Play Esurance’s New Star Trek Game Online & Learn Clues About The Star Trek Movie

This morning Esurance, one of Paramount’s Star Trek promotional partners, has just launched a new game on their Star Trek subsite ( And hidden within the game are actual clues to related to the new Star Trek movie. Details [and spoilers] below.


Play ‘Erin’s Mission to Delta Vega’
Special Agent Erin Esurance is a character that Esurance uses in their TV and online advertising, and now their hero is taking on Trek. The game, designed by W!ildbrain studios, puts Erin on a mission to locate missing Starfleet Officer Keenser while fighting off hostile alien life forms on the planet Delta Vega (a planet first seen in the pilot for Star Trek "Where No Man has Gone Before").

Start page for the Esurance game

You access the game by going to and after watching (or skipping) the intro video, click on "Out of this world content." (or click this direct link to just the game)


Game gives clues to new Star Trek movie
And by playing the game, you may learn something  about the film….

[SPOILERS BELOW] has been told that the content in the game is from the actual movie. So when you combine these tidbits from the game, including some of the names, with previous reporting (like the 20 minute preview), we get a clearer picture of a portion of the movie. Firstly ‘Delta Vega’ is a real location in the film itself, and in fact we have already seen it, described as the ‘frozen planet’ or ‘the ice planet.’

Kirk on Delta Vega

And TrekMovie is also told that the monsters in the game are also in the movie.

Erin encounters creatures that will be seen for real in ‘Star Trek’

…we have already seen one of them

And here is that second Delta Vega resident in the Star Trek trailer


And the new tidbits in the game, help us put some names on previously reported spoilers…

In the Star Trek movie at some point Spock (Quinto) will be in command of the USS Enterprise, while Capt. Pike is being held captive by Nero on the Romulan ship, the Narada. For some reason Spock decides that ‘cadet Kirk’ should not continue to remain on the mission and will drop him off (eject him in an escape pod) on Delta Vega, where Kirk will face some obstacles, fight a monster or two, and eventually meet the elder Spock (Nimoy) and Scotty, who has been stationed there as a punishment for making Admiral Archer’s pet Beagle disappear in a transporter accident. Scotty’s only companion is an alien called Keenser. The elder Spock, who has traveled back in time, will then give Scotty his own formula from the future to help him and Kirk do a special long-distance beam back to the USS Enterprise, which has warped away.

Spock in Scotty’s lab on Delta Vega

Cartoon version of Scotty’s helper ‘Keenser’


Delta Vega – Star Trek’s first strange new world
Including Delta Vega in the Star Trek movie is a big call back to the (second) pilot for Star Trek, "Where no Man Has Gone Before." The episode depicts Delta Vega as a desolate uninhabited planet, located near the galactic barrier and home of a lithium cracking station that is visited every couple decades by ore ships. After arriving at Delta Vega, Captain Kirk attempts to abandon his friend Gary Mitchell there after Mitchell starts transforming into a megalomaniac with super-powers. So apparently Delta Vega is Starfleet’s ‘go to place’ for marooning trouble makers.  

Delta Vega from orbit (from non-remastered TOS)

Delta Vega cracking station (from remastered TOS)

Play the ‘Mission to Delta Vega’ game now to have fun and learn more about Star Trek at

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I wonder if this was the big news Anthony was talking about earlier.. well ok I’ll give it a go but it better make marshmellons..

Delta Vega was Star Trek’s first brave new world? It’s awesome they’re tying that into the new movie!

Admiral Archer’s pet beagle? I hope they mention this in the movie in some dialogue.

Hot damn! So now not only are two of the actors from both “The Cage” and “Turnabout Intruder” appearing in classical roles, but they’re going back to Delta Vega? They really know their stuff.

Another nod to classic Trek!
And if you recheck with “Where no Man Has Gone Before”
you see the belt with Phaser and Communivator worn above the shirts, classic look.

Good Job, Bob!

A neat little diversion. Control system is a bit odd, though – why IJKL and not WASD? Or even just the normal arrow keys?

NICE!!! The more reference to Star Trek history/foreshadowing the better! This movie needs more nods to the Trek universe like this. Trekkies love it and need it to justify a prequel concept. People who have no idea about Star Trek history wouldn’t know the difference between a just a uninhibited Planet or Ceti Alpha V, why who cares? Give us the references so we can enjoy this movie on an whole other level from first timers!

