Star Trek The Experience To Re-open in May? (Maybe)

Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton closed its gates for final time last September, but soon after TrekMovie and the Las Vegas press reported that talks were under way to find a new home in downtown Las Vegas at the Neonopolis center. Now the manager of Neonopolis is talking about opening up in time for the new Star Trek movie in May, TrekMovie has done some double checking to see how doable that is.

What is happening in Vegas is staying in Vegas
In the last few months both Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Neonopolis manager Rohit Joshi have spoken openly about the move of Star Trek The Experience to the Neonopolis business and retail center in downtown Las Vegas. The latest comes in an article in the Las Vegas Sun. In it Joshi states that there is now a signed contract with CBS and that he hoping to open up the first ‘phase’ of Star Trek The Experience on May 8th, from the article:

The Star Trek Experience is slated to open May 8, the same date as the movie’s premiere. The experience will be introduced in phases, with the simpler (and less costly) components, such as the food and beverage, retail and museum to be rolled out first. The entire experience, including rides and an IMAX 4D component should be completed by next year.

Joshi also says he hopes to have ticket prices between $20 and $25 (much less than they were at the Hilton) and he is expecting it to attract 7 million visitors a year (significantly more than were visiting STTE at the Hilton). All of this sounds great, however, to date, CBS continues to refuse to comment or even confirm that there is a deal in place with Neonopolis. Both the City of Las Vegas and Neonopolis have a vested interest in attracting businesses to downtown Las Vegas and so they are being more open, but there is an element of self-promotion and it is likely their take is a bit rose-colored.

According to sources there is a tentative deal in place but many of the details are yet to be finalized. Also TrekMovie is told that any opening in May is ‘optimistic’ as is Joshi’s comment to the Sun about a Trek star-studded gala premiere for the Star Trek movie. There appears to be no Star Trek The Experience construction going on at Neonopolis and that the signage for ST: The Experience is still at the Las Vegas Hilton, where they extended their close down until the end of February.

Return of STTE looks good – but not finalized
As of now it appears that Star Trek The Experience is very likely to reopen (in a number of phases) at Neonopolis some time in 2009 (with May be the earliest). The first phase is likely to be just Quark’s Restaurant and Bar and some shops and possibly the ‘Museum of the Future.’  The full experience with rides would be in 2010, but the nature of what those rides and 4D movie are is still being worked out. It is expected that once all the details are nailed down, CBS will finally make an official announcement.


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And here…. we….. GO!

Glad to hear it’s going to come back. That was one of my main stops everytime I visited Vegas :-)

This is excellent news and I’m glad to hear that it is likely that the ticket prices will be reasonable. Hopefully details will be finalized soon.

My friend in Vegas who worked in the Experience confirms for me that a limited opening is in the works but that the feeling that it being opened in May might be optimistic. But the restaurants and bar and gift shop probably will be first to open. There was even some talk about updating the video for the rides but it’s looking more and more unlikely.

I can’t wait to see all the people dressed up like Federation, Klingon, and other aliens rdidng the Deuce over to Fremont Street at night. They’ll go right along with the light show.

I really hope The Experience re-opens!!

hope they dont do Quarks bar again…do the bar seen in the new film..or even ten foward if they cant do that

(actually just had a thought about the bar scene in the superbowl ad – it reminded me of that season 2 ENT ep where archer has that fight in the NASA style bar)

and the actual rides and props should really focus on the new movie…if not then TOS/movies 1-6

they need to get away from spin off trek for this


Maybe it could be one of those cool old bars Pike went to. Or maybe it could be like the hedonistic planet of Argelius 2 like in “Wolf in the Fold”. There was supposedley a bar Kirk says” where the women are so…..” to which McCoy says “I know the place”. And Scotty says “Let’s go see!” They of course don’t go and that’s as far as we get to see. I’ve always wanted to see that bar. Now THAT would be worth a trip back to Vegas! What happens in Argelius stays in Argelius.

YAY !!! I may maybe see it one day ;)

Imax ? Wait… you mean the huge imax cinema ? Was the old cinema room at the experience in las vegas a imax also ? I’m confused here, because every single imax screen i know is just huge as hell.

I really hope they update the TNG ride, make the Borg experience a little more interesting(the ride part, everything leading up to that was freaking AWESOME), and my god, I hope we get some expanded DS9 promenade type stuff… more walkways… maybe split the stores into more themed areas(Quarks, Garak’s tailor shop(selling clothing), Security office(for Lost & Found type stuff)).

I can’t wati for it to come back… I just sincerely hope it’s not themed very heavily after the rookie bit of the Trek universe which will be upon us this summer.

If they open up the rides, I really hope they update it. When I was on the ride last year, the MAX images were so outdated, that a lot of the buildings have been demolished and replaced with new hotels. I don’t want to see the stale voyager ride, but rather the new scenes of Vegas, and a different scene, maybe the enterprise from the new movie or something else. TOS. But that is wishful thinking, since it would be rather costly to redo the ride. The Borg ride was alright and that could stay. Like the article says, do it in phases, to spread out the costs.

How many times can you see the same ride over and over, so let’s hope for an updated version of the whole thing, that would bring new and old trek fans back to the experiance.

