Wil Wheaton’s Update On MTV “Spoilers” Showing of ‘New’ Star Trek Footage

We have a quick update on the MTV "Spoilers" show airing this Saturday, which will include some new footage from the Star Trek movie, and the new details are coming from none other than Next Generation actor (and professional Geek) Wil Wheaton. See below for more.


Wheaton – MTV’s Trek Expert
This weekend’s "Spoilers" show on MTV will focus on the movie Watchmen, opening March 6th (with a new Star Trek trailer). MTV taped their "Spoilers" show at a theater in LA showing an early preview, where they also showed footage from a number of other films, including Star Trek. To jazz up the Star Trek part of the show, MTV invited TNG’s Wil Wheaton to the event. Tonight MTV Segment producer Vanessa White blogged about how they got Wil on board and what it was like:

…we wanted a “Star Trek” expert to weigh in on a few shots we’d be showing in our exclusive featurette. I emailed our senior online producer, Brian, a huge “Trek” fan, to see if he could think of any LA-based experts to invite on the show. He immediately suggested “Stand By Me” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star Wil Wheaton

…when we got to the “Star Trek” segment, co-host Tim Kash headed over to conduct the interview. Wil was fantastic – hilarious, totally gave great insight on a few questions we had, and also alluded to a little Kirk/Uhura offscreen romance way back when. The audience was psyched to see him and I truly believe his appearance is going to be a big highlight in this already fantastic episode.

And for his part, Wheaton blogged today about the event. His post is mostly about Watchmen (which was shown in full at the event), but he also briefly discussed the Star Trek segment of the show

After all that, they showed the Star Trek thing. It was mostly stuff we’ve already seen, but the geeks (including me) were excited about it. Their host asked me some questions about the movie, and I thought I got in one comment about myself that was stupid, one about the movie that was insightful, and another that was humorous.

Read more of Wheaton’s blog about the event (including spoiler-free review of Watchmen)

Wheaton with MTV’s Vanessa White at the taping of "Spoilers"

To see Wheaton and the new ‘stuff’ from Star Trek, tune in to Spoilers this Saturday at 8pm EST on MTV. And if you miss the show, it should be available online after it airs. TrekMovie will bring you the video when it is available.

Wheaton’s new book
While we are on the subject of the former Wesley, Wil has a new book out, here is the description:

Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog, including a production diary from my 2008 role in Criminal Minds, and excerpts from a collaborative fiction I took part in called Ficlets. As a bonus feature, it also includes the never-before-seen script to a sketch I wrote and performed at the ACME Comedy Theater.

If you ever wanted to know where to start with all my writing, Sunken Treasure is the book for you.

For more, including ordering information, go to Wil’s site. Also check out TrekMovie’s recent interview with Wheaton (Part 1 & Part 2).

Wheaton’s new collection

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Wil just keeps plowing along, doesn’t he? Good for him!

So…I guess we’ll see the same stuff, or just stuff that was shown during the press tour.

Good to see that Wil Wheaton is still keeping up on all things Trek.

Even better that MTV (read: an audience skewing cool, sorta) takes an interest in Trek.

Am I the only one watching all prior 6 (6.5 if you wanna go there) TOS movies in prep? … probably not. :)

I wouldn’t bother – the prior movies don’t have any bearing on the reboot movie.

Wil really is just like one of us! Very nice, honest, and a pleasure to talk to in person! I can’t wait to see this!

#4 – My wife and I watched all 10 movies just a bit ago.

You mean some people *don’t* watch them on constant loop anyway?

I truly hope that he got some of that, in the picture there.


If there were only seven of them then why didn’t she just drop on all of them and blow? Well if it smells like fish?

Darth”7 the hard way” Ballz

I’ll be really disappointed if he doesnt have a war story from that pic with the broad there.



I’d love to hear Will’s take on the whole thing.

Shoot. He must be, what, at least 18 now? ;-)


you remind me of every dude I knew in highschool:

“Oh man, she looked at you! Oh man, you know what that means? Yep, she wants it dude! You better get over there!”

#4 As for myself I have been watching all the DVD Best of sets and the films in the correct order since i started collecting the dvds .

I normally get about an hour or 2 in each day

#11 I’ve met Wil Wheaton in person , he’s (to re-use a term) Just a Geek , not a male prostitute . And he is a gentleman and scholar . Out of all the Trek celebs I met at the 2007 Las Vegas Trek Con he is the most down to earth, friendly and appoachable of all the stars there . He seems like some one you could sit down and have a beer with and watch the game or some one who you could geek out with during a TOS marathon . I started reading his blog thanks to my girlfriend , and he has opened my mind to all kinds of neat things , what it is like to be an actor, writer , father , husband , and most importantly, how not to be a dick .

*Drops Dark Side of the Moon hat in tribute*


Jeez, chill out dude, he was only making a joke. LoL, even I didn’t know that Wil was married. Who knew???

