3rd Star Trek Trailer Coming With Watchmen – March 6th

Today TrekMovie has confirmed that Paramount is readying a third trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. This new theatrical trailer will premiere on March 6th in front of the biggest movie of the Spring, Watchmen, and it will include brand new footage not seen in past trailers. More details below. [UPDATED: Officially announced by Paramount]


Trailer Three (or four? or five?) for Star Trek
This new theatrical trailer will come just a month after the arrival the Star Trek Super Bowl commercial (or as it is officially known the ‘Big Game TV Spot’). However this is a new full theatrical trailer, with footage not seen in the Super Bowl spot. So in a sense this is actually going to be a fourth trailer if you count that Super Bowl ad. Plus there was the ‘Spock variant’ version of the theatrical trailer (with the added footage of Leonard Nimoy) so if you count that as well, this is the fifth trailer.

According to sources, this new trailer will follow the same pattern as the past Star Trek trailers and be available (officially) online at the Apple Star Trek page the following Monday (March 9th), and likely on the official StarTrekMovie.com site later in the week.

UPDATE: Officially announced
Shortly after TrekMovie went live with our scoop, Paramount officially announced the new trailer was coming with Watchmen. Their announcement confirms all the above details, but had no new information.


Watchmen – good fit for Trek’s Target
Warner Brother’s Watchmen movie is a good fit for Trek. It is the biggest movie event of the Spring and, like Quantum of Solace did for the theatrical trailer in the Fall, it should bring a big general film and action movie audience. For more on Zach Snyder’s alternative take on the super hero film, based on the graphic novels of Alan Moore, visit the official Watchmen Site. Here is the Watchmen trailer (#3).



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Great! I was looking forward to this movie anyway. Hopefully more Leonard Nimoy!

Cool. I hope they do not give too much away.

Mmm, sounds great!

I hope the movie itself isn’t a letdown– Watchmen, I mean.

@ 2 then don’t go see it :-p

At any rate, I’m way excited. This is going to be fun!!!

My GOD… orgasm of geekdom… HOT combo!

Cool. Watchmen looks really very good.


Awesome news!

Perfect choice pairing the new trailor with Watchman. And I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way during the final marketing push for Star Trek that will likely start with this.

Great!!! It’s always good having something to look forward to.

This was a no-brainer. First big action movie of the year and co-financed by Paramount. Star Trek was always getting a trailer with Watchmen. Simple movie economics.

Well, I guess I will be seeing Watchmen in the theater…

…which I was going to do anyway. ;-)

Let’s hope for some plot points this time.

I think that’s more likely to draw in audience members at this point rather than just generic action bits.

As if we didn’t need any further reason to see Watchmen, Paramount gives us this treat. Great marketing move. I hope we get to see more of The Enterprise in action in the new trailer.

I’m quite thrilled to hear of this development. Watchmen was my #2 must-see this summer behind Star Trek.


I called it! I knew they’d let one go with The Watchmen!


Great. I was probably going to see Watchmen anyway, but this new trailer is reason enough to go and see it whether or not I had any interest in the first place.

At this point I really don’t need to see any more trailers. But there is definitely one thing that I do need to see: The Movie! Cut the chatter, quit telling me how great it is, and let the world see it!

Saw Watchmen trailer during Fringe. That convinced me to watch the Watchmen.

That trailer looks like a whole lot of CGI nonsense. And one of the guys looks like a Batman ripoff. I’ll miss that one, thankyou! As for a new ST trailer, I don’t need it or want it. I have a sense of what the film is going to be; now I just want to see the film!

I hope the new trailer features some of Michael’s score. I’m itching to hear it!


Try reading the graphic novel. There’s a reason the Nite Owl II looks like Batman. It’s a thrilling read and while I never imagined how it could translate to a film, after seeing the trailers I’m not worried.

And besides, I’m not sure how else you’d depict a 10-story tall blue demigod crashing through the Vietnamese jungles vaporizing everything in sight without a little CGI.

#20 They don’t release early because someone stopped their feet or held their breath


I’ll check it out. Thanks.

video link is , uh frakked… or farked or … oh, you get the point.

or maybe not… odd behavior… there then gone then there…. oh them internet tubes is such serious business…

I had never read a graphic novel in my life until a few months back when a good friend of mine told me to pick up “Watchmen’ .

