Preview ST Magazine Voyager Issue w/ Jeri Ryan & Bob Picardo Interview Excerpts

If you are a fan of Star Trek Voyager, you will want to pick up the new issue (#16) of the official Star Trek Magazine. There is an extensive set of articles and interviews looking back at Trek’s fourth series. We have extended interview excerpts below from Jeri Ryan (7of 9) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor), plus preview images from the issue.


Jeri Ryan: 7of 9 looks back to Voyager
(interview excerpts from from Star Trek Magazine #16)

Star Trek Magazine: Your first science fiction series was Dark Skies, where you played an extraterrestrial investigator. How different was it to go from Dark Skies to Voyager?

Jeri Ryan:  Well, Dark Skies, I look back on as a glowing, wonderful moment because that was my first series. It wasn’t given a fair shake by the network. But it was, I think, very good writing and incredible acting. But it was very, very brief. I was only on the last seven episodes before the show was canceled. Then I went straight from that into Star Trek. Kind of a tough leap for me to make because I’m not a science fiction person myself. Never have been. And Dark Skies was a little easier because it was a period piece, was set in the 1960s, was pretty cool, and while it was about aliens and wasn’t reality, it was still a little more realistic and a little more palatable for someone to do who was not a Star Trek or science fiction fan.

What did you like most about playing Seven of Nine?

She was a great character to play. She was so beautifully written. And it was fun watching her grow and change, become more human and learn about all those things. It was a great role for an actor.

Looking back on Voyager, was there anything you would have liked to have done as Seven of Nine that you never had a chance to?

No, I really don’t think there was anything that I wanted to do that didn’t get done with that character. We did everything we could do. And I think it was a good time to say good-bye and move on. I don’t know how much longer it would have been interesting.

If we caught up with characters 10 years after Voyager returned to Earth, what do you think Seven of Nine would be doing?

Well, from what they showed us in the last episode, I assume she’s married to Chakotay. And she’s living with humans. So who knows?

Overall, how would you sum up your time on Voyager?

In a lot of ways, it was a great four years. It was tough. But it was really great. She was a wonderful, rich character that I got to play. It was great working with the people I got to work with. It was a hoot. It was fun raising my son in space for four years. He came on the set all the time. He loved it.

…more from Ryan in Star Trek Magazine #16, on newsstands Feb. 10

Jeri Ryan and 7of9 on Star Trek Voyager

Picardo reflects on his time in the Delta Qudrant
(interview excerpts from from Star Trek Magazine #16)

Star Trek Magazine: The Doctor was so much more than a collection of ones and zeroes. He started out as a computer program, but ended up a sentient being. How do you believe that difference in his origin contributed to his development over the years?

Robert Picardo: The Doctor was programmed with the capacity to learn, and to modify his behavior with new information. He was given primitive emotional subroutines, supposedly so that he would have empathy for his patients – a bedside manner, so to speak – so he could adapt and learn.

I think his most redeeming quality as a hologram, which is, frankly, probably the most redeeming quality any human could have, is that he truly desired to expand his own horizons, to learn more, and to make himself a more valuable member of the Voyager crew. Those were his most shining qualities.

It was fun for me as an actor, because he also had a great deal of negative qualities. The Doctor could be very self-centered, arrogant, petulant, and cowardly. These were all great fun to play. I did not have to be heroic, brave and true the way most Starfleet officers have to be, because my original design was strictly for emergency medical situations. When I was placed in another situation, I didn’t have to respond in the most heroic way. That kind of latitude and freedom made the character a great deal of fun to play.

You mentioned some of the changes that came with Seven joining the crew. How do you think Seven changed the Doctor?

Obviously, it gave me a great character arc. In another way, though, Seven of Nine took some of the Doctor’s storylines. The first three seasons, the Doctor had all of these entitlement issues: I’d like to have a name, I’d like my own personal space, I’d like the respect of the crew as if I were a unique individual and not just a piece of technology.