As for being sexist, who can deny that she’s a beautiful woman? Of course, maybe you’re gay, I don’t know, not that it’s my business.

@#16 – I knew he was married. I’m sure a lot of folks here knew that. Wil has a very lovely and beautiful wife who is very down to earth, as well. I didn’t find hitch’s “joke” to be funny at all either. It was very crude and disrespectful. I always thought that hitch had a bit more class than that.

And Brad, your’s was also a very low-class comment. Anthony runs a much more dignified website than most of the others, and he refuses to allow it to sink down to scum-of-the-earth level. It is one of the reasons that I continue to post here, because I know it is the best and most highly respected place to be.

Sometimes it’s demoralizing to come here….

The posts above should be presented as exhibit A in a document titled “How to Kill a Thread in under 20 Posts”

@18: Man, you’re right.

Well, concerning Hitch’s comments: I found them mildly amusing – don’t be so uptight; just because they were somewhat pubertal in nature you cannot really call them sexist…anyway: double posts (kinda…) suck!

ah,well,let’s go back to topic…
Wil’s book… some sort of blog-anthology… uhmmm… and what’s that Ficlet-thingumabob about?

16. Brad – February 20, 2009
Jeez, chill out dude, he was only making a joke. LoL, even I didn’t know that Wil was married. Who knew???
As for being sexist, who can deny that she’s a beautiful woman? Of course, maybe you’re gay, I don’t know, not that it’s my business.

Calling her a “broad” is sexist, regardless of her beauty.
Automatically reducing her to a sex object is sexist.

It doesn’t matter that Wheaton is married. The comments were still crude and sexist, which are below the dignity of this board. (And which should be below the dignity of any Trek-loving fan.)

Thanks again, Anthony, for giving us a grown-up place to chat about movies. (Without making us all get stuffy and uptight…just respectful.)

Now, back to the THREAD: I’m glad they’re talking to Trek folks to get feedback, but I simply cannot overcome my own aversion to Wheaton. Yeah, I’m sure it dates back to the early TNG days when Wesley made us all want to shoot him.

But every time I read something about or from Wheaton, my first reaction is inevitably, “SHUT UP, WESLEY!” :)

“I emailed our senior online producer, Brian, a huge “Trek” fan…”

A Trekker who actually works for MTV, eh? This means either one of two things:

– MTV has to hire the most qualified person for the job, and it was this guy, a Trekker OR

– This is proof once and for all that Trekkers are NOT just a bunch of nerds who live in their parents’ basements and don’t go out

In any case, it’s only right for MTV to have a “consultant” such as Wil Wheaton on site for anything related to Trek. It’s like having a military advisor on the set of war movie.

It’s Friday everyone, be happy (can you feel the love in this place?)!!!!!

Boy, if you guys are getting this bent out of shape over Hitches comment, all I can say is… dont ever go to a thread on AICN!

22, that’s fir sure, AICN’s talkback is populated by the most scabby, ingrown, bitter, joyless, hyper-critical crowd you can imagine. Why they call themselves fans when they hate everything associated with the genres they profess fandom of, is beyond me.

23, Very True, I have wondered that myself, yet I have a sneaking suspision that dispite there claims of hatred for everything, they are the first ones in line any time a new Jar-Jar Binks action figure comes out.

AICN’s posters are all prepubescent teens living in their mommy’s basement pretending to be mature and with it. One post by them usually exposess their obvious hypocrisy.

If you have to reduce yourselves to foul language and sexism to get a point across, then it shows a huge lack of intelligence and maturity, not to mention being on the precepice of morality, about to take a leap without a parachute.

I know that some are trying to be Jerry Seinfeld every time they freaking post a comment, but sometimes comedy doesn’t have to be attempted in every single post.

Anthony was right on the money above, and he has to take every post seriously as if it’s meant by the poster.

I think hitch is a funny poster, but the posts above were sleazy. Trust me, Wil also read them. Not good.


uhhhh…. doesn’t AP have the right to tell whoever whatever since it’s his sight?

Just sayin’

maybe that should be ‘whomever’ – never was a grammarian…

Thank you Anthony. That shtick© had gotten truly tiresome.

Wil’s a great guy. All I can say is:

Here’s hoping that as JJ’s Supreme Court brings any new “Justice” on board, that they seriously consider involving Wil. As much as folks knocked the character of Wes, Wil was always giving his best. Rewatched “Justice” the other day: his scenes, delivery and reactions were always spot-on. His insight could help in any future Trek tv project.

I was a huge Wesley hater during the TNG run, but I find myself more and more being impressed by Wil. He (as others have said) just seems to be a nice, down-to-earth guy and self-professed geek. It’s awesome that he’s so proud and open about his geekiness.

Plus, he spells his name with only ONE “L”. How cool is that?

#29 – “Plus, he spells his name with only ONE “L”. How cool is that?”

