Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week

Esurance, Paramount’s new Star Trek promotional partner has a new cool website ( with behind the scenes video, movie assets, and a ‘Biggest Trekkie’ video contest, with the winner going to the Hollywood premiere. Starting today TrekMovie will feature one of these videos as our weekly favorite, and award the weekly winner with an Esurance Star Trek T-Shirt. Check it out below [note video autoplays after you hit ‘more’].


This week’s video ‘King of Trekkies’ by DarrylB
The first video posted at the Esurance site was was from a TrekMovie reader.

So congrats to DarrylB who shows how far he will go to be the biggest Trekkie. In order to give DarrylB a ratings boost click the ‘more’ button and select his video from the list and give it a rating, or visit the site and rate it there.

Win a trip to the premiere of Star Trek – TrekMovie will help
In order to enter the contest yourself, you must upload a video to The Biggest Trekkie Contest page at The winner gets a trip for 2 to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek. Entries must be made by March 5th. The winner of the prize is selected using a number of factors, including how highly the video is rated on the Esurance site. (see Esurance site for full contest rules and eligibility)

Biggest Trekkie contest page

TrekMovie is hoping that a reader of this site is the one to win the big prize, so every week we will pick a video from a reader that we like and profile it here. The added exposure should give that video a boost in its ratings (assuming TrekMovie readers like it too). And the maker of the TrekMovie Esurance video of the week will also get a special T-Shirt, courtesy of TrekMovie and Esurance. The shirts are being made up now, but the design can be seen below.

If we pick your video, you can win a shirt (click to enlarge image)

How to be consdiered for TrekMovie’s ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week<br>
If you want TrekMovie to consider your video for our video of the week, upload it to the Esurance Star Trek site and then send in an email to tips [@] with a link to your video and your name (and the name you post under). Shirts will be mailed out after the contest is over.

Don’t miss the BTS video at the Esurance Trek site
If you haven’t visited, yet, then do so now. The site has a great intro video that includes interview clips of the entire ‘supreme court’ of producers on the film (JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman). There are also on-set interview clips with Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Zoe Saldana (Uhura). The video also includes the first glimpses of behind the scenes shots on the film, so check it out.

Esurance Star Trek promotional site landing page with new video

And here is a new promotional video for Esurance’s Trek site.

UPDATE: Darryl’s Trek Ink
Since it is hard to get a good look, Darryl has sent in a picture of his Star Trek tattoo.

Nice nacelles Darryl


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Is it US only or worldwide?

Voted for him :) Thought I’d be nice

I still have Denise Okuda’s business card that she gave me at the E3 show back in the 90’s. It sits alongside the smashed penny imprint of the Enterprise D I got in Vegas. And my ten year old daughter thinks Spock’s ears are extremely cool.

I wonder if that’s enough to win the contest…

I am *so* looking forward to that first Comic Book Guy ubernerd ruffled-feather post explaining how, “Erm, I believe the term is TREKKER, not Trekkie.”

I’m sorry…that video didn’t convince me. One tattoo is nice, but I know a guy at school who has the entire rogues gallery from Batman tattooed all over his left side. However, I am anxious to see forthcoming videos.

They should just give it to the Guy from “Trekkies” who wanted to have his ears bobbed…

…if he did, that is…

#4, i think trekkie and trekker means two different types of trek fan. I think one is more of a tos fan, and another a tng fan. i’m not certain, but i read somewhere that there is a difference

I admit that the eSurance gals’ 7 of 9 outfit looks great, she really should be in a retro-mini and boots to tie in more correctly.

What really consitiutes a true fan? Is this measured by how much the series(any) has meant to you, enrished your lives, caused you to stop and think about any one of it’s wonderful epsides messages about tolerance, love, science, etc. Or is it just who’s dropped the biggest mutha load of cash of Trek memorabilia and has the entire house stuff w/ thousands of collectives and is maxed out on a dozen or more credit cards to feed the completist in you? I hope it’s more deep than you dress your pets in SF uniforms, or have fabricated your home to look like the bridge of 10 Forward. I’d also hate to see the trip go to just someone who had enough moola to buy real onscreen props to impress his freinds.
So, just what are the parameters of this contest? Is it meanful or completely rigged to who ever has enough disposable cash to impress CBS marketing and Esurance, they’ll have plenty of eye candy to film and put on a website?

I wish this movie was coming out today ! Ican’t wait to see it

Have you ever wondered in retrospect…

If Sigma Iotia isn’t us?