#3 Yes, it is on screen. It was shown during the sneak peak screenings back in November. And on that note…any chance of a Scott Bakula cameo dedicating the Enterprise?

im guessing that they are on the dark side of Delta Vega or a pole since the original planet was not completely covered in ice.

You know, I am actually kinda shocked that Star Trek does not have a free 3d browser based game yet. Not one. Most of the Star Trek games that are online are 5-10 years old, and are reminiscent of Super Nintendo games. But Star Wars has had 3d browser based games like The Hunt for Grevious. Considering how far browser games have come, I think it would be an excellent idea to create a complex browser game for this movie.

Hmm, those spoilers attribute things to Scotty and Spock that make me doubt, they’re close to the original.

Could it be that the OrcSter did sort of a Coldplay plagiarism where he thought that he actually created Delta Vega™ but it can be proven in a court of law that he had previous exposure to the shoplifted material?

Someone get Carlos Sanatana’s lawyer on the red phone.

In the end we’ll find out there’s no case since Jack Parr invented it back in the late 50s.



#8—“im guessing that they are on the dark side of Delta Vega or a pole since the original planet was not completely covered in ice.”

Probably. I would assume that many class-M planets have a variety of climate conditions and seasonal weather as well.

Would it kill them to have her say “Star Trek” instead of “Star Track”?????


Is Delta Vega around the corner from Vulcan? I always thought otherwise… but who knows how fast these escape pods are these days!

So is that a Mugatu and a Denebian Slime Devil? ;)


In what way?

I wonder if the film’s dialogue will mention the lithium cracking station or the apparently nearby galactic barrier…

Wasn’t there a sign that said something like “Galactic Mining Company” at the station?

9) Yeah, I used to play Cybernations, got bored when NPO took over. Also played one called Lunar Wars, but it has since died out.


Well, Spock abandoning Kirk on a hostile planet ? Granted, the young Spock would probably not been as ‘in control’ of his emotions as old Spock, but as an emotional being, I have to say: something like that is a) illogical b) really stupid c) a criminal offense. This does not sound like Spock to me, regardless of what age.

Scotty making Archers beagle (Porthos the X. or something) dissappear ? Well, either he did it on purpose, which by all logic would also have resulted in criminal charges or it was in accident, in which case he couldn’t have done much and being punished for that is not very Starfleet. Either way he seems to be the butt of a joke, yet again. Scotty was often good for comic relief, but never a silly character.


Scotty beamed that dog into oblivion.

Was one of the projectiles a blackhole??
And don’t blackholes play into the movie somehow.
And maybe Redmatter? I think one of the other projectiles was redmatter.
And if you don’t know what I’m talking about then nevermind, but get your hands on the Countdown #1 comic and then you’ll understand.


Form what we’ve heard, the incident with the beagle was a transporter accident, something Scotty isn’t a stranger to. As far as why Spock exiles Kirk to Delta Vega, we’d have to see the movie to put it in context. But if Kirk is in some way endangering the ship (in Spock’s opinion) it doesn’t seem that much of a stretch that he might make a decision to remove him. It’s not like he stranded him there to die, clearly there’s a Starfleet presence on the planet (as evidenced by Scotty and his friend).

Admiral Archer? How the hell old would Archer be? 120??

I am feeling a “Hoth” vibe (from the Empire Strikes Back). And the little Keenser remind me Yoda.

I am enjoying the new direction of the movie, but I still have trouble about some “creatives” decisions.

Also, #13 – I just played the game and she said Star TREK, clear as day. To my ears, at any rate. I have a feeling this might be like the Siberius/Tiberius debate.


I’m sure it’s more a tip of the hat to Enterprise than an implication Archer is still alive and well at 140.


On purpose or accident ?


Accidents do happen of course, but banishing someone to the edge of the galaxy for a dog ? Archer must have gotten really cranky on old age.

Regarding Kirk: Why not just beam him directly to the Starfleet presence then ? Or better yet: put him in the brig, where you have control over him ?


more like 140

McCoy was Admiral of Starfleet Medical and was about 135 years old in “Encounter at Farpoint”.