When Seven came on, as a human who had been assimilated and was now trying to reclaim her humanity, all of those discussions about what constitutes an individual and an individual’s rights became fodder for her storyline. I surrendered some stories as a character when Seven came aboard, but I got so much more in our relationship stories.

I didn’t want to do individual entitlement stories for seven years because, let’s face it, they mined that ground with Data on The Next Generation very successfully. My whole effort with the character was to make him seem as different as possible from Data because Brent Spiner was so indelible in that role that there was no point trying to compete. I think it was a great thing that Seven of Nine’s character started carrying those storylines and the Doctor was often spun in different directions.

He went from being the student to the mentor.

Exactly. He went to being kind of a bumbling mentor, which is fun. A mentor who doesn’t quite know as much as he thinks he does.

Where would you like to have seen the Doctor go once he got back to Earth?

It’s funny, Ethan Phillips and I have a play that we authored with Ted Kopulos called “House Call” which deals with what happened to all of the Voyager crew members after we came back. It’s a great fan favorite at conventions.

It made us actually think about what happened to everybody once they got home. I think the Doctor is a lecturer at Starfleet Academy, that he does speaking engagements all over the universe. He’s an occasional guest vocalist with symphony orchestras – although he still hasn’t been asked by the San Francisco Symphony which galls him!

…more from Picardo in Star Trek Magazine #16, on newsstands Feb. 10

Robert Picardo as The Doctor on Star Trek Voyager

Remembering Voyager in Star Trek Mag # 16
In addition to the Ryan and Picardo interviews, Star Trek Magazine #16 has a feature focus on Star Trek Voyager. The guide to the fourth Star Trek series examines the potential for conflict, the power of the characters, the use of computer generated effects and the leadership style of Captain Janeway. Plus an exclusive and eye-opening interview with co-producer Bryan Fuller, and the never before revealed history of Captain Proton.

Cover for STM #16

Sample pages STM #16 (click for more at STM Facebook page)

There is a tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry, including a "Trek Life" styled art tribute by Dave Reddick. Star Trek Magazine #16 arrives on newsstands February 10th. More on STM at their Facebook page.


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Star Trek Magazine Archives CD-ROM #1

Star Trek Magazine going to 8 issues/year + Special Movie Issues coming
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The first movie-themed issue (Star Trek Magazine #17) can be pre-ordered at (note the covers shown are ‘dummy covers’) and the final covers will likely have some new imagery on them .

STM #17
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STM #17
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I might just have to pick up that CD! Sounds like an interesting issue! First?

I reeaaalllyy wanted Voyager to be better than it was.
The cast couldn’t have been more talented, but the
scripts & directing seemed so weak (imho of course).


Sweet – I’ve been edited for content.

My quick post-mortem on Voyager: I never liked the casting of Janeway. (Yes, I’ll probably be crucified for saying that.) But it did get a lot better after Seven of Nine joined the cast. She was an excellent character. Her, Tuvok, and the Doctor were probably the strongest characters on the show, and carried the show…

Who would have been a better Janeway? I don’t know…. Gillian Anderson? (I know, she was busy with X-Files at the time)

Hey those were some great interviews. I would love it if they were to do a made for Tv Movie or Direst to Video Movies os both Ds9 and Voyager and Maybe throw in Enterprise. Would be fun to see what Happened to Sisko and if he ever comes out of the Wormhole and to see what all happens to the Crew of Voyager.

These two were the most interesting characters on the show, and the fine actors behind them are a great part of that.

I think they could have gone further with Seven, but the show itself was afraid to take chances, and ended up as Borg-cube-of-the-week storytelling.

Why no Captain Archer on the DVD? Why the hate…?

im happy that star trek magazine has gave voyager some coverage, its about time i love that show reminds me back in the good old days. i grew up on it, i saw voyager way before tng i would not be a fan of star trek if it was’nt for voyagers amazing special visual effects,and im really looking forward to the new film, 8 issues a year, and star trek monthly is on cd. “its exiting”

I thought 7 of 9 was a horrible character… poorly written and badly performed.

However, it did put Jeri Ryan on my television in a cat suit every week, so who’s complaining?

