ToyFair DST Update: New Excelsior & Enterprise B Toys Announced

The 2009 Toy Fair has already revealed a bounty of Trek goodies from Diamond Select Toys (see previous story). But DST have shown two more items that will be joining their 2009 line: toy ship versions of the USS Excelsior and USS Enterprise B. We also have new pictures of some of the functionality of previously announced toys, and some new images of packaging.  


Excelsior! (and Enterprise B!)

Excelsior? Why in God’s name would you want that bucket of bolts?
– Scotty, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

With all due respect to the Miracle Worker, many Trek collectors have been asking for a toy version of the infamous "bucket of bolts," the USS Excelsior NX-2000. While Playmates Toys released an Excelsior toy in 1995 with the proper decals, the ship itself was actually a reissue of their 1994 Star Trek Generations Enterprise B toy (a ship whose every vital system will be installed "on Tuesday" according to Captain Harriman). Now, DST is providing fans with both ships with the unique detailing on each (note the differences on the saucer and especially the nacelles below). Both will include the usual DST sound and lighting effects. The two ships, pending approval by CBS Paramount, should be available this autumn for collectors wishing to celebrate the 15 anniversary of Star Trek: Generations.

Enterprise B (L) and Excelsior (R) with close-up on Enterprise B (bottom)
(Click to see at TNI)

Playing with TWOK phaser and "All Good Things" Enterprise
TNI also took the time to check out the workings of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D "All Good Things" version and how The Wrath of Khan phaser functions. Both the regular and AGT versions of the Enterprise will feature "saucer seperation". And you can separate the smaller phaser from the full sized Wrath of Khan phaser toy as well.

Saucer separates on the Enterprise D toy from DST (both versions)
(Click to see at TNI)

Wrath of Khan Phaser (Click to see at TNI)

New Packaging
Toy Fair is also providing the chance for fans to see some of the cool packaging planned by DST for a number of their items.

Mego Playset packaging
This is the first image of the packaging for the retro Mego Enterprise playset which is being released by EMCE Toys and DST this March. The packaging is also a near perfect replica of the original box art and design from the 1975 original toy.

New Mego-style Playset (Click to see at CoolToyReview)

Enterprise D packaging
The unified packaging theme is seen here with the box for the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D toy ship. Note how Picard has been added to the package as licensees are starting to adapt the designs to be reflective of the version of Trek the toy or collectible represents. Early on, the unified packaging was only showing Kirk and Spock, which doesn’t work for TNG products. It is nice to see Jean Luc get some deserved respect.

D Ship (Click to see at CoolToyReview)

Ultimate Kirk and Spock
At the DST Art Asylum website, there are images of the packaging for the 18″ ‘Ultimate Scale’ Captain Kirk and Commander Spock which is nicely designed to allow those who keep their action figures in the box to still enjoy the item because of the amount of visibility allowed by the DST packaging.

Kirk and Spock Ultimate sized figures packaging (Click to see at Art Asylum)

Thanks to Wayne Zachary for tip, and Cool Toy Review and Toynewsi

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This looks great. Sign me up!


Why is Ultimate Kirk’s shirt blue in the packaging? That’s not canon.

I love future Enterprise!

There is a hole in the packaging to poke them in their bellies.!


I hope they come out with a NCC-2000 and not just an NX-2000. There’s significant differences between the two Excelsiors.

The original Excelsior looks gorgeous.

This looks Fantastic! I’m getting them all. I wish the new enterprise from STXI looked this good as a toy. Maybe it will be better in person. Guess I’ll get that too to be sure.

4> Yes, especially in their captains! :-)

Its not blue, just the cloud thingie is covering most of his shirt. I always thought that the all good things Enterprise D looked off, and now it separates, just seems wayyy off to me, though the other ships look cool.

OH FINALLY! I’ve always loved the Excelsior-Class.

Oh, if only my wife would let me get a Future Enterprise.

Alas, when I showed her, she laughed at me …

Well, it’ll always be the dream …

I demand… you stop… poking my belly.


I have the 1701, 1701 Refit, and 1701 E from DST and they’re great! I’m going to spend lots of my pay to get the E-D, E-D Refit, E-B and Excelsior!

Tickle me Kirko?

actually the figures have some sound features so the ‘poke’ is to activate the sound clips

Oh man I love the Excelsior class ship design!

I’m all over those ships man.

i wonder how the other enterpises will look in Star Trek 09 style

Too bad that the Phaser 1 and Phaser 2 are no longer integrated (and separate) in the new movie one. That was a neat feature.

I love toys, but the Kirk and Spock dolls look a little anorexic, it’s cool to see cloth uniforms, but they should be fitted a little better. IMO

Ok. On the Enterprise B let me get this straight. The Torpedoes will be installed on tuesday and the tractor beams will also be installed on tuesday. Was there something else being installed on Tuesday. Oh yeah. the price

I want an Enterprise C!!!!!

I’m getting these ships. I currently have the Enterprise E, TWOK Enterprise and TOS Enterprise from DST. They look amazing and have nice detail on the hull of each ship. That Excelsior is drool worthy!

i never saw the fascination in the excelsior class of ships

The Enterprise B would definitely be a ship I’d love to have. Are these coming out this holiday season or before?

D”oh. Never mind about the release date…just saw it.

