ST09 Tidbits for: Trek Minus 11 weeks

We here at TrekMovie bring you all the big news on the upcoming Star Trek movie, but sometimes stories fall through the cracks. So every week we bring you all the little Star Trek tidbits. This week we have another cadet intro, Frakes longing over Abrams cash, Trek in fashion, and Viacom biz news. Plus a ST09 book update and the first look at a couple of upcoming posters you can actually buy.


Another space cadet
The new Star Trek movie may not have a ‘cast of thousands’, but dozens at least. New ones pop up all the time. In an interview with IGN Tania Gunadi, who stars in the Disney XD series Aaron Stone, talked about her role as a Starfleet Cadet. Gunadi wouldn’t give any spoilers except to say that she plays an alien (and it took four hours to get her makeup on and off), and that everyone, including director JJ Abrams was ‘nice’ and ‘cool’…she also noted that it was nice that they "make sure you can breathe" under the makeup." Which makes one wonder if there was some other production out there purposefully suffocating its actors. .

Gunadi – breathing easy as an alien cadet in "Star Trek"

Frakes: envying the green
In our recent interview, Jonathan Frakes, director of two previous Trek films, talked positively about Star Trek’s new director JJ Abrams, although he admitted he did have some ‘budget envy’ when he visited the set. In a new interview at uninterview the bearded repeated that his is "very pro-J.J. Abrams" and went on to say nice things, but noted regarding the movie "they gave him a fortune [laughs]–not that I’m bitter!"…sure Jonathan.

Frakes’ "no, I am not envious" smile 

Trek to the rescue
We interrupt this otherwise entertaining article for some boring business news. Last week Paramount’s parent company Viacom reported a fourth quarter 69% drop in profits…ouch. Well the economy does suck right now and actually the theatrical side of Viacom is doing pretty well, at least in theaters (home sales are down). But all hope is not lost. Viacom chairman Phillipe Dauman told investors that 2009 is going to be rosy, including noting:

Looking ahead, we have a great slate for 2009. Next month we’ll distribute DreamWorks Animations Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D. In the second and third quarters will be dominated by three widely anticipated tent poles. JJ Abram’s Star Trek, Michael Bay’s, Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen, and GI Joe.

So tell a friend about Trek, to keep Viacom and Paramount in the black!

Viacom needs the ‘Star Trek bump’…Tranformers can’t do it all!

Buzzwatch – Trek in fashion?
We at TrekMovie keep an eye out on the mainstream media to see what they are saying about the new movie, so you don’t have to. The latest bit comes from UK’s Independent on Sunday, which, in honor of London Fashion Week, issued their new ‘Hot List‘ and look what showed up somewhere between ‘dial-up tanning’ and ‘hangboarding’:

Star Trek
If you’ve ever wondered how James T Kirk came to captain the SS ‘Enterprise’, you’re in luck (if a bit sad): the 11th ‘Star Trek’ promises to fill in the gaps. And thanks to its director, J J ‘Lost’ Abrams, it may be the first ‘Star Trek’ film for non-Trekkies.

And if there is a fashion event, you know that Star Trek’s new Uhura, Zoe Saldana is there…here she is earlier Sunday, nestled between a couple of super models (Molly Sims & Heidi Klum).

Um, witty caption…I’ll be in my bunk

ST09 stuff update: Posters + book date & price + Foster speaks
The avalanche of Star Trek merchandise continues to grow. The latest addition are the first officially licensed posters to buy, from Trends International. So far they are showing of two designs for the new Star Trek movie, but more are sure to come. These aren’t yet available (and we will update you when they are), but here is a first look at the first two.

Trends USS Enterprise poster (34" x 22")

Trends Crew poster (22" x 34")

After it was first announced at, Simon & Shuster added the movie tie-in edition novel of Star Trek to their site. It notes a retail price of $15.00 for the trade paperback and a release date of May 12th. However, TrekMovie is told that S&S dates are always Tuesdays and it is expected for books to be available on Friday the 8th, the day of the film’s release. One other book nugget, the author, Alan Dean Foster, dropped by the article about the book to make a couple of comments. On the new book he stated:

I will, as always, put my best into the book version of the film. A novelization is not an adaptation…it is a collaboration between the screenwriters and another writer, and I’ve always viewed it as such.

One thing about adapting a Robert Orci script: it’s not about two uninteresting people sitting on a train smoking cigarettes and talking about how bored they are (that would be a French SF film). There is always a lot going on, which means I have plenty of good stuff to work with.

To paraphrase a comedy team of another era, we’re all fans on this bus.

