Official ST09 Site Update: Check Out New ‘Panoramas’ Inside The New USS Enterprise

The official site for the new Star Trek movie has just added a brand new ‘PANORAMA’ feature that gives you interactive 360 degree views of sections of the USS Enterprise. As of now you can choose to get a close look at two different corridors on the ship, including ‘zoom in’ on various control panels, details and screen shots below.


Loiter in the halls of the USS Enterprise
We got our first look at corridors of the new USS Enterprise in the theatrical trailer.

Kirk and Uhura run through corridor outside the bridge

Now thanks to the official site for the new Star Trek movie, you now have a hall pass to get a closer look at two corridors. You can access this feature, by selecting ‘PANORAMAS’ on the ‘NAV’ control. For now there are two choices ‘Enterprise Corridor A’ and ‘Enterprise Corridor B,’ but hopefully more parts of the ship show up at the site in the future.

New ‘PANORAMAS’ choice on ‘NAV’ control at

Once you select one of the corridors you have a full ‘panoramic’ view by dragging your cursor around the image to see different angles. There are also a few ‘hot spots’ for you to get closer views of various controls, complete with animations.  Goto now to check it out.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Corridor A (showing ‘Access Panel’ hot spot)

Corridor A – Access Panel

Corridor A

Corridor A – Access Panel (2)

Corridor A

Corridor A – Comm Terminal

Corridor A

Corridor B

Corridor B – Comm Terminal

Corridor B

Corridor B

Corridor B

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Very Cool Design.


Wow. Nice!

It looks like the interior of the Tantive IV in Star Wars as seen through a fisheye lens.

Reminds me of something out of 2001 movie, which I did not like.

hold me, spock. just hold me.


Reminds me of Star Wars.

Looks very “2001-ish,” which is pretty amazing, considering the style was around at the time that TOS was in production ( ! )

In fact, corridor B looks like the lunar lander set in 2001 where the gal walks up the wall in velcro shoes (does anyone remember that?)

The I-pod, er, um access panel looks good too.

Hmm. Well… I do kinda like this, but really, it only looks like the vaguest approximation of the Enterprise’s corridors. Why go round, I wonder? Why not keep the wedges and polygon shapes of the halls/doors/etc.?

And I hate to say this, but it reminds me very much of the Alderaan(ian?) ship at the beginning of Star Wars. They’re very, very similar. And this is coming from one of the biggest optimists regarding the movie, honestly, that design just doesn’t do anything for me. Probably the only really serious disappointment I’ve had so far…

The site, however, I like. It’s pretty neat.

Cool. That’s all I’ve got to say… cool.

Ampris –

Minimalist black and white corridors are a serious disappointment to you? Dude, you’re in trouble if the difference between square grey corridors and tubular white corridors is enough to be a “serious disappointment.”

Perhaps some oak wainscotting and a floral wallpaper with snapshots of the family?

You probably shouldn’t see this movie.

wow, nothing like the original. It’s so sleek my eyes are watering. I still wish they could have balanced this new ipod look with the TOS style somehow, but as always I’m reserving judgement until I SEE the movie.

Very TMP or as #9 said…star wars. Could be much worse.

I thinks they look purdy cool. So what if it they aren’t exact replicas of the old corridors?

Yeesh. Next someone’s gonna start complaining about the doors. (Bite? Anyone?)

Looks totally amazing, and real, with the addition of all the these airlocks at doors and Turbolifts. Stanley would have loved it.

Has anyone figured out the location icons on the walls and doors yet?

Door looks very TNG. Miss the big red rectangles.

I like it very, very much.

It actually reminds me of Space: 1999 and not Star Wars.

I would be much happier with some good exterior shots of the Enterprise.

Nice, has hints of the motion picture enterprise in terms of lighting (very bright, very white)

I don’t care for the computer look, looks kinda like the 1998 Lost in Space remake.

This looks AWESOME! I like seeing parts of TNG in it.

It reminds me more of 2001 than of Star Wars (the corridors on the Tantive IV were not rounded like this). Also, the rounded corridors are in keeping with TMP at least. I really like it. It would have been oddly dated if had the low budget look of TOS, as much as I loved it.

comment 11. is hilarious!
I check this site every day! I am a trek nerd. But we can be really nerdy. It is just a movie.

New from Apple: first there was the iMac, then the iPod and of course iTunes and now we have . . . the iEnterprise!

This makes sense as a design – the exterior is very much informed by the movie Enterprise rather than the TOS ship, so it makes sense that the interior is also. Shares a lot in common with the TMP to TUC ship.

I do wonder whether the people expecting the red doors and angular obvious-soundstage corridors kicked up as much of a fuss over the TMP design ditching the entire structure of the original ship and expecting us to call it a “refit”.

That said, I do hope they refrain from any “old Spock looks around wistfully” scenes because it won’t really work for the older fans.

I know this sounds awful, but there’s just something about these corridors that’s stereotypical sci-fi to me. I’m not dissing the quality of the design or anything, it just reminds me of other deep space vessels from movies. On the other hand, it’s a little more modern space looking, which is good for the realism thing.

Very interesting.

I’ll be taking a very close look at the Bridge when they release those images.

Well, at least it looks expensive.

I’d live in it.

I hear ya and couldn’t agree more….it’s not that I hate it..but it is “oh look..a corridor in a space ship in the FUTURE…you can tell the future…cause it’s white and rounded..and stuff”…not bad..but ..just not what i thought it would be….

Well. The Look reminds me more of Tmp and thats kool with me. As Scotty says. I like this Ship!! Tis Ecxciting!!! Everything to me looks great and as a so called Purest I can go with the look.


I can understand the look and i can go with this. it does remind me more of Tmp and if thats what they were more targeting but with a more moderen update then they succeded wonderfully. Im a purest and have Watched Trek since the mid 1970s and I have an open mind and again this is a fantastic look.

Too much like Star Wars.

Wow. Looks like the TMP enterprise but brighter. The TMP Ent interior looked colder somehow- more gray tones i guess. This is much brighter, cleaner looking, sort of a sterile feel, like a hospital, whereas the TMP ent felt like a morgue, lol.


It is not the spaceship Enterprise…
it is the Starship!

And that is what it looks.
Clean, functional and a little bit Kubrick.

Perfect for me.


I was hoping for shag carpeting and velvet hangings.

#7—“Reminds me of Star Wars.”

Not me. I think of the movie-era Enterprise with a bigger budget.

Everything is white!


would you rather fly Warp 5 with Leopard, or Vista?

28. hoochahoocha

Exactly my feeling – there’s no doubting the impressive, quality, sleek, feel about the designs, but for me it is a major drawback that they could be images off any other sci fi movie, from 2001 to SW to Avatar maybe, as people have said, but not the vaguest of reminders of TOS at all, not even a hint. It may be too out of place and old to lift the original designs straight off, but TOS had such a distinctive look and character to the production design that this just doesn’t have. It’s almost too obvious, too cliche.


Lol, I even found this obvious inspiration for the bar code scanners:

and more white corridors with shiny granite floors:

I like this ship, it’s exciting!

Definitely feeling a mix of TMP, TOS, and Apple, Inc.


Well, we saw this coming in the trailers. Once again, not much “Trek” here in the Design. I also seriously doubt shiny floors like this on a starship. It takes away from realism. Not practical.

The design of this film is very much a parody or stereotype of other sci fi films, including Galaxy Quest and Star Wars of course. The only way to have avoided that would have been to stay more-true to TOS visuals. It not only would have provided better feeling of “Trek” throughout the film, it would have provided a better distinction from everything else.

47 “Lol, I even found this obvious inspiration for the bar code scanners”