Extreme Home Makover so needs to get behind this and make it happen. “Move that bus!” ;)

Sounds like a smart plan. Cash in on the new movie by opening up the museum and serving refreshments. This will allow any new movie fans the chance to catch up on a little TOS- 101. Then they can take their time to re-work the actual ride and tailor it to the new movie and classic Trek. If they do that, they will probably be able to prosper just as much as the new movie and it’s eventual sequels.

My friend and I road tripped last September, with a stop in Vegas, and had planned to go see STTE, until we had heard it closed down not three weeks before.

I’m glad to hear it’s coming back!


Move that shuttlecraft!!!!

Okay, I’m done.


Quark’s Bar is a good idea but they need to have a second family friendly, reasonably priced restaurant, too, perhaps based on TOS. Also, I agree with the ideas of updating TNG ride and adding one that is based on the new movie. I liked the Borg 4-D ride too and if they have the room, I’d like to see that included.

I was at the old one at least ten times with the last time in June of this past summer when my wife and I renewed our vows on the Bridge for our 20th anniversary. I’m hopeful that STTE will return better than ever.

The new Star Trek movie is going to do a lot for the economy. Hope the movie is good.

YES!!! Great!
And it MUST have Quark’s! I mean, come ON! And they should just build the promenade the way it was- two levels. That would be awesome.

Although I’d love to see a “Mr. Pike’s Place,” it would probably be too obscure- but maybe not given the movie!

I’m betting on a replica of the iBridge, which could also be used as a checkout area since it features so many barcode readers.

That would be great. It’s been ten years since I visited The Experience; I’d love to be able to have the chance to go again.

just in talks right now, that THE STAR TREK EXPERIENCE “MIGHT” re-open.
i just wait or if it doesn’t re-open then there’s other things to do down in Los Angeles instead of going to Las Vegas for nothing at all. or playing slot machines and will be boring to play slot machines or gamble. i’ll watch. and veges will be boring again once more.

Great news. Hopefully they open in time to catch the JJ wave.

This is the best news so far and it sounds more like it will happen then it did a few weeks ago.

What they actually design the place to be is anybody’s guess and no matter what they construct, not everyone will be happy. They will say it should be TOS or new movie or keep it DS9 or what ever. Regardless, we should be grateful it is coming back in some configuration and enjoy it for what it is. Drink our Borg Spheres while wearing a uniform and meeting new & old fans/friends.

Jerry and Francine took us downtown to look at the place after Christmas. There is plenty of space for what they had at the Hilton but it may not fit exactly like at the Hilton. True enough we saw no construction at that time but inside demo and construction is faster than having to build a new huge building to put the bar, shops and ride in.

I think when they refer to IMAX, that it may be the screen that is used in the Borg 4D ride. They used that screen when STTE had a party and watched the last episode of ENTERPRISE back in May 2005.

23 – I’ll be there at some point. Really looking forward to another Borg Sphere and some Holy Rings of Betazed.

And, of course, I’ll be in uniform.

Well. Having lived in Vegas and been to the Experence many times and Im planning on Moving back to Vegas latter this year i realy am looking forward to The Experence reopening. I for one hope we get Rides based on all the Treks. From Tos to Tng to Ds9 to Voy to Ent to the New Movie Version. Wouldn’t that be great. Everyone can be happy and no one can complain. But thats Wishfull Thinking I know.

I just can’t wait to have my faveriote Drink. Warp core Breach. Now thats A drink that Scotty would Love.

@ 25

I dunno, i suppose a different portion for every show could be doable, just not rides.

You got the Experience Ride for TNG, Borg Invasion for Voyager. Using 3D glasses i’d love to have a spacedock “viewing window” with the NX-01 being constructed, and you could look out the window and move your head around to see the whole ship. Maybe have one of those glasses-less 3D TV’s in Quarks Bar, disguised as a Window and have the Wormhole opening at intervals, again, looking far away and 3D.

As for TOS, make a new ride based on the movie, like the orbital skydive scene or something.

FYI, I asked Costume Craze about the availability of the Deluxe Gold Shirt uniforms, and they stated that they are likely to be available in a couple of weeks.

Might I suggest that someone here do a review if they’ve pre-ordered one?

What’s good? What isn’t? What’s the quality/accuracy like? Worth the money?

Anthony, I’m looking at your team ;-)

Hail Trek…Hail Kirk…Hailing Frequencies open…We will be there whenever it opens….and it will open because it must…

TOS all the way!

DS9/TNG/Voyager are outdated (so to speak). The TOS era is the most popular and what the new movie is based on. I doubt that the Experence will be like the old one and that’s the point. Everybody here has been to the old one already and really, how many times do you want to go on a 10+yrs ride?

Why not make sections of each era? They have the old Experence stuff and can build new TOS stuff…..

Darth “Ride This” Ballz

Wow. That was fast.


I agree, some kind of addition to tie in to the new film would be great,

#25 I’m with you on that one! I’ll be there getting bombed off WCB’s on opening day if at all possible!

If it does reopen, remind me to win the lottery and go see it ASAP.