And to settle any debate, Foster also commented "I had nothing whatsoever to do with the TMP novelization." Nice of Alan to drop by and he has agreed to do a interview closer to release, so keep your eye out for that.

Foster has made first contact

Pausch’s Trek lesson
Finally we conclude with some deep thinking. In an article about how Baby boomers have a whole new take on death, Vanity Fair culture critic James Wolcott used the late Randy Pausch’s cameo in the new Star Trek movie as a life (and death) lesson in a new blog post.

A fitting posthumous hurrah awaits Pausch, who died in July of 2008. J. J. Abrams, the director of this spring’s Star Trek prequel (featuring Kirk and Spock at the Starfleet Academy), cast Pausch in a cameo role which has him crossing the bridge of the Enterprise to deliver the clarion line “Captain, we have visual!” For an American nerd born in the second half of the 20th century, suiting up in a Starfleet uniform and serving with Kirk—truly, there can be no higher civilian honor. Since heaven is a hypothetical destination spot, the imaginary airport hangar of the Hereafter, being an even infinitesimal spark in the Star Trek cosmology is the closest any of us can come to immortality.

Deep James, but so true.

JJ made Pausch a ‘Trek immortal’

…one more thing

OK that wasn’t the last thing…sue me. With all the hubbub about the new corridors, our friend (and photojournalist) Thorsten Wulf, came up with this, to maybe satisfy some of those longing for the old days.

Naked Time – reimagined


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Poor old Frakes.

They’re releasing that awful angle as a poster?

I love the Naked Time reimagined pic!!

jesus, we know its the enterprise. taking up half the poster with the word pains me.

Also i will be very much looking for pausch during the movie. Great guy. His TED speech was amazing.

I won’t buy that poster. I will buy one of the hundreds that have better angles that don’t have shuttles in front of them after the movie comes out!

Can’t wait for the movie, even with the “Starship Heart Of Gold” corridors!

Man, Zoe’s a HOTTIE!!!

I’d toss her like a salad (over those supermodels) any day!!

I like the poster of Pine, Quinto and Saldana, but shouldn’t it be Urban instead of her?

“I’ll be in my bunk” – lol. Good stuff.

I dig the re-imagined pic, too.

“I’d toss her like a salad (over those supermodels) any day!!”

You keep l@@king at that picture and you’ll be tossing your own salad!!

Darth “my dressing on YOUR salad” Ballz

That was decent of JJ to have Randy Pausch in on a cameo.

At the risk of repeating myself, I am VERY happy that Alan Dean Foster has been tapped to do this novel. He has forgotten more about Star Trek than most writers will ever learn, and writes along the lines of the unequaled Star Trek insider who drafted more parts of Spock’s character than everyone else combined – including Roddenberry, D.C. Fontana.

Much of this movie, I should add, is the twisted timeline version of the old novel by Fontana called “Vulcan’s Glory.” I actually think Dorothy Fontana would appreciate the nod. If anyone out there knows where D.C. Fontana is or how she’s doing, tell her hi and we’re thinking of her.

I just ordered the Art of The Watchmen book and in the recent past made it a once-every-three years rite buying the beautiful Star Wars prequel Art books. It disappoints me greatly that there’s no such tome on the horizon for the new TREK. Perhaps if it’s a hit we’ll see one next Christmas — with the amount of design work involved, there’s got to be a good collection there (along with script notes, that’d be aces).

@ Anthony

You are a brave man.I would not dare to use a picture of Heidi at
the moment.

I hope you have good connections to Denny Crane or Sam Cogley :)

7— yeah I agree with you. Uhura is great and all, but TOS was all about the Big Three of Kirk, Spock and Bones… “Damnit Jim I’m a Doctor, not a______!” and all that.

As for that Enterprise poster, I believe the only people who will buy that will be those who wish to use it as a dartboard.

Zoe with Heidi…
Heidi just started the new season of her “Germanys Next Topmodel” show on german TV…

And really nice that ADF showed by and made an insightful comment about the quality of Bob Orcis work.

xD–that Naked Time ripoff with Quinto in the pic…wow bad photoshopping on the quinto part…also: it kinda gave a sylaresque vibe there (not the message on the wall but the way it was written…rewatch early heroes episodes for why…)

also…anthony (pascale)…about James Cawley’s quote about Randy Pausch…your little addon below it…”Deep James, but so true.”…is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE to those among us who are not atheists and DO believe in Heaven…it actually borders on hate speech against ALL religions in that your statement is “Deep James, but so true.”, rather than “Deep James, but IN MY OPINION, so true.”

