Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week (week 2)

You have just 17 days to submit a video to the new Esurance Star Trek site explaining how you are the ‘biggest Trekkie’ and get a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie. Each week TrekMovie picks one entry as our video of the week, hopefully giving one of our readers a boost. Check this weeks entry below [note video autoplays after you hit ‘more’].


This week’s video pick ‘Inspiration’ by Kenneth Flanagan
Another video from a TrekMovie reader.

Kenneth’s video is a clever take on the Star Trek movie theatrical trailer, weaving his personal story of Trekdom into the mix, complete with several wardrobe changes…impressive and worthy of video of the week. Show Kenneth the love and give his video a high rating.

Win a trip to the premiere of Star Trek – TrekMovie will help
In order to enter the contest yourself, you must upload a video to The Biggest Trekkie Contest page at The winner gets a trip for 2 to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek. Entries must be made by March 5th. The winner of the prize is selected using a number of factors, including how highly the video is rated on the Esurance site. (see Esurance site for full contest rules and eligibility). Every week we pick one entry and profile it here, giving it a little boost, and awarding a T-Shirt to the video maker, courtesy of Esurance. (Shirts will be mailed out after the contest is over). If you want TrekMovie to consider your video for our video of the week an email to tips [@] with a link and your name (and the name you post under).

If we pick your video, you win a shirt (click to enlarge image)

Don’t miss the rest at Esurance Trek site
If you haven’t visited, yet, then do so now. The site has a great intro video with interviews,  plus a brand new game with clues to the movie (see recent article).

Content at Esurance Star Trek promotional site

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Good for Kenneth!!

Now that deserves AT LEAST a shirt! Nice job Kenneth.

well done mat like the final reference

He has to win. That was awesome. :]

Is it me or is the biggest Trekkie a title thats not useful to have? It’s like a socail leper sign.

#6 – It might be a position suggesting that, but I think he’s just proud of being a Trekkie and he believes he shows it the best.

That was pretty good – the costume changes win.

I hate the corridors.

Kenneth of Borg’s video….fascinating.

I really wanna win this contest, but even I have to admit, Kenneths video is freakin’ awesome! Good luck man!

Thanks everyone – This was my first ever video project so it means a lot hear those kind words.

We are our own worst critics. I see things that could be much better: lighting, camera placement, audio….. I hope JJ does not see it.

I wish we could all meet at the premiere. Premiere or not this much recognition from Trekdom is my reward.

Haha, “What is your name.” For some reason I laugh so hard whenever I hear that. xD

Wow, that was pretty good, with all the costume changes. Not too bad at the voice actings and stuff, too. And a game designer!? That rocks! My friend Mia actually wants to go into game design… Soyeah. Hopefully Kenneth wins!

Whoa, that was truly great :) You the man :)

I am quite comfortable *not* being the biggest Trekkie.


Not gonna lose sleep over that one.

At least, not too much.

Nice reference at the end there ^^

Great job, Kenneth!! We’re so lucky to have you on the Supremacy team :).

Awesome, cool little story unfolding there.

Also the lab coat suits you :).

Regards Wolfe