You did.

I wish Jeri Ryan still looked like that.

poor girl.

if sge still acts then i think she should play the alien leader, Anna, on the upcoming “V” remake that abc is doing!

regarding VOY: I think the behind the scenes fights between the cast was more entertaining than most of the show.

but I do love VOY still cause it was the 1st TREK series I ever watched.

I will just point to the varying complexity and thoughtfulness in the answers when one compares Ryan to Picardo and will leave it at that.

Hot dog. Seven of Nine. Wouldn’t mind rear-ending that actually.

I much preferred Voyager with Kes. In fact, when she left the show…I quit watching. Sorry, Seven.

7 of Nine was great. Best part of Voyager

Ha ha ha…first line: “If you are a fan of Star Trek Voyager“…

Oh, wait…there were some, huh? ;-)

I flipped though the magazine while browsing at Chapters this evening. Both Ryan and Picardo’s interviews were really interesting, especially the behind-the-scenes stuff; I can’t believe what a brutal work schedule it is to work on a Trek series.

There’s also some really cool retrospectives from various writers (some of whom post here). I particularly like the one from (I think it was) David Mack or Dayton Ward, making a case for Neelix (and I’ll be damned if it didn’t make sense — he *is* a good writer! :) ).

The tribute to Majel was really sweet, too.

The Doctor and Seven were probably the two characters that convinced me to stick with Voyager till the end. Seven especially surprised me since I thought initially she was going to be this sexed-up blodne in a catsuit (which is ok in limited doses :) ) , but Jeri Ryan turned out to be a lot better actress than she’s given credit for, IMO. Remember that episode where she had this split-personality / nervous breakdown cause Voyager was near this bit of Borg tech? She really knocked it out of the park with that one.

Sorry if this is the wrong area of the site for this, but I just thought I’d let you all know that yesterday, the Montreal Gazette newspaper ran the interview with JJ Abrams that was posted on this site a few days ago — the one with the “Nacelles Monthly” remark :)

Anyways, it’s nice to see Trek getting some press up here in Canada, eh?

Wow, do people here even like Trek? Every thread is just a big bitch session. Losers.

Oh, Seven… Titten raus, Amerika!!! ;)


I’m a huge Star Trek fan, but Jeri Ryan was horrible and that character sucked, IMO.

Suder should’ve killed the bridge crew and assumed command.

oh prophets…anthony wherever you are…enterprise is at it again…time to permaban

Janeway was such a strong character and played perfectly by Kate mulgrew. Voyager would have been so empty without Kate in the role. Janeway was the one who kept the crew together and gave the ship a sense of family.

Quit the Voyager bashing

Although not my favourite Star Trek show I still enjoyed watching the show.

I wihs there was more development in characters such as Chakotay and Kim, who seemed to slip to the wasteside but there were some great sci fo story lines in Voyager

Kate Mulgrew was excellent as Janeway


I think Trekkies are just super picky about things. I loved Voyager, as much as it was flawed I still loved it anyways and I think it brought a lot of people to the universe. Ive even known a couple cheer leader type girls from high school that were hooked on Voyager. To me it gave the sense of the crew being a family better than any of the others, even TNG. I honestly find my self watching a lot more of Voyager these days than TNG, and I still like TNG better, but its just not quite as rewatchable. I think as far as 7 went, Jeri Ryan did a lot with a character that was thrown in for sex appeal, just like I honestly thought T’Pol managed to break away from that to. The Doc was great to, even though he was obviously put in Data’s spot (no pun intended there) he broke free from being just like him and took a different journey, not trying to be human, but bettering him self.