I’m not attacking you…I’m merely saying in case you didnt realuze this its extemely offensive since in saying Jame’s quote referencing Randy’s quote WAS TRUE, you’re basically saying all religions are fantasy, just like Star Trek itself…

please amend your comment appropriately; thank you.

ON A SIDE NOTE: in case no one was aware, remember The 5th Dimension’s ‘The Age of Aquarius’ song, which was releasedaround the time TOS was on? THE ASTROLOGICAL ALIGNMENT THE SONG SPEAKS OF OCCURRED ON THIS PAST VALENTINES DAY… WE –ARE IN– THE AGE OF AQUARIUS!!!

@ 17 – What the hell?! Speaking also as a “non-athiest” I can say that what you just said was utter bollocks, and everything that Anthony said was totally fine! Noting you suggest is implied by Anthony, and in no way what so ever is it extremely offensive…get some perspective mate!

Anywho, all good news here! Good to see the cast is being fleshed out as well! I like the Cawley quote, I can imagine how much of an honour it must be to be a Trek extra/cameo! The posters are extremely disappointing though, looks like a quick photoshop job!!

#7: Absolutely!

— yeah I agree with you. Uhura is great and all, but TOS was all about the Big Three of Kirk, Spock and Bones… “Damnit Jim I’m a Doctor, not a______!” and all that.

If they make Saldana the new “McCoy”, her best line will probably be “Damnit guys, I’m a communications officer, not a wonderbra model.”

I Am so excited.

The new look of the corridors are fine. This movie is not for purists, whom not to be too offensive must learn to relax. Emulating a Vulcan has its advantages, but though in a little Klingon from time to time and have a laugh.

I am very pleased with the uniforms, that was great. The actors are wonderful. The Ship is true to form, the bridge is true. I cannot understand the negative comments. This is a wonderful event and I cannot wait for this movie. Already saving up for the merchandise. Go JJ.

I also agree with no. 7, all the characters should get their fair level of attention, but I would love to see the triangle of Kirk, Spock and McCoy be at the heart of the show.


Don’t worry, South African Dude. That poster proves nothing.
Nero may have changed Kirks childhood and youth, but not his friendship with McCoy. They meet right when Kirk enters the shuttle to Academy, and stay friends. When Kirk is in trouble three years later for faking his way through the Maru scenario, its Bones who smuggles him aboard the Enterprise. There they meet Uhura, but she is never as close as Bones with Jim. With Spock added to the trio later.

The posters are horrible. Use the worst angle of the E and those badly composed and lit crew shots and expect to cash in? Not with my money.

It’s amazing how much Quinto looks like Nimoy in that “Love Man Kind” pic.

Can’t wait for those posters!

#17: bad photoshop?

Get over yourself. The poster is supposed to be fun. Must we over-analyze every single image and word??? Just have some fun and relax…

(on my way home now… first leg [of four] is complete)

Wow, stop the Comm traffic, Nr. 22

How come you know so much? Did you see the movie, do you know people. Do you like Gold pressed Latinum???

I’m quite envious.

Thanks for the re assurance


Hey, Doug, have a safe flight home!


You’re welcome, SAD…
your answer is here:

thorsten- Hehe… like the corridor pic.

29, thorsten

Yeah okay, I did read that article.
What surpised me is your knowledge of the Kobiyashi Maru and the passage of three years. Did not pick up on that.

But again thanks.

@17 – you might re-read the article.

“Vanity Fair culture critic James Wolcott …”

The quote had nothing to do with Cawley.

Well, there actually _are_ some reports of people fainting under make-up because they could not breathe properly (remember, it’s _really_ hot on set… i think i even read about some coustume/mask redesigns on TNG cause of that on Memory Alpha) or actors almost dying of anaphylactic shock caused by allergies to make-up (they had to re-cast the Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz cause of that..), so Tania has every reason to be grateful ^^

Nice firefly reference / lesbian innuendo in-joke ^^


When Trekmovie first posted the horrible angle but nicely detailed image of the new Enterprise, I decided to have a go at taking the shuttle out.

If you are interested, the result of my tinkering you may find at (be careful the file size is quite large)
For a comparison, here is the image I worked from (again, be careful, the file size is quite large)


It really should have been “Deep, James, but I believe it to be true.”

Then you place yourself on the same ground as those that do believe. taking something by faith. It takes as much faith to believe in nothing as it does in something.

I’m not offended, just reminded that those who reject notions of an afterlife often try to take the high ground and the assumption of being right, when in fact, none will know but those who experience it.