Go to, they have a dozen or so high quality games that you can play directly in your browser. There are a couple simple space shooter games like ZAP! Instantaction would be the perfect platform for a multiplayer star trek browser game.

Well it’s somewhat canonical that Archer was present for the Enterprise’s commissioning and died the next day in New York. It’s at Memory Alpha.

I had no idea about Porthos, I tried to stay away from those 20 minutes of footage reports! Way cool! I hope there are other nods!

The monsters are very cool!

And that it’s Delta Vega, makes this movie even bit more awesome!

This must be Porthos II because he would’ve definintley be dead.

Maybe it’s a clone of Porthos, like some people are doing today???

#20—“Granted, the young Spock would probably not been as ‘in control’ of his emotions as old Spock, but as an emotional being, I have to say: something like that is a) illogical b) really stupid c) a criminal offense. This does not sound like Spock to me, regardless of what age.”

We are totally missing the surrounding context, therefore judgement is premature. I doubt that Spock is marooning Kirk on Delta Vega as Kirk did Khan on Ceti Alpha V (although that would be ironic). There is obviously a facility there, and probably some, albeit undesirable, task that young Kirk is ordered to perform there before meeting Scotty and the elder Spock. I don’t see how leaving him there to do so would be either illogical or criminal. If someone has to do it, that doesn’t really make sense. As for whether or not it’s “stupid”, I think I’ll reserve judgement until I have viewed it within the context of the scene.

Spock has always been capable of human behavior, even if it is generally masked by a stoic Vulcan facade.

“Scotty making Archers beagle (Porthos the X. or something) dissappear ? Well, either he did it on purpose, which by all logic would also have resulted in criminal charges…”

You mean like beaming all of those tribbles to a sure death aboard a Klingon warship?

“…or it was in accident, in which case he couldn’t have done much and being punished for that is not very Starfleet.”

It’s unlikely that being assigned to that facility is a formal punishment. It is more likely just an undesirable assignment, like being assigned to a listening post in Alaska. There is a chain of command in Starfleet, and men and women who fill the positions within it. I don’t see how Scotty offending someone in that chain of command resulting in an undesirable assignment would be so unbelievable to you. Human nature isn’t likely to change all that much by the 23rd Century.

“Scotty was often good for comic relief, but never a silly character.”

That’s a matter of perspective. I think he was depicted in a silly manner on several occasions. Just off the top of my head, I’d say:

“By Any Other Name”
“The Trouble With Tribbles”
“Who Mourns For Adonais?”
STIV: The Voyage Home
“Relics” (TNG)

And, of course, the dreaded STV: The Great Trek Turd Of ’89.

Scotty is often the butt of a joke or two. Sometimes, he is silly. He is also the “miracle worker”. I bet we’ll see some of that too.


Spock Prime did not expect to find Scotty in the outpost,
“Fascinating. You’re Montgomery Scott”so he asks him how he ended up there… and Scotty replies that he experimented with Transporter tech and killed the dog by accident.

Pike enters the Narada as Neros “guest”.
Kirk, Olsen and Sulu drop from Pikes shuttle
and destroy the drill platform.
Neros places Object in Vulcans core.
Kirk and Sulu are saved by Chekov and beamd aboard.
Spock beams down to save his parents and the Vulcan council,
leaves the ship while in grave danger.

We don’t know what happens to Vulcan,
but we can expect a fallout between Kirk, who is made first officer by Pike,
and Spock, who is acting captain.

The question is, how does Kirks escape pod get from Vulcan to Delta Vega?

Well, we’ll see how it plays out 3 months’ time. Still I find that it would make more sense for Kirk to leave the E by escape pod, if he did it himself – out of Spock’s reach. He might want to get off the ship to do something, he can’t beam out or take a shuttle, so he takes an escape pod.

Possible, but again, why Delta Vega, at the galaxys edge?
We know that the Narada ens up over San Francisco finally…
but not when this will happen in the movie.
But flying from Vulcan to Delta Vega must take some time at Warp 5…

#24—In the ENT episode, “In A Mirror, Darkly”, it is made clear (from the visual record of Archer’s life on the viewscreen) that Archer lives at least until 2184, when his term as Federation President ended.

He was born in 2112, so that would make him about 72 when his 8 years as President was over.