I was shocked at the quality of this graphic novel. I later leraned that Time Magazine had listed it as one of the 100 all time greatest novels ever written.

Besides “Star Trek” I am looking forward to “Watchmen” more than any other film in 2009.

I just hope this will be a trailer for those of us, who care more about the characters and less for the action. Would be a nice gesture.

The current trailer seems a little like the Trek parody SG-1 did in it’s 200th episode.

“Why weapons to full power ? It doesn’t make any sense.” – “Trust me, die audience loves weapons at full power.”


Teal’C: “I don’t see why everything in this script must inevitably explode.”
Lloyd: “Explosions make great trailers.”

watchmen looks sick. Im no comic book fan but seeing the trailers made me go out and read all 12 of them so Id imagine it should be an epic movie. I was gonna see it anyways, but I guess now my friends will be exposed to another star trek trailer, and thus hopefully come may i wont have to go see it alone.

#15 … I second that. This year is all about Watchmen & Trek for me, too. It was indeed a powerful emotional experience seeing the latest trailer for each debut in front of the recent Bond flick. Now even more reason to look forward to 03/06/09!

And # 26 … I agree w/ # 24. Watchmen even made Time magazine’s list of the 100 best novels of the 20th century. It is truly awesome.

I have no desire to see Watchmen, but I am VERY excited for the new trailer.

Woot! Bring on the new Trek trailer!

i must be the only person around here who is not all that excited about Watchmen.

I dont want to see it.

i guess i’ll wait for the trailer in quicktime.

hopefully paramount have heard the voices of millions of fans and of course my own voice and many e-mails,
they will surprise trek fans with a trailer for a new Riker film on the Titan at the neutral zone. paramount can’t ignore us forever, its what the fans want.

this XI film has honestly been a huge rick roll I cant see it being anything else….. i mean come on! look at the trailer.

i will be glad when Riker is on the big screen again in May!!

I had a feeling they’d do that. Trek and Watchmen are two of Paramount’s biggest films of the year.

Anthony: Do you know if the trailer be attached to all prints of Watchmen, or just certain ones, as was done with Quantum of Solace? Watchmen is actually co-distributed by Paramount, so I would think they can have it on all prints, yes?


You’re not the only one, garen. Watchmen interests me not one whit.


Watchmen isn’t Paramount. It’s Warner Bros.


Always been a huge Watchmen fan of the graphic
novel – which of course is not everyone’s taste. The
movie is suppose to be true to the novel and from
the awsome previews, I believe it!.

The “Watchmen” ownership has actually been in
controversy but those issues have been resolved
(which it now appears to actually be a joint
ownership. Everyone wants a “piece of the action”.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

39. Andy — Watchmen is both Warner Bros. and Paramount. Paramount co-produced the film and will be handling international distribution, while WB finances domestic distribution. Their involvement entitles Paramount to have trailers of their film attached to Watchmen, as well.


Andy, Watchmen is being co-produced by Paramount.

I thought that the one movie that would complete my life was The Dark Knight. Then I found out about the Star Trek movie and Watchmen. Too much awesome for one geek to handle!

The Watchmen trailers have consistently impressed me, so I’ll be there with bells on. Only not literally with bells on.

But literally with pants this time. I’ve learned my lesson.

Who watches the Watchmen? We shall see come March.

Its hard R rating will keep a lot of kids away, but it should help attract the ‘Sin City’ genre audience to the new Trek.

Figuring Watchmen will do ‘Sin City’ type biz of around $90- 100M—-

— good start.

Why do all superhero movies take place in New York?

#42, 43: And don’t forget Fox’s creative contribution to Watchmen.


Will it be attached to the Watchmen in Imax????


Because New York is the center of the known universe ;-)

Remember when Superman III switched to Vancouver? Metropolis started to look like Springfield, MA or something. Reason it failed ;-).

Seriously, I think the Marvel guys have always had an attachment to New York. Best to go with what you know. It also exists, so making films about these heroes eschews having to create a new geography. Rather than virtually “mix NYC and Chicago,” as many said they did in “Dark Knight,” you can actually film in NYC, which is iconic, and has been the home to most Marvel heroes since the sixties.