Oh, love the playset. I have one from Mego from childhood but it’s not pristine. This is great! And I like the packaging of the large Kirk and Spock. I was wondering if I should open and display or not…age old collector’s question! I have my Sideshows out of the box but it was a trauma to decide. ;)

21, Johnny

I initially thought the Excelsior class was uglytoo, but it grew on me! I like the Ent-B variant a little more. Unfortunately that never happened with the Galaxy class. It still looks ugly to me, but it was her deeds that won me over.

#2: “Why is Ultimate Kirk’s shirt blue in the packaging? That’s not canon.”

Kirk and Spock never had writing all over their chests, either! Rape of my childhood!!!111one

Why don’t they release a set of all the Enterprise ships, even on a smaller scale with more detail? It might be a bit pricey but alot of fans would get it for all of them togeather?

Darth “Big enterprise” Ballz

P.S. There are alot of “Ballz” around here lately? Only one Darth, yo!

These are all well and good, but what I really want to see in toy form is the Enterprise-J… and even good ol’ nx-01… yeah, you heard me!!!

25 YES someone finally agrees with me that the ent d is horrid (you think they learhd that the flagship should never be a civy ship

10….Grow A Pair !!!!!!

nicely said brady

I’m not sure I get the separating phaser module on TWOK model. I thought those were supposed to be like a mini handheld phaser… this doesn’t really look like you would hold and fire it like the detachable section on TOS phasers. Still looks cool though. Just wonder where they got the detachable feature from. Maybe there are some official technical plans somewhere that show that.

There sure is a lot of new trek enthusiasm lately. I wonder if the perfect global storm thats brewing has anything to do with the desire for grand future ideals again…. I didnt expect this kind of activity to be revolving around Trek this soon. I really thought we were done for a good many years…exiting times!

I think the TMP phaser was always designed to split. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of the original Brick Price production drawings that show the phaser as two units.

30. Oh, I don’t know…he might be acting in the best interests of the pair he’s got (if you catch my drift)!


Don’t give up #10. Dreams come true!

They all look good to me !! With all these ships coming I’m am definatley gonna need to invest some cash into buying some more shelf space cause right now all available shelf space is taken by NCC-1701, 1701 (refit) , 1701-E, USS Defiant, USS Voyager , Klingon D7 and the Klingon Vor’cha Attack Cruiser.

I will definately need to make some more room With the preordered Enterprise D coming and the new movie NCC-1701 I’ll be buying in April and the Enterprise B and Excelsior when they come out!!!


They will be mine.

Oh yes, they will be mine.

@ 28

They already made the NX 01 back in 2002.

I always liked the Enterprise-B, but I don’t really collect stuff like this.

But I am definitely tempted.

I admit the ships look nice but do we really need both? Wouldn’t it be better to have two different ships on the market rather than two vastly identical ones? And, looking through the TNI photo gallery, I noticed not two but three TOS tricorders. Really? I’m sure there must be some justification behind DST releasing these items but I don’t understand it.

I always thought that the Excelsior and the Sovereign were the best designs out there, although the original Constitution has a certain sense of nostalgia.

I still don’t get the next gen stuff.


Vastly identical. That’s a new phrase for me. As for the justification for releasing “vastly identical” products like three different tricorders, two ships that are similar, and 1,073 Kirk variants, it would be $$$$$$$.


What do you mean? Because there are many, many, many of us who like TNG and all the stuff you can get like ships and phasers. Or do you have a problem with your order? : )

Nice. I’ve loved the Excelsior design since the first time I saw it. Just something about it, it’s a big powerful ship but has an elegance to it and a lot of nice angles. Tried to build my own model with disastrous results. Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on this. These guys should do an Oberth Class as well, to scale with these. Eeek!

I used to have the Excelsior! It was actually the Enerprise B updated and modified model, but it was labeled Excelsior. And actually, I still do have it, barely hanging in there somewhere. I need to go hunt that down and nostalg myself.

If you press the center of the Spock doll, he says “Live long and prosper”. If you press the center of the Kirk doll, he jumps the Uhura doll.

This is excellent news! Once the Excelsior and Ent-B enters my collection, the only Enterprise I’ll be missing is the Ent-C. The only problem: I’m running out of shelf space! :) In any case, they will be welcome additions to the “Starship Legends” collection.

And while I’m at being a smart ass, do you think they could have come up with a better description for seating in the Mego-style bridge playset than “two stools”?


Maybe the captain’s chair doubles as a porta-potty!

” admit the ships look nice but do we really need both? Wouldn’t it be better to have two different ships on the market rather than two vastly identical ones? And, looking through the TNI photo gallery, I noticed not two but three TOS tricorders. Really? I’m sure there must be some justification behind DST releasing these items but I don’t understand it.”

The justification goes somethin glike this: the molds and tooling for toys are very expensive, so its in the best financial interest of a company like Diamond Select Toys to get as many variant products out of a basic set of molds as they can in order to maximize their profits and recoup the expense of having the basic molds tooled. That’s how a company like DST can show a profit on a niche line like Star Trek: you tool the molds to make, say, a refit Enterprise, and then you sell it as the Enterprise-A, the STTMP Enterprise, the battle-damaged TWOK Enterprise, and anything else you can think of, and you end up selling enough of all of them to make enough money to justify making the next mold for the next ship Same works for the action figures. You reuse those basic arms, legs, torso, and head sculps in as many ways as possible, and you thus end up with regular McCoy, Mirror Mirror McCoy, short sleeved McCoy, et cetera.