Mike Sussman worked on the biographical record partially visible in “In A Mirror, Darkly”, and part of that record did include information that he attended the launch of the NCC-1701 in 2245—but that part never made it on screen (therefore not canon).

But given Admiral McCoy’s age in “Encounter At Farpoint”, it isn’t entirely improbable that he could have been alive long enough for a young Scotty to have offended him.

We do not exactly know how old Kirk or Scotty are at the time of this particular scene, and more importantly, how long ago the incident with the beagle occured before that.

We do know this. The Enterprise, at least in this timeline, is not launched in 2245. That is not a 12-year old Kirk on the motorcycle. It is more likely at least a decade (or more) later, in which case, Archer would be at least 143 years old or so. That’s about 6 years older than Admiral McCoy was when he was seen walking around with Pinnochio aboard the Enterprise-D.

Again, we don’t yet know what year it is when this scene takes place, or how long after the transporter accident in question.

I’m assuming that Delta Vega has some kind of seasonal process going on. For some period, it’s an icefield, other periods it’s a rocky desert.

I’m also assuming that they are seeing spock at a different Lithium Cracking facility on that planet?

It’s also interesting in that I cannot fathom it being on rout between Earth and Vulcan. Seems a little out of the way.

Correction: Archer is “elected” President in 2284, at age 72. He steps down in 2292, at age 80.

In any case, I wonder why he is called “Admiral”, and not “Mr. President”.

Oops. 2184 and 2192…I was off by 100 years!

Archer’s Beagle would be 980 years old in dog years.


Maybe Archer is jumping in time… like a broken record, CT!

Probably he get’s this “Assignment” because he messed up with the Transporter (or nicer: experimented) without clearance and then killed poor Porthos…

#39—“It’s also interesting in that I cannot fathom it being on rout between Earth and Vulcan. Seems a little out of the way.”

Delta Vega is actually listed on a “star chart” in two TNG episodes, “Conspiracy”, and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (on a tactical monitor showing the progress made by the Klingons in their war with the UFP). It would be interesting to see where it shows Delta Vega in relation to other star systems.

#42—“Archer’s Beagle would be 980 years old in dog years.”


I’m assuming that’s a joke!

Porthos would, of course, be long gone. I’m sure this is an entirely different beagle!

This becomes SO FRUSTRATING reading the desperation here at times. Look – and I challenge the Orcster to tell me otherwise – Delta Vega, like Zefram Cochrane in First Contact, is a NEW CREATION that references something you are familiar with BUT they are not the same two things. As people try to use their imaginations to clear up the discrepancies it is driving me nuts. IF this was the real Delta Vega from the episode, then they should have used that original matte painting or something very similar like the remaster did. Where’s the ice and snow? Why in the episode is it on the edge of the galaxy but in the movie its a hop, skip, and a jump away from Vulcan? COME ON.

I don’t mind that The Orcster and team have done this but I wish you all would accept it. Star Trek is now CONCEPT – Quogs™, interchangeable symbols. The better to sell to you with, my pretty. I bet you $100 that in the original script or story treatment, this was simply known as “ice planet”. It was NOT designed to be some continuity reference. Someone pulled a fast one on you. Whether this is the real deal or not is NOT relevant or important to the story. There are more discrepancies to tell us that this is just a “shout out” than the real deal. And like I said, I’m OK with ALL of this QUOG interchangeability and this-isnt-your-fathers-delta-vega ice planet with a cool referencial name stuff. I just wish some of you folks would see the obvious. THIS MOVIE IS A back to the future REBOOT using names and ideas that you love which disregards everything that came before it in the truest sense. It’s OK. Really… but I just wish we could be honest and smart about this. serious. please stop trying to make it something that it will never be and wasnt meant to be.



If Scotty’s stationing at the Outpost is due to the accidental loss of Admiral Archer’s pet beagle…it could be cranky John. Remember, he’s the only Star Fleet captain we’ve seen actually torture someone before. Scotty maybe lucky just to be stationed on that rock, old Admiral Archer probably wanted to decompress him through an airlock with his buddy Jack Bower giving him advice…

ay caramba god help us all

So is it decalithium and red matter?
All the critics who don’t like the new props… we can be glad that this gun is not the new phaser ;)