And yes, a lot of us do complain, for me its about a lot of what I see of the new movie, and its not because I hate Star Trek, god knows Ive been watching since I was in diapers, but its because its that special to me, that if someone like JJ comes around and looks like he’s going to mess it up, yeah, i get defensive. I think for others its a bit of that and that there are two main camps for us Trekkies, the TOS people and the TNG era people. I doubt we’ll agree much, the TOS people seem to think TNG and anything else 24th century is junk, and us TNG people think that TOS was good for its day, but TNG was far better. Of course this isnt everybody, but common from what Ive seen. Oh, and yes, Kate Mulgrew was great as Janeway, probably the best cast person in the history of Star Trek…well maybe tired with Patrick Stewart, but that’s saying a lot.

sorry but beyond the pilots i could never get into VOY…..or DS9 for that matter…(plus ENT season 1-3 although looking back season 3 was ok) no matter how hard i tried id always end up switching over to something else….

i know some people love VOY and DS9 but imo those were dark days to be a star trek fan – when i wasnt even bothered to watch it :( (same can be said for INSURRECTION & NEMESIS after seeing them and being just..disinterested)….it makes all the more amazing that this movie is happening…plus i guess in order to get here…there needed to be that decline in interest from fans like myself…(maybe the Alien and Predator franchaises will be similarly ‘relaunched’ after the rather terrible AvP films)

i wonder if the fan reaction to ENT season 4 (specifically the Mirror Darkly eps) had just a little something to do with this movie being greenlit?

Well, I flat out loved Voyager once they got out of that stupid plot rut with the Kaizon. That was the most annoying block of episodes. TNG was so wooden at the start. Voyager’s cast was really talented, it is to bad Kate Mulgrew chaffed so much at the addition of Jeri Ryan to the cast but the show really turned for the better on that addition. Everything, including all the various relationships between characters, just progressed so much better from that point onwards. I also throw a shout out to Enterprise as that show did not deserve cancellation.

27–I’m pretty much with you on DS9 and especially VOY. I’d watch both sometimes, but not much.

It is possible that season 4 of ENT helped keep the spark alive…. Thinking of VOY and ENT, if either show deserved a full 7 seasons, it was ENT.

Maybe they should have just kept TNG on the air for 25 years. And kept making original cast movies right up until now. Picard: “Data, you DO seem to be aging, is that possible?” Data: “Of course, Captain, I have added an aging subroutine to my positronic matrix so that I can fit in without making the crew feel uncomfortably old.” Picard: “That’s very thoughtful, Data….”

Kirk (In Star Trek XV): “Spock, how come we never see Scotty or Bones anymore?” Spock: “They….. spend a lot of time in their respective departments, Captain.” Kirk: “Ah. thank you, Mr. Spock….. Could you have Janice bring me another Ensure?”

I love Robert Picardo.

I would love to see (or read) his play “House Call”. Sounds like the missing episode of Voyager everyone wanted to see!


Data DID have an ageing chip. It was mentioned in a TNG episode. Some point during season 7, I think.

#29 – “27 – I’m pretty much with you on DS9 and especially VOY. I’d watch both sometimes, but not much.

It is possible that season 4 of ENT helped keep the spark alive…. Thinking of VOY and ENT, if either show deserved a full 7 seasons, it was ENT.”

agree id have prefered ENT to have got the full 7 year treatment…(imagines more TOS prequel eps and a Shatner guest starring ep…and maybe the final ep a flash foward ep showing Archer & Tpol at the launch of the NCC 1701)

also thinking about it, DS9s Trials and Tribulations helped keep TOS flame alive (although thats a while ago now…hard to believe its over 10 years!!…it just feels like yesterday fans were salivating over it)….

@ 12. sebimeyer – February 6, 2009

“I will just point to the varying complexity and thoughtfulness in the answers when one compares Ryan to Picardo and will leave it at that.”

You noticed that, too? I wonder how much scratching and clawing the good people at Star Trek Magazine had to do in order to get Jeri Ryan to even give them THAT.

I have major issues with how Jeri Ryan carries herself in regard to Trek. I haven’t seen many interviews with her where she didn’t seem to think that she was better than the show, the fans, etc.

And while that bothers me, I’d just like Ms. Ryan (late of the cancelled “Boston Public” and the cancelled “Shark”) to know that with a new movie on the way that looks to be one of the biggest hits of the year, Star Trek is above YOU.

Not the other way around.

Have a nice life. I look forward to not watching any of the movies that you’ll soon be making for the Lifetime movie network.