As companies now get “a piece of the action” with Star Trek…

And we can get a Bluetooth-communicator, and about any item we want…

It’s only a matter of time before we’re electing the President of the United Federation of Planet. [sic]

Next thing I know, having one’s ears permanently Vulcanized will become the trend. Oh wait, I think Dennis Kucinich already has. :)

I’m a broke Trekkie, but I really think I’m a pretty big fan of the franchise. Don’t know that I could convince anyone of that though! (Besides, I don’t have a digital camcorder or something that I could use to upload a video onto Youtube or whatever.)

I’ll leave it to my attitude and optimistic behaviour (oh, and my constant, CONSTANT quoting of various episodes and movies…) to show people that I’m the biggest Trekkie. :3

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

This is my favorite website, and to be acknowledged by you is a HUGE honor!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

“The first video posted at the Esurance site was was from a TrekMovie reader.”

Now THAT is cool!

What a strange transition into the esurance animation, which seems to target younger women with pink and shiny fonts… not to mention the Bratz-style chick on the t-shirt. At least she’s a science officer.

Where was the non-trailer music from in the interviews part? Not the movie? Sounded pretty generic and off-the-shelf.

Hey Anthony. Any Chance that the Trek Shirts you give out will be Red. Hey I would Love to Tempt fate by wearing a red shirt.Please let us know if it will be only in yellow or if we can get Gold or Red.

9/Michael….i think you are overthinking it

14/Clifton…well we were the first site to publicize the Esurance thing, so it stands to reason…an email alert went out a few days later and it got more coverage around the web.

I just want a TrekMovie reader to win this thing…we can then interview them on the red carpet at the premiere!

#13. Wtg Daryl. You are A Trekie of the Week. Congrads from the Terran Empire!.You will now have one week free of any chance of having to go into the Agoniser Booth.

I do not know, the shirts are being done by esurance, we are just picking the weekly winners. they are going to give away more in other promotions. I will ask about other colors.

#20. Thank you Anthony. This is truly A world class site.

#19 Thanks Mike! *does the happy dance away from Agonizer Booth*

#7 Star Trek fans can be called trekkies, trekkers, star trekkers – whatever.

No difference.

I’m a Trekkie. Always have been. Always will be.

Some people have a hang up over the word “trekkie” which is frankly absurd.

updated article with image of Darryl’s tat

RE: Trekkies, trekkers
i dont really care but prefer Trekkie….and I really don’t think anyone should get worked up about either.

Now Daryl. Your Arm can take you to Warp Speed.

On the whole “Trekkies or Trekkers” thing..

Does it really matter? I mean, it’ll always be “Trekkies” to me (I’ve never heard either of my parents use the term “Trekkers” and they watched everything from The Original Series up to Voyager and I’ve gotten my mom to watch Enterprise with me occasionally) but it all means the same. It means you’re a Star Trek fan.

It’s like “tomato” and “tomahto”. :3

The first video isn’t showing up…?

Yeah Star Trek is now a Summer Blockbuster! I’ll just leave my brain at the door, YEAH!!!!

13: Darryl, that is some sweet ink. I don’t have any tattoos, but my friend is a Trekkie and loves them. I’m going to show your picture to him. :)

Hey. I’ve got a tattoo as well. I’ve got the Terran Empire’s crest on my right calf.

I abhor all things pc, and therefore prefer old-school Trekkie.

somewhat unrelated, but I kinda halfway dig those spots. They have a cool 60’s mod vibe to them. I’m thinking the artist is or is at least inspired by Shag (well known for his Disney related art).

Ha! Just noticed the competition again, to go see the première in LA or wherever, and like every other Trek competition, it’s for Americans only. Thanks a bunch guys :(

Daryl, that is a fantastic tattoo! Perfect depiction of the Enterprise. Well earned.

This is fun… good that they (and we) are having fun with this.

“For an experience that’s out of this world …”

Looks like the esurance folks are targeting the same level of voiceover nuance as the movie trailers :/

way to go darryl…

From your other brother, Darryl G…..

Erin Esurance always reminds me of an animated version of Chase Masterson.
Just an observation.

Erin Esurance and Star Trek… Anyone care to make a new animated series?

Just submitted my video! Entitled, “400 Quatloos on Joe from Philly” Please vote and enjoy!

Thanks for the tip

I watched all the vids and KennethA starts a little slow with his needs of the one vid but but he has to win I mean LOOK AT HIS EARS! Those things are real!