ToyFair 09: First Look At New Star Trek Key Chains + More Playmates ST09 Toy Images

Want to carry around an Enterprise in your pocket? Toy Fair is the gift that keeps on giving. Today we have details on the Basic Fun line of Star Trek key chains that have been revealed, covering classic and new movie designs. Plus there are even more packaging images for Playmates line of Star Trek movie toys.


Trek is Basic Fun
Basic Fun, a company known for quality regular and electronic keychains, are adding Star Trek to their roster of licensed products which include such popular other lines such as Star Wars and Pokemon. The Star Trek line will feature key chains of both ships and technology. The first Basic Fun will have four items from ‘classic’ Trek: USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (TOS), USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D, Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, and a TOS Communicator.

Basic Fun Trek key chains (Click to enlarge at

In addition Basic Fun is doing one keychain based on the USS Enterprise from the 2009 movie. Of note is that this keychain uses the same black packaging design as the Playmates movie toys, showing that the movie has its own ‘unified packaging’ (seen below), like the ‘classic’ shows do (seen above).

Basic Fun Trek key chains (Click to enlarge at

No confirmed details on pricing or availability, but these items tend to be around $11 and should be out by Summer, probably around the time of the release of the new Star Trek movie.

Playmates packaging detail
Speaking of Playmates Toys, also has a detailed set of pictures of the fronts, backs, and sides of some the new Playmates Star Trek movie toys, including a few of the "Galaxy Series" of 3.75 figures. Each Galaxy figure comes with part of either the Bridge or Transporter playsets. Both those sets come with a basic set up and are ‘completed’ by buying the figures. These images show how the pieces for the sets will be identified (note each figure always comes with the same playset piece). The packaging images also reveal how some of the playset functionality works.

Playmates Galaxy series, identifying included playset components
(Click to enlarge at Action-Figure)

Bridge (L) and Transporter (R) playset diagrams
 (Click to enlarge at Action-Figure)

Playmates Transporter playset packaging close-ups  (click to enlarge)

More Playmates images at



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From the top down angle, those key chains of the original E and the new E are not that different. It just looks like the Enterprise gained a little weight since the 60’s.


I’m new at this. Where do these things go on sale? Are they in Canada?


Alright, more non-2009 Trek merch that I’ll buy… still waiting for something to shock me into buying the 2009 merch, though I do dig how they did this transporter room playset VS the TNG one… although, I may get a similar effect by making noises myself and placing cups over my figures and going “Where did it go… PEEK-A-BOO!!! There they are!!!”

So far, Transporter room is the only 2009 trek toy that I think I might get.

And again, what up with the delta being so… janky?

WEEE they look sweet!!!

Ah, to be 8 again and be able to play with these action figures and their playsets all day. :-)

does any one else think the keychains look like the ol’ micromachines.

please can everyone, click on the link above and watch my star trek reviews.

micromachines! yes they look like the same

Those nacelles are so ungainly on the new enterprise, and why are kirk and spock featured on the TNG memorabilia. This is not for star trek fans i am assuming.

While Spock Primes comes with a Transporter room part included,
Scotty brings a piece of the bridge along…

9: I watched one. Advice: A review of a 45 minute show which lasts 10+ minutes is too much. 10 minutes would do for an entire season arc. Per ep., one to two minutes, yay or nay, should be the goal.

Good commentary, but just too much time to spend.

#11 – “why are kirk and spock featured on the TNG memorabilia. This is not for star trek fans i am assuming.”

Yes. They MUST get the packaging perfect or I will boycott and turn my Trekkie card in!

That delta on all of the packaging is really bugging me! I don’t think it is like that in movie, based on the stills I’ve seen. How could they get the logo of the movie so wrong!? Sigh.

#11 -“Those nacelles are so ungainly on the new enterprise”

Yeah those nacelles are so unproportional. It’s just an unattractive and weak looking ship compared to the TOS and especially TMP ship.

That deformed delta on all of the ST09 toys is really bugging me!

#15- “How could they get the logo of the movie so wrong!?”

just the logo? have you seen the trailers?

How come the delta is ‘deformed’ on all of the ST09 toys?

Sorry for the 3 posts. They weren’t showing up for me, so I thought I’d just try again. Apparently they all went through! Oops!

#16: You know… I’ve stuck up for the new design of the ship, but the more angles I see of it, the less I like it.

The nacelles don’t protrude AT ALL from their struts, and they’re too close together. The end result is that the “wings” of the ship (which is what the nacelles are… or “arms,” perhaps) look drawn in and make the ship appear weak.