I am forced to agree with Admiral Cartwright, er, Darth Ballz: The experience should be updated. It was looking pretty tired when I went in Feb. 2007.

And I agree that a new emphasis on TOS would be in order.

Thank the Prophets! My Vegas trip is booked for July. It will be like coming home again!

Memories of the original Star Trek The Experience coming to a CD near you?

As a former employee of STTE, I have been following this story very closely. I deeply miss that place every single day, and though I don’t expect it to be the same, I desperately hope that it comes close to being like the place that I remember.

After leaving a slip of gold-pressed latinum outside the old gate at the Hilton on STTE’s anniversary (as a bribe to the Blessed Exchequer), I checked out the grounds at Neonopolis a few weeks later. While there is no sign of Trek-activity, I noticed that the anchor restaurant, Jillian’s, had recently closed down (in fact all of the furnishings and arcade machines were still in there). I don’t know if it’s their intention, but it looks to me like that spot could easily be converted into STTE’s Quarks and maybe some retail space very quickly. Where the rest of the attraction would (eventually) go, I couldn’t say for sure.

I’d been getting nervous, having not heard anything new since November, and while I have always thought May was optimistic, the fact that they’re still claiming that goal means that it’s at least possible. I think I’ll be stopping by Neonopolis a few more times in the next few weeks.

Oh, and for the record, the screens at STTE weren’t IMAX, which is a much, much larger image. I think the report might be mistaken in referencing an IMAX screen, which in addition to costly licensing, would probably never fit in the Neonopolis complex without a new building going up.

I don’t remember the specs on the Klingon Encounter screen (which was pretty darn big), but I can tell you that the Borg Invasion screen would have to be about half the size of the Klingon screen (in addition to being flat rather than curved). That’s because the Borg theater was converted from a duplicate of the Klingon ride, and the entire lower half of the room became storage (we had to be careful to turn off the lights down there before the next show started).

I’d like very much to see a brand-new attraction, but I would really miss both of the old rides. I hope they’re able to incorporate as much as possible.

All very interesting. The lower admission price might help out in an economy that came close to total collapse last September.

It has to be asked if this is the best time to be doing something like this with a reported unemployment rate of 8+% [translates to about 15% or more actual], disposable income in the scrap heap and Vegas crashing and burning around their ears; a government divided into 2 blocs- those who want to stay the course and then blame the economic collapse and failure on the other guys, and the guys who want to be true progressives, admit the mistakes of the last 28 years and head us toward the future Roddenberry envisioned.

I don’t envy anyone trying to start a business today, let alone simply finding a job.

I really hope they reopen.

That was one of my main stops every time that I visited Vegas. I’m looking forward to being able to return to the Experience.

I went to the old one. That was fun. In this new place–Please, NO silly ENTERPRISE D ride! If its not the new Enterprise from the new J.J. movie, then let it be the ENTERPRISE E. Quarks Bar would be a little dated to my notion, try something new. Don’t have any ideas so if it stays Quarks it will be ok. The Borg are Boring so, no borg invasion again. Oh well, gues what ever they have will be ok to some extent. I did like looking at the large display models they had up and costumes on display. I’m sure what ever they do I’ll be ok with… as long as there’s no Ent. D ride.

This news makes me VERY happy!!!

Yippie! Does this mean that the Vegas Con can (hopefully) move to Downtown as well in the near future? No reason to stay at the Hilton if the Experience isn’t there… there are enough nice downtown hotels that it would be feasible, and even much nicer to be in a more accessible location.


I just came back from the Neonopolis this afternoon. The only thing I saw was the Telemundo shades on the third floor. I am looking forward to Quark’s opening. At least for the Star Trek Convention this August.


I so hope they put the Enterprise D bridge back in soon, My wedding is on hold until its built!

This is great news

I hope to be able to see the Experience again

IF they reopen the Experience (and IMNSHO that’s a big if), it needs to be re-tailored to the new movie, and not the same old TNG-era attractions. The Museum of the Future is still a nice bit, and I still think the models of the ships hanging from the ceiling would be nice – but make at least one of the models the new movie E. And as a nice homage to the past, put the original TOS E up there, too, complete with spinning nacelles (I bet Ed Miarecki could be persuaded to build an 11-footer). OR, better yet, make the models part of the overall experience (have some areas where you actually look down at the models, some where you’re looking in profile, some front, some back, and some from below).

As far as the rides – meh, I wasn’t that impressed the first time. The transporter effect, though, when you first entered – now THAT was cool (in more ways than one). That should be maintained, but perhaps updated for the new movie.

If the new attraction does open, and I dearly hope that it does, I would think that attendees would be well advised to carefully select their choice of downtown accommodations. There are some hotels downtown that are NOT good choices. I would suggest, for example, as a resource. There are some very good choices as well as some bad ones that one could make.

On the positive side, I recently visited the recently renovated Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas and was very impressed by what was done. On the other hand, I personally did not care for the Plaza hotel (right next to the bus station) at all. These are just my opinions; your mileage may vary.

Please be careful in your choices. As a fellow fan, I would want all Trekkers to have a great time in Vegas while attending the next Experience.