I can never quite forgive Jeri Ryan for her role in our current political situation. Jack Ryan was a great Senator, and her trashing of him in their divorce opened the door for the Annointed One to waltz into the Senate virtually unopposed, untried, and untested.

33 – maybe that should form the basis for the new Clancy snorefest…*pictures the eventual film starring Ben Affleck or Ford with Will Smith or denzel*

its a shame Ford didnt make a couple of Indy films instead of those Ryan ones (and AF1 which was basically his Ryan finale)…with or without Spielberg…then there wouldve been 2 indy trllogies

Uh… you know there was an actual Sen. Jack Ryan, right? He had to drop out of his reelection contest after Obama surrogates sued to open Jack and Jeri’s divorce records. In the divorce, Jeri made some sensational and untrue allegations, which embarassed him enough to drop out. Hence we were gifted with the unopposed Mr. Obama.

# 35 odkin- try and stick to the topic and leave ur warped political conspiracy theorys to urself.

#19 Enterprise- i see ur point, yes we- including i complain a lot but – i do love STAR TREK all STAR TREK.

I saw TOS as repeats and the TOS movies on tv in the 80’s- loved every second- i wanted to be on the Enterprise – i wanted to be in that universe- started my appreciation of sci-fi and fantasy.

I was there when TNG syndicated its way to me every week – the ship looked way more comfortable and it fed my hunger for sci-fi.

then came DS9- it wasnt the same show- i didnt mind visiting the station- it wasnt the place i wanted to be- it was too much like the world i lived in but it was still a good show and i watched it – but was never very excited about it.

VOY came along and i was glad to be back in space- i found the crew as family/lost in space element of the show compelling and the crew quaters were ok.

I loved ENTERPRISE from the beginning- it went back to the spirit of exploration and i was happy come abored even if the quaters were cramped and it definantly ended too soon.
it seemed the creators were stuck on formula and afraid to try new things but as the show wound down and there was nothing left to loose and the 4th season started to deliver on the unfullfilled promise of the series.

I saw the TNG movies 4 times each 8 for Nemisis which i loved- dispite some obvious fan expectatons being overlooked in favor of apealing to the non-fans.

I have all the dvd’s – and a huge collection of merchandise- I LOVE STAR TREK- always will but it feels like its over.
Feels like the new movie is being made for the non fan crowed or worse the STAR WARS crowd.
Maybe others are too negative and afraid to support the shows they like but I am worried, i dont want to have to leave the 40+ years of the STAR TREK history i have lived with for my 30 years on earth behind to get into the new film- it feels like this is the situation- i will wait till then- untill then i’ll speak about my concerns- id doesnt mean i dont love STAR TREK.

Im glad Jeri Ryan has more in her life than just STAR TREK – that would be enuff for me but I have never heard her say anything bad about her time on VOYAGER.

As for her Sensational & Untrue Allegations- how do u know? were u in their marrage- their home- their bedroom?
Perhaps u spend every night hogtied in that S/M club and can testify they never went? lol.
Opps i just just went off topic too- what a hypocrite…

Jeri Ryan always reminded me of friend I was a body guard for in the 1980’s, Mellisa Zimmerman, they both had similar natural body movement (In that I mean walked and talked, not what your dirty minds are thinking). In 2002 I learned that her maiden name was Zimmerman. I do not know how related they where but they have similarities in many aspects of life, but many dissimilarities. Could that be why I always like Jeri even when her Voyager scripts where weak.

Either way Jeri has had many characters over the years since Dark Skies started her, which has given her many new qualities as an Actress. I think she would be a great atracting Star quality to the ABC remake of ‘V’. Can I morph her into video of my V the series DVD’s. I think a remake of the Series can be as Good as the quality that is in the TOSe remasterings giving it HD quality. The old SD quality of the original Series at the time was a good improvement of video quality for TV. It prompted many TV stations to upgrade fron 512×350 to 720×480 broadcast resolution.

I wonder what relation she is to Star Trek Visual effects Master Fred Zimmerman.