic for half a century. You probably do not know, but Lewis was an Oxford* don and atheist who converted to Christianity late in his life, finding peace for the first time despite wrenching personal losses.

It is very possible you may find Lewis (and his source material) more comforting than the entertaining, but ultimately empty and unsatisfying, fantasy world of Trek.

C.S. Lewis

* Oxford is the oldest English University, and with Cambridge, is considered the epitome of higher learning. It once was the most prestigious institution to train men destined for to be clerics in the Church of England — think of Harvard, Yale and Princeton all wrapped up into a single bundle.

18 – I think the actual C.S. Lewis considered his Space Trilogy more “Romance” (fantasy) than “scientifiction.” He ultimately preferred the supernatural or preternatural means of angelic beings conveying Ransom to Perelandra in the second novel (of that title) than the technological mechanical means of a space ship (one of the few passages of science fiction in his oeuvre) transporting him to Malacandra in “Out of the Silent Planet,” as did his chum Tolkien.

See, I’m erudite, too! ;-)

Not only do I look forward to seeing Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk, but I also look forward to seeing what Bruce Greenwood did with the role of Captain Pike. Though I would’ve liked to have seen what Greg Kinnear or Richard Gere could’ve done with the role, too, I have a feeling that Greenwood will deliver the goods.

Also, I do not find “Trek” — at least TOS and the first six films — empty or unsatisfying, ultimately.

20 – Kinnear?! Gere?! No thank you!


If you’re boycotting the movie does that mean you won’t post here anymore and let the real fans enjoy the site?

#18)C.S Lewis,
I suggest YOU read the book “for Christ’s Sake” by Tom Harpur.
Tom Harpur also studied at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship 1951-1954.
-Studied theology and tutored in Greek at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, 1954-56. Won prizes in homiletics and Greek.
-Began career as an Anglican priest at St. Margaret’s-in-the-Pines, West Hill, Ontario (1957-1964).
– Professor of New Testament at University of Toronto (Toronto School of Theology) from 1964 to 1971

Tom has been a devout Christian for most of his life. The strange thing is,Tom just recently wrote a book called The Pagan Christ and while researching said book, suddenly decided to abandon years of serious devotion to Christianity and became an atheist. He’s almost like a “Mirror universe” version of C.S Lewis.
Mirror universe being a concept from that “empty and unsatisfying” show Star Trek.

So please get off your oh so high soap box that most judgmental religious clowns like yourselves plant themselves on while you throw your name sake’s lofty education in our faces.
YOU are not CS Lewis, and if you think Star Trek is empty and unsatisfying, how stupid are you to be spending valuable praying time loitering about bothering the patrons.

I’m not a Christian nor am I an atheist, but whatever I am, I’m quite sure the good folks that frequent this establishment couldn’t possibly care less.

Now go in peace.

Sounds good to me. It’s not that it’s someone praising another actor with the hopes that they will watch the movie, but an based upon honesty and experience.

C S Lewis, the Trek BBS called, they want their purist back.

#18. You are simply to closed Minded. You have not even seen the Movie and you are dissing it. I have been a Fan oF Trek since at least 1975 and I do have an open Mind. I think this trek will be great and I pity you for not going and missing out on a great Movie.

#18. I am a christian and have been since 1985.

#17 – I agree, I will be disappointed if Number One is not in this, even briefly. Jennifer Garner as Number One, please.

This isn’t a remake of the Trek pilot. It takes place after the Trek pilot.

18 – A minor correction: the actual Lewis converted to Christianity in 1931, at the age of thirty-three. I don’t consider that “late in his life.” It was about halfway through his life. He died just one week short of his sixty-fifth birthday.

Pine looks to be a fine choice for this version of Kirk. If Pine can do for Kirk what Craig did for Bond the franchise will be in great shape.

My only concern is that the character is taken too far away from the character we are familiar with. I do not want to see a “Top Gun” version of Kirk.

I see Kirk as being a rebel, but more of a cerebral indivual than someone who is going to start bar room fights for no reason and use the word man (as seen in the commerical) in the manner which he did to a superior. I don’t want to see Kirk dumbed down to please the masses.

Only time will tell what type of character we will get.

29 – Oooh… Now THAT’S some casting I could live with! :-D

hey Captain Mike-

dude I love your honesty. send me an email with your email – or 2 hours in the agoniser booth and no supper bowl. cool? OR


Daniel Craig for Kirk would have been great.

Man…where’s a Scottish Engineer when you need one…this place is a bar fight…LOOK OUT!!

Like the one in Tribbles?

Oh noes, I’m watching the TOS ep “All Our Yesterdays” and Spock is smiling, getting his mack on and eating meat. Someone call the canon police to tell Leonard Nimoy that this isn’t canon and he should ashamed of himself.