Who says Anthony is referring to the latter half of the quote? What if he’s agreeing with “For an American nerd born in the second half of the 20th century, suiting up in a Starfleet uniform and serving with Kirk—truly, there can be no higher civilian honor…”?

I can’t believe that no one here has yet complained that the British newspaper called the ship the “SS” Enterprise.

All the nitpicking and no one caught that?

Y’all are slipping.

And just to clarify, those who do believe just as often take the high ground and the assumption is it true. Both can only say “I believe” this or that, and hope they are right.

@ 26 – I wasn’t over analysing anything…and I know its just a bit of fun, but for a comercial release poster that could of been made by any tom, dick or harry! I mean its the official release image of the Enterprise with the word ‘USS Enterprise’ out underneath! I am not over analysing, just saying its not very adventurous…geesh, so much for freedom of speech!

Safe journey anyways!

Why would they release a poster where the Enterprise doesn’t even fit inside the border? They should’ve waited for a better promo shot to use, one that doesn’t chop the tips off, at least. That just looks silly.

I was hoping you meant they’d be selling the blue and gold teaser posters, anyway. Those were nice; I’d love if they started putting those out into stores.

17. kirk09

Who cares if it was “extremely offensive” to you? Not me. This is not PC Central!

The “other” Anthony

See I bet nemesis would have been a great movie with a $150 million for a budget, but we would have also needed new producers and writers.

Why should we care at all whether or not Paramount’s in the black? They’re still gonna make another Trek if the droves come out to see it.

Maybe if they lower the average ticket price then I’ll start to care a little more.


“See I bet nemesis would have been a great movie with a $150 million for a budget, but we would have also needed new producers and writers.”

Oh is that all. Why didn’t someone think of that before? ;)

11 weeks, can’t wait! :)

PS. I find ANYONE harping on about faith highly offensive, yet in day to day living it is constantly in my face, I constantly hear how I, who “do not believe”, will face all manner of pain and suffering for eternity, it offends me greatly to be subjected to this, maybe, out of respect, those fearful idiots should keep their personal terror to themselves. I would like to remain level headed and rational.

I have stared down my own death a few times now, needless to say, death blinked first and I am still here, I intend to remain as long as my body holds out. I have no fear of “afterlife” because none exists.
However, that FACT is not frightening, it will not cajole me into fearful worship of some invisible non-existent “all powerful” deity, born from the mind of men to ease their own fears, and control the fears of others.

or to quote a sage scholar

“Get a Life!”

20. Iowagirl – February 16, 2009:
— yeah I agree with you. Uhura is great and all, but TOS was all about the Big Three of Kirk, Spock and Bones… “Damnit Jim I’m a Doctor, not a______!” and all that.’
My thoughts exactly! Why is Uhura featured so prominently, on all the advertising? Is this what the new film is like; i.e., the triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, which was the backbone of the original series, the very essence of that show, is to be recast: Kirk, Spock, and Uhura! Changing the aesthetics of the ship is one thing; changing the show’s dynamic, its essential nature, is quite another.
Uhura is a communications officer; she doesn’t have a very important position on the ship. To keep her as a communications officer and yet give her a prominent role in the film (larger than that befitting a communications officer), then, is at best odd and out of place. At worst, it’s racist and or sexist: to treat her differently for no other reason that because of her sex or skin colour. By this reasoning, Sulu, for example, should have third billing: I know he’s just a lieutenant (and played a small role in TOS) but, since he’s Asian, let’s give him third billing behind Kirk and Spock.

The people of “Trends International” used the images available. There are no other shots of the ship or the crew out yet. So they stitched the portraits of Kirk, Spock and Uhura together, because they were available as single images. I am quite sure that pictures with the “real” triumvirat will be available soon. As I said in 22, Uhura is not replacing Bones in this movie.

“So tell a friend about Trek, to keep Viacom and Paramount in the black!”

Must run and out and tell a friend to go see Star Trek so Viacom doesn’t loose anymore profits!

Hmmm gonna be hard jumping over all those homeless and unemployed people along the way tho….

Really guys that was obscene, there are alot more harder hit folks who really need help in this economic crisis than a multi-billion dollar company that is still profitable none the less. Disgusting.

It’s good to see that we have the obligatory killjoys who are trying to ruin a perfectly good article.

#39: no problems, nor worries… however, you mention that anyone could have photoshopped in USS Enterprise (this is true), but in your original post you didn’t refer to that poster but the one with Quinto in it.

didn’t mean to be hyper-critical, maybe just a bit of sleep depravation here…