ToyFair 09: First Look At New Star Trek Key Chains + More Playmates ST09 Toy Images

Want to carry around an Enterprise in your pocket? Toy Fair is the gift that keeps on giving. Today we have details on the Basic Fun line of Star Trek key chains that have been revealed, covering classic and new movie designs. Plus there are even more packaging images for Playmates line of Star Trek movie toys.


Trek is Basic Fun
Basic Fun, a company known for quality regular and electronic keychains, are adding Star Trek to their roster of licensed products which include such popular other lines such as Star Wars and Pokemon. The Star Trek line will feature key chains of both ships and technology. The first Basic Fun will have four items from ‘classic’ Trek: USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (TOS), USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D, Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, and a TOS Communicator.

Basic Fun Trek key chains (Click to enlarge at

In addition Basic Fun is doing one keychain based on the USS Enterprise from the 2009 movie. Of note is that this keychain uses the same black packaging design as the Playmates movie toys, showing that the movie has its own ‘unified packaging’ (seen below), like the ‘classic’ shows do (seen above).

Basic Fun Trek key chains (Click to enlarge at

No confirmed details on pricing or availability, but these items tend to be around $11 and should be out by Summer, probably around the time of the release of the new Star Trek movie.

Playmates packaging detail
Speaking of Playmates Toys, also has a detailed set of pictures of the fronts, backs, and sides of some the new Playmates Star Trek movie toys, including a few of the "Galaxy Series" of 3.75 figures. Each Galaxy figure comes with part of either the Bridge or Transporter playsets. Both those sets come with a basic set up and are ‘completed’ by buying the figures. These images show how the pieces for the sets will be identified (note each figure always comes with the same playset piece). The packaging images also reveal how some of the playset functionality works.

Playmates Galaxy series, identifying included playset components
(Click to enlarge at Action-Figure)

Bridge (L) and Transporter (R) playset diagrams
 (Click to enlarge at Action-Figure)

Playmates Transporter playset packaging close-ups  (click to enlarge)

More Playmates images at



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