The Constitution-refit remains my go-to ship.

#18 I’m not going to get into an argument about the new visual vision(if you will), or story of the new Star Trek movie.

However, the shape of the delta on the packaging is wrong when compared to the one that actually appears in the movie.

Yeah the new Enterprise was something I hoped/expected to grow on me, but so far the more of it I see, the less I like it.

22 has a point. Compared to the movie, it’s a bit round. But still, this is Playmates, they’ve done a great job so far, and it could be worse. There could be no merchandise for us to collect.

I agree with some of the other comments re: the new enterprise. I love the TOS ship and the 1701 refit from the movies, but the new enterprise just looks squished and ungainly… I’m sure the film will be great… just an opinion..

I need a new keychain all the ones Yuji brought me from Japan are kind of beat up

While the big Delta on the boxes is a bit distorted on the obese side, they got all the tiny in the pattern ones right…

24. But at the same time, why use w wrong shape? The delta should be the same as the movie which is the same as it has been from TOS.

It’s just bad design acused by who ever authorised the packaging not knowing that this is important. You won’t get McDonald’s accepting a lower flattened arches. Years ago Paramount wouldn’t release movies in a single standard on VCD because the halo would appear oval in some markets.

Branding and Badging are very important for corporate identity. As we same downunder…someone should be kicked up the bum for this stuff up.

They really should fix it before they release the items.

It’s just bad design CAUSED by who ever authorised the packaging …

Damn spell checker

I like the 1701 the comm and the movie E.

Question is will the comm light up and make noise?



are they implying that mccoy and chekov were cadets at the same time?

are they treating the crew like they were all from the same graduating class?

the enterprise mission patch is really malformed, but hey, if they’re insisting that its the starfleet symbol before the achievements of kirk’s command then why not, i suppose?

Anyone noticed how Scotty has part “B-11” and there are a total of 18 bridge components? GIven that we’ve got 10 figures in the Galaxy collection and some of those already contain parts of the transporter so how is Playmates going to pull this off? Will we be buying 3 Captain Kirks and 4 Spocks for example, as Playmates will have the parts to the bridge and transporter mixed randomly among the first wave or will we be waiting months until wave two to complete the sets?

Kirks Bonus appears to be a Silver Starfleet Emblem figure stand…

But that is the Warp Collection.

from the Transporter Room Box:

Recreate the entire USS Enterprise Transporter Room by collecting additional pieces inside Galaxy Series Figure Packs!

Do you think the keychains are metal or plastic?

While the keychains look kinda cool, I’m not sure that I would want my keys on one. If you were to have your keys in your pocket and turn the wrong way, one could impale something important on a warp engine….

The way they’ve marketed the packaging with the “stylistic” delta shield and what not may not be perfect, but these are toys for kids, folks LOL They are trying to appeal to children and I don’t think they are nearly as picky…

In my experience items like this attached to keyschains break off at the attachement point very quickly during use. These are only good for collecting and not using.

The communicator keychain is the only one that I can imagine surviving for long in an actual pocket. (Just don’t take it to school here in Cobb County, Georgia…)

No starship’s shields can withstand my set of keys! :-) Cute ships but leave the key chain off. What’s the point?

I like these toys. Not only are they a fitting likeness of the new cast, but they also have a passing resemblance to the original characters. Proof that Abrams’ casting director knew what he was doing.

For the heck of it I’ll get the original E then see about having it embedded in a block of lucite.

Kids today also collect “key chains” and hang them off their backpacks. My niece has about 50 of the things.

I remember taking my lads to Florida and bought them a communicator key chain and a phaser keychain whilst in Disneyworld……..they were both broke within 10 minutes, quality was appalling, though I think the communicator ended up in a cup of coca cola before it’s final demise..

So, hope the quality is better with these……..

Yes, #45, same thing in this country, it’s ok for girls to do but when I see lads and middle-aged men doing it, it looks very suspect–

#9: Great job on your voyager and enterprise reviews! Very funny stuff indeed, I love how you’re so merciless toward neelix, looking foward to additional reviews

the packaging on the new E keychain reads.

“From the Hit Move Star Trek XI”

They must have a time ship like Spock.

33- I think you are right. We have to wait for 22 different figures to be released in order to complete the sets. I hope they package less important pieces (like the goofy standup viewscreens) with less important figures (anyone in cadet uniform). I plan to customize my bridge so if the movie is good, then it’s close enough, and if the movie is bad, then I’m making my own red railing…