“Bruce Greenwood Compares Chris Pine To Daniel Craig In New ST Magazine Interview”


“hitch1969 compares chris pine to massive stool softener in speedos at trek movies dot gov comments”

WHOS got the mac in tha pants? Pine’s got the gigaquadrabyte HD macbook in tha pants. we’ve seen this in the preview trailer.

captain mike of the terran empire please confirm.



I rate Bruce highly but his comments must be tempered by the fact that he is contracted to promote not dis. Trek.
I really hope that his comments are correct though.

#34. Thank you. I try to be honest and open mineded. I like Pine and I like His fire and grit. I think he will make a fine Capt Kirk.

#39. I can Confirm Pine has got the talent for the Role as much as Danile Craig.

If Pike has memories of George Kirk’s last stand on the Kelvin, then we should see Greenwood’s Pike aged back to his age on the Kelvin–Benjamin Button-style.

Am I misreading this?

Hey folks, we’re down to 90 days till the movie is out. wooo hoooooooo

I canNOT wait!!!

and me?

9 days and a wake up….

hey Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan – why are you in afghanistan? are you really there?

your website confuses me. i apologize in advance for offenses in that axing. aiiight?

well anyway god bless you marines and semper fi to y’all.



I have been stationed here in Kabul since March 2008. I am a Navy combat photojournalist and editor of our command info magazine The Enduring Ledger, which you can see at (sorry Anthony, if I am breaking any rules about posting other websites).

How does my website confuse you? it’s a site I hope helps me find a job when I get home in March.

I head for home in nine days.

“Star Trek Magazine is increasing its frequency from six issues per year to eight, which is another sign of renewed interest in Star Trek. The next three issues of Star Trek Magazine will have a special focus on the new Star Trek movie. These issues will have exclusive new information and images from Star Trek. ”

About time they start running some exclusive material there. Most issues are running photos and news items we’ve seen and read about here months in advance.

– Remember the difference in the Bond films when Daniel Craig assumed the role – suddenly the franchise was redignified and given a tremendous shot of not just truth and believability, but vitality on a deeper level. –

I don’t think that Craig implemented or even invented all of this. Craig just interpreted Bond from a different angle, added some facets that couldn’t be shown in the 60’s. But that doesn’t mean that Bond was not dignified and true and believable and vital before. After all, it was Connery who shaped and defined the role, and made it iconic and a trademark.

OTOH, I think some puffery is understandable and legitimate at this point.

#6–LOL true…but also note chris PINE, who in his real-life state looks more like jeff hunter than the shat, is playing kirk, while greenwood, who looks more like the shat than like jeff hunter, is playin pike LOL

plus the obvious connection..

chris pine
chris pike


that being said… imagine this alternate-universe 09 trek cast:

TOM WELLING as spock
BEYONCE as uhura
ADAM BRODY as chekov (in this version he’s security chief)
KRISTIN KREUK as ilia (joined enterprise sooner here; was an ensign)
NATHAN FILLION as chris pike
ELIZABETH BANKS as amanda grayson
BRITNEY SPEARS as carol marcus
JAMES SPADER as george kirk
ADRIAN PASDAR as captain robaru (NOT robau, as some have spelled it)
AVERY BROOKS as the head of starfleet academy (note: he has a new name here–Barack ‘The Hawk’ Sisko, a descendant of Barack Obama and ancestor of Ben Sisko and uncle to Uhura)
EVANGELINE LILLY as the orion cadet
SHANE WEST as chief engineer ‘red shirt’ olsen
MICHAEL VARTAN as gary mitchell
JOLENE BLALOCK as Vulcan Prime Minister T’Pol
LEONARD NIMOY as elder spock
ERIC BANA as nero
JENNIFER GARNER as romulan communications officer
the late MAJEL BARRETT-RODDENBERRY as Federation President Roddenberry
MEGAN FOX as the enterprise computer voice
and the list goes on… LOL

#32–u gotta put it in context…at the time in which the bar fight takes place in the film, kirk has yet to join starfleet, so pike is just some starfleet recruiter to kirk…

secondly, kirk, even in the 60s, was always meant to be a kind of john-wayne type….whereas spock was meant to be the cerebral one…in this film, kirks kinda k-fed-like while he was dating britney-meets-the asswipe-next door kinda guy BEFORE he joins starfleet, then he slowly becomes more like jack bauer-meets data from generations and first contact…LOL while spock is kinda like the good side of sylar-meets-horatio kane from CSI Miami…its PIKE whos the cerebral one in this film, and thus is as much a role model for kirk as he was for spock, teaching them both the qualities that would make them the characters we know and love…

this film might not be beholden to canon as such but in fact from what ive seen and heard IMPROVES upon it and makes sense of all the contradictions