I spell my name with only one “L.” Am I cool, too? ;)

I hope my earlier “Shut up, Wesley” comment didn’t seem too harsh or like a Wheaton hater. I’m not a hater, just…well, not too interested in what he has to say. That said, I also think it’s super-groovy (yeah, I say groovy) that he is so passionate about his geekdom.

I’d probably enjoy hanging out with Wheaton at a convention, but I’m still trying to overcome my aversion to all things Wesley-related.

yes! thank you Anthony. I had been wondering what it was going to take to push you over the edge on Hitch and his comments.

I was sick and tired of reading his comments about two weeks ago. Honestly, thank you for getting him out of here!

#5—“I wouldn’t bother – the prior movies don’t have any bearing on the reboot movie.”

Of course they do. Without the events depicted in those films, the timeline in which both Nero and Nimoy’s Spock make the decision to travel back in time cannot be properly formed. The film begins in the same timeline in which the events of TMP-TUC take place, assuming that the timeline has not been altered in between TUC and NEM (which is in itself debatable).

And since this film’s story depends upon the events depicted in all 5 television series and 10 previous films, this can not accurately be described as a “reboot”. A reboot requires that previous continuity is discarded. In the case of this story, that very continuity is essential for advancing the broader story to this point.

TrekMovie forum=walking on eggshells


With that expressed, I think Wil Wheaton is an excellent writer. His blogs are very insightful and I am very curious to know what he thinks about ‘Star Trek’ when it’s released. At this point I don’t know if they’ll hold an advance screening like Zack Snyder did with ‘Watchmen’.

Thank you again, AP, for keeping us so up to date on all things Trek. When people come to me to tell me news they’ve heard, it always makes me feel a little smug to be able to say, “Yeah, I already heard that.” And it’s all thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

And thanks as well for putting your foot down when it’s needed.

#35—“TrekMovie forum=walking on eggshells”

Hardly. The poster in question has been given probably a dozen or so warnings in the past. That post alone would not have resulted in being banned for any amount of time. It is the culmination of probably hundreds of inappropriate comments and violations of site policies (which are there for everyone to read) which finally pushed Mr. Pascale to pull the trigger.

I’ve received a warning before myself. Anthony is more than reasonable and fair. And posting here is a priviledge—not a right.

#37 Closettrekker – February 20, 2009

“Anthony is more than reasonable and fair. And posting here is a priviledge—not a right.”


Absolutely correct. Just backing you up.


34: Excellent point. A few refreshers on Trek “history” would probably be in order.

#37 & 38 – Agreed, posting here is a privilege. I also very much appreciate the more mature comments usually found on this site.

Oh, and the less said about the dark pit known as AICN the better. ;)

#40—I get fed up after the first five comments and click away. It’s terrible. I very much appreciate that this site maintains some degree of civility and class.

I wouldn’t be here if it did not.

seeing wil’s picture above makes me think he could play captain riker of the titan..with frakes as director..maybe its not frakes we want to see..maybe its riker..same for picard and kirk..i wouldnt mind seeing other actors playing popular star trek characters….but please …dont ask tom hardy to play picard…although come to think of it, it might tie nemesis in more closely with fans who didnt enjoy nemesis..

Thanks for the review wil!


actually youd be better off watching a select few episodes of TOS, TNG and then watching Nemesis again. That will bring you kind of up to date from where this movie will start.

Remember folks….its a post Nemesis movie that we’re all about to watch.

Wow, I haven’t watched MTV in a while. They stopped showing “Pimp My Ride” as often, and I stopped watching. xD; Can’t help that I love those guys and the awesome cars they fix up.

Anyways, whoo-hoo, I’ll tape it or something… Mardi Gras party to go to tonight. ;3 Yay for more footage!!!!!!

#4 – “…Remember folks….its a post Nemesis movie that we’re all about to watch.”

Seems more like a combo of some post-NEM, but mainly Pre-TOS Post-ENT (gosh, that’s a mouthful) kind of movie….? I don’t know, though I’ve seen all the movies (‘cept for Insurrection… Heard it wasn’t that good, though. =/ ) and all the series…es.

Just watched- maybe two and a half seconds of new footage and it was all the Kirk/Spock fight. Harumph.

Then we got an inane argument about whether or not Kirk is making it with Uhura in the trailer when its obviously not Zoe Saldana (but less obviously Rachel Nichols). Hmm. Harumph.

I just watched MTV’s Spoilers with bits on Trek, Watchmen and other summer films. I usually avoid MTV and its ilk like the plague; and after throwing away that half hour of my life on that show, I now remember why. No new footage or insights and honestly one of the most vapid puff pieces I’ve ever been subjected to. I know this type of fluff is aimed at the 13-21 year old slackers with too much time on their hands and are incapable of forming complex thoughts on their own; but for people with half a working brain, it was downright embarrassing to sit thru. I had to apologize to my brother for making him watch it.

Shame. MTV used to run some good specials on Trek